Aruba The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and

10 thoughts on “Aruba The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise

  1. Jan Deelstra Jan Deelstra says:

    Without sacrificing this book with a review laced with emotions and spoilers I am compelled to say that I will never travel to Aruba nor if I have anything to do with the decision will anyone I care about Should we boycott Aruba? No Rather we should wipe the predators of women and the corrupt polititians and so called law enforcement officials who protect them off the face of the planet This includes the corrupt officials on the small island of Aruba and MUST also perhaps importantly include those covering up the drug and sex trades in HollandThis story isn't about one missing high school graduate and the family desparate to find her This is a HUGE issue about thousands of missing persons and the sex slave business This book is the flashlight that shines on a dark and sinister condition that continues to plague Especially intriguing in Dave Holloway's book is the AppendixShango's Riddle In the end it is left to the readers and bloggers to decide if Natalie Holloway is still alive The book took me from what I believed to be the truth and led me to an unsettling place of a new opinion I am haunted by the possibilities

  2. Kim Kim says:

    I was riveted by the story of Natalee Holloway's tragedy This is an excellent book There is much information in this book that was not widely distributed in the media

  3. Kristine Kristine says:

    I have now read both books Beth's book and now this one from her Dad Beth told of the emotions within the family Dave speaks of the political side of Aruba and how they wronged the investigation of his daughters disappearance in this case I am glad I read both accounts From her folks I hold this true crime story close to my heart because I have visited this island a half dozen times and I never felt I was in any danger If I would have read the accounts in this book I would have thought twice about visiting this island

  4. Katrina Katrina says:

    So far it is very gripping I can't believe how reading this book has made me never want to leave my countryever

  5. Miss.I.Love.Reading.Books Miss.I.Love.Reading.Books says:

    This book skipped around a lot it really wasn't what I expected I guess maybe Natalee`s dad didn't remember much In one sentence he's talking about how Natalee was a kid and the next he's talking about her graduation When Natalee went missing he stopped everything to go and search for her the thing that shocked me about this book was how the police in Aruba didn't even care When Natalee`s dad arrived in Aruba to go to the police station the first thing the police asked him was How much money do you have? Then told him do not search for Natalee just go to a bar and wait for her to arrive No one cared that his daughter was missing He went as far as searching the crack houses because many people claimed that Natalee might have went there after a night of drinking too much but the police told him to back off because he was running away drug dealers People from all over Aruba claimed that they knew what happened to Natalee because Beth Natalee`s mom was handing out 10 to anyonewho had I info on where Natalee was People also had theories about what happened to Natalee1 She was alive but kidnapped being held somewhere 2 She died after alcohol overdose 3 She drank to much and went swimming then drowned 4 A suspect named J Sloot walked her out of the bar while she was drunk and killed her 5 She got injected with some drug someone took her and held her as a sec slave We find out in this book that Aruba is not what it seems to be there are drug houses to keep drug dealers and junkies off the street so that that they do not bother tourist and it's ran by the government Drugs are being shipped there everyday by Colombia and Venezuela There is a part of Aruba called Mafia Island Natalee`s dad says in the book he wished he'd known all of this be for giving Natalee permission to go to Aruba In October 2005 Natalee`s mom got a voicemail from Natalee saying Mom help me but her parents aren't sure it was her The Aruba police then announced that Natalee`scase will be closed in 60 days they got tired of numerous people searching and becoming a distraction to the Aruba island Dave Holloway still believes that Natalee is alive he has not given up hope on her

  6. Marianne Jay Marianne Jay says:

    This book came alive in a way that no other book came alive I could actually feel Dave Holloway's emotionhis breathlessness his tightening of the chest his frustrationthis has never happened to me beforeThe ONLY reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I read a news story a month ago about a new development in this casein the article it states that Dave knew Natalee was dead the moment he heard she was missing In the book in the last chapter he states he still feels she is alive This glaring faux pas was disconcerting to me and made me sadHowever in spite of that the book was awesomefyi I am NEVER going to Aruba

  7. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    This book was an enlightening insight into the Natalee Holloway story I am very disheartened at the way the case was handled and that they will probably never know what happened to their daughter A must read for anyone thinking about going to Aruba or any island like that

  8. Sue Callaghan Sue Callaghan says:

    It was written well enough and I feel for the parents very very much but in the big picture they should have worked together as the book points out very clearly that the double effort with separate agendas did not help their cause overall not a great read

  9. Patty Abrams Patty Abrams says:

    Natalee's dad gives a good description of his search in Aruba along with theories and opinions about the government's coverup


    The first thing that stood out about this book was how Dave was uick to mention in the book that he did not approve of Natalee going on the Aruba trip but rather his ex wife approved I just found that interesting Overall very sad story I feel terrible for Dave and the whole family It must be devastating to just not know what happened to Natalee It's despicable that people take advantage of a family's sadness too; all of the psychics and people that claimed to know where Natalee who are just taking advantage I am not sure w will ever know what happened to Natalee but I personally think Joran Had something to do with her dissaperance

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Aruba The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise [Download] ➾ Aruba The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise Author Dave Holloway – One father's mission to find his daughter I am a father who has no idea what has happened to his child The uestions run through my mind all day long They keep me awake at night Is she dead Is she aliv One father's mission to find his Tragic Untold PDF/EPUB » daughter I am a father who has no idea what has happened to his child The Aruba The PDF/EPUB ² uestions run through my mind all day long They keep me awake at night Is she dead Is she alive Is she being The Tragic Untold PDF/EPUB é held captive somewhere Are they hurting her Is she crying out for me  These are the impassioned words of Dave Holloway father of The Tragic Untold Story of eBook Ú Natalee Holloway whose disappearance in Aruba sparked a media frenzy and an international scandal This book is the heart wrenching story of his search the most complete account of Natalee Holloway's disappearance in ArubaContinuing his investigation to this very day Holloway disclosesbehind the scenes details of the investigationnew revelations about the corruption of the Aruban law enforcementand the countless trails leading to possible rape murder and even sexual slaveryThis book is the first insider's account of one of the decade's most disturbing and mysterious stories Using never before seen photographs from their family album and stories of Natalee's childhood Holloway relates the horror of personally searching through crack houses and trash dumps for Natalee working alone with authorities even with psychics while enduring the stonewalling of Aruban officialsLearn what really went on behind the headlines of the tragic disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Aruba The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise
  • Dave Holloway
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  • 01 January 2015
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