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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Role Models
  • John Waters
  • English
  • 26 February 2015
  • 9780374251475

About the Author: John Waters

John Samuel Waters Jr is an American filmmaker actor writer personality visual artist and art collector who rose to fame in the early s for his transgressive cult films Pink Flamingos and Hairspray He is recognizable by his pencil thin moustache.

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  1. Kimley Kimley says:

    Yep got my very own personalized copyJohn Waters is infectious And I mean that in the best possible way His passion and enthusiasm for his role models is so genuine and palpable that it's impossible to not want to sit down with him immediately and chat on and on in a relentless otaku way about all these wonderful people and obsessions even the ones that are so completely disgusting and horrifying But that's Waters' charmThere's nothing I love than a bona fide celebrity who is in reality nothing than an out and out geeky fanboyfangirl who got lucky Waters is fully aware of just how lucky he is and his passions run deep He admires his role models and is intimidated by them He is thrilled by their presence and their work and seeks to ferret out the tasty morsels of their lives and tries to figure out just what it is that makes that person so significant And like a true fan he discovers the nuances that really mean something Like I noticed that Waters used a ball point pen with black ink to sign my book and he pressed down so hard that there's an imprint on the page below I know this is a man with some intensity Or at least that's the scenario going through my own fangirl mind But that's the thing with Waters; it's all very personal He is talking about his role models here but ultimately we learn far about Waters himselfThe diversity of his interests should be no surprise to the Waters fan base This book covers topics as varied as Johnny Mathis and Little Richard to Manson follower Leslie Van Houten to fashion designer Rei Kawakubo as well as his obsessions with art books and outsider pornThe chapter on books should probably be reuired reading for all Goodreaders A teaser if you willBeing rich is not about how much money you have or how many homes you own; it's the freedom to buy any book you want without looking at the price and wondering if you can afford itAnd for god's sake don't let me ever hear you say I can't read fiction I only have time for the truth Fiction is the truth foolAmen to that

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    A story rather than a reviewOr both I thinkTwo lovely British friends came to visit We took the bus to New York and then BostonIn Boston we visited Harvard and Harvard Book Store I saw this book and picked it up from the BiographyCelebrity sectionThe next day I flew back to BaltiAs I was waiting in line at the airport I swore I saw someone that looked like John Waters No that cannot be him I thought as nothing as ever really happens to me everAfter the two hour plane ride I went to baggage claim Sure enough standing next to me it was him John Waters For sureFurther I was very excited as I had just bought his book the day beforeThen immediately I was dismayed My book was packed in my luggage not in my carry on Surely I couldn't get my luggage and chase this poor man down to sign my book?I said to myself If my luggage comes out before his I will grab it race for the book and then run over to him What were the chances that1 I'd buy the John Waters book2 The next day he'd be on my plane3 My luggage would come out before his so he could sign my book?Not bloody likelyAnd sure enough my suitcase was the first off the planeI grabbed it and raced to an area that was clear of people I started throwing everything on the floor everything tampons dirty underwear bras clothes hair curlers you name it onto the floor of the airport baggage claimHe started to pass by me and in a little mouse voice I said Mr Waters?Hi he said as he walked by me I was sprawled on the floor Hair dirty clothes wrinkled surrounded in my own messInstantly I saw the book amongst a wrinkled pair of jeans Mr Waters will you sign my book please?He smiled He stopped He looked pleased flatteredHe came over to meWould you like me to dedicate it to you?Yes I breathed I groped for a pen Things were everywhere He smiled and said I have oneWhat is your name? he askedJessica was all I could sayHe signed it To Jessica and then his nameI think I thanked him and then he walked off I threw everything back in my case haphazardly and went out to meet my friendsThe book was great More so because of the snipets of the city I love the city that my grandparents and their grandparents came from or from the people that came off the boat to this wonderful place I can still drive by the house my grandfather lived in my grandmother lived in The family still owns some of the properties we've always owned Just Balti row houses simple but lovedAnd he isn't shocking to me He is just him And he has good taste

  3. Marvin Marvin says:

    From John Water's Role ModelsYou should never read for enjoyment Read to make yourself smarter Or less judgmental More apt to understand your friends' insane behavior or better yet your own Pick hard books Ones you have to concentrate on while reading And for God's sake don't ever let me hear you say I can't read fiction I only have time for the truth Fiction is the truth fool Ever hear of literature? That means fiction too stupidJohn Waters isn't exactly a role model for me In fact there is probably no one who is unlike me or who grew up in such a opposite environment But I do admire him greatly Waters is the Duchamp of cinema He took ordinary kinks and taboos and made them art Divine would have been just another 300 pound transvestite who ate dog poop but with Water's help he became a socio political statement John Waters states he has experienced every perversion except two You have to read the book to find out which two However it is not this that makes him an artist but the ways he expresses himself in film and now in his writingsIn this book the author writes about his roles models Some are uite mainstream like Johnny Mathis and Little Richard Others are beyond my understanding like Bobby Garcia perpetrator of gay Marines porn Some of his role models even mystify the mature Waters as he uestions his original fascination with people like the Manson family or a lesbian junkie stripper named Zorro who makes Joan Crawford seem like mother of the year Yet Waters is not really writing about his role models but about himself; how his identity was formed and evolved by the people who he was infatuated with Waters is not worried about what you think about him or if you are repulsed by his likes and dislikes But he does want you to see and recognize the reality that surrounds us whether we like it or not That is also what I admire about Waters; His take it or leave it attitude You may be disgusted with films like Pink Flamingos but it says to you Here I am deal with it Just like this book does

  4. Scot Scot says:

    Okay John Waters is not for everyone—never was never will be and certainly never aspired to be However when they remade Hairspray the film as a musical movie based on an incredibly successful Broadway play and John Travolta won the stiff competition for the part first played by Divine his beady eyes as Edna Turnblatt still haunt me it was clear how successful and widespread John Waters’ cinematic subversion coming out of Maryland in the 1970s truly was—from an upstart challenge to the puritanical Censor Board of the Old Line State in the 21st century thanks to the Internet and Hollywood marketing he now has significant global influence and broad international appeal I am one of many whom the underground sensation filmmaker spoke to in such a profound way when I encountered his films in my youth and then moving to Maryland for my graduate work in the late 70s only brought me to a higher level of interaction with appreciative fellow travelers Visiting Divine’s grave and Edith Massey’s shop in Balti were significant events for me and when I eventually got to meet John Waters in person I expressed my adulation in a way I felt he would appreciate—I actually gave a gift of love my prized souvenir ceramic toilet ashtray from Nashville when you lift the lid it had a cameo of Loretta Lynn on the inside—I am recalling its distinctive charm now sigh He seemed sincerely grateful for the gesture I am clearly such a big fan because I have always been a misfit even within whatever minority I might be included and John Waters has spent his life not only being a misfit among misfits but doing so in a manner that is both accepting and kind to all deviants subversive and witty progressive and playful self deprecating and outrageous In short on some meaningful levels he has been my role model This collection of ten essays reveals an unapologetic elder statesman in the ongoing revolution against good taste and conformity and though the book is a celebratory review of his eclectic list of personal role models on another level it is Waters offering himself as a role model for mature adults like me his fan base as he demonstrates how to negotiate continued fascination with the fringe the objectionable the gauche and the deviant while making subtle but positive contributions for human rights social justice and the need for greater emphasis on reading and basic educationWhom does he interview or pay homage to in this book? Johnny Mathis; TennesseeWilliams; former Manson groupie now reformed let’s be clear Leslie Van Houten; renegade fashion designer Rei Kawakubo; colorful Balti working class deviants of the 1950s and 60s; obscure yet idiosyncratically warped visionary authors such as Denton Welch Lionel Shriver Jane Bowles and the indefatigable Ivy Compton Burnett; Little Richard; two little known porn auteurs Bobby Garcia and David Hurles who carved out niches that might seem dark vile dangerous ratholes to some but resonated as refuges of great personal delight and exhilaration for others; cutting edge challengers of imposed definitions of aesthetic in modern art including Cy Twombley collaborators Peter Fischli and David Weiss and Richard Tuttle His last chapter is perhaps the scariest as he mischievously envisions himself as a revered cult leader and reflects upon strategies for advancing his cause and policies for his minions to follow His not always repressed anger for the indiscretions and historical wrongs done by the Catholic Church start to take over the rant here and make me a bit uneasy—but in his defense if you’re going to be a cult leader then a crescendo as you work yourself and your followers up into a frenzy is a successful finale’s most basic reuirement with perhaps some creepy group ritualistic shared activity a close second And starting a cult isn’t as easy as it used to be—there are a lot of conspiracy theorists and charlatan demagogues out there upping the competition Indeed the phrase “drinking the kool aid” has been overused so much in recent political discourse it now sounds as tired as the other once colorful and troubling reference of anguish throwing someone “under the bus” As the clamor of cult leaders intensifies Waters’ track record and perspective still make him an attractive choice to me

  5. Tosh Tosh says:

    There is something so comfortable about John Waters' essays He is an extremely reasonable man in an unreasonable world The beauty of this book is Waters' riffing on old friends various famous people who inspired him and the best part is a tour of his town's Balti most sleezy bars which he's an natural consumer of Also his appreciation for various Gay Porn directors is both hysterical and moving at the same time John Waters is one of those once in a lifetime type of character who can both do art film visuals writing performer and be sort of the great Uncle in your life His genius like appreciation for the arts and literature is fantastic as well Waters is a hardcore aesthetic and is extremely dandy like with his appreciation for the world and how he transforms that 'place' into his own liking AmazingWhat I have is a galley and the book is coming out in June For sure purchase it

  6. Juliandra Juliandra says:

    Pg 164 sums it up for Goodreads bookworms You should never just read for enjoyment Read to make yourself smarter Less judgemental More apt to understand your friends' insane behaviour or better yet your own Pick hard books Ones you have to concentrate on while readingHere's where John reached out from the linen wannabe pages and made me gasp in awe From this it is clear that we have than dirty thoughts in common Three years of running a book club forced me to bite my tongue as I thought these very thoughts And for God's sake don't let me ever hear you say I can't read fiction I only have time for the truth Fiction is the truth fool Ever hear of literature? That means fiction too stupidOther uotes that resonated with mePg 275 A HOBBY? DO I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING DABBLER?Pg 280 Run from the overly clean before they infect youThere are special highlighted moments of this novel that I laughed on a city bus like a lunatic wearing an itchy sweater Mostly points within the last half of the book Pg 233Pg 274Pg 280Pg 284I am grateful for the serious teachings within the chapters on his authors books and artists type role models Bookworm Roommates What a huge world of rare filth talent that John unselfishly exposes to the reader These filthy lessons definitely stirred into my type four creativity interests and ignited obvious wing five curiosity I can't tell if I'm envious or happy that John was able to use his hometown to inspire him and his work Perhaps both? Balti Heroes chapter was beautiful in that he has always and continues to gravitate to such dirty neck stompin' grounds He's made peace at home Poked the spot that was bruised the most and learned to heal in pleasure I wish I could be as brave or strong or sadistic I have simply learned to avoid my hometown like the plague Cowardice John Waters took me on a soiled carpet ride in what ended up being a refreshing read that wasn't just fun to read but one that helped me accept and understand my own selfSigning off for nowueen Summerfall Winterspring

  7. Dan Dan says:

    i've been arguing for years to anyone who will listen that john waters is one of the great essayists of our time why he doesn't enjoy the epic bestseller status of say david sedaris is completely beyond methis is a book devoted to the people who've inspired him throughout his life and it includes some of his very best stories the absolute tour de force is the narrative of his friendship with leslie van houten van houten was one of the manson girls in the late 60's and waters has been visiting her in prison for decades she openly admits to her guilt rejects all of manson's ideologies and hasn't replaced them with any christiannew age declarations of salvation waters digs much deeper than you'd expect into their friendship his own fascination with manson the prison system social justice and redemption what emerges is a heart felt no bullshit extraordinarily well argued plea for forgiveness her chapter is a true blue work of art one worthy of a space next to in cold blood on your bookshelfthe great thing about waters' writing is that he's crass and irreverent and accessible but also capable of surprising sophistication when approaching the wicked witch of the west he sounds like the auteur of pink flamingoes when writing about van houten he sounds like he works for the new yorker in the chapter about outsider porn which explores the often dangerous world of paying straight marines to perform in front of a super 8 camera among other things he sounds like a mixture of both waters loves johnny mathis records leather bars denton welch memoirs and cy twombly sculptures and he feels perfectly comfortable inhabiting the cultures of each in fact it's often surprising to see how high brow waters can be at times there are no buttholes or fart jokes to justify his love of ivy compton burnett or jane bowles for lovers of high and low culture like myself i came out of this book with plenty of things to researchoh and i also listened to the audiobook version which is read by waters himself hearing his voice added an extra level of awesomeness

  8. Lanaya Kimbrough Lanaya Kimbrough says:

    Excited? I was apoplectic Especially every time Clarabell got near Princess Summerfall Winterspring the goody goody but sexy Indian maiden nonpuppet star of the show If only he could have burst out of his glorious 'muteness' to say her name out loud the best name ever The only other name I wish were mine today except for Lord or Lady Haw Haw which I can't use because they were Nazis

  9. jess jess says:

    My first reactionThis book is just pure fucking maniacal hysterical brilliance You need to read it Immediately Get the audio book please because there is nothing comparable to the slithering way that John Waters pronounces the word hilarious And after I finished the bookThis is a memoir ish collection of inspired essays about John Water's role models mostly people he idolizes but also some minor dabbling in his own potential cult leader abilities Here he is the Pope of Trash the Prince of Puke talking about his interest in Little Richard Johnny Mathis a lesbian stripper named Zorro his favorite artists in his art collection his top 5 best books outside pornographers and Leslie Von Houten the incarcerated Manson Family member that John befriended during her 40 years in jail Mr Waters is at his most sincere when discussing Leslie and her case for parole Zorro's chapter is actually mostly based on interviews with her daughter and John Waters wonders if it is possible to be happy if you live a real life version of his films His rallying cries endless dry wit insightful reflections experiences memories and distinct level of bad taste make for one of the most incredible audiobook experiences During his explanation of his pencil thin mustache how he developed the concept with the help of Mink Stole's sister MarySickSiue how he maintains it hint Maybelline Expert Eyes in Velvet Black and how it anchors his identity There is explicit and frank discussion of sex violence sexuality pornography bodily functions and so on It's John Waters It's the fucking truth Note to self John Water's top 5 booksIn Youth Is Pleasure Denton WelchWe Need to Talk About Kevin Lionel ShriverThe Man Who Loved Children Christina SteadTwo Serious Ladies Jane Auer BowlesAnything by Ivy Compton but particularly Darkness and Day

  10. Ismail Elshareef Ismail Elshareef says:

    I'm a big fan of John Waters' irreverent twisted films From the cultish Female Trouble and Pink Flamingos to the mainstream Polyester and Hairspray I love them all John Waters pioneered the campaign of turning filth into camp When Divine ate dog excrement for real in Pink Flamingo I was petrified But I LOLed at the absurdity of the whole thing In this hilarious autobiography Waters introduces us to some of his role models Don't be alarmed not all of them are pervs The beloved Johnny Mathis is one of them yes I gagged at that too Tennessee Williams is another Waters confesses that he yearns for bad influence and Tennessee was one in the best sense of the word Joyous alarming sexually confusing and dangerously funny The anecdotes he recounts of the gayest moments in Tennessee William's life are beyond funny The most serious part of the book comes when Waters talks about his obsession with Leslie Van Houten one of the Charles Manson's girls and a close friend of his today Waters argues for paroling Leslie or as he calls her Lulu He keeps humor to a minimum in his narrative about Lulu He also talks about the role of LCD in his own life as well as in the Manson's Rey Kawakubo the genius fashion dictator behind the Comme Des Garçon fashion line is another role model of Waters' He admits Mrs Kawakubo is my God and that he would genuflect to raise destruction of the fashion rules She is formidable reclusive intimidating and as described her work as and exercise in suffering He comments that what used to be called seconds cloths that were on sale in bargain basements in department stores because of accidental irregularities is now called couture With his wardrobe being a disaster at the dry cleaners Waters found salvation in Rey's ill fitting fashion Definitely one of the funniest chapters in this book The rest of his role models are mainly outlaws most of whom live in Balti and Los Angeles Waters' narrative in explaining his fascination with these characters is funny but also compassionate and kind His stories about a serious drag ueen called Pencil and a tough lesbian stripper called Lady Zorro both Baltians were heartwarming and sweet Then he moves on to other role models of his namely the two famous alternative auteurs Bobby Garcia and David Hurles If you are in any way shape or form a prude skip this chapter It's um out there In it Waters reveals two sexual fetishes he would never try You gotta read it to find out I was also fascinated to learn that John Waters is a fellow bibliophile He states in a deadpan manner that being rich is not about how much money you have or how many homes you own it's the freedom to buy any book you want without looking at the price and wondering if you can afford it Amen to that He claims owning 8425 books all catalogued but no longer in complete order One of his favorite books he recommends five is Denton Welch's In Youth Is Pleasure which is very controversial and twisted to say the least He praises it as so precious so beyond gay so deliciously subversive and is enough to make illiteracy a worst social crime than hunger The hilarity never stops with Mr Waters He is truly a one of a kind You will enjoy this read immensely and who knows if you're still impressionable he might become your role model

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