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  1. Bren Bren says:

    I'm going to the police I'm going to tell them everything I'm coming clean about you about me And maybe while I'm there I'll tell them what you and your little Billings friends did to me tonight tooLast Christmas Private #06 by Kate Brian Much fun Not bad at all This is the Preuel to the Privilege series and I must say I adore that whole series so this book is a good one to read if you like the series It will tell you how it all beganlAnd besides that it is creepy as well Very creepy The two lovebirds are alone in the dorms together during winter break but someonesomeoneis watching them Hmmwhatever is going on?If you have not read this seriesand do not want todo not worryyou can read this one as a stand aloneit is uite funand eerieand creepyand deceptiveit is also a great one to read in the Autumn or winterA YA mystery that actually creeps the reader out Yay I will say as much as I like the series it was not really all that scary And I read this preuel AFTER reading the series and found it to be a creeper of a bookNo blood or gorebut I could see how this would scare MOREespecially the endingwowIt has a real brisk Non summer feel to it that lends itself perfectly for reading around Halloween or the December Holidays After allit is called Last ChristmasHighly recommended and much fun reading

  2. Julie Julie says:

    I bought this book wanting a Christmas theme and some young adult love intrigue A nice love triangle with a bit of suspense and how two young people find each other Wellyeah That's not what I got The is one the darkest and most psychotic young adults books I've ever read It is the preuel to a bestselling series that I have not read so I thought what better way to start a series than with the preuel? Yeah don't do that I'm guessing based on other reviews of this book which were mostly glowing you need to have some emotional involvement into the The Private series in order for Last Christmas to work for you For me I am left with a stricken look on my face and no interest in the actual seriesThe book starts out with the typical girl who has issues in her private life sticks to the rules in her daily life and has a great boyfriend She begins to rebel a bit and have feelings for the hot 'bad boy' at the private school and becomes torn for who she wants to be with Leaving her boyfriend would have serious social conseuences not to mention the bad boy is a notorious bad boy The appeal to the reader is strong and you actually find yourself rooting for the shy girl to break out of her shell and go for the guy that is totally wrong for her so she can redeem him and make him totally right Not in this storyAriana is the main character torn between her rich handsome boyfriend Daniel and the rich handsome bad boy Thomas Basically all kinds of things happen when Ariana and Thomas are both stuck at school over Christmas break give in to their feelings for each other and the intrigue is someone is spying on them Since this is also a type of forbidden love there being steep conseuences if they are caught on campus the book draws you in to their young plight to be together As things unfold we realize that Ariana has the makings to be a serious sociopath Yes serious sociopath And Thomas? Let's just say he isn't all he is cracked up to be These two people I championed I ended up having deep disgust for eachBy the end of the book I was completely turned upside down by what I thought of the plot and the turn this book took For me not a turn in a good way Again this is a preuel to a well established series so if I had been acuainted with these characters as they are revealed in the main series I may have a very different view of this book But read as is I do not care for it myself I just have no desire to see what seem like perfectly fine young people turn into mental cases for a relationshipI also have no desire to see how sex was handled in this young adult book It was choppy and not believable to me how certain situations evolve all around For example who has sex with the guy they want to be with then continues a relationship with her current boyfriend sexually to keep up pretenses and the other guy knows it? And what guy is OK with that? The book just becomes disorienting for me and a complete let down in character and relationship departmentI will give the writer good marks for writing style and plot twists The writer does tell a story that is easily followed and I admit I NEVER saw where the plot was going to go There really isn't a whole lot I can say without giving the plot twists away just keep in mind this not a happy young adult story with some mystery I will say if you are a fan of The Private series you may have a whole different perspective and would know to expect a dark book For those of you not already invested in the series do not read the preuel first Reviewing as is as the preuel to a series I did not care for it It does not in any shape or form make me want to see what happens next

  3. Nancy Nancy says:

    I didn’t think I would like Ariana’s story at all but I ended up getting addicted to the book till the last page I didn’t think she was a strong character but I loved Brian’s portrayal of a girl who’s been pushed to her limits and in her way believing that she was strong through murder It was actually a pretty perceptive story into the mind of a murderer Nothing justifies killing but I could see why she did it What’s amazing is that I almost liked her—but then she had to go and do those things What a drag Also I was expecting interaction between Ariana and Reed but from Ariana’s point of view

  4. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToocomSPOILER ALERT For readers who haven't read beyond CONFESSIONS in the PRIVATE series this book is best left unread Details in LAST CHRISTMAS will ruin much of the suspense in the first four books of the series LAST CHRISTMAS is a great addition to the series by Kate Brian The story gives much needed background insight into Ariana Osgood the Billings girl arrested for the murder of Thomas Pearson The story begins near Christmas break of Ariana's junior year When we meet Ariana in the first book of the series PRIVATE she is one of the privileged senior girls at Easton Academy But in LAST CHRISTMAS she is the naïve innocent roommate to Noelle Lange Ariana is the good girl that does what is expected of her She gets top grades lives in the most respected dormitory and has the perfect boyfriend Daniel Ryan Her mother couldn't be prouder of her Daniel isn't 100% perfect though He's incredibly jealous and protective of Ariana At the Winter Ball he torments Sergei a Latvian exchange student because he caught Sergei taking photos of Ariana throughout the dance Ariana is to spend the two weeks of Christmas break at a ski resort with Daniel and his family And Daniel is expecting her to have sex with him while they are there They are both supposedly virgins and Ariana didn't want their first time to be in a dorm bed It's the final day before the school break and Ariana has yet to finish an English paper If she doesn't turn it in before 6pm she will fail the assignment So she has Daniel and his twin sister Paige head out without her She promises to take a later train But she gets sidetracked by Thomas Pearson He has been showing up in unexpected places over the last few days And he shows up in the deserted classroom building as she turns in her completed paper In a split second Ariana gives up fighting the electric attraction she's been feeling for Thomas From that moment on the snowball of her actions grows until innocent people start to get hurt A snowstorm hits campus and strands Thomas and Ariana Neither can be caught because Headmaster Cox made it perfectly clear that anyone caught on campus who was not scheduled to be there will be expelled no exceptions LAST CHRISTMAS is the perfect companion to the PRIVATE series Ariana's specter hangs over the entire series long after she is carted away for Thomas' murder This gives an inside look to her growing mental problems after she becomes involved with Thomas I believe it also gives a good basis for the spin off series PRIVILEGE due out in December 2008

  5. Merary Merary says:

    Before Reed Brennan arrived at Easton Academy Ariana Osgood was an ordinary student just like everybody elseOr was she?Ariana Osgood seems to have everything an Easton Academy girl could want straight A's the perfect boyfriend and a coveted spot in exclusive Billings House But then again nothing is perfect When she meets Thomas Pearson she realizes what she has been missing and eventually falls for him after everyone is out for the holidaysProblem is someone is watching and that someone is determined to destroy that relationship and ruin everythingview spoiler In another note Ariana's teacher was having an affair with one of his students Not that it matters hide spoiler

  6. Maddie Maddie says:

    This book was just soooo boring I wanted to tear my head out Brian didn't even try and justify Ariana's actions to us I couldn't stand Ariana knowing how crazy she is and her thought cycle and her reasoning I just couldn't wait for this book to be finished And that's all I want to say about this book

  7. Rachael Rachael says:

    Ariana Osgood is the perfect cookie cutter Billings girl—perfect on the outside but not so much behind that exterior Sure she’s got the perfect boyfriend who loves her great grades not to mention a spot in the most elite House at Easton Academy But she’s also got some secrets details about her life she’s too embarrassed to tell her friends for fear it would ruin her reputation But all of Ariana’s good girl rules and morals just about go out the window when Ariana finds herself trapped on campus during Christmas vacation with bad boy Thomas Pearson of all people instead of vacationing in Vermont with her boyfriend Daniel the guy she loves or so she tells herself This chance blizzard all but snows them in preventing Ariana’s escape from Easton and Thomas’s seductive clutches But instead of finding a way back to her boyfriend Ariana finds herself going against all she knows and falling for Thomas Unfortunately Ariana and Thomas aren’t the only ones who know about their romance and in an attempt to protect the only right thing in her life Ariana unleashes a mother with the potential of ruining not only the lives of several innocent people—but in the end her ownOnce again Brian does not disappoint with this shocking and revealing preuel to the addicting Private series Last Christmas provides valuable insight into the elusive Ariana’s mind and provides the groundwork for an insanity that culminated in Ariana doing the deed as revealed in Confessions the fourth book in the series Brian has a talent for weaving tales with the spoiled attitudes of elite in combination with scandalous romance and physical danger into an incredibly suspenseful tale The characterization of Ariana was done such that readers can’t help but feel for her despite knowledge of what she’s done which as Last Christmas reveals is much horrific that one would’ve thought My only disappointment was that Thomas remained a mysterious figure and I would’ve liked to learn about him Nonetheless Last Christmas is yet another juicy read to please fans of PrivateEven though it is a preuel I recommend reading Last Christmas after one has already read the first four volumes in the Private series Devotees to this series will not be able to resist devouring this new and thrilling talereposted from

  8. Kelli Kelli says:

    This book wasa little spooky I mean towards the end she was just murdering everyone who got in her way of Thomas It did affect what I thought of Ariana turns out she had murdered 3 people not just Thomas It makes me sad that nobody during the Private series knew she had murdered 3 but I think in Privilege it probably comes up as those books are centered around Ariana I'm so happy I read this book AFTER I ready the Private series as it is a part of it just a preuel but it gives a lot of things away Besides very few grammar mistakes nothing really bothered me in the book I had to rate this 4 stars because it just wasn't that book I was obsessed with It gave me chills at times which was good but at the beginning it was a taaad slow Just a tad So the story in general was just4 stars It was a surprise to learn that Ariana and Daniel had been a couple and I'm left wondering what happened when she broke up with him as he has anger issueswell now I'm off to read Privilege to read what murderous Ariana is up to next

  9. Natalie Natalie says:

    A YA Christmas mystery with plenty of suspense and darkness to it I would recommend reading the first 4 books in the Private series Private Invitation Only Untouchable and Confessions before this one Otherwise things might be spoiled for youKate Brian’s characters are great They are so complex and flawed but somehow so likable Thomas Pearson is a great example of this He’s actually kind of a scumbag but is somehow also likable This isn’t very Christmassy but I’m rereading the series and it seemed like a good time to read the preuel since it is set around Christmas If you’re looking for a lighthearted Christmas read then definitely look elsewhere If you’re looking for character driven suspense that happens to take place at Christmas then this will be right up your alley

  10. Hannah Hannah says:

    25 stars The series has definitely lost a little bit of the magic it had when I was first reading them as a teenager and I almost wish I had have read Last Christmas back when I was originally reading the series because I know back then I would have loved it a lot Kate Brian's writing is a little basic and the book relies on character development from the series rather than being a standalone novel which is fair I wouldn't expect many people who haven't read the series to read the preuel However I really felt there was something missing in Ariana's personality and development that should have been there She's a secondary character in the Private series so it's fine that there are character omissions that aren't picked up by the narrator Reed However in Last Christmas there really wasn't an excuse to be missing Ariana's thoughts her logic her reasoning she just does things I would have preferred to either learn about Ariana's past or to have a open view of her mind I don't understand her motivations she doesn't justify anything she does and I think the novel is poorer for the lack of understanding I don't think it was deliberate I think it was the result of weak writing Additionally though it's a preuel it wasn't written until after the main series had progressed much farther chronologically and there are two plot points that I think are completely missing that should have been covered in the first few Private instalments Last Christmas just could have been so much and it wasn't A little let down as for a long time Private was my favourite series It all feels a little tainted now

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Last Christmas (Private Prequel) [Read] ➲ Last Christmas (Private Prequel) By Kate Brian – Before Reed Brennan came to Easton Academy Before Thomas Pearson was murdered Before Noelle Lange ruled Billings House and Ariana Osgood became Easton's most notorious student Ariana was just another Before Reed Brennan came to Easton Academy Before Thomas Pearson was murdered Before Noelle Lange ruled Billings House and Ariana Osgood became Easton's most notorious student Ariana was just another girl at boarding schoolBut then one cold snowy night on campus Ariana fell for someone she shouldn't and that changed everything Because someone was watching And now they're intent on turning Ariana's holiday weekend into a nightmare.