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Paper Money [Read] ➳ Paper Money Author George Goodman – ContentsAcknowledgements1 If times have been so good why do we feel so bad2 Why not call up the economists3 Apocalyptic fiction4 The chilling symbol A wheelbarrow full of money5 Why houses become than ContentsAcknowledgements If times have been so good why do we feel so bad Why not call up the economists Apocalyptic fiction The chilling symbol A wheelbarrow full of money Why houses become than houses The proliferating dollar How the key currency got debased How OPEC started and grew and engineered the greatest transfer of wealth in world history Why the energy crisis is misnamed and why it is a financial threat no matter what the name The Saudi connection The Kingdom and the power Recycling the petrodollars Treacherous seas gale force winds fire The stock market What do we do on Monday morning What Paper Money meansNotesBibliographyIndex.

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  1. Roger Roger says:

    A pleasure to read Presents the history of the oil industry and the birth of OPEC Explains the effects of the price of oil on the stage of World economics that will remain relevant for decades

  2. Aharon Aharon says:

    The elegant 4011th installment of This Has All Happened Before

  3. Tirath Tirath says:

    Written in 1982 captures the mood and the environment of the US then; and its fascinating to read it nowTalks of hyperinflation bowing down to OPEC USD becoming worthless oil will soon go to 100 back in 1980s 2 yr Gsecs at 13% and the index available at 7PE or soThe parts on the growth of OPEC the impact of petrodollars and digital money moving across the oceans; how the US financed its deficit due to the uirk of being a reserve currency; and most importantly the nature of humans to extrapolate recent eventsGreat book Some chapters were worth skimming through and others to be read really well

  4. Margaret Harris Margaret Harris says:

    When I first read this book in the early 1980s it was a commentary explanation on current events The re read in 2019 is a study of history In both cases it is educational perhaps even so now with the advantage of hindsight Global finance is the pinnacle of economic complexity but the pseudonymous Adam Smith the real George J W Goodman describes to us how we are all affected by its machinations even when we do not wittingly participate in what others daringly play as a game For that matter the complexity includes the original Adam Smith’s invisible hand that guides each individual acting on his own behalf to unwittingly contribute to “global” resultsWhen we buy a house or gasoline for our car or borrow money for either we participate Meanwhile our purchases or rates of interest on our loan are priced according to the demand for same by every other individual with eual access to the purchases But this book is not as dry sounding as the two previous sentences The author tells the story in particulars such as how and why OPEC came to be and then made its members rich beyond their wildest dreams And then he walks us through the processes of international money exchange—especially its exchange for oil the crucial commodity for keeping an industrial world functioningAt publication time in 1981 the US was experiencing a money inflation spiral and no one knew where it would lead The author ends his narrative with a declaration of uncertainty Now that we can fill in the blank of what did happen between then and now we can appreciate even the story told in this book Unfortunately understanding the complexity we still cannot foresee the future

  5. Daniel Daniel says:


  6. Michael Michael says:

    This book offers a good explanation of why houses oil and various other necessities have been priced the way they have been for the past 30 years

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