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Storm of Iron ✤ [Download] ➼ Storm of Iron By Graham McNeill ➶ – On the nightmare battlefields of the Warhammer 40000 universe few foes spark fear and dread than the Chaos Space Marines Nurturing a hatred that is millennia old they attack without mercy spreading te On the nightmare battlefields of the Warhammer universe few foes spark fear and dread than the Chaos Space Marines Nurturing a hatred that is millennia old they attack without mercy spreading terror and destruction in their wake Now hell has come to Hydra Cordatus for a massive force of terrifying Iron Warriors brutal assault troops of Storm of PDF/EPUB or Chaos have invaded the planet and lain siege to its mighty imperial citadel But what prize could possibly be worth so much savage bloodshed and destruction and how long can the defenders possibly hold outStorm of Iron is the essential Chaos Space Marines novel by Graham McNeill author of the highly popular Ultramarines series.

About the Author: Graham McNeill

Hailing from Scotland Graham McNeill narrowly escaped a career in surveying to work for Games Workshop as a games designer He has a strong following with his novels Nightbringer Warriors of Ultramar Dead Sky Black Sun and Storm of Iron.

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  1. Big Pete Big Pete says:

    I'm a big Graham McNeill fan His second novel Storm of Iron is one of his best works even compared to the later triumphs of his career This was the novel which introduced Honsou of the IV Legion one of the most endearing and evil villains to stride the 40k universe I read Angel Exterminatus the Horus Heresy preuel and the seuels in the Ultramarines series before reading this one so I had a good understanding of what happened Right and wrong The advantages of having read Angel Exterminatus make themselves clear early on Characters like Forrix Kroeger and Barban Falk the Warsmithhave changed Forrix and Kroeger are still recognisable as the men they once were but Barban Falk has changed enormously No longer the level headed voice of reason he is a almighty warrior on the path to daemonhood I found many parts involving these warriors of the Heresy uite tragic such as Forrix's vicious beleaguered battle with Imperial Fists in the tunnels where he becomes aware of his own mortality acutely then ever before and the view spoilerdeath of Kroeger an inglorious and humiliating end to one of the admittedly insanegreats of the IV Legion being hacked to death by his personal slave whilst unarmed and unarmoured He didn't deserve to die like that Savage madman he may be but he still possessed a scrap of honour within him hide spoiler

  2. Chip Hunter Chip Hunter says:

    One of the most popular WH40K novels of all time STORM OF IRON delivers something uniue to the now enormous genre This is the only book at least that I am aware of where the point of view characters include Chaos Space Marines While every bit as evil and corrupted as you'd expect the Iron Warriors that star in this book command grudging respect from the reader as we learn about the individuals and their personal motivations Telling this story from the perspective of both sides of the conflict worked very well here creating an epic feel to this single volume tale and presenting the battle in an even handed way that allows the reader to choose sides and that makes the outcome unpredictableThis book details the brutal siege of an Imperial stronghold on Hydra Cordatus by an unstoppable seeming force of Iron Warriors Chaos Marines hellbent on domination Taking place during the 13th Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler this novel helps fill out an important piece of WH40K lore From Imperial Fists to Chaos Titans to the Adeptus Mechanicus STORM OF IRON includes a wide variety of WH40K factions and units McNeill's exact and descriptive writing takes the reader through an extremely bloody and wearying siege as the tides of battle sway one way then another and the forces of good and evil both are reduced little by little by relentless combat Breath taking non stop action along with detailed contributions to WH40K fluff make this one sure to pleaseSTORM OF IRON loosely ties in with Graham McMeill's Ultramarines novels coming between Warriors of Ultramar and Dead Sky Black Sun but is not included in the The Ultramarines Omnibus That being said you do NOT need to read those novels to fully enjoy this one In fact you could read this one at any point in the series even first as long as you read it before DEAD SKY BLACK SUN as that novel contains plot items that would prove spoilers for STORM OF IRONWith this novel Graham McNeill now challenges Dan Abnett as being my favorite Black Library author Very highly recommended for fans of the genre

  3. Kurt Criscione Kurt Criscione says:

    Simply badass will admit it was heavy in the detail for seigeworks and trench warfare so it will hit you with a ton of military terminology and lots of descriptive blocks on troop movement and tactics but then it zooms back into the head of one of the chaos marines and he runs amok slaughtering everything in his path in an orgy of bloodThe book is one part academic one part brutal gorefest one part destroyeddesperate defenders and all together badass

  4. Becky Becky says:

    Alrighty I'm having a really hard time mustering up any interest in this book and so I'm calling it uits This was recommended to me by a friend who is really into the game but it's just not really my thing I've been told what happens in the second half of the book and for me it's not really worth sticking with it That pretty much sums it up

  5. Josh Josh says:

    Would give it a 45 On the whole well written and has surprisingly well detailed descriptions trench warfare and siege strategy Plenty of gore with a pretty good plot and structure However sometimes I found myself frowning at certain descriptions and plot points A little far fetched in areas To be expected from the author who wrote the Ultramarines omnibus which also suffers from the same issue

  6. Ralph Link Ralph Link says:

    Great book offering a different perspective in the 40k universe

  7. Conor Conor says:

    Into the BREACH Only halfway through but had to mention Pp 199 203ish Honsou Chaos space marine charges up a bastion slope into the breach and it’s just about the most hilarious action scene I’ve ever read on account of McNeill’s seemingly oblivious overuse of the word ‘breach’ He must use that one word at least 50 times in about 4 or 5 pages It’s actually unreal how funny this is and from McNeill too who’s proven himself as a competent enough writer to my mind The rest of the book so far is good Maybe not exceptional but it’s not a bad read at all I’ll write once I finish itAnd finished Chaos wins the Imperium lose and it’s relatively hum drum No character stand out as very interesting nor do they develop In other words it’s a lot like the first Sigmar book and I’m fairly sure McNeill while competent enough isn’t a great writer Abnett still reigns supreme and by a long way too Not much to say really except I did like Larana’s subplot from Imperial Lieutenant to Chaos prisoner shoe shine slave to hate fuelled avatar of Khorne And Guardsman Hawke had some interesting moments too But none of the Chaos characters ever appealed much

  8. Redfox5 Redfox5 says:

    This was my second foray into the Warhammer universe And this was much bleaker than the 'Gotrek and Felix' books I'm guessing this is set very far into the future as flying machines were only just being invented in the 'Gotrek and Felix' books This book is a battle from start to finish which made it a slight struggle for me as I find battles really dull I felt characterization was really lacking here We didn't really get to know any of them that well and sometimes it was bloody hard to keep track of whose side everyone was on Out of all of them I felt we got of Honsou and he was a bad guy I also kept picturing him as Randall from Monsters Inc And I couldn't get this image out of my head even though he clearly had some sort of human like body It wasn't all bad though it was readable and I didn't get bored but I won't be returning to Warhammer 40000 again

  9. T.j. T.j. says:

    The Iron Warrior traitor legion have come to destroy the imperial guard of the 54th juorgan dragoons and claim the spoils of war

  10. Theo Karner Theo Karner says:

    Set in the Warhammer 40000 universe the Iron Warriors Chaos space marines known for their expertise in siegecraft are laying siege to a fortress on a desolate world named Hydra Cordatus The book is an easy to read science fiction action page turner; two particular highlights of the book for me was the siege warfare and the titans Siege WarfareIf you’re interested in siege warfare this book has some excellent detail on the ‘science’ behind the siegecraft involved Ravelins parallels saps; if you don’t know these terms you will by the time you’ve finished this book This added a nice authentic element to the proceedings as the Iron Warriors background is meant to include expertise in siege warfareTitansTitans are large war machines that can stand between 15 meters to 60 meters tall and carry firepower that can destroy cities Storm of Iron has two large titan battles that are excellent particularly if you know the background to Dies Irae and the Legio Mortis; see below and the book is worth a read if you are interested in this sort of thingWhat I particularly liked in Storm of Iron is the appearance of the Imperator class titan Dies Irae Day of Wrath from the Legio Mortis Death’s Head Legion If you have read the first three books of the Horus Heresy series Horus Rising False Gods and Galaxy in Flames you will have seen the Dies IraeLegio Mortis betraying the Emperor of Man and siding with Chaos

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