Henri Cartier Bresson The Man the Image and the World A

Henri Cartier Bresson The Man the Image and the World A Retrospective ❴Ebook❵ ➩ Henri Cartier Bresson The Man the Image and the World A Retrospective Author Henri Cartier-Bresson – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Henri Cartier Bresson was one of the finest image makers of our time His extraordinary photographs were shaped by an eye and a mind legendary for their intelligent empathy and for their unerring abili Henri Cartier Bresson was one of the finest Bresson The MOBI î image makers of our time His extraordinary photographs were shaped by an eye and a mind legendary for Henri Cartier PDF/EPUB or their intelligent empathy and for their unerring ability to get to the heart of the matterThis sumptuous collection of work by Cartier Bresson is the ultimate look Cartier Bresson The Kindle Õ at his achievements The book brims with classic photographs that have become icons of the medium as well as rarely seen work from all periods of Cartier Cartier Bresson The Man the PDF/EPUB or Bresson's life including a number of previously unpublished photographs and a generous selection of drawings paintings and film stills The book also features telling personal souvenirs of his youth his family and the founding of MagnumThis definitive collection of a master photographer's work will be an essential book for anyone interested in photography—indeed for anyone interested in the people places and events of the past century.

  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Henri Cartier Bresson The Man the Image and the World A Retrospective
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • English
  • 03 August 2014
  • 9780500286425

About the Author: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier Bresson was a French photographer considered Bresson The MOBI î to be the father of modern photojournalism an early adopter of mm format and the master of Henri Cartier PDF/EPUB or candid photography He helped develop the street photography or real life reportage style that has influenced generations of photographers that followed.

10 thoughts on “Henri Cartier Bresson The Man the Image and the World A Retrospective

  1. Ray Dunsmore Ray Dunsmore says:

    A career retrospective from a man who is undoubtedly one of the finest artists to pick up a camera Cartier Bresson seemed to have an almost preternatural gift for artful composition and enticing subjects and this book is absolutely filled with them Unfortunately Cartier always considered himself a manual artist first and foremost and gave up photography in the mid 70s to commit himself to pencil and paper The work in this mold a selection of which is showcased at the end is honestly not remarkable The lines are muddled the likeness of nature something that must be suinted at and deciphered before it reveals the basic shapes The portraits just look tired And I feel uite bad saying this because Cartier is an artist I truly respect and this seemed to be his life's true passion but of course the thing he didn't really care for was the thing he was truly great at all along He was a mediocre draftsman but had one of the most wonderfully keen eyes photography has ever known His pictures are endlessly fascinating and if the book focused entirely on them it'd be the easiest 5 star I've given all year

  2. Leonard Leonard says:

    This is the largest and most complete collection of images by Cartier Bresson I've seen It includes not just photographs but drawings as well as some films clips There's also a fair amount of text certainly a must see for fans of this artist's work

  3. Hirondelle Hirondelle says:

    A serious retrospective book on HCB; of course I would love it in principle If you chance upon the book not knowing the photographer for sure then do browse it he is probably the greatest photographer everNow regarding this as a book and what I wanted it to be I was very disappointed The texts are mostly irrelevant and somewhat pompous there is hardly any context to photos apart from place Sometimes misspelled castel de san jorge which does not say much for the erudition of the editors and date and maybe a few explanations just a couple of photos namely the very very famous photo of a woman recognizing the gestapo informer who denounced her Almost no context to any particular photo The organization of the book is frustrating is sort of thematic but some of the themes do not make much sense photos taken 30 years apart and of very different moods are all mixed together just because they were taken in America The format of the book itself is perhaps badly chosen we all know HCB only used one format ratio for his photos so picking a format for a book of his should be easy right? No this is a odd ratio so some of the large photos are spread over two pages and ruined by the slope of the binding And it is a format which feels uncomfortable for photos of this ratio there is a lot of dynamically wasted white space which of course is just wasted white space The selections of what to print big I also found frustrating if this was meant to be a retrospective they should not have been afraid to go with the obvious sometimes some photos are very famous for a reason On personal taste I would have preferred of his early photos any recommendations of books on his pre Magnum work? There are 3 chapters on respectively his drawings his movies and family snapshots for anybody particularly interested in those None of his color photos are included I am mentioning those not because of their uality but because they should probably be included on a retrospective And are mentioned and portrayed in the smallest cheapest book on him we can find And most unforgivable of all the printing is strange Many photos are very blurry I don´t know what is the condition of the negative now or what it was then but at least from memory I think have seen some of these printed much sharply I really do not recommend this As an introduction and information source the little cheapie TH book which is the cheapest book on HCB around is much better As a retrospective The Scrapbook a facsimile of his work as selected by him is much moving and coherent

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    This book was published in 2003 in conjunction with HCB's 95th birthday as a retrospective of his lifetime's work including his work regarding film and drawing as well as photography A handful of essays mostly just applauding HCB for what a great guy he is and admired artist The last essay I felt said the most about his artistic philosophy and the contradiction at which he presents himself as photojournalist stating in the 1970s that he never considered himself a good photojournalist or reporter Obviously a flat out lie or a bit of sarcasm on his part Approximately 600 works are represented here it's a pretty good size book about 400 pages Even though there are some photographs here that supposedly have not been seen before I've seen most of the works presented here I do think if this is your first exposure to HCB the reprints here of his work aren't that impressive Some were too small and the arrangement was a bit jumbly I preferred MoMA's recent catalogue from his exhibit last year A Modern Century which presented approximately 200 of his works Still one of the greatest photographers ever no matter what century you consider

  5. brian tanabe brian tanabe says:

    I am unabashedly not well versed in photography so take that for what it's worthThis book was a recommendation by a Goodreader who knows I at least appreciate art and so I bought the bookFrom what I can tell Cartier Bresson is a master The early 20th century should thank him for his workAs I went through this book I felt a pang of sadness at the first groupings of photos wishing this artist had only captured my country And so what a delight when I came to the second half of the book and saw his American work Cartier Bresson has the gift of capturing those human moments that define both a time and a place I love the arrangement of the photos by their sections and the life of Cartier Bresson is well documented in this tome My favorite is his French idyllic photographs and my absolute favorite is still Rue MouffetardThis is a treat

  6. Roniq Roniq says:

    Henri Cartier Bresson is one of my all time favs I had a chance to see a retrospective of his work in Barcelona Spain a few years ago which included Photographs Plates Life Mag covers Drawings and Films he did More than 350 pieces of his work in addition to 100 images of other artists he chose as having the Decisive Moment My all time top Art Experience and it was FREE I spent a total of 9 hours there at the museum in two days Gotta love Spain

  7. Kelly_p Kelly_p says:

    This is ultimate coffee table book but not just for showing off Evocative photography captures the 'definitive moment' in exuisite style Some of my favourite photographs ever are in this retrospective collection which is a wonderful way to while away a few hours and lose yourself in other worlds This book actually fired up my love for HCB leading me to take a special trip to the beautiful city of Edinburgh to view a retrospective in person it was soooo worth it

  8. Serenity Serenity says:

    These are photographs you could spend your entire life looking at

  9. Bob Peru Bob Peru says:

    h c b hero

  10. Stan Stan says:

    the ultimate HCB book lots of never before seen images

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