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The Centurion's Wife [Reading] ➿ The Centurion's Wife By Davis Bunn – The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith broch Achat Livre The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction The Centurion's Wife The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith broch Achat Livre The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous The Centurion's ePUB í en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith Janette Oke Davis The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith Janette Oke Davis Bunn Aimee Lilly Oasis Audio fr Livres fr The Centurion's Wife Bunn Davis Livres Not Retrouvez The Centurion's Wife et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion fr The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith Book At its core The Centurion's Wife unfolds the testing of loyaltiesbetween two young people whose inner searchings they cannot express between their irreconcilable heritages and ultimately between their fr The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith Book Not Retrouvez The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith Book et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith by Davis Bunn The Centurion's Wife is a great biblical read that takes places just after the death of Jesus Once again Oke Bunn have done great research and developed characters that will be well remembered Once again Oke Bunn have done great research and developed characters that will be well remembered The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith Book Oke The Centurion's Wife is an engaging look at the days following Jesus' resurrection In many ways it reads like a police procedural minus the cops with Leah and Alban uestioning different people examining several locales and piecing together their respective faiths Familiar Bible stories and characters are brought to life here particularly Mary and Martha Joseph of Arimathea high priest Caiphas and of The Centurion's Wife Acts of Faith Book The Centurion's Wife is an engaging look at the days following Jesus' resurrection In many ways it reads like a police procedural minus the cops with Leah and Alban uestioning different people examining several locales and piecing together their respective faiths Familiar Bible stories and characters are brought to life here particularly Mary and Martha Joseph of Arimathea high priest Caiphas and of The Centurion's Wife Davis Bunn; Janette Oke Something about this young woman stirred deep longings How she missed her older sisters especially Portia They had been very close Portia with her teasing ways and light heart She had the The Centurion's Wife Davis Bunn; Janette Oke Alban and Jacob She rose and dressed and prepared for the day reflecting that this probably would be the last time she would waken in this room Would lift herself from this pallet and roll it up and place it against the wall She was not a slave not even a servant She would very soon be the wife of a centurion.

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Thomas Locke for his epic fantasy and techno thriller novels and.

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  1. Katie Hanna Katie Hanna says:

    Hey guys You know what just happened to me? I read a Christian Fiction Romance novel Voluntarily Of my own choice AND I LOVED IT TO LITTLE BITS AND PIECES As I think you all know by now this is something that rarely if ever happens I don't usually like CFR In fact I'm sure a few of you have me labelled in your minds as Jessica who hates Christian Fiction Romance And until a few days ago that label was completely accurate ; But not any Because this book is just sooooooooooooooooooooo good Seriously I loved almost everything about it and that's saying something True the writing style was a little choppy at times especially towards the beginning and the story took a bit of time to really get off the ground as it were But by chapter 4 when we were introduced to our hero Alban and told that he's actually the centurion whose servant Jesus miraculously healed Matthew 85 13 I was hooked Completely And things only got better from there You see that centurion happens to be one of my very favorite characters in the entire Bible And the way he's imaginedportrayed here as Alban a Gaul who was forced to begin training as a soldier at age 12 and rose to the rank of Roman centurion by dint of sheer effort is absolutely BEAUTIFUL He's a fantastic hero not perfect by any means but good and decent and honest and incredibly caring in spite of the rough life he's led And besides that his bond with the young servant boy Jacob is completely adorable Cuteness personified I loved Alban Basically from the first moment he stepped onto the page I was rooting for him SO HARD Now as for the heroine Leah the RomanJewish girl betrothed to Alban I must admit it took me a long time to really warm up to her I didn't DISLIKE her but for a long time I couldn't understand her very well; because the authors withheld crucial information about her back story until uite late in the book Too late in my opinion I get that they wanted to reveal the true facts at a dramatic moment and all that and it WAS uite dramatic; but seriously this was information that we needed to know in order to understand the character properly Without that piece of her backstory many of Leah's actions and feelings came across as highly irrational; and since it was clear that the authors intended her to be a very sensible practical down to earth character that discrepancy really bothered me until it was explained After they explained it though I really really loved Leah; she'd been through SO MUCH in her young life and yet still chose to remain strong And it was a conscious choice believe me She had a perfect excuse for simply giving up and there were moments when she certainly wanted to but she never did Plus she was unfailingly thoughtful and caring and responsible even toward those who really couldn't give her anything in return Way to go Leah The romance between herself and Alban is uite possibly the sweetest I've read in a long long looooooooooooooooong time They're just so PERFECT for each other that I can hardly handle it Honestly after seeing the gentle patient way that Alban worked to break down Leah's mistrust and fear of him well of men in general I should say I was absolutely melting ALBAN CAN I HUG YOU??? PLEASE????? Also just as a matter of interest any of you guys know where I can find me a man like that? ; And you know what's really incredible? They managed to be that cute and adorable with literally zero kissing included AND zero stupid arguments and awkward reconciliations SOMEBODY HELP ME COLLECT MY JAW FROM THE FLOOR WHERE IT FELL You know I don't mind kissing in a romance novel; but I think you'll all agree with me that it can definitely be overdone So to have a CFR story without that let's just say it was well refreshing Besides the characters and the romance which was obviously amazing I really truly loved the religious aspect of the story Reading this book I almost felt that like Alban and Leah I was discovering the marvellous truth about Jesus' life death and resurrection for the very first time AND IT MADE ME SO HAPPY Because to be honest don't we all take that stuff for granted sometimes? I know I do anyway Sometimes I really do need to be reminded how blessed I am to have a Savior like Jesus; how He became human for my sake and suffered than anyone else ever has or ever will just to give me and all those who follow Him eternal life He really does love me that much And this book made me feel that all over again Which was pretty awesome My only major complaint with this book besides what I already mentioned about the late reveal of Leah's backstory were certain Biblical inaccuracies which kind of bothered me First Pilate's wife you know the lady who had a dream about Jesus is included as a character in the novel; and I really objected to the way she was portrayed She was cruel manipulative deceitful and basically unlikable; over she was only interested in Jesus and the possiblity of His resurrection because she saw him as a threat to her husband Pilate Now I know she's only in the Bible for what like one verse? but I seriously didn't get that impression of her And I see no reason for the authors to imagine her as such a very unpleasant person when we have no proof whatsoever that she WAS that way Second the book stated that Alban the centurion never actually spoke to Jesus face to face not even when He was healing the servant boy; according to the authors Alban only sent messengers to talk to Jesus rather than meeting Him in person I AM NOT BUYING THIS STORY Matthew's Gospel account specifically says that they met face to face and again I see no reason to change that So yeah I wasn't happy with that part of it But everything else about this book? GOLD Absolute gold Go and find yourself a copy and read it You won't be disappointed

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    The youngest daughter of a Roman man and a Romanized Jewish woman Leah is now orphaned and penniless She is hired as a maidservant by Claudia Procula a friend of her deceased mother When Claudia's husband Pontius Pilate is sent by the Emperor to be governor of Judaea Leah has no choice but to sail with the family she servesLeah doesn't feel fully at home among Romans but she has nothing in common with her other people the Jews whom she has had little exposure to before now She doesn't understand their religious fervor or their ever simmering hatred and disgust for the Romans This Passover has been even fractious than usual culminating in the execution of an itinerant preacher with a restless following All Leah knows about the dead man Yeshua of Nazareth is that He haunts Claudia's nightmaresBut as turbulent days rush by and bizarre rumors sweep Jerusalem Claudia pays Leah to infiltrate Yeshua's followers and learn as much about Him as she canLeah must get these Galilean hillbillies to trust her while evading another detective the centurion Alban hired by her employer's husband Pilate has betrothed Leah to Alban without seeking the girl's permission on the condition that the soldier discover the missing corpse of Yeshua proving that He died and saving Pilate's administration a lot of embarrassment Alban is young brave handsome and kind so Leah just knows he's hiding something No content advisory needed This is one of the cleanest adult books I've ever read It is fine for young teensBunn and Oke write as a surehanded unit The pacing is fluid and the fictional characters are mostly a likeable crew especially Alban his servant boy Jacob and his army buddy Linux both of whom will have major roles in the two later installments Leah is something of both a misanthrope and misandrist but once we learn how she got that way she's easy to sympathize with The Biblical characters are sketched with much less detail except for Claudia As my friend Katie noted in her review this Claudia comes across as manipulative and afraid of Jesus rather than fascinated by Him This is uite different from how she comes across during her brief appearance in Scripture or how she's been portrayed in works such as The Passion of the ChristThe romance that blooms between our two sleuths is sweet and slow and filled with empathyI took off two stars for the two major problems I have with the series The first one continues throughout and I'll discuss it when I review The Damascus WayThe other is a fleeting line almost too petty to mention that occurs halfway through the bookThe scene Leah has been befriended by Mary Magdalene who is given very little development in this book and disappears by the second book Our heroine is distressed one day and runs to the Disciples' neighborhood and is greeted by a gaggle of Christian girls her age and younger They ask her whom she seems and she panting after running across the city can just get out the word Mary We have several Marys says one of the girls There's Mary Magdalene Mary of Bethany Mary the Mother of our Lord Then one of her friends cuts in Don't be silly Why would she want to talk to His mother? Yeah who'd want to talk to her? I mean Luke did the third Gospel writer and Dear and Glorious Physician himself but he's like I don't know a saint or something In all seriousness though It makes no sense that these young women who were friends of Jesus while He lived would disrespect His mother She was the kindest and most supportive of women and probably many there loved her as much as their own momsThis whole episode had no reason to exist was probably out of character and as a Catholic I found it to be in poor tasteiAnyway that part bugged me but it was not enough to ruin the book Coming soon The Hidden Flame There's a theory that Mary sister of Martha and Lazarus and Mary Magdalene are the same person

  3. Olivia Olivia says:

    I am not a fan of Biblical fiction Mainly because I feel people tend to fantasize a little too much when it comes to certain things in the Bible But this book This book It astounds me every time I read it And it is a perfect book to read for this Easter weekend What I appreciate is that the real people in this story spoken of in the Bible seem very real They don't add things to their characters that are unbelievable For instance when Cleophas is telling Leah of meeting Jesus on the rode to Emmaus he mentions the other with himbut the authors didn't focus on that other person Lazarus' raising from the dead is spoken of but what happened while he WAS dead isn't elaborated on All the true accounts in this book are accurate to the Bible Of course there is a lot of fiction For instance Alban depicts the centurion in the Bible who Jesus praised his great faith which of anyone in the story his story was the most far fetched and could be debated Many of the woman Mary Magdalene and Martha speak with Leah but the authors never go into depth of their background except what the Bible speaks ofSo the story itself Amazing The characters Amazing The End So sweet I love all the historical events mentioned Pontius Pilate and Herod's characters are very fascinating Everything with the Parithians and the betrothal between Alban and Leah gives you a great insight into the timesEspecially sweet and amazing is Leah and Alban's change in their attitudes At the beginning they do not believe in Jesus or have any wish to But as they search at first not for their own benefit they find what they needed all along Jesus' forgivenessI will say that the title of the book is a little misleading Leah isn't a wife in betrothal terms until halfway through the book Also there are a lot of descriptions but I loved all the details from the baths in Rome the temple the disciples dwelling place the tomb and so on and onI'm going to end this review with words from Martha which she spoke to Leah speaking of Jesus 'His every instant was meant to bring eternity into the moment and hope to this fallen world The death of my brother our time of broken mourning our loss of hopeIt was Martha's turn to stop and struggle with her emotions Then she said He did this not only for us but for everyone who witnessed that day And for those like you who hear of it He did this to show that even in the darkest hour when there is no reason to go forward no possibility of a better tomorrow he is there to comfort to guide to heal He brings with him the gift of hope Impossible glorious joyful hope '

  4. Janna Ryan Janna Ryan says:

    I love the idea of a book being written about non Christians finding Christ during the period of Jesus' death resurrection and ascension without ever actually meeting Jesus Here we have Leah and Alban who are separately trying to find out what actually happened to the man named Jesus' body when it was stolen from the tomb and if his followers are a threat to Rome We follow them separately on their journeys for truth knowing that they have been promised to wed each other after the truth is found Leah is not happy about this and Alban initially just sees Leah as a means to a higher status in life Can they find the truth before those seeking to hide it get them out of the way? What will the truth mean to them? Can a life without love really be worth living? The Centurion's Wife answers all of this and much in a beautiful story and a fantastic setting I really enjoyed this book and fans of historical fiction especially like Francine River's Mark of the Lion series will love this book

  5. E.F.B. E.F.B. says:

    Note I listened to this on audioI don’t read a lot of fiction set in biblical times now that I think of it I’m not sure I’ve ever read fiction set in biblical times unless listening to Adventures in Odyssey counts but I enjoyed this book from beginning to end It was sweet perfectly clean and it kept me involved enough that even when I had technical difficulties that put the audiobook chapters out of order and I had to fix them and start the whole over again I didn’t mind I just really wanted to know what would happen and I am interested in checking out the other two books in the Acts of Faith series5 stars

  6. Anne Anne says:

    ANOTHER DNF DARN IT That makes the what? Third? Fourth in a row? I give up Biblical fiction clearly isn't for me I just couldn't with this book Couldn't get into it couldn't like the characters couldn't stay awake It's not bad it's just clearly not my thing Which saddens me because the premise sounded really interesting and I loved the setting Oh well HOPEFULLY BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME

  7. R.J. Rodda R.J. Rodda says:

    45 starsThis is a moving story of a girl who is afraid of marriage and is betrothed against her will to a Roman centurion on the make Alban reuests Leah's hand even though he has not met her because she is Pilate's niece and he wishes to further his career She dreads the idea of marrying him This is essentially a love story but so much Jesus has just been crucified and both Leah and Alban are charged separately with finding out the truth about has happened to his body The biblical story is weaved seamlessly into this work of fiction and minor biblical character pop up unexpectedly This is very well done and I'm glad I read it

  8. Tito Tito says:

    35 stars This was uite an enjoyable read and I finished it pretty fast I think the best part of this story was reading about how both Alban and Aleah in their own seperate ways came to find Jesus It was super cool to read about their journey to faith and near the end of the book I was completely reeled in I thought this book was going to be a very boring typical retelling of the ressurection but it wasn't like that at all although the beginning did lag However once Alban and Leah began searching for answers everything picked up However the one thing that didn't really make this book all that great was the romance The problem wasn't necessarily with the characters seeing as individuals they were pretty great Especially Alban who's the most honourable guy ever But I felt that the romance wasn't really well developed as near the end of the book Alban was confessing his love to Leah when they had legitimately only talked like two to three times There was just a total disconnect for me and I don't think their relationship was fleshed out enough I mean when view spoilerthey married I was happy but I wasn't over the moon ecstatic Their relationship was just meh hide spoiler

  9. Kellyn Roth Kellyn Roth says:

    Amazing Biblical fiction Best ever Read review hereKellyn Roth Reveries Reviews

  10. Olivia Olivia says:

    There were lots of things I didn't love but some of the spiritual passages in the latter half of the book were really encouraging and meaningful for me so five stars it is

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