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Virtual Christmas ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Virtual Christmas By Clyde Hedges ❤ – Jake Samson is a bitter frustrated teenager who has almost everything a person could want money brains good looks friends and family Yet it's Christmas Eve again and Jake is haunted and upset as he al Jake Samson is a bitter frustrated teenager who has almost everything a person could want money brains good looks friends and family Yet it's Christmas Eve again and Jake is haunted and upset as he always is during the holidays This evening is even worse All day he's felt edgy and nervous as if he's being watched And no matter what he's done he can't shake those feelings Finally he's invited his friends Clem and Jorge over to play computer games What Jake doesn't know is that he's going to play a virtual game this Christmas Eve the most important game of his life.

About the Author: Clyde Hedges

I was born in Evansville Indiana toward the end of WWII As far as my childhood it was typical of any child from a dysfunctional family My parents had many reasons for their dysfunctions the Depression my grandfather deserting my grandmother and his children when my mother was two combat fatigue for my father who was a wounded veteran and scrimping and saving and barely getting by until the.

4 thoughts on “Virtual Christmas

  1. Colleen Bratley Colleen Bratley says:

    Virtual Christmas is not what I expected I thought the characters were all going to be in a virtual reality but just one was taken for a reality checkOur society has become a me first I want I am entitled mindset Jake the lead character is just such a hoodlum but not from how he was raised but rather from the emotional traumatic pain he holds in from six years on His grandfather puts Jake into a virtual reality to steer him onto the right path He lets him see what he has become from lashing out with anger instead of healing his painJake's friends also suffer his obstinacy and superiority attitude and insults No one is safe as he lashes out even a cold homeless and defenseless puppy What he discovers though through his grandfather's help is what the basis of life is all about What rewards really make you happy from what deeds you do and things you accomplish Money is not the reward that gives you the greatest song in your heart Destroying a company or others won't heal the wounds in your heart The one thing that finally makes Jake heal and happy is what his grandfather finally makes him understandIt is a good story I wanted Jake to succeed but I also now want to know what he does next He has a huge opportunity at his feet and will he hold onto his new found reality or will greed and self interests get the best of him yetI would enjoy another installment of Jake and his life It is a fun read everyone would enjoy

  2. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Grandma Bev for TeensReadToocomWealthy handsome and smart Jake Samson is not a very likable guy He has everything but still suffers psychological pain and takes it out on everyone in sight especially now during the Christmas seasonIn spite of the efforts of his parents he takes out his frustration on his parent's employees and then on a hungry and cold puppyJake's friends Clem and Jorge have come to play the latest computer games on Jake's state of the art euipment but Jake is visited by the ghost of his grandfather Clem and Jorge can't see him but Jake is compelled to play a virtual game on his own engineered by his ghostly grandfatherIn this updated modern version of Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL Jake spends Christmas Eve visiting Christmas Past Christmas Present and Christmas Future He gains some incredibly revealing insights as he sees the pain of others and how his abominable behavior has added to their sufferingClyde R Hedges has created compelling and sympathetic characters in this story with a fast moving plot Though somewhat predictable it is very entertaining and inspiringThere are lessons for all of us to learn as Jake sees himself through the eyes of others

  3. Cathy Cathy says:

    I read this in Kindle editionVery good story of a 15 year old boy incredibly wealthy who needs an attitude adjustment He's visited on Christmas Eve by the ghost of his grandfather and forced into examining his Christmases Past Present and Future

  4. Donna Peake Donna Peake says:

    A modern remake of A Christmas Carol Loved all the Characters

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