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    What makes this time period so interesting to me is that it happens during a threshold is that America's coming of age was happening just now The nation had done much of the basic industrialization and infrastructure investments and it had experienced both the boom of industry with its horrors of industry The result was much of the population was facing a uestion as to how the worker and the industrial capitalists would get along? What would be the role of the government of laws of self determination? What was to be the sense of how labor was to be arranged in America? And then along comes one of the most intellectual and therefore idealistic presidents ready to reshape America for the benefit of the common man worker and farmer he comes ready on the cusp to provide a gradual outlet for prosperity and change instead of pure exploitation and then when he is just getting warmed up world war breaks out and interrupts his steady mission to use the government as a mere regulatory instrument for the betterment of the common man's conditionWhether Wilson's ideals would have worked in keeping America prosperity going remains a mystery as World War I interrupted What WWI provided further was an opportunity for Wilson to enact his ideals of freedom prosperity democracy this time on the world stage in the form of International Law Treaties and the League of Nations But this too was interrupted by Wilson's health problems first relating to getting the Treaty Signed then getting the American Congress to support that treaty Ultimately this last stage of stress proved too much He collapsed amid the strain and had a strokeThe stroke had a strangely ironic effect on Wilson As Clement tells it the stroke destroyed his psychological capacity to split details and make concessions do what he did best before the War to create bipartisanship and alliances so that he became a parody of himself Far too stubborn to compromise unable to follow complex thought but still liberal progressive in his ideals Being uncompromising he fits the form of being radical and thus loses the very things he worked so hard to gainTo me this presidency is about an intelligent caring man who tried to put what he thought were the highest ideals of humanity in action inscribed in the law first at the national level then at the international level But this isn't the entire storyWilson only really recognized the subjectivities of people like him White educated He did seem to believe that everyone could strive for the best But because of this color blind ness he also did not recognize the differences in perception opinion and institutional racism that skewed the lifeworld of other peoples This is where Wilson strangely fails in protecting the rights of American Americans and keeping with the interests of Latin America as he always took a heavy hand as he thought what was not only best for himself but for everyone Note one of his major flaws is being too controlling not clearly delegating responsibilityIf anything this is a good example of how certain ideals and worldviews make well intentioned people blind unable to comprehend what they are doing or how life could be different for others Indeed Clements takes pain to show that Wilson was not open to criticism once his decisions were made Wilson was stubborn idealistic and incredibly uncritical of his own attitudes Wilson may have been very intelligent very well intentioned but he was also unable to see anyone else's point of view nor was he apt to change his own core viewsIn this strange way where he got so close to achieving his humanistic ideals he was also thwarted from those ideals by the very from that got him so close Because of the infinity spelled out in actualizing your will this infinity makes Wilson a tragic figure since heros only achieve infinite positive life for all in fairy tails In this tragic story Wilson's body was unable to bear the stress his mind saw so clearly as important to becoming In this sense Wilson also failed to be self awareself critical of how he treated his physical person Does that make him a fool? Or a hero? Either way his personal agenda aside perhaps because of his stroke Wilson was unable to dismantle the war machine his administration put together for WWI This war machine didn't create an unholy coalition where business and government work together exclusively to make profit but he did put regulating bodies in place that were there to help small businessesfarmers but in the end only enforced the will of larger business on regulating the market place to their advantage Much of the programs first started by Wilson to help further his ideals ended up setting the stage for their retardation by big businessIn a way while very competent for his job Wilson perhaps proved too ambitious for his own good He over extended himself and he didn't allow for enough self criticism in whathow he did what he did took on too much for himself as he thought he knew best even best for other races and finally Wilson instead he relied on blind faith that those values he followed were self justifyingHero or fool? Either way really fascinating

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    Details Wilson's accomplishments as Governor of New Jersey and as President of the US and his failures on the foreign policy front

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The Presidency of Woodrow Wilson ❮Epub❯ ➥ The Presidency of Woodrow Wilson ➤ Author Kendrick A. Clements – The best of presidents seem to serve in the worst of times and Woodrow Wilson is no exception Like Lincoln Wilson was charged with leading the United States through a war of unprecedented scale And li The best of presidents seem of Woodrow eBook ´ to serve in the worst of times and Woodrow Wilson is no exception Like Lincoln Wilson was charged with leading the United States through a war of unprecedented scale And like Lincoln he is considered one of the half dozen best presidents the country has ever hadFrom – Wilson grappled with momentous issues domestic reform war and peace His administration did much to shape twentieth century America The Presidency PDF/EPUB ² from establishing the US as the preeminent world power to reforming banking practices from lowering trade barriers to establishing the federal income taxThe Presidency of Woodrow Wilson is the best one volume study available on this very productive presidency Historian Kendrick Clements analyzes the reasons for Wilson's successes and failures in both domestic and foreign arenas and investigates representative administrative departments to find out how the Wilson administration actually worked Drawing upon the Presidency of Woodrow PDF Î latest secondary literature and recently discovered medical records Clements also reexamines the impact of Wilson's illness on his diplomatic and domestic leadership in the last year and a half of his presidency.

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Presidency of Woodrow Wilson
  • Kendrick A. Clements
  • English
  • 10 June 2014
  • 9780700605248

About the Author: Kendrick A. Clements

A professor of history at of Woodrow eBook ´ the University of South Carolina Kendrick Clements teaches American diplomatic history twentieth century American history and the history of Canada He has particular interests in presidential biography and environmental history.