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  1. Rudi Rudi says:

    I've been meaning to learn about English linguistics and grammar and when I stumbled over this book I thought it'd do for a neat introduction I guess in that sense I was a bit disapointed It doesn't delve that far into the grammar but rather touches upon several aspects of the British English language But in the end that probably made the book way readable It's obvious that Potter is aiming at a wide audience with this book but that doesn't stop him from enjoying himself In almost every chapter he has a section where he throws out a long list of examples of whatever he's talking about These lists does break up the flow of reading but it does brings his examples home The book is a bit dated but most of what he writes probably still holds true He makes some predictions that are a bit off the mark but often than not his predictions are dead on

  2. Mdaly Mdaly says:

    An entertaining and erudite book about the development of the English language starting in first millennium with Old English and working up to present day the 1960s when this book was last revisedInterestingly in the last chapter Tendencies and Trends the author decries the reductionism and linguistic crudity of journalistic headlines and adverts where information has to be conveyed as briefly as possible So much so that short words are favoured over the right words He gives numerous examples of this; transaction bargain or negotiation becomes 'deal'; impediment hindrance or obstacle becomes 'snag'He has interesting information about the etymology and meaning of words and why there are so many irregular pronunciations in English I found the discussion on the specialization and extension of meaning of words and how the various meanings radiate out from a central meaning very interestingI'd be curious to know what the author made of social media platforms and their effect on English

  3. Rory Deary Rory Deary says:

    While somewhat out of date this gives an enjoying and insightful overview of the English language with everything from history to understanding pronunciation Potter's love for long lists can however get slightly tedious though it does mean the book is very thorough The age of the book also can work in it's favour as it offers insight as to what language was like at the time of writing 1950 revised 1978It is generally aimed at British English speakers though those who speaks other forms of English will probably have a lot to gain from it as well

  4. Óscar Méndez Óscar Méndez says:

    En realidad me ha costado cuatro meses Pero joder no he tenido tiempo ni para leer libros de clase de los cuáles me examino en un par de semanas Fingamos ue o he leido en una semana y así me cuenta para mi reto de lectura No uiero fracasar en esto Otra vez

  5. Aerol Aerol says:

    An excellent overview of what makes English English A bit dry at times but a good start for any amateur philologist

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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Our Language
  • Simeon Potter
  • English
  • 14 March 2016
  • 9780140134940