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Rynn's World ➳ [Reading] ➶ Rynn's World By Steve Parker ➩ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When the ork hordes of Warlord Snagrod lay waste to the planet of Badlanding and wipe out the Crimson Fists sent to stop them Chapter Master Kantor prepare a hasty line of defence on the Fists home pl When the ork hordes of Warlord Snagrod lay waste to the planet of Badlanding and wipe out the Crimson Fists sent to stop them Chapter Master Kantor prepare a hasty line of defence on the Fists home planet of Rynn's World Tragedy strikes when an errant missile destroys the Space Marine's Chapter monastery killing most of their warriors With a handful of Crimson Fists left Kantor must fight the campaign of his life to defeat Snagrod's orks and prevent his Chapter's annihilation.

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  1. Terry Terry says:

    A very satisfying Space Marines adventure Having just read the Night Lords Trilogy it is uite a change to jump in with the Crimson Fists here Certainly a different perspective of this far distant future but just as exciting and fulfilling for military sci fi fans Now on to the next Battle novel which is by ADB the same author as the Night Lords trilogy and I’m expecting of the same good writing and action I’m definitely a fan of this WH40K universe

  2. Chris Berko Chris Berko says:

    Instead of Rynn's World the first half of this novel could have been called Murphy's Law because everything that could have gone wrong did Good build up in the beginning with a decent amount of time spent with various characters before the shit starts hitting the fan and non stop action from about 40% on Aside from this being an entire planet under siege I felt like the most exciting stuff was the individual one on one fighting most of which happened towards the ending There is one cheer out loud surprise at the end that the author did a really good job of setting up that turned my frown upside down My only gripe is there were a few characters and story lines introduced that seemed to be totally abandoned by the end of the book Not sure if future volumes covers that stuff but it was extremely noticeable for its absence at least for me Four solid stars and worth the price of admission

  3. O.M. Wills O.M. Wills says:

    I love it This is my go to to turn off and get my warfare

  4. Student Teacher Student Teacher says:

    So I finished Rynn's World last night Wow what a book Steve Parker did a really good job with this book From reading a lot of the fluff from the 40k book and other sources I knew that the Crimson Fists were gunna get jacked up in this book but Parker did an excellent job of fleshing it out I have really been impressed lately with the action scenes in a lot of BL books 40k and Fantasy and this book is just as good The battles were pretty epic even when it was just a skirmish The only thing I was disappointed with was the fact that the space battle was glossed over but this was a pretty beefy book so a chapter or two of space battle missing isn't too badMy major pet peeve of having too many plots and characters going on at one time was thankfully absent in this book There were uite a few characters but they mostly revolved around different parts of two major plots For me this was good because I got a bit of the oh my god this is good I can't wait to get back to it in the next chapter but I didn't get the OK now I have to remember what this character was doing 200 pages and 15 sub plots agoAnother thing that was thankfully missing was the uber evil imperial guy that is just there to make the lives of the major characters of a PITA There was one dude in the story that I thought was going to shape up into one of those characters but it didn't turn out that way Thank you Mr ParkerWith prior knowledge of that fact that the Crimson Fists were going to get mauled in this book it made me hesitant to cheer for characters but I knew that many of them were gunna be blowed up and this was the case I actually think this was a good thing in the book because every time a new and interesting character was introduce I was like Oh no I hope he doesn't die Another thing I liked was that Mr Parker did in fact kill off some of those likeable characters you were just getting to know It made it feel real It made it feel as if the Crimson Fists were well and truly bonedA couple of the things I didn't like about the book were the distain that many of the Space Marines felt towards the humans that they were fighting for There are some circumstances that do come up in the book that explain it but it was the differences between that different Astartes that really made me stop and blink before continuingThe last thing that sorta stuck in my craw was the fact that we saw Space Marines in this book had a stat line that was roughly in my opinion BS 7 WS 7 S8 T8 W10 I6 A8 Ld 11 Sv 1 Regular tactical marines were ambushed by Orks and killed every ork without taking a casualty there were fights were you would think SOMEONE is gunna bite it but no one does Now I understand why this is written this way It's a Space Marines novel so we want them to be heroic We want them to stand against the Green Tide and never give up but there were a couple of occasions where it was a bit unbelievable even for Space MarinesOverall this was an excellent book I would encourage anyone to read it

  5. Michael Dodd Michael Dodd says:

    The very first Space Marine Battles novel published back in 2010 this kicked the series off in style with an action packed story of Crimson Fists battling a vast ork invasion Despite the apparent folly of attacking a Space Marine home world the Arch Arsonist Snagrod’s unusual tactics surprise the Crimson Fists resulting in huge numbers of orks landing onto Rynn’s World When a million to one accident sees the Fists’ ancient and treasured fortress monastery destroyed and the majority of their warriors slain a determined defence turns into a desperate fight for the survival of the Chapter itselfIt’s not a truly in depth exploration of the Crimson Fists as a Chapter as that’s not really the purpose of the book or this series but it does take in a little of their ritual and philosophy and gives them plenty of character Seeing Space Marines with their backs against the metaphorical wall might not be to everyone’s tastes but there should be enough here for any 40k fan to enjoy Come for the brutal action and satisfying plot but stay for the surprisingly relatable and interesting characters – and chances are you’ll want to read about the Crimson Fists after thisRead the full review at

  6. David David says:

    This book was one of the better Space Marine books that I’ve read If I didn’t know the background in advance I would have been ‘on the edge of my seat’ I was invested in the characters and what they went through in this book than in some other Space Marine books Recommended to anyone that likes action

  7. Devon Start Devon Start says:

    ugh where to begin Lets start with saying i have been playing warhammer since the rogue trader book that featured the orignal battle at the farm scenario came out So to say that i am a fan of teh crimson fists from way back is an understatement Im familiar with the battle at the farm and the second scenario which was the battle at jadeberry hill and the underpass i know warhammer i know its fluff but lets start first with technical issuesthere was no reason this book needed to be 500 plus pages The whole subplot about the governor being hot to trot about pedro kantor is a waste of time nothing comes of it so why have it Clearly the author is not familiar with the concept of checkovs gun So much time is wasted on characters that do nothing I mean its cool to read about pedros senechal and all but the character like the governors subplot does nothing to advance the plot or offer insight into characters that is not already given elsewhere by other characters or ham handedly spelled out directly by the author the author uses the same description over and over three characters all look over a wall or mountain range or something and think the exact same thing about clouds of smoke using the exact same descirption or when the author does this Alleissio said im getting out of teh land raider; and he did really? and that happened at least twice in the book Dude show not tell in regards to length the type face in the book wasnt helping either it was set at i just learned to read books without pictures scale so the words were larger on the page stretching the book outalso The author really liked sentence fragments most of the sentences arent too long only a few wordsthe space marines act at times like i imagine the author must act insecure muscle headsreading his bio i can only imagine what a manly man he must see himself and reflections of this show up in the book there is a scene in the book where they esentially talk shit about the civlians and the things they say are so petty and shitty but they are the kind of things a MRA would think were manly and inpsiring tough guy talk Depending on the tension he needed to add the orks are either totally pussies to be slaughtered hundreds at a time by 5 10 marines or too much for 16 marines to deal with even though at no point are the marines ever in any serious danger just bad writing all aroundnow to the fluff issues1 the battle at the farm scenario has teh marines HOLDING not attacking the farm there are no civilians Which is another bit of shitty writing There is enough tension in the fact that there onlyas far as kantor knows 16 marines alive and he needs to do his best to keep them that way that you dont need to add the family being killed by orks and the refugeeswho again serve no real purpose to the story and advance the plot in no way other than to add false tension indeed if they wanted to expand on it then why not have Thrugg and Hrruk the two ork commanders in on the action The original scenario for the battle at the farm as way better than what was in the books and i am so disappointed in thatsince it was all i really cared about in the first place 2 orks dont have green blood and orks dont eat people they eat fungus oh sure back in the day when 40k was known as rogue trader orks ate people but this isnt a call back to that its just sloppy writing3 would the space marines and imperials really call a waaagh a waaagh? it was hard not to giggle abit when reading the parts in the strategy councils and all these super serious guys are talking about a waagh and i cant help but read them just yelling that wordas it is meant to be its an ork word not a human word and it seems maybe the humans should have a better word for it im sure if you have never read anything else or are a fan boy of 40k that youll over look the terrible writing the bad fluff and other faults you might like it personally it was work to finish it and i could have just read the fan wikis on the crimson fists and gotten the same from that

  8. Abhinav Abhinav says:

    Shadowhawk reviews the first Space Marine Battles novel as Steve Parker tackles the Orks once again pitting them against the proud Crimson Fists“Steve Parker delivers an interesting look into the Crimson Fists that makes you hunger for ” The Founding FieldsThere are few forces in the Warhammer 40000 universe that can really humble an entire chapter of Space Marines Hive Fleet Behemoth against the Ultramarines is one case The Necrons against the Emperor’s Swords is another There are uite a few others But I have to say that among the most tragic I have ever read has been the case of the Crimson Fists against the Orks of Waaagh SnagrodSteve’s portrayal of the Crimson Fists really strikes a chord with me Essentially he has fused the best of the Salamanders the Blood Angels and of course the Imperial Fists The Crimson Fists are humane they are noble and they are stubborn But they are just as eager for war as any of their brothers or their cousins And of course that is where their pride fails themThat portrayal of the Crimson Fists is at the heart of the novel and Steve does a good job of showing us how an entire chapter can be humbled by one of the most inane things a fluke accident at that and what startling revelations it is forced to confront Pride has always been a weakness of all Space Marine chapters no matter how glorious their history and it is this weakness that once again manifests here Steve constantly reinforces home this theme in the novel To very roughly paraphrase Chapter Master Dante of the Blood Angels resting on one’s laurels is the greatest sin in the eyes of the EmperorThe opening chapters of the novel provide a rather uniue insight into the chapter psyche as the Crimson Fists prepare to celebrate their centennial Day of Founding and we have some rather stirring scenes of Pedro Kantor giving an inspirational speech to his brothers The scenes are uite atmospheric and they really draw you in We also meet Captain Alessio Cortez one of the most celebrated Captains of the chapter and one of Kantor’s closest friends The novel is primarily about the trials faced by these two once everything around them goes to hell and their battle of wills against each other as they both have different views on how to deal with the invadersAnd that’s where the issue of pride comes in really all the important for the Crimson Fists since they have had a long and glorious history of service to the Imperium and they are Second Founding Reading the verbal battles between Cortez and Kantor is definitely one of the highlights in the novelAnother aspect of the novel that combined to make it a great one is the relationship between the Crimson Fists and the people of Badlanding who revere them as demi gods Steve has managed the balance uite well and I think it works very well in order to show how the humane as in less reticent chapters deal with the people of their homeworld This balance is played out in the interactions between the Crimson Fists and their people as well as between the chapter’s officers as well throughout the novel Small things like this really add to the greater whole making it than the just the sum of its partsOne major criticism I would level against the novel is that the Space Marines are too powerful Their power level just does not compare to that of the Orks I am unable to find a justification of why this should be the case The fluke accident destroys nearly 70% of the chapter’s forces and while you do get some sense of how the Crimson Fists are ultimately humbled by Warlord Snagrod the impact of that event just is not thereSteve introduces the concept of the Ceres Protocol wherein no Crimson Fist is allowed to risk his life in defense of the mortal forces and civilians only in the defense of a battle brother There was uite a bit of potential for this concept to develop and really add to the novel but it just fell flat since the Crimson Fists just proved to be indestructible in their revenge Perhaps that is understandable to a degree but given that in the wider lore the chapter came close to dissolution following the attack on Badlanding you never actually get a sense of that being the case by the end of the novel Not to mention that there was almost a willful disregard of said protocol a few times in the novel so with the purpose of this concept was uite lost on me The novel would have worked out just as well if this had never been mentioned in the first placeOther than that the action scenes are rather well done and the campaign itself plays out rather nicely Steve even managed to work in the Battle of the Farm an original Rogue Trader era scenario into the novel which was a great addition I just wish that we had gotten an actual titanic battle between the heroes of both sides for the action almost always involved orks being butchered or on the rank and file Crimson Fists themselves That said my favourite scene in the entire novel after the early scene in the reclusiam is through the eyes of a scout sergeant as he sees disaster unfold around him Reading that particular chapter really hit home why a lot of chapters value obedience protocol and the chain of command above all else Job well done Herr ParkerThe at odds characterization of Pedro Kantor as the Chapter Master and Alessio Cortez as the often errant Captain was another highlight of the novel The scene I mention above plays a part in the interactions between these two and together these two portray all the attributes of the chapter I listed early on in the review I was uite reminded of Chapter Master Tu’shan of the Salamanders when reading Kantor’s scenes while Cortez reminded of a rather headstrong Wolf Lord Berek Thunderfist of the Space Wolf novels The parallels across chapters are always there of course and there is always characterization that is similar too but I think this was a case of where this worked really well KudosWith all that said would I recommend the novel? Yes indeed for as the first novel in the Space Marine Battles series as well as the first Crimson Fists novel Rynn’s World works really well The criticisms I have against it are not related to the portrayal of the chapter itself and are issues that permeate the work of some other authors as well but that’s not important here As a whole the novel works rather well and as long as the kinks are worked out in Steve’s approach then all good The best thing about the novel is that Steve really helps you get into the mindset of the chapter and makes you connect with itAnd therefore I rate the novel a solid 7510 I would definitely like to see of Steve’s work now

  9. Ralph Pulner Ralph Pulner says:

    Solid 35 My first 40k novel and my second read through I enjoyed the well written battle scenes and the perspective of the human element These were the best bits I thought the space marines were a little generic I don't necessarily fault the author The game system that created them leaves very little room for individuality It would have been refreshing to see the motivations for each character beyond the obvious hooks It dawned on me about halfway through just how much this isn't an outsiders novel It's likely if you don't follow 40k you will be completely lost at times When you find yourself googling images of gargants suiggs and what a Terminator suit looks like at 200 in the morning you will see what I mean

  10. Lawrence Lawrence says:

    A very enjoyable read Ostensibly this book is about space marines shooting orks which is only true for the latter half of the book This book has a varied cast of characters from an Astartes chapter master to a planetary governor and much in between We follow them throughout the story and watch them fighting to defend their home world from the unstoppable green menace While this book definitely delivers on the action I found myself enjoying the moments in between the gunshots a lot Parker made plenty of room to show the bravery of even normal humans a mother carrying her children across a ravaged country pampered lazy officials redeeming themselves by fighting alongside the common man These small breaks from the story not only give the reader a look at how humans deal with an uncaring galaxy it also shows us how far divorced from humans the Astartes can sometimes become 45 stars

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