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Chrzest ognia ❮Epub❯ ❧ Chrzest ognia Author Andrzej Sapkowski – In Nilfgaard wird die Verlobung des Kaisers mit Cirilla der Thronerbin von Cintra proklamiert Aber handelt es sich wirklich um die echte Cirilla Geralt halbwegs von seinen schweren Verletzungen genese In Nilfgaard wird die Verlobung des Kaisers mit Cirilla der Thronerbin von Cintra proklamiert Aber handelt es sich wirklich um die echte Cirilla Geralt halbwegs von seinen schweren Verletzungen genesen macht sich auf den Weg nach Nilfgaard begleitet von Rittersporn und der Bogenschützin Milva sowie einem Vampir der sich das Trinken von Blut schon seit Langem abgewöhnt hat Doch auch eine gerade erst gegründete Geheimloge von Zauberern beschließt Cirilla um jeden Preis zu finden und zur Königin zu machen um so die Macht der Zauberer zu sichern.

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  1. Sr3yas Sr3yas says:

    45 StarsNot only this is my favorite Witcher book but this might just be my favorite fantasy book where hardly anything happens to further the plotOkay I am not even sure that is a classifiable category but I am going to roll with it Mild spoilers ahead and major spoilers are made invisible by magic view spoilerSeriously this is not coding hide spoiler

  2. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    In the previous book Geralt's POV ended with him getting beaten the crap out of in a really bad way In the beginning of this book he did not recovered but he really had no time for full recovery as he needed to finish what he was trying to do before he was stopped He left the sanctuary he was staying in and went straight toward the war front all the nearby kingdoms were entertaining themselves in all out war Geralt still had an illusion that he would be able to stay neutral To make a long story short his failure in this was nothing short of spectacular On his way he somehow managed to collect a ragtag group of followers I cannot say that is was his winning personality as he was either brooding or big jerk all the time Seriously in the beginning I was very exciting to know that the vast majority of the book would be told from his POV It turned out to be one of the most boring ones because of his behavior Yennefer had very little screen time practically a couple of pages but it was very exciting to read them First she finally realized what exactly she was playing with forces way beyond her abilities sorceress or not I really hope this would bring her attitude down a couple of levels she desperately needed that Second as the result she ended up being very pissed off and she has enough competence as a magic user to do something about it So Geralt is boring None of his companions however are Everybody's favorite bard still provides comic relief Zoltan and his parrot are very colorful Do not let me get started on a vampire healer yes you read it right and no he does not sparkle Oh I almost forgot Geralt's protégé firmly moved to my could not care less category Somehow I am not crazy about that development The ending was somewhat abrupt but highly ironic Otherwise it was a great book and my only wish for the next one is less Geralt's brooding or failing that less Geralt

  3. James Tivendale James Tivendale says:

    My adventure with The Witcher novels continues at a breakneck pace as like the previous books I devoured this story in two days This series has shown moments of utter brilliance but with certain plodding and info dumping sections it's never uite ascended to the heights that it truly could have Until now So far this is the finest entry and it features everything I love from this series Following the finale of Time of Contempt Geralt is badly injured and was transported to Brokilon forest by the enchantress Triss Under the watchful eyes of the Dryads he is slowly regaining his health As soon as he feels anywhere near healthy enough he plans to rescue Ciri who everyone believes is in Nilfgaard The truth is that Ciri has actually taken on the guise of a bandit with the pseudonym Falka operating in a Robin Hood style posse She's become uite a celebrity amongst the common folk but her temper and blade prowess have become legendary in a short space of time As well as series favourites Geralt Ciri and Dandelion we are introduced to a plethora of new characters here that are some of thegreatest of Sapkowski's creations thus far Milva the forest dwelling archer and Regis a barber surgeon are two of the finest even though those descriptions give nothing away regarding what to expect from them in this narrative Unlike the last two books which have had a large amount of different point of view perspectives eighty percent of this novel is following the Witcher on his mission to rescue Ciri For the first time in these tales which normally see Geralt on his own or with one companion completing missions here a fellowshipbrotherhood is created with a very varied cast of players Geralt is initially uninclined to let anyone share his burden but comradeship does succeed towards the finale The conversation and banter between the members of this ensemble is excellently crafted as many of the characters are so different Although his closest friend Geralt and Dandelion could not possibly be any different and I often chuckled at their oddness reflected in their exchanges The other sections that we follow are what is happening to Ciri at the other end of the world We also see a few scenes from the viewpoint of certain enchantresses who seem to have a scheme under development A few moments feature Dijkstra who is the head of Redania's secret service The war is raging all over the world mainly Nilgaardians verses everyone else but in politics things are never that simple and with all the names of factions King's and noble houses I still occasionally get confused about who is fighting who however; that actually suits the vibe in this book As the fellowship are on their journey they come across many battles fights and skirmishes and Sapkowski's skillful writing accentuates the confusion and unpredictability of war but also heightens the fact that the brotherhood are so isolated in trying to achieve their objective There are so many standout moments and set pieces character development is sublime and relationships that are frosty at best transcend any predicted outcome as the Brotherhood fight for their life and for Ciri This series is finally reaching the lofty heights that it has always hinted at and I can't wait to start The Tower of the Swallow straight away This entry is exceptional and as well as the finest story in The Witcher saga it is also probably in my top 20 books of all time

  4. Joey Woolfardis Joey Woolfardis says:

    This review can be found on Amaranthine ReadsWe come to book three of the Witcher series or book five if you're counting the first two collections of short stories Whichever way you want to look at it Baptism of Fire is the same dull book as it would be in any orderThe series continues with Geralt the Witcher searching the land for the Child Surprise Ciri The war rages on around them and it seems every faction is on the look out for Ciri too But Geralt is injured and the sorcerers are in disarray whilst the enemy approaches ever closerLet's first of all take a little look at the title of the series Witcher One would hope that this meant that the book would be about Geralt who is THE Witcher and of course it is about him In a roundabout way But unfortunately it is about him in the sense that today is about you There's barely any Witcher ing going on a Witcher being someone who is paid to kill monsters and the only Witcher y things that happen are the countless pirouettes that occur during a sword fightTaking the characters as a whole they're all still similar juvenile and can't speak for toffee Their dialogue has stopped being all about whores and sluts and yet it is still the speak of simpletons We get endless conversations that should be propelling the plot along but ends up being mindless drivel The characters themselves don't notice this nor do they seemingly notice anything else that's happening around them When we focus on a certain character the rest of the world just stops or so it seemsI feel I can't comment on the writing not only because it's a translation though I know a translation can only work with what it's given but because I think the version I read was a fan generated ebook of terrible writing and horrible grammar Having said that you cannot make good what was already poor to begin with or indeed you can't polish a turdGoing back to the plot it is dry and underdone We only really have one plot thread running throughout and that is Ciri Whilst we are now getting POV from many different characters and we are encountering the different races and peoples that inhabit this Witcher world we are still not getting much in the way of plot There are minor conspiracies dashed about but ultimately all it boils down to is Geralt's need to find Ciri And even once we know that we don't even know why There are countless times when we are told of prophecies and plans but nothing substantial stands out It's mostly conjecture and it's as if the author didn't necessarily have much of a plot in mind from the beginning anywayMy main consternation for this series however is the true lack of originality and imagination We have here just a generic every day kind of fantasy novel Which you could say is fine because if fantasy is what you like then this'll be right up your street if you're not looking for anything challenging or something that is truly breath taking and differentBut when you consider what Sapkowski wrote in The Last Wish you'd be easily forgiven for hoping that these books might be better The Last Wish intertwined fairytale re tellings with political intrigue and we had a great and original character in Geralt the Witcher But with these books we have none of that We simply have flat storytelling pointless plots and some very lacking characters

  5. Michelle Michelle says:

    As usual Andrzej Sapkowski continues to immerse the reader in the vast world of “The Witcher” series “Baptism of Fire” is grittier than the previous entries but despite the grim darkness of the world it presents it is nonetheless charming and funny and is in another sense a celebration of good companionship There is a lot of time spent with Geralt and his newly acuired fellowship which I think was a good decision The new characters mainly Regis Milva Zoltan and Cahir are wonderful additions My personal favorite is Regis the teetotaler vampire because he than any other character in the series to date best exemplifies Sapkowski’s uirky humor The uest for Ciri takes Geralt and his companions across a desolate landscape of massacre pillage and displacement occasionally pausing to vanuish marauders protect women and children deal with greedy peasants escape from captivity discuss herb lore philosophize about various topics or debunk legends with mathematical proofs The characters involved are all deep and interesting but they spend most of the novel aimlessly wandering about or conversing It doesn't necessarily drive the plot forward on the grand arc of Ciri and Geralt’s destiny but it does have a lot of action and a lot of enjoyable snappy dialogue As I was uite entertained I nevertheless found that we were given too little of Ciri and Yennefer who I think is just as interesting and compelling a character as Geralt The small taste we do get serves as a reminder any scene she is involved in is pure gold The novel felt poorer for the lack of GeraltYennefer interactionIf you were interested in finding out about the intricate web of politics and sorcery going on in this world this entry might be kind of disappointing for you The political conflict rarely happens around Geralt Ciri and the others though it freuently threatens to envelop them There are a few passages mostly involving Redanian spymaster Dijkstra or the sorceress Philippa Eilhart that do speak of the grand conflict But the bulk of action whether following Geralt or Ciri focus on small vignettes and are constructed out of Sapkowski’s sophisticated elliptical dialogue The war is treated in this manner as well as the central conflict between Nilfgaard and the Northern Kingdoms doesn’t matter Beyond the death and destruction it creates there is little appreciable difference among the belligerents and the interest of both parties are remote from those of nearly everyone else While perhaps not as exceptional in the manner of its immediate predecessor “Baptism of Fire” nevertheless solidifies “The Witcher” series as one of the best and most interesting fantasy series I’ve ever read Though it functions well as an adventure fiction it has added depth and value as satire and commentary on fantasy literature Moreover Andrzej Sapkowski is a genuine stylist His prose is supremely clever hiding texts and subtexts in the most innocuous of places and uniuely playful

  6. Deborah Obida Deborah Obida says:

    Baptism of Fire is indeed the best book in The Witcher series it picks up a few months from where The Time of Contempt ended ‘Fire purges And hardens It must be passed through Aenyell’hael ell’ea sor’ca? In your tongue a baptism of fire’ This book has ualities that I admire in fantasy Friendship loyalty magic female characters etcThe plot progression here is fast paced and very well executed the book is narrated 50% from Geralt's point of view and the remaining 50% from other character's narrative The writing is easily comprehensible I wasn't confused like I was when I read Blood of ElvesGeralt was wounded and in a coma after the battle he stayed in Brokilon for months After recovery he went on a hunt to rescue Ciri from wherever she is Geralt is joined by Dandelion Milva Regis and Cahir The party are the most weird companions ever Milva is my favourite character in this book she is one of the girls that lives in Brokilon forest even though she's human She is the best archer ever and her POV is refreshing Dandelion is same old whinny him but his loyalty to Geralt is admirable he hates discomfort but he still went head long into danger for Geralt Geralt is finally working on his people skills Cahir is a swordsman that is helping Geralt to find Ciri for reasons I believe to be altruistic ‘He’s taken offence look at him’‘That’s him all over’ Milva said pouting ‘He’s all talk If he doesn’t know what to do he just talks and gets offended Haven’t you lot caught on yet?’‘A long time ago’ Cahir said softly‘Add pepper’ Dandelion said licking the spoon and smacking his lips ‘And some salt Ah now it’s just right Take the cauldron off the heat By thunder it’s hot I don’t have any gloves’‘I have’ Cahir said‘And I’ Regis said seizing the cauldron from the other side ‘don’t need any’‘Right’ said the poet wiping the spoon on his trousers ‘Well company be seated Enjoy Geralt are you waiting for a special invitation? For a herald and a fanfare?’ Ciri and Yennefer was barely in this but the few pages they were in was awesome The sorceresses meeting was also a great addition to this book I loved those parts so much I have nothing against men I’d go further; I adore men and I cannot imagine life without them But after a moment’s reflection Yours is actually a reasonable proposal Men are psychologically unstable too prone to emotions; not to be relied upon in moments of crisis’ The above uote was from one of their meetingI adore the dwarfs Zoltan Percival and the others are so much fun to read about

  7. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    45 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum the last two months I’ve been working my way through all the available Witcher Saga novels in audiobook format The series is surprisingly addictive so much so that it feels like I was just listening to the first book Blood of Elves yesterday And now that I’ve come to the end of book three I find myself a bit lost and drifting After all the print version of the next book The Swallow’s Tower hasn’t even been translated in English yet with the release date planned for 2016 So yep unless I learn Polish in the next year highly unlikely it’s going to be a looooong waitThe fact that Baptism of Fire was perhaps my favorite book in the series so far isn’t helping my patience either At first I wasn’t sure that I liked where the story was going This installment feels different from the others shifting to a traditional uest narrative while downplaying the political intrigue We start the book off with an introduction to a new character an expert archer and hunter named Milva She meets Geralt in the forest finding him badly injured from the events of the Thanedd coup However the Witcher only has his mind on recovering so that he can continue on to Nilfgaard to find Ciri the young princess turned sorceress whom unbeknownst to everyone has settled into a life with a gang of rebelsDespite his misgivings Geralt gives in to Milva’s reuest to tag along They are accompanied by Dandelion the poet And on their way they also meet a dwarf named Zoltan Further along their journey they join up with a Nilggaardian named Cahir Eventually the party even gets a vampire named Regis Far from the monster the group expected him to be Regis actually proves uite invaluable thanks to his medical knowledge and skillsI know what you’re thinking Geralt and his fellow adventurers sound like they stepped straight out of a role playing game You even have your different races and classes Not that I don’t enjoy this particular classic trope but for a series that has thus far been all about the complexity and plot depth I was surprised because this seemed like a step back And indeed I felt that the story in Baptism of Fire was much simpler when compared to the other books and not a lot happened at the beginning while Sapkowski worked to introduce all the new faces and names I also noticed a lot less of characters like Ciri Yennefer and Triss Merigold given that most of the attention was on Geralt and his group Don’t get me wrong; I always want Geralt but I can’t deny I was expecting Ciri especially in light of her prominent role in The Time of ContemptAround the halfway through the book though something happened Maybe the story finds its stride at this point or maybe I finally got to appreciate the personalities of all the different characters but I started really enjoying myself Our adventurers make their way east eventually running afoul of trouble caused by the ongoing war Battling enemies and working together towards a singular goal – that’s my favorite part of these kinds of stories after all The dynamics between everyone in the group started to get a lot interesting too with Regis emerging as one of my favorites Dandelion was a riot as always and I got such a kick out of his conversations with the old vampire Near the end there was also a very good example of how far the characters have come as a group when everyone got together to discuss what to do about a situation that would affect one of their members A ragtag bunch of strangers become a family of sorts which is what I love to seeSomething else to keep in mind the original Baptism of Fire was published in 1996 And for a story that’s almost twenty years old I think it has aged exceedingly well Classic uest narrative or not it still feels fresh probably a testament to Sapkowski’s storytelling as well as the skills of the translatorAnd don’t dismiss the audiobook and what it brings to the table I maintain this is the best format to experience The Witcher Saga Peter Kenny once again proves what a versatile narrator he is delivering a superb performance as always In fact I feel this is probably his best work on this series so far Kenny really knocked it out of the park bringing the whole gang to life in this one giving each group member a uniue voice He was absolutely fantasticSo now I settle in for the wait Heck it may be even longer for the audio version But it doesn’t matter; something tells me it will be worth it

  8. Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー says:

    Best book in the series so far Also let's appreciate this gif

  9. Lucia Lucia says:

    I really tried but it is time for me to uit this seriesLet's just hope that Netflix does better job with adaptation of this series because full length novels are huge failure in my eyes After great The Last Wish and good Sword of Destiny I suffered through first three full length books in this series and I seriously can't take any This series is getting worse and worse with every instalment and I'M DONEThe Witcher books have the worst narration ever I hated the constant POV switch Add extremely boring storytelling style and you have a recipe for disaster Talk about wasted potential for a great fantasy story Sometimes I find it hard to believe that collections of short stories and full length novels were written by a same personMy series reviewsBook #05 The Last Wish 4 STARSBook #075 Sword of Destiny 3 STARSBook #1 Blood of Elves 3 STARSBook #2 The Time of Contempt 2 STARS

  10. Bradley Bradley says:

    I'm still entranced by these novels It's sometimes hard to see why I mean the way the plot flows it's almost like there's no sense of structure just things happening character development and the far off whispers of big things to come The war? Already started in the last book This one is an off the scene recuperation and focused side uest to get Ciri back Somehow And yetJeeze the 'and yet' is as big as a lake of fire And yet from the start to the finish I'm totally entranced by the tale loving the characters enjoying the new characters even than the old save Geralt of course and getting INVESTED all over again in the taleIt's like there is no true beginning middle or end AND I JUST DON'T CARE My goodness can I love our new fair surgeon any than I do? I don't see how it might be possible He just FITS in the group than just about anyone I love his interactions with everyone And a certain scene that fits perfectly for an AA meeting? Totally preciousI remain ensorcelled

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