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The Oxford History of World Cinema ❮Epub❯ ➝ The Oxford History of World Cinema Author Geoffrey Nowell-Smith – From its humble beginnings as a novelty in a handful of cities cinema has risen to become a billion dollar industry and the most spectacular and original contemporary art form In The Oxford History of From its humble beginnings as a History of ePUB ´ novelty in a handful of cities cinema has risen to become a billion dollar industry and the most spectacular and original contemporary art form In The Oxford History of World Cinema an international team of film historians traces the history of this enduringly popular entertainment medium Covering all aspects of its development stars studios and cultural impact the book celebrates The Oxford PDF \ and chronicles over one hundred years of diverse achievement from westerns to the New Wave from animation to the avant garde and from Hollywood to Hong Kong The Oxford History of World Cinema tells the story of the major inventions and developments in the cinema business its institutions genres and personnel and they outline the evolution of national cinemas round the world the varied and distinctive film Oxford History of ePUB ´ traditions that have developed alongside Hollywood A uniue aspect of the book are the special inset features on the film makers and personalities Garbo and Godard Keaton and Kurosawa Bugs Bunny and Bergman who have had an enduring impact in popular memory and cinematic lore With over illustrations a full bibliography and an extensive index this is the buff's ultimate guide to cinema worldwide.

  • Paperback
  • 824 pages
  • The Oxford History of World Cinema
  • Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
  • English
  • 13 October 2015
  • 9780198742425

About the Author: Geoffrey Nowell-Smith

Geoffrey Nowell Smith is Honorary Professorial History of ePUB ´ Fellow in the School of History at ueen Mary University of London.

10 thoughts on “The Oxford History of World Cinema

  1. Evan Evan says:

    Actually an impressive achievement though no single film survey reference book is ever definitive and this certainly isn't but the number of name scholars and experts employed for the entries is staggering and the organization is glitzy and attractive in a comforting compartmentalized way rather than for mere show A copy of this is available to borrow online at archiveorg and if you hunt around enough you might find a downloadable PDF I wouldn't mind having a hard copy but it's not a priority Below are some notes I made about this guide a few years agoThe Oxford History of World Cinema by Geoffrey Nowell Smith ed 1996 Oxford University Press Oxford England an improved revision of 1976's The Oxford Companion to Film Densely packed and useful though criticized in some uarters for its errorskr eg '19

  2. Michael Michael says:

    I now know much about world cinema than I did two months ago On the positive side I have an increased appreciation for the evolution of the art form especially as that evolution manifests itself in film traditions from cultures other than Hollywood's The negative aspect of this overview however was the amount of time spent dwelling on the economics and business side of the cinema Going in I was hoping for a detailed analysis of the aesthetics of film and I wish they had spent time in that areaFurther a plus and a minus can be chalked up for the many vignettes which pepper the text The insights into various performers and directors which these pieces provided were wonderful The downside was that there weren't of them

  3. Gijs Grob Gijs Grob says:

    'The Oxford History of World Cinema' is a brave attempt to encompass the history of cinema across the globe Thus apart from the relatively familiar Hollywood story we get an insight in cinematic developments in Africa South America and individual countries like France Germany India Iran Turkey China and Japan This massive book looks further than narrative feature film and includes chapters on eg documentaries avant garde cinema animation film silent serials film music race issues and the role of television The book is written by numerous authors and the uality of the contributions vary At worst the chapter becomes an endless list of names of filmmakers and films especially the chapter on post war French cinema is a disappointment in that respect but mostly the uality of the writing is of a high uality for example the subseuent chapters on Italian and Spanish post war cinema are much insightful than the French one Because of this multi faceted approach some subjects get a rather incomplete treatment For example there's a whole chapter on silent comedy but none on subseuent developments in the genreNevertheless this book is both a great introduction to world cinema and a wonderful reference work I wouldn't recommend anyone to read it from start to end like I did but it's an absolute great book to browse and to let one dive into obscure subjects like say cinema from East Germany

  4. Grace Balmes Grace Balmes says:

    I had to read this book for my English passion project My project has to do with how different cultures effect filmmaking so this book was extremely helpful This book provided a lot of information regarding different countries and how their filmmaking ways changed throughout the different eras of film such as silent sound and modern The answer to my uestion was completely answered in this book with the help of the other sources I had There are a lot of details in this book which really helps me for the situation that I am using it for Another good thing about this book is that it does not just mainly focus on one country than others except the United States which is to be expected because we have a lot of influence on other countries My only complaint about this book would have to be that it is extremely long which may be time consuming for some people I understand though that it has to be long because it does contain a lot of information over an extensive period of time I would definitely recommend this book if you are interested in seeing how cinema has changed over the years in the United States but other countries as well and how culture effects filmmaking

  5. Nathan Nathan says:

    The Oxford History of World Cinema is an amazingly well put together overview of international motion picture history Whether you are interested in the technical commercial or artistic development of cinema a pretty comprehensive guide awaits you in this book The various contributors all of them particularly knowledgable regarding specific areas of film history provide a wealth of information about the single most important modern art form The single element about this book that I am enjoying the most are the spotlights on particularly influential individuals writers producers directors actors etc whose contributions left an indelible mark on the world of film Amid the deluge of historical information it's great to be able to stop and focus on the personal journeys of people who have become enigmatic icons It has a way of making the history come alive I will admit that the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming at times but if you are interested at all in film it is fascinating to discover the people and events that have made movies become such a sophisticated form of art over the past century

  6. Kevin Kevin says:

    Exhaustive and exhausting Not a history of film but a history of the film industry or tradition around the world

  7. Fiona Fiona says:

    As far as film textbooks go this is the best one I've had to read so far

  8. James James says:

    An update would make this already great book greater

  9. David David says:

    Excellent resource for all things cinema Like all overviews one always hopes for a bit detail when it comes to certain directors national cinemas and movements It serves its purpose though

  10. Mentai Mentai says:

    This is a large brick of a reference so I didn't read all of it The entries on melodrama music and the silent film the introduction of sound to cinema and the fantastic were informative as background for me The reference also explores national cinema from other parts of the world

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