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A Different Day, A Different Destiny (The Snipesville Chronicles - Book 2) ❮PDF❯ ✩ A Different Day, A Different Destiny (The Snipesville Chronicles - Book 2) Author Annette Laing – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When you wake up in the year 1851 on a Scottish hillsideOr in an English coal mineOr on a plantation in the Deep South you know you re in for a bad day Nothing for Hannah and Alex Dias has been normal When you wake up in the year Day, A PDF º on a Scottish hillsideOr in an English coal mineOr on a plantation in the Deep South you know you re in for a bad day Nothing for Hannah and Alex Dias has been normal since they moved from San Francisco to the little town of Snipesville Georgia Bad enough that they and their dorky new friend Brandon became reluctant time travellers to World War Two England Oh sure they made it home A Different Kindle - safely just but now things are about to get worse Much worse From the cotton fields of the Slave South to London's glittering Crystal Palace the kids chase a lost piece of twenty first century technology in the mid nineteenth century But finding it is only the beginning of what they must do to heal TimePraise for Annette Laing's Snipesville ChroniclesEngrossing first novel We eagerly await future volumes Georgia Library uarterly Brisk storytelling likeable characters and a great plot Charlotte's LibraryDon't Different Day, A eBook ✓ Know Where Don't Know When is an enjoyable treat of a novel Becky Laney Becky's Book Reviews I learned in this extremely entertaining page book than in my plus page history book and history class Book Divas A fun educational mystery this story does a successful job of bringing history within reach Allison Fraclose Teens read Too This book made me eager to read the rest in this series Words by Annie A good mystery keeps the story authentic and engaging HomeSchoolBuzzcomPart historical fiction part mystery part modern teen lit and part sci fi Laing creates a uniue storyline that has something for everyone Lizzy Maupin Booking It.

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to learn about my life as a Day, A PDF º novelist and public historian bringing together people and history Praise for The Snipesville Chronicles series.

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  1. Angela C Angela C says:

    I won this book on FirstreadsI really enjoyed this fun uirky book As someone who thoroughly enjoys historical fiction I had a feeling this book would be right up my alley and it was As someone who has not read the first book in the series Don't Know Where Don't Know When I can say I still enjoyed this bookThree kids in present day Georgia are unwittingly sent back to 1851 Hannah the spoiled teenage girl finds herself in Scotland and is forced to work in a mill Alex Hannah's brother finds himself in 1851 Georgia on a plantation and witnessing the evils of slavery first hand Brandon their friend finds himself in Black Country England where he works in a coal mine All three are forced to work in atrocious conditions Hannah begins work in a mill in New Lanark and is fired after she behaves as any modern teenage girl would she complains and talks back to her supervisor She ends up in Dundee Scotland where the living conditions are much much worse and she is forced to work in another mill where the supervisor is even cruel Hannah is stunned to learn that all kids her age are forced to work to help support their families while the mill owners get rich off of their hard labor Alex is forced to get a job on the plantation and ends up traveling with the plantation owner to London along with a slave who is Alex's age Brandon works first in a coal mine until he secures a job for an undertaker and then eventually ends up a servant The kids all end up finding each other in London and finding their way home All of their stories end up relating to each other and being connected Kids today don't know how good they have it And neither do adults today In high school I learned all about child labor child labor laws and the dreadful working conditions the working class and their children were forced to submit to as the only way to survive I learned about the Triangle Waist Company factory fire I know what sweatshops are and I know why unions were first created and who they originally sought to protect But this book taught me about the industrial revolution and life in the 1850s than any AP History class That is why this book is great I learned a lot but hardly even noticed I was learning because the story was so enjoyable I enjoyed the character of Hannah the most As a twenty something woman I found her to be a very authentic believable spoiled American teenage girl Her exploits made me laugh out loud at times I plan on reading the first book in the series so I can learn about England in 1915 and 1940 which is where and when the kids travel to in Don't Know Where Don't Know WhenThanks to Annette Laing and Goodreads

  2. Cindy Hudson Cindy Hudson says:

    Hannah Alex and George are back in a second time traveling novel for kids A Different Day A Different Destiny by Annette Laing Readers first met the three in Don’t Know Where Don’t Know When while they traveled from modern day Snipesville Georgia to World War I and World War II England This time they are headed even further back to 1851 and all three land in different placesAlex stays in Georgia with its slaves cotton plantations and Savannah businesses Brandon ends up in a coal mine in northern England and Hannah finds herself working in a cotton factory in a small Scottish town This story is grittier and frightening for the characters than the first Since they travelled to different places they can’t share their experience and their fears of returning to their normal time with each otherThey are also finding out about the privations suffered by the lower working class people of the time and the hardships of slaves Food and extra clothing is scarce as is time off from backbreaking work As they each find ways to earn their keep readers get a glimpse of the social conditions of the time when Western society was shifting from mostly agricultural to mainly industrial work For the workers it was a time of exploitation in many ways until they were able to earn rights through labor laws many years laterWhile Don’t Know Where Don’t Know When felt lighthearted A Different Day A Different Destiny has depth I felt as though I learned uite a bit about the mid 1800s and what it was like to live then And I felt the characters in their second time around with time travel were aware of the culture they were temporarily part of As Hannah Alex and Brandon travel around and search to find each other as well as figure out what they need to do before they can return home they learn a lot from being around people with all levels of social standing and they observe expectations people have of members of a certain social classReaders will delight in the surprising plot twists that connect this story to the one that came before And they’ll look forward to seeing how the story unfolds in the next book in the series I recommend this book and the series to mother daughter book clubs with girls aged 9 to 12

  3. Liz Liz says:

    I received this book for free through the First Reads program Hannah Alex and Brandon take another trip through time and end up scattered around in the nineteenth century; 1851 to be exact With some rather strange visits from the Professor or the time travelling witch as Hannah refers to her and no mobile phones in sight the children must learn to adapt to this old way of life if they want any chance of getting home I really enjoyed A Different Day A Different Destiny; I found it was very engaging and also a lot funnier than I expected it to be I could identify with the characters Hannah cracked me up her rudeness was just so funny Brandon made me laugh too and I also thought that Laing explored the the problems of slavery and poverty very well in a realistic and non sugar coated way I particularly liked reading about Alex and Jupe and the way their friendship developed over the course of the book Strangely enough I loved reading about the baddies of the book too the upper class snobby Mr Thornhill and Lady ChatsfieldAnother thing I enjoyed was the history aspect of the book; I certainly learnt a lot and everything was explained and set out in a much interesting way than any old History lesson I've ever been to I also liked being British myself seeing England from the American children's point of view It made me laugh and love the kids even Overall I think A Different Day A Different Destiny is a great read for ages 9 12 I think I enjoyed it a bit too much considering my age and I would definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy adventure stories and a bit of mystery I looked forward to reading about what Brandon Hannah and Alex get up to nextSpecial thanks to Goodreads and Annette Laing

  4. Donna Parker Donna Parker says:

    Again this is a smart challenging book for children and teens and adults Another fine example of thinking literature for children Books don't have to be dumbed down for children to read them Challenge them Inform them Entertainment them Provoke and reveal enrich and enlighten Above all don't assume children too dumb or too shallow to want Great series

  5. Annie Annie says:

    A great book even better than the first although I'd recommend reading that one before this because it bases heavily on that first volume

  6. Karen Karen says:

    I am enjoying this series This book places the young teenage heroes Hannah Alex and Brandon in England in the Industrial Revolution timeframe Life is bleak unless you are of the upper crust of society But it isn't all honey and roses for them either rigidly bound by societal conventions and expectations The threesome are separated at first with Alex and Brandon fighting the social evil of slavery while Hannah finds herself working in fabric mills There are not many adult characters to unreservedly admire almost all of them are hiding their true natures in some way So it is a relief when the three accomplish their time travel tasks But will they have affected the future in a positive way???In the first novel the mysterious Professor Harrow seemed to be able to control some of the events and timing of the youngsters travels but in this book we see her at of a loss about what to do when to do it This forces the children to be proactive and I think that is a good thing young readers need to know that they can make decisions to influence their lives' outcomes At the same time the results of poor decision making are abundantly clear which helps the readers understand that a bit of thought and caution before action is advisable A great life lesson to absorb Again subtle humor shows up for example why Charles Burbage might not have built all the machines he designed on paper and the action keeps the reader's attention My one concern is that there are lot of ancestral connections popping up after two books and I think it's somewhat difficult to keep everyone sorted I am off to read Book 3

  7. Jessica Zoeller Jessica Zoeller says:

    This is the second book in the series Like the first it presents historical information in a vivid narrative that makes history come alive It does not shy from some of the less pleasant aspects of history that tend to get glazed over in literature for children Those topics such as slavery and mistreatment of workers are handled in such a way as to present the injustices suffered accurately but appropriately for children

  8. Lawral Lawral says:

    Laing has done it again She's managed to cram a whole lot of information into an entertaining story with a bit of actual danger thrown in this time and created a dizzying web of characters connected to each other the characters in the previous book and Hannah Brandon and Alex's present day lives Some of these connections are pretty obvious the Gordons that Hannah lives with are the grandparents of Mr Gordon from the first book and a young girl in Balesworth who is the spitting image of Verity turns out to be her great grandma but that certainly didn't detract from their stories And most of the connections I didn't see coming until the series of big reveals toward the end I think that's the most amazing thing about these books for me how some of the details all work out so seamlessly without being so obvious that I figured them out halfway through the bookHannah Brandon and Alex thought they had things bad in WWII England but their experiences in the last book are nothing compared to what each of them goes through in 1851 Alone In 1851 all three of them are considered adults expected to earn a wage and take care of themselves They each have to deal with this realization and figure out how to make their own ways and survive before they can even begin to think about how to find each other and get back home The way that the book shifts between their stories was very clear and easy to follow And for anyone like me for whom the year 1851 doesn't ring a bell they are doing this all in the midst of preparations for Prince Albert's Great Exhibition and a growing disapproval across England and Scotland of the lingering institution of slavery in AmericaAlex still in Snipesville comes face to face with slavery As he travels to Savannah looking for work he is accompanied by a slave Jupe who is about his age No matter how he tries to treat Jupe as an eual Jupe never opens up to him or fully trusts him Alex does manage to keep Jupe with him by lying about who legally owns him keeping Jupe from being arrested punished or sold because he ran away The situation with Jupe is complicated by the fact that Alex genuinely likes his employer even though Mr Thornhill buys and sells slaves in the course of his land sale transactions The uestion of how otherwise good people could participate in or even condone slavery is never answered here which is probably as it should beHannah and Brandon are free from the emotional and intellectual turmoil that Alex must endure in 1851 Instead they're both left in horrible working and conditions by their trip back in time Brandon comes to already in the pitch black dark of a coal mine and eventually makes his way back to Balesworth On the way he lives in a workhouse becomes a professional mourner and is once again a novelty to those around him People assume that Brandon is a former slave especially after he tells people that he was born in America Many people especially the upper class women want to know Brandon's thoughts on the subject and want to hear all about his experiences The fact that he has to fabricate these experiences based on what he learned in history classes doesn't seem to bother anyoneHannah has the most tumultuous time She's forced to be a piecer in a mill first cotton and then jute and earns pennies a week She's fired twice and almost starves to death in between She has a lot to complain about but what Hannah is the most worried about is her lack of shopping opportunities Her attitude is once again off putting for most of the book At some point during her ordeal it seems like Hannah may be learning something from the life she's living She makes friends and finds herself in a family; she agitates for workers' rights to hang out in the park and gives an upper class woman who lives off mill profits the scare of her life by walking her through a tenement neighborhood Still as soon as she is rescued by the Professor and given a fancy dress and a bit of pocket money all those hard learned lessons fall right out of her head and she goes shoppingEven with my disappointment in Hannah's character development or lack thereof I really enjoyed A Different Day A Different Destiny I also learned a lot about the working class in the British Empire during the Industrial Revolution and British involvement in the American Abolitionist MovementBook source Review copy provided by the author

  9. Susan Susan says:

    I was very fortunate to win a copy of the Goodreads book A Different Day A Different Destiny The Snipesville Chronicles Book 2Although the book uickly drew me in I think that it would have been an asset to have read Annette Laing's Don't Know Where Don't Know When The Snipesville Chronicles Book 1as the main characters Hannah Alex Brandon and The Professor referenced their previous experience with time travel and their acuaintance with characters or their ancestors several times throughout this bookDespite the lack of understanding of these references I still found the book to be uite an enjoyable read I believe that both adults and middle school children will find the situations that the children encounter to be extremely enlightening So many of today's children have a real sense of entitlement and to learn that young children of their age laboured under these harsh conditions in 1851 should be a real eye opener for manyI found the character of Hannah to be irritating at times she seemed to so uickly forget the lessons she had hopefullylearned about the hardships that children and families faced in Scotland during this time period For example ordering a bath to be filled and not caring about the people providing the service seemed insensitive and puzzling after some of the challenges she faced during her jobs in the factories and after living in the slums of Dundee Hannah was also in constant conflict with the Professor I couldn't determine if this was due to something that had happened in the first book or if she was simply an ungrateful and outspoken teenager At times her rudeness seemed out of place especially after having been rescued a number of times by The ProfessorBoth Alex and Brandon seemed to learn from their experiences and were appropriately reflective about their interactions with people and how what they were doing might change or affect their future outcomes Although neither of them were happy with suddenly being dropped into 1851 they showed a maturity in attempting to make the best of their situations and learning something from themBrandon's obvious discomfort at being the token spokesperson for black slaves seemed realistic underscoring the long and painful journey that black people in the US have had to endure to finally be able to speak up and get others to recognize that every black person is an individual with a uniue history Although he professed to have little knowledge of slavery it seemed a bit of a contradition when he was so uickly able to relate to Jupe who had experienced slavery in Georgia first handAlex's character development showed just how much he was conflicted by the actions of his employer Mr Thornhill He knew that Mr Thornhill owned slaves and that his wife was opposed to this ownership and yet Mr Thornhill also made a decision to allow Jupe to become free albeit possibly to anger his wife The commercial aspects of slavery and the perspectives on slavery expressed by the people in England and those in the US created further tension in Alex's attempts to understand this complicated part of historyI wasn't clear to me why The Professor's calculator was a part of this story It also seemed strange that it would end up at the Crystal Palace as part of the Exhibition I had to assume that the calculator played some role in the first bookOverall I felt that A Different Day A Different Destiny was a great way to expose children and adults unaware of this history to an important time in US History slavery and eventual abolishment and the Industrial Revolution and the use of child labour in Scotland and England I would think it would spark enough interest in many children that they would take the initiative to find out about this time in history for themselves Adding in the element of time travel just adds to the excitement and mystery of what will happen next?I look forward to reading Don't Know Where Don't Know When and any future installments in the Snipesville Chronicles and appreciate the opportunity to have had the chance to review this book I shall add it to my bookshelf at school and encourage students to sign it out and enjoy it Hopefully it will spark some discussion and curiosity

  10. Julie Graves Julie Graves says:

    In A Different Day A Different Destiny once again Hannah Alex and Brandon travel back in time They have just returned from World War II London now they are each transported to different destinations in the year 1851Hannah arrives in Scotland She uickly finds work at one of the factories in the area Hannah has not changed from the last book in that she is still very self centered and angry and opinionated Her job doesn’t last long in this factory The hours are long the work back breaking and the pay poor She decides to find work somewhere else She travels to another part of Scotland and finds the working conditions even worse She eventually finds her way to the Great Exhibition in LondonAlex finds himself in Georgia Slavery is a way of life in the South He meets up with a young slave named JupiterJupe for short He doesn’t know that Jupe is trying to escape to the North Alex finds work with Mr Thornhill a lawyer in Georgia who soon begins to treat Alex as his own son Alex is confused by conflicting feelings for Mr Thornhill Mr Thornhill seems to be generous to Alex but then turns into a sharp cruel man when it comes to slavery and his everyday dealings in business Alex knows that slavery is wrong but has fleeting thoughts that slaves are treated well and that all the stories of beatings are exagerated He soon finds out otherwise He and Mr Thornhill set sail with Jupiter for the Great Exhibition in LondonBrandon finds himself at the bottom of a coal mine in England’s Black Country He is determined that he will never go down into the coal mine again He soon finds himself working for a man in a funeral parlor When he is fired from that job he is hired by Lady Chatsfield She is interested in using him to talk to her anti slavery womens group She ends up taking he and another boy to the Great Exhibition in LondonThroughout their travels the kids learn about the different areas that they are in and how people lived in the time period that they are in I really enjoyed this book and am hoping that Dr Laing is working on the next installment of this fun series

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