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  • Hardcover
  • 112 pages
  • Red A Haida Manga
  • Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas
  • English
  • 02 October 2015
  • 9781553653530

10 thoughts on “Red A Haida Manga

  1. RJ RJ says:

    Beautiful but hard for me to follow The note after the conclusion revealing that the pages makes one whole image was stunning and made me want to look at it longerEdit Upgrading this from three to five stars after further reading and contemplation I think this book does everything it sets out to do It was hard for me to follow because it challenged me challenged my ideas of what a story is not because it was poorly done Very uniue and necessary work

  2. CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian says:

    Beautiful uniue artwork really cool artistic concept narrative didn't do much for me

  3. Joey Dhaumya Joey Dhaumya says:

    I really wanted to like this book than I did The art was spectacular; and I'd want to give it a 5 star review for the art alone However the narrative was way too choppy and sub par It wasn't linear which excited me as a challenge but it was disjointed than can be defended Scenes and elements would be introduced all of a sudden only to vanish by the next page leaving the reader fumbling to make connections when something similar would occur later in the book Also I personally don't like it when characters from a non English speaking tribe presumably centuries ago use slang words such as wanna yeah c'mon etc It's a minor issue in a comic as opposed to a novel but it's irksome nonetheless The writing in general could have been way better The dialogues were interesting and engaging up to the point that Jaada gets kidnapped After that Red becomes uni dimensional and so do everyone else dat art tho

  4. Shawn Birss Shawn Birss says:

    Imagine picking up a comic book and reading it if you have never before encountered the form in any way You have read prose and illustrated books but the uniue language of seuential art storytelling is new to you You have never distinguished between caption thought bubble and word bubble You have never before encountered a page of illustrations with multiple images of the same two characters only slightly different in each panel You don't know what a panel even isReading Red A Haida Manga is a fraction of what that experience may be like Also comparable would be encountering manga for the first time having only ever read Western seuential art though Red is even further from mainstream Western style than most manga More than anything the experience reminded me of reading Burgess' A Clockwork Orange for the first time or to a lesser extent Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer There is a learning curve when you begin the book as you are confronted with an unfamiliar dialect that begins with the first sentence with no explanation or lexicon to help you interpret The writer teaches the reader to read the new dialect as the reader experiences itAs I have to do any time I read A Clockwork Orange partway through Red I returned to the beginning having gained an understanding of the language through reading that I now wished to apply to better understand what I had just read This experience creates a circular dreamlike uality to the storytelling as the seuence itself is interrupted in its own seuential storytelling This is entirely consistent with the style of art on each page as wellIn contemporary seuential art the eye is guided along the page in the direction of the story's action and its dialogue as one encounters dialogue balloons and captions along this same sight line Red does not do this Every page each a perfect suare is filled first with thick flowing black gutters that do not appear at first to serve the needs of the panel's illustrations at all These gutters guide the eye in strange ways forcing the reader to see the whole of each page a full beat before looking deeply to interpret the panels Panels will be strangely long and skinny never symmetrical or tall and thin or inexplicably a circle though with gutters seemingly needlessly three times the width on one side compared to the other It uickly becomes clear that the panels must serve the gutters not the other way around as some illustrations awkwardly suash together to fit a skinny panel and others morph and stretch to fill panels that seem unusually large Occasionally illustrations will reach between panels with a gutter separating the panel in a way one would not expect necessary nor helpful Other times where one may expect a gutter to be there is none instead a panel is separated into two by a feature in the illustration or by a word bubble Again all of this serves to force the reader to acknowledge the page first as a whole painting and then the individual panels The illustration in each panel beautifully rendered in watercolour is similarly uniue The bio at the back of the book describes the artist as trained in traditional Haida art Those familiar with this West Coast indigenous form will recognize the stylized two dimensional interpretive artistic tradition It is very heavy on lines and expression and often seems to capture the spirit of its subject as much as its physical form Thus is this book illustrated Still while the creator has chosen to inform his illustration deeply with his studied tradition he also borrows heavily from seuential art forms of the manga tradition Some panels will be filled with thick lines to their very edges rendering all characters two dimensionally to an almost absurd and cubist degree Other panels leave lots of room to breathe and are drawn in a realistic three dimensional style with fully rendered backgrounds I found myself needing to stop and recognize each artistic choice on a page and consider it before understanding what the artist was trying to say This made for a much longer read than I anticipated It also put me in a humble position I came to the book expecting that I already knew and discovered that I did not I let the storyteller teach meI had noticed as I read that the thick black flowing gutters of each page flowed into the next unbroken from page to page I never did discern any larger illustration or narrative until the final page At the end of the story the artist helpfully illustrates all the pages over a two page spread revealing that the gutters of the book create their own much larger illustration when fit together The characters the reader has come to know peek out from behind and around the lines of these giant traditional drawings giving yet another uniue perspective on the story's narrative and seuence It is timeless and always and all parts of it existed as a whole before the reader began the first panelMy copy of Red came from the library and was specially bound to protect the spine and dust cover Therefore I had never seen the book without its cover nor the dust cover without the book Upon reading the final pages I peered under the jacket to find that its underside was printed with the book's full picture from the assembled pages I am glad to have discovered it this way This too served the piece as a wholeThe story is a simple one adapted from Haida oral tradition and follows the character of Red The reader is reminded of many other ancient myths and epics as the story unfolds The medium the artist has invented creates a dreamlike tone appropriate to the retelling of an oral tradition To examine the story in plot or character in this review would be inappropriate In this case the medium certainly is essential to the message and all I have described to now is as important to the experience of the book as the story itself I do not wish to remove the traditional story from the medium to examine it and thus dissect a piece that is so obviously part of a whole The reader must make up her own mindMy biggest criticism of the book is that for all its intentionality sometimes the panel illustrations are so minimalist and expressive that they seem to contradict the careful focus of the work as a whole The gutters that form the final image are crisp and perfect and when the panel illustrations are of still images they are often the same However sometimes in movement or in paintings of landscape the reader can see where the artist allowed paint to drip and splash or can see the pencil marks underneath the transparent colour This lack of polish may serve many styles of visual storytelling Reaching the end of this book though I wished for something closer to perfection This may be only my preference but it is enough to draw me out of the experience If it was an intentional choice by the artist I wish there were evidence that this was so Further the printing of the book left something to be desired in the lack of vibrancy of the colour and the depth and darkness of the black gutters I could see by the underside of the dust jacket that the illustrations could be impacting if given a bolder print I would like to see this book on thicker paper printed with a glossy ink that better captures the bold linesI recommend this book to readers who appreciate traditional storytelling indigenous culture seuential art and thoughtful interpretive reading

  5. KimberlyAsal KimberlyAsal says:

    A little disjointed to read but I think that speaks to how tormented Red is I loved the wordless panels These illustrations are uite powerful on their own and the larger concept behind the artwork detailed at the end is great

  6. Candice M (tinylibrarian) Candice M (tinylibrarian) says:

    Gorgeous art intriguing tale and innovative melding of culturalartistic styles

  7. Monique Monique says:

    I like Haida art a lot but I'm not much of a manga reader so the artistry was appreciated but I didn't love this book

  8. Jeffrey Jeffrey says:

    very cool different and needs some thinking about but wow

  9. Janet Leaf Janet Leaf says:

    What a beautiful find on the shelves of the public library I wish I could rip out the pages as suggested in the author's note to put all the pages together

  10. Hélène Hélène says:

    Haida manga is a very interesting art I really liked the book for that but the story was really short and a little hard to followthe 4 stars are mostly for the art

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Red A Haida Manga➮ [Read] ➪ Red A Haida Manga By Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas ➺ – Referencing a classic Haida oral narrative this stunning full colour graphic novel documents the tragic story of a leader so blinded by revenge that he leads his community to the brink of war and dest Referencing a classic Haida oral narrative this stunning full colour graphic novel documents the tragic story of a leader so blinded by revenge that he leads his community to the brink of war and destruction Consisting of pages of hand painted illustrations Red is a groundbreaking mix of Haida imagery and Japanese manga Now available in paperback the hardcover edition was nominated for the BC bookseller’s Choice Award a Doug Wright Award for Best Book and a Joe Shuster Award for Red A Epub / Outstanding Canadian Cartoonist It was also an Top book of Red is the prideful leader of a small village in the islands off the northwest coast of British Columbia His sister was abducted years ago by a band of raiders When news comes that she has been spotted in a nearby village Red sets out to rescue his sister and exact revenge on her captors Tragic and time less it is reminiscent of such classic stories as Oedipus Rex and Macbeth Red is an action packed and dazzling graphic novel that is also a cautionary tale about the devastating effects of rage and retribution.

About the Author: Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas is an award winning visual contemporary artist author and professional speaker His work has been seen in public spaces museums galleries and private collections across the globe Institutional collections include the British Museum Metropolitan Museum of Art Seattle Art Museum and Vancouver Art Gallery His large sculptural works are part of the public art collecti.