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  1. A. A. says:

    25 StarsMy least favorite SEP book so far The heroine was annoying and uptight and I couldn't relate to her for most of the story But what really grated on my nerves were all those stereotypes myths and inacurrate information about Italy and Italian people All Italian men are mama's boysBy tradition Italian men live with their parents until they marry Their mamas cook for them do their laundry run their errands treat them like little kings Then the men don't want to get married because they know younger women like me won't cater to them like their mammasFewer Italian men get married all the time This is why we have such a low birthrate in Italy one of the lowest in the worldThe Italian population could decrease by half every forty years if the trend doesn't changeMost Italians don't even go to massMy American guests are always shocked to learn that only a small percentage of our population truly practices Catholicism The gregarious Italians didn't believe in wasting their decorating money on solitary spaces like bedrooms when they could spend it on the kitchens and gardens that were their gathering places etc etc etcNot all Italians are passionate people Not all Italian men are Casanovas Not all Italian women are drop dead gorgeous Not all Italians are tied to the mafia Not all Italian food is heavenly Oh and the Italian language is not the only language that uses hand gestures In fact I'm pretty sure almost all languages use them to one degree or anotherIt's funny how we all turn a blind eye to stereotypes and inaccurate information in books until it gets personal until we stumble upon a book that talks about our own culture or language

  2. Mo Mo says:

    This one was great I really enjoyed it She's Dr Isabel Favor America's diva of self helpHe's Ren Gage Hollywood's favorite villainSometimes you just know that God has a sense of humor “He pushed the steelframed glasses up on his perfect nose “I don't pay much attention to the selfhelp movement but even I've heard of you Is the doctorate real or phony?”“I have a very real PhD in psychology which ualifies me to make a fairly accurate diagnosis You're a jerk Now leave me alone” Set in Italy What's not to love? The scenery the food the wine BelissimoAs with SEP we have a few side stories going and I loved them too She was a gift a gift he nearly hadn't found the guts to claim Now as he watched her standing fearless against the elements her power stole his breath she was everything to him He silenced her with a kiss “She threw up her hands All right Why not? Why not? Sure His arms fell to his sides That's it? I pour my heart out I love you so much I've got freakin' tears in my eyes And all I get in return is 'Why not'? What did you expect? Am I supposed to fall all over you just because you've finally come to your senses? Would it be too much to ask?He'd begun to glare at her again his eyes growing stormier by the minuteWhen do you think you might be ready? To fall all over me that is” And I got an epilogue

  3. peachygirl peachygirl says:

    Story Blurb Eat pray have sex with a hot stranger help fix his ex's marriage and love All set in Italy SEP's particular brand of romance is phenomenal

  4. Karen Karen says:

    5 STARSYes I’m going to say it again absolutely bloody fantastic I almost regret starting another book I just want to bask in the afterglow but then I know I’ll be feeling the same blissful joy after each and every SEP book I read There have only been a small number of books that I can say I wanted to pick up and read again right after I finished them and this is one of themOur heroine here Dr Isabel Favor is a uirky advice filled control freak that will drive most anyone crazy but for our movie star villain Lorenzo Gage she is just what he needed to tame his wicked heart She made a mental note to give him a list of the Healthy Relationship Rules of Fair Combat not one of which advocated yelling “shut up” And what better place for her to pick up the pieces of her shattered life Tuscany Honestly this has to be one of the most romantic places on earth Today he’d received the distinct impression she was actually praying for him and what kind of crap was that to have to put up with from a woman you wanted for sex? Isabel was lacking passion in her esoteric life But the combination of Italy and Ren was like jumping off a cliff into the abyss of self indulgence The ultimate drug for her order driven soul And she uickly became addicted “You’re nearly as rotten as you want me to believe” He gave her his bone melting smile“Baby all you’ve seen is my good side” These two were so perfect together And despite their polar differences there was an attraction that neither one of them could ignore The dialogue was so entertaining I actually had to restrain myself from adding an update every other page He had vast experience with mortal women but goddesses were another matter and he’d angered this particular deity beyond reason A bolt of lightning split the sky and they flung themselves into the fury of the storm Then there is Ren don’t even get me started LOVE LOVE LOVE In fact I’m selling my house and moving to Italy ASAP I need to find this man I must admit I do have a HUGE weakness for Italian menand Lorenzo Gage does not disappoint His arms fell to his sides “That’s it? I pour my heart out I love you so much I’ve got freakin’ tears in my eyes And all I get in return is ‘Why not?’” 
“What did you expect?” Am I supposed to fall all over you just because you’ve finally come to your senses?”“Would it be too much to ask?” This is a stand alone book And it is pure SEP And I will be reading it again and again

  5. ♥Sharon♥ ♥Sharon♥ says:

    Susan Elizabeth is one of my most favorite author’s There isn’t much I don’t love about her writing Her stories are so easy to fall in love with because of her creative plots her strong characters and the lovely places where it all takes place I’ve never been to Italy Reading Breathing Room took me there and uite honestly I cannot imagine a beautiful romantic place I would love to have just a smidgen of the creative mind that Susan Elizabeth Philips has I love how she presents the contrast between the two main characters leaving you wondering how the two will fit together In Breathing Room we have Isabel Favor who is strikingly beautiful and a woman who is a bit of a control freak and someone that has a plan for every aspect of her life Then there is Lorenzo Gage who has no control over his life a life that he lives a bit frivolously just because he can I absolutely loved these two together Isabel was a stunner She was a beautiful and very successful “self help diva” But could she help herself For a woman who needed a life of order she was being forced to take a closer look at her carefully planned life Things were no longer perfect and she needed to fix this Ren Loved this guy He was a bit vagarious and rather sexy His life appeared to be filled with all that he needed and he never had trouble catching the eye of most women Seeking refuge in Italy Ren decides to take stock of who he has become But when his eyes settle on a beautiful woman he gets a bit side tracked and life as he knew it would never be the same Isabel and Ren didn’t belong together Their lives couldn’t have been any different It would be these differences that pull them together As they experience Italy together resisting the attraction was futile Be it the beauty of Italy the taste of the food and wine Isabel and Ren didn’t stand a chance Ren’s Villa was a safe haven for him and he loved having this beauty at his finger tips But when Isabel senses there is something brewing among his family and friends that share this beauty with him they decide to take a closure look at what’s going on Things get a bit muddled for Isabel and things start to fall into to place for Ren Neither expected the other to fit so perfectly into their lives Both just needed to learn how to This was such a fantastic story Among the things I love about a SEP book is that in addition to the main storyline she always gives us secondary characters and a secondary story The “extra” came in for the form of a family I loved Tracy Harry and their kids Steffie Jeremy Brittany and Connor were so damn cute and added the humor Yet another thing I love about SEP writing ❤

  6. Melissa (Mel’s Bookshelf) Melissa (Mel’s Bookshelf) says:

    I really struggled to find an audio book this week I thought I wanted to listen to a sci fi nope Thriller perhaps? Nope Then I found this one and decided to give it a try romance was the flavour of the week it seemed And I really enjoyed it Up until the end at leastIsabel is a self help guru who has just lost everything when her accountant is found to have committed major tax fraud With no money to her name newly single and destitute and with nothing to lose she decides to go and have a break away from the world in a house in a village in Tuscany However the man who owns the house is a world famous actor villain and she has encountered him before And he was less than honestIt was a solid fun cute and romantic read I enjoyed the characters even though they felt a bit datedThere were some laugh out loud moments for sure I caught myself cackling a few times in some of the scenes I really enjoy the way Phillips develops the relationships between her characters Every one of her books is a slow burn and they are generally extremely satisfying reads In fact her book “Match Me If You Can” is one of my favourite romance books of ALL TIMEHowever the ending ruined it for this one I am not sure where it went with a lot of the “goddess” stuff I didn’t really know what I was suddenly listening to at the end it all got a bit weird And I was ultimately unsatisfied with the ending otherwise this would have been a good 4 star read for me Such a shameDid I enjoy the audio version?I did indeed the narrator Kate Flemming did a great job She has such a strong voice that her male portrayals were not too bad at all and I loved her voice when she was using the little kids voices CuteWould I recommend Breathing Room?If you are a romance fan you should check it out You may even enjoy the ending than I didI purchased Breathing Room at my own expense on audiblecomFor reviews check out myBlog Instagram Twitter Facebook

  7. Susanne Susanne says:

    Say hello to the beautiful countryside of Tuscany Scenic romantic lovely well written engaging and did I mention lovely? I could smell the lavender and feel the warmth of the Italian night wrapped around me I traveled to Italy while reading this book I wanted to savor every word It is vacation wrapped in a lovely book A movie star hero a sweet previous guru heroine a lovely side cast of Italian neighbors and a side plot of an engaging family What can a girl wish for? If you need an escapist read set in a wonderful location then look no further It is fun sweet and steamy One of the best by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

  8. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    Disclaimer I read this book several years ago so some things are hazy But a GR friend asked me to write a review So here it isI was thrilled when this book came into the local library I went through a pretty big SEP phase because I loved the humor in her books and the steamy romance for the time She had a couple that I read and enjoyed that were serious such as Dream a Little Dream and This Heart of Mine But in general her books are laugh out loud funny a real plus since I love to laugh That's a major reason why I was a little bit disappointed with Breathing Room I laughed once or twice but it was pretty somber in my opinion I felt bad for Isabel She was a woman who did not know how to relax and be real She is probably one of the most uptight women I've ever read about When she had sex with Gage for the first time she was so uptight she made him wear two condoms I'm not even sure that's feasible Needless to say it was miserably bad sex What made it sad was that it was a manifestation of Isabel's control issues It didn't have to be bad if she allowed herself to not be in control for once She met a guy she was seriously attracted to and she had to control that and morph it into something that fit her well organized but colorless existenceRen is probably one of my favorite SEP heroes I found him to be a very interesting character Ren was an actor he wanted to be a serious actor who had made a career of playing the 'bad guy' in action movies due to his rough not very pretty features As a lifelong action movie fan I could really visualize this guy and it gave him an edge when it came to liking him I felt bad for him the way Isabel treated him When he started being not so nice to her I could see why she wasn't his favorite person I'm not making excuses for a jerky hero but let's just say he has motivation for being a chest beating jerky type than most of SEP other heroes who tend to be of the uber jerky varietyI enjoyed the beauty of Italy and the cottage where Isabel ends up staying I liked seeing this very rigid emotionally controlled woman relax and learn to enjoy lifeLet me tell you I am not a woman's fiction fan It gives me hives This book was very close to being one of those types of books which is another reason why I was disappointed with it I thought the romance was too subtle and I found the idea of Isabel and Ren getting past their issues and coming together to be dubious Of course they do since this is romance It's fairly well done but occurs a little too slowly and underplayed for me The next time they made love was much better so that was goodThe secondary romance was very good but very woman's fiction y to this reader It was about a couple who had married young and had too many children in the husband's opinion From I remember they had five He started drawing away from his wife and the crazy family life and working too much When it turns out the wife is pregnant again this almost destroys their marriage The husband is forced to join them in Italy and they slowly repair their marriage and deal with the real issues as to why Tracy wants to keep having babiesAs you can see I gave this book four stars Although it did disappoint me in ways that I mentioned above it was a very good book and I found it moving I don't consider it a stellar romance book However Ren lingers in my memory because I really liked him I just wish that the romance between Ren and Isabel was in the forefront and that there were funny parts a sure draw to a SEP for me Me and my plebian tastes

  9. Amber’s reading Amber’s reading says:

    I loved this book so much I laughed and laughed and swooned and smiled I felt like I got a romance novel a self help book that I liked and a vivid travel guide on Tuscany all in one It was fabulous “Breathing Room is a book for any woman who’s dreamed of wandering through a Vineyard of lazing under the Tuscan sky or of reforming a deliciously wicked man This is a story of hope and renewal of love and redemption when it’s needed the most Sometimes it takes a special place a special love a little breathing room for life to deliver all of its glorious promise” Breathing Room is a lighthearted romance with tons of witty dialogue an element of hate to love and complex characters that are multidimensional and mature Not to mention you will feel like you are actually in Tuscany Her vivid description of the food and Tuscan Landscape was truly impressive and awe inspiring What I would do for a glass of Chianti and a wedge of pecorino cheese right now While reading a book by SEP I often wonder how many degrees the woman holds Psychology Counseling Early Childhood Education Business Speech Pathology History Culinary Arts? I find myself in constant awe at the thoroughness she puts into so many subjects and I never find myself bored or bogged down I make it sound like she’s solving some of the worlds greatest mysteries I know I just think she knows about the human condition Her characters and themes are so much in depth than I usually find in other romance novels Yes her books are lighthearted and almost always extremely funny but I find that I’m always moved in some way by her characters and the lessons they learn Whether it’s the washed up actor the athlete in his prime the bored housewife the heroine struggling to find her way the depressed widower I always relate In this particular book for instance two secondary characters are having marital problems and Isabella makes them talk through their issues I felt like I was sitting in a therapy session getting suggestions on how to effectively communicate with my husband There were so many take aways in this book like that I really appreciate all the thought and research that SEP puts into her novels They truly feel like an escape for me Nothing is rushed or overlooked I always feel like I’m there with the characters feeling their feelings smelling the smells tasting the food seeing the beauty in the landscapes she paints I wish I could find contemporary romance writers like her

  10. Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves says:

    This is ‘Eat Pray Love’ done all in ItalyHe cooks she eats they love and then she praysI love SEP but this was somewhat of a letdown as her trademark angsty heartwrenching chemistry does not shine through The hH as a couple did not work for me For one there were too many distractions in the form of excessive characters a glutful of ‘em vague happeningssubplots filler narratives and a medley of secondary romances Surfeit of sec characters and sec romances are a SEP USP but they were just that here a surfeitThe sexy badboy meets the straitlacedschoolmarmcontrol freak ?cold fish trope must be most romance readers’ favorite But this lady never really unfreezes or humanizes but remains irritatingly calm detached and patronizing throughout The chemistry between the two was good at times but was mostly unconvincing She is a self help guru with some almost vaguely otherworldly vibes Even her climactic Nirvana was hair raising scary than allaying to behold She is such a strong omniscient character that she almost un alpha nises this very hot H So as you can probably tell the h just refused to grow on me I triedThe H was to die for And it was not so because he happens to be the most beautiful male specimen Hollywood has to offer He was really a sweet endearing guy with some serious issues to workout but has a heart of pure gold Personally I would have wanted a sweet cloying romance for him but maybe the powers that be see his reuirements clearly a personal self help guru available 24x7Two secondary romances should be good but The H's ex her marriage woes and basketful of kids were awww so cute and endearing eyeroll but then too much of a good thing can be annoying Actually they themselves were not so bad as their omnipresence was That search for the fertility figurine was complete wtf lunacymass hysteriaThe ItalianTuscan bg was bucolic sublimity and an armchair touristy heavenThe humor when it shines through was well humorous and pun ny Ren emerged holding a plate piled with leftovers He slapped it in front of herEat and go homeWe used to be married Tracy explained Ren has leftover hostility

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Breathing Room ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Breathing Room Author Susan Elizabeth Phillips – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Join the New York Times bestselling author on a journey to the sun washed hills of Tuscany Another sexy wonderful contemporary love story with all the heart wisdom and wit that have made Susan Eliza Join the New York Times bestselling author on a journey to the sun washed hills of Tuscany Another sexy wonderful contemporary love story with all the heart wisdom and wit that have made Susan Elizabeth Phillips the gold standard for women's fictionDr Isabel Favor author of Four Cornerstones for a Favorable Life has sacrificed everything to build her self help empire Then in a matter of weeks it all comes crashing down She loses her money to an unscrupulous accountant her fiancé to a frumpy older woman and her reputation to headlines denouncing her as a fraud America's diva of self help soon discovers she can fix everyone's life but her own Broke heartsick and soul weary she heads for Italy in search of a little Breathing RoomLorenzo Gage makes his living killing people on the silver screen that is He's viciously handsome and sublimely talented But as he begins his vacation in Italy he's also vaguely dissatisfied Being a villain with a face to die for has its rewards but he hates the feeling that everything he's neglected in life is catching up with him Then he spots Isabel sipping a glass of wine in a sidewalk café A good guy wouldn't think of seducing such a tidy looking woman but he'd never seen the fun in playing the heroIt doesn't take long for Isabel to realize she's escaped one kind of chaos only to be plunged into another Even the shelter of a simple stone farmhouse nestled in a Tuscan olive grove can't provide her with the refuge she needs—not when the townspeople are scheming to drive her away and her plan to restore her reputation has come up empty And especially not when the man who deceived her refuses to leave her in peaceBreathing Room is a book for any woman who's dreamed of wandering through a vineyard of lazing under the Tuscan sky or of reforming a deliciously wicked man This is a story of hope and renewal of love and redemption when it's needed the most Sometimes it takes a special place a special love a little Breathing Room for life to deliver all its glorious promise.