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10 thoughts on “Famous Men of Rome

  1. David Anusontarangkul David Anusontarangkul says:

    Interesting read about the history of Rome I liked learning about how Rome expanded through its leaders and the wars

  2. Ava Thompson Ava Thompson says:

    This was a great book full of the turbulent history of the Roman Empire from its start as a city to nearly conuering the world

  3. Becky F. Becky F. says:

    I read this alongside my 5th grader as a history supplement It really made me interested in knowing about some of the Romans mentioned if only I had the time

  4. Laura Laura says:

    I read this book aloud to my kids for school They really enjoyed the book and so did I It is a great overview of Roman history framed by the men of the time

  5. Lexi Lexi says:

    This was a good book I like how each chapter explained the emperors and what they did Some of the stories were like are you serious And then the others are like oh that is so cool

  6. Jenell Jenell says:

    This book was a good alternative to most children's history books because it does incorporate the customs and mythologies of the time into the biographies but it is a little too genealogical chronological and dull for my tastes Life is not like that even though it seems that way sometimesAnyway I much prefer Charles Kovacs' Ancient Rome It is very lively and infused with the ideals of the time It doesn't feel the need to list EVERY Roman emporer but to characterize the major themes of the age It is wonderful

  7. Jktmauk Jktmauk says:

    This book is perfect for grammar and middle school students They love the stories of Rome's greatest heroes and it isn't watered down like most history books today Highly recommend Boy's especially will love it There are several editions out now but this one by Memoria Press has great full color photos that add a lot

  8. Renee Renee says:

    I found this a really interesting read and for a former Latin student it was a nice overview of some history I had taken in high school I think it would have been good to include a few famous men such as Spartacus and maybe a little info about the first emperors of Rome Claudius Nero etc

  9. Mckinley Mckinley says:

    Lots of wars of course but also plenty of stories about mostly men and about Rome From the founding up to the Roman Empiror Constantine and then a uick account for the remaining rulers

  10. Dawn Roberts Dawn Roberts says:

    A great addition to ancient history for elementary and middle school

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Famous Men of Rome ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Famous Men of Rome Author John Henry Haaren – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Famous Men of Rome features 29 stories covering the history of Rome from its founding to the last emperor You will read about the lives of Horatius Camillus Caesar Cicero and many others The biographi Famous Men of Rome features stories covering the history of Rome from its founding to the last emperor You will read about the lives of Horatius Camillus Caesar Cicero and many others The biographies of Famous Men of Rome are in chronological order and the whole book will bring Famous Men PDF \ you through the three stages of Ancient Rome monarchy republic and empire Although women are not the famous individuals listed in the book the notable women of the time definitely play roles in the stories Famous Men of Rome is faithful to this vision of learning history through biography The chapters cover centuries from the legendary founding of Rome to its slow unraveling in the early centuries after Christ Each chapter is a fascinating read.