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Inspectors Holiday [BOOKS] ✮ Inspectors Holiday Author Richard Lockridge – Amazing Ebook, Inspectors Holiday author Richard Lockridge This is the best favorite book isbn 9780397007028: format: Hardcover and others 191 pages and has a text language like English Amazing Ebook, Inspectors Holiday author Richard Lockridge This is the best favorite book isbn : format: Hardcover and others pages and has a text language like English.

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  1. Liz Liz says:

    With wife Susan recovering from flu that morphed into pneumonia the Heimrich's embark on a cruise to warmer climates than found in wintry up state New York When a retired British diplomat disappears from the ship Heimrich is asked to assist by the ship's captain As with most of this series written just by Richard Lockridge after his wife's death there is a darker look to the stories

  2. Lisa Kucharski Lisa Kucharski says:

    Heimrich takes his wife on a much needed holiday to get her someplace warmer and relaxing They take a cruise They take a cruise with a murdererNice description of being on a large ship Was also nice to have the story told through just Heimrich and his wife's eyes Reading this feels like reading through an old movieThe bad guy is fairly obvious but the story overall is very enjoyable to read I have been following the characters for a while and it was nice to have time just to spend with them in a relaxed environment It was also nice to read about various characters on the cruise as well

  3. Robyn Robyn says:

    Early Bird Book Deal | Not as tightly woven as others in the series nice to see Heimrich away from his usual methods | This was the coziest of cozies there were very few possible suspects and of those most weren't even slightly viable but the motive remained obscure longer than usual It was frustrating that the Inspector usually so good at reading people kept entertaining a possibility that was clearly false and was willing to consider someone honest who so clearly wasn't It began to feel drawn out when all necessary information was provided and still the book continued Young Michael is a college student now Colonel and Mite are still just fine and Susan remains her lovely self

  4. Helen Helen says:

    lives up to title nice cruise

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