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God and His Demons ✸ [BOOKS] ✬ God and His Demons By Michael Parenti ❂ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A noted author and activist brings his critical acumen and rhetorical skills to bear on the dark side of religion from the many evils committed in the name of holy causes throughout history to the vas A noted author and activist brings his critical acumen and rhetorical skills to bear on the dark side of religion from the many evils committed in the name of holy causes throughout history to the vast hypocrisies God and Epub / of its unworthy advocates past and present Unlike some recent popular works by stridently outspoken atheists this is not a blanket condemnation of all believers Rather the author's focus is the heartless exploitation of faithful followers by those in power as well as sectarian intolerance the violence against heretics and nonbelievers and the reactionary political and economic collusion that has often prevailed between the upper echelons of church and state The author delves into a wide and fascinating range of subjects The harsh narratives of the Old and New Testaments from the appalling accounts of violence draconian justice and moral turpitude in the older books of the Bible to the latent anti Semitism in the New TestamentCreationism and intelligent design in both its laughably crude and sophisticated forms The duplicities of gurus Even such icons as Pope John Paul II Mother Teresa various US televangelists the Dalai Lama and Jesus himself are subjected to a revealing scrutiny The hypocrisies of family values religionists and politicos—the sexual predation and cover up committed under the cloak of religion as well as their financial schemes and frauds The totalitarian theocratic goals of Christian and Islamic extremists and the Shangri La myths about feudal TibetThe author notes the deleterious effects of past theocracies and the threat to our freedoms posed by present day fundamentalists and theocratic reactionaries He discusses how socially conscious and egalitarian minded liberal religionists have often been isolated and marginalized by their conservative and better financed coreligionists Finally he documents the growing strength of secular freethinkers who are doing battle against the intolerant theocratic usurpers in public life Historically anchored yet sharply focused on the contemporary scene this elouent indictment of religion’s dangers will be welcomed by committed secular laypersons and progressive religionists alike.

About the Author: Michael Parenti

American political scientist historian and culture critic Parenti is most known for his criticism of capitalism and American foreign policyHe holds a doctorate from Yale University.

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  1. Megan Kennedy Megan Kennedy says:

    In the interest of full disclosure my perspective is one of not only a student pursuing a degree in Religious Studies but of a person who has independently read countless books regarding the evils and realities of religion I'm not a believer but an academicParenti has a very concise and clear writing style that even casual readers will find accessible and enjoyable He's up front and honest about his motivations and history with regards to religion and certainly pulls no punches on his subject matterThat being said I found this book incredibly shallow Criticisms of religions SHOULD and MUST be made absolutely and the things Parenti brings to light are important and true Hippies mindlessly slapping Free Tibet bumper stickers on their Subaru Outbacks should understand the reality of what that means; Christians crying about the war on ChristmasEasterwhatever should remember where their holidays come from and remember that they are in no way shape or form oppressed in modern American life Victims of religious scammers molesters con artists and violent totalitarians should have their stories told In this light Parenti is exposing true evils that some people may have never realized are occurringMy problem is that religion does not exist in a vacuum and in the discussion of many of these issues Parenti treats it as if it does Religious violence especially is an issue that is very rarely about or only about religion; it's about power and ineuality and about sociological issues that extend way beyond religious doctrine Religion is a reflection of a society and as such cannot be spoken about as if it is detached from sociological issues something Parenti does often His is a shallow critiue of the issues plaguing mankind In my opinion we've heard these arguments time and again from the anti religious crowd A refreshing change from these finger pointing critiues would be actual appreciation for the interdependent realities in which these evils reside Further I don't appreciate the constant inclusion of uotes from greaterolder minds than his heading every chapter It seems a little bush league as if he's reuiring some sort of validation for his arguments He also makes irresponsible broad sweeping statements such as Played out in actual history religion has proven to be of a toxin than a tonic He offers no footnote citation on this statement no facts to back him up if such a statement could even be validated or uantified It's in moments like this that Parenti is just as intolerant of the complex issues he addresses as he claims the subjects of his book are using the same type of hyperbole and rhetoric he criticizes when it's coming from religious sources If you're a person who has never explored religion or who has lived in a bubble of your own faith this will be an eye opening read Again there are plenty of important things and issues brought out in this text But be cautioned that the issues around religion are far far deeper and complicated than Parenti makes them out to be Basically don't stop your research at his word Use it as a springboard and find other texts If you're an academic or have done any independent research on religious evils or realities this book will be redundant and frankly aggravatingly insubstantial

  2. Todd Martin Todd Martin says:

    ‘God and His Demons’ is like a come to jesus so to speak revival for those with a secular liberal and anti authoritarian bent Parenti first takes a romp through the old testament listing the abominations perpetrated by Yahweh and his worshippers Given the god sanctioned murders rapes slavery and other atrocities you have to wonder if the religious fundamentalists who believe the bible is the inerrant word of god as opposed to a primitive text written by a backwards people who didn’t know enough not to keep their offal out of their drinking water have ever bothered to read the thing Parenti then goes on to castigate the religious and political hypocrites with whom our society is so ripe It would be interesting to understand the psychological need of these right wing individuals Ted Haggard David Vitter Mark Sanford Jimmy Swaggart Henry Hyde Bob Livingston Bob Barr John Ensign Larry Craig Newt Gingrich to name only a few who speak so forcefully about family values and how gay marriage represents a societal threat while personally having such a hard time so to speak with monogamy Obviously this problem is not limited to only one party but the hypocracy almost entirely isNo new ground is covered in ‘God and His Demons’ that isn’t done thoroughly by Dawkins Harris or Hitchens But the book is a uick and easy read and provides a uick thrill of schadenfreude for those who are than a little tired of the inordinate attention payed to those who purport to speak for their invisible friend in the sky

  3. jordan jordan says:

    The New Atheist bandwagon must be getting terribly overloaded as culture critic Michael Parenti adds to the heap with God And His Demons another attack on religion's many evils If one wishes to work in such an overloaded category you should at least have something substantially new to say least it look like simply a vulgar effort to cash inSadly Parenti covers little new terrain often regurgitating others work Christopher Hitchens' indictment of Mother Teresa is wittier better written and has the advantage of having been produced first Likewise with the chapter here dealing with the sex abuse in the Catholic Church the subject having been covered elsewhere in greater detail though Parenti does make the point that similar crimes have been found among Protestant clergy Parenti likewise follows Hitchens' lead in launching a vituperative polemic on the Dalai Lama even if he takes several steps further off the cliff generally adopting China's narrative with regards to the oppression of Tibet Like many of his compatriots Parenti seems less interested in persuasion than in paroxysm and provocation dishing out anachronistic history and shallow textual analysisThose in the choir who enjoy the preaching may rush to add Parenti to their pantheon However readers interested in a something particularly thoughtful or original should best look elsewhere

  4. victor harris victor harris says:

    Very enjoyable as it supplies multiple examples of the hypocrisy of religions and importantly religious figures many of whom are just money lusting charlatans Warning the commentary is biting and may be offensive to some readersSolid five no uestion So good I am looking forward to reading his other works

  5. Doug Wells Doug Wells says:

    This is an unflinching and scathing indictment of organized religion It is also a call for tolerance and factual narrative of where religion fails in this regard A uote from the book sums it up well I do not much care whether people believe in one god or another or none at all Of interest is knowing how decent they might be as people and how committed they are to social justice egalitarian reform personal freedom and environmental sustainability

  6. Alfonso Parada Alfonso Parada says:


  7. Birdie Birdie says:

    I can understand why devout religious believers might not enjoy this book but I think the points made are important to consider none the less

  8. Andrew Rihn Andrew Rihn says:

    Whereas Christopher Hitchens' God Is Not Great argues that religion is not a great or even good idea and Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion argues that religion is in no way demonstrably true Michael Parenti's God and His Demons stands apart as a sort of compendium of religion's greatest failures By dealing with often individual failings sex scandals corporate friendly greed et cetera Parenti fails to make a larger argument about religion But maybe he doesn't need to While on it's own God and His Demons does not particularly further the arguments being made by the so called New Atheists during the last five years Parenti does help by collecting data histories and anecdotes into one handy tome Clearly for the already converted than for readers looking for persuasive argumentation God and His Demons is what it is a look into the nauseating center of corrupt religious cultures

  9. Melissa Melissa says:

    This book is a great book to help you think outside of the religion box and see the negative aspects of what religion does to society Some uestions are posed that are truly great uestions we should be asking ourselves about God and religion However this is a book where facts may have been taken out of context for the purpose of making the point of the book and that must be remembered The point is to make the reader uestion religion and all that comes with it for the horrors it can cause by using many examples of terrible things being done in the name of religion

  10. Kristen Kristen says:

    I read this for my Sociology of Religion class It isn't the type of book I would recommend unless you are studying religion or sociology Parenti is a critical theorist and if there is a problem within a religious group he will let you know He claims that he is not trying to push atheism on the reader but he is In a way it was good for me to be able to see how critical theorists work and it was good to see the problems that do exist It is a hard book to read simply because it is so negative

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