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Egg Larva Pupa Woman [Read] ➵ Egg Larva Pupa Woman ➼ Ogo Akubue-Ogbata – Egg Larva Pupa Woman is the story of a privileged Nigerian girl whose life is disrupted by a series of unusual events and the loss of innocence as she knows it Striving to survive in the wake of her c Egg Larva Pupa Woman is the story of a privileged Nigerian girl whose life is disrupted by a series of unusual events and the loss of innocence as she knows it Striving to survive in the wake of her country's independence from British rule she meets an aspiring diplomat with radical political views a man who asks for than she knows how to give They embark on a love affair but can she put the past behind her or will her scandalous secret destroy everything Set in Egg Larva Epub / the politically charged colonial and post independence Nigeria as well as the vibrant capitals of Uganda Sierra Leone and Britain.

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  1. Jill Jill says:

    I received this book as part of Pump Up Your Book Promotion Tours When it arrived in the mail I was excited to see that it had been signed by the author to me That was such a nice touchI decided to participate in this tour since it is almost February and when we celebrate Black History Month Also I am making a point of trying out different types of books than my usual selections This is a book that while I thoroughly enjoyed I might not have picked up on my own and I would have been missing out I was astounded by Nkiru courage and perseverance throughout It felt for a while as if nothing good was going to happen for her She did a good job dealing with being orphaned and loosing her sister and kept finding ways to make it often times on her own with little help from the adults that should have been protecting her Her Aunty Dubem kept hinting at a secret which kept me reading at some points While of course I will not reveal that secret i would hate to spoil the story for other readers I will say that you won't be disappointed with this bookThere was a lot of political information in the book about Nigeria and the colonists who had control of the country Reading it made me realize how little I know about the history of the countries in Africa It feels like it is the continent that is most ignored in school That said I don't recall ever covering a great deal of history outside of the US or how the other countries affected the US unless it was a war that the US participated in I cannot imagine living in the conditions that some of this people were subjected to and it really highlighted how children can fall between the cracks especially when they loose one or both parents I am sure this is true everywhereI liked how the author separated the book into different years we could watch Nkiru grow from a child of 12 to a mother with a demanding career in a field that was not traditionally for women and the views she got from other women about how men don't like smart women how women should make themselves appear less smart how all women were refereed to as sister or aunty even if they were not related by blood in any wayThis book opened my eyes to a country I had not thought too much about and made me think

  2. Freda Mans-Labianca Freda Mans-Labianca says:

    Entertaining and yet wittingly put together to convey a woman's struggles through life from childhood That's what this book meant to me I love a book that is a subject I normally wouldn't partake in yet in the end I was sad to see it endI have to say the author did a great job ending the story Most cases I am left feeling that there is or they need to keep going As much as I loved the story and would have continued reading on it really was left at a great spotVery well thought out and put togetherIn lieu of Black History Month I suggest everyone gets a copy of this fantastic story It will be one of the most memorable stories you read

  3. McKenzie Rakes McKenzie Rakes says:

    Egg Larva Pupa Woman tells of Nkiru at three different stages in her life Part One describes her difficult childhood as she learns to depend on herself and fight for her future Part Two tells of her college years in which she discovers love and grows into a woman Part Three describes her later in life trying to follow her dreams and fix the pastOgo Akubue Ogbata has created a wonderfully rich story Although designed for Adults I believe mature Young Adults will be able to appreciate this story This story covers so many emotions and stories love hate fear destruction civil war marriage death It's all in there While not for the weak of heart this novel weaves a true and believable story about one woman's struggle to become her own independent person all while going through a metamorphosis hence the titleEgg Larva Pupa Woman deals with uite a few difficult subjects It's hard to read about Nkiru's suffering but it's easy to see how strong she is You can't help but feel for her as she struggles to become her own person Characters come in and out of her life but each has a profound effect on her Some I liked some I hated Ms Akubue Ogbata creates a richly diverse plot filled with raging emotions and an endless amount of courage on Nkiru's partI feel that this book is indescribable and that my review won't do it justice This is one of those lesser known books that deserves much recognition The author has a way with words and really draws out emotions from the reader I was rooting for Nkiru the entire time It wasn't simply life story but also her change into a better braver person It was emotional and completely raw Nothing was diverted or dodged Ogo has an important must read novel to her name

  4. Guna Guna says:

    When her father dies Nkiru and her sister Nonso are left in the care of their abusive mother in law A relative finally removes them but their lives now are hard and no longer privileged The story follows Nkiru and how out of harsh circumstances she comes to terms with her various relationships and finally blossoms

  5. Sokari Sokari says:

    Surprisingly I enjoyed this book At the beginning I felt I was reading a Nollywood film but it improved with every page and turned out to not be as predictable as I had imagined

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