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This Night Wounds Time [Download] ➺ This Night Wounds Time By Shawn Sutherland – Shortly after midnight on March 20 1988 Stacie Madison and Susan Smalley two seniors at Newman Smith High School in Carrollton Texas ventured out into the night Their destination was Forest Lane the l Shortly after midnight on March Stacie Madison and Susan Smalley two seniors at Newman Smith High School in Carrollton Texas ventured out into the night Their destination was Forest Lane the legendary cruise strip known to every Dallas teenager as the premier hot spot for meeting up with friends The girls were never seen again years later their disappearance remains perhaps This Night Kindle - the most infamous unsolved mystery in North Texas history The product of the author's original research this book which the Carrollton Police Department credits with revitalizing its investigation into this cold case examines the lives of these two young women; what is known about that fateful night; theories and speculation regarding their final fates; the person of interest original case investigators insist was never properly eliminated as a suspect; and the impact this haunting event continues to have on the Carrollton community For additional information see.

  • Hardcover
  • 159 pages
  • This Night Wounds Time
  • Shawn Sutherland
  • English
  • 22 October 2014
  • 9780557200450

3 thoughts on “This Night Wounds Time

  1. Meaghan Meaghan says:

    This book suffers from the kind of problems typical of self published works namely editing issues like typographical errors However it is definitely worth a read as it contains pretty much all the available information on the disappearances of Stacie Madison and Susan Smalley two high school seniors and good friends who vanished together from Carrolton Texas during Spring Break in March 1988 The mystery is told in a clear and coherent narrative and as the author is also from Carrolton and only a few years older than the missing girls he was able to place the disappearances in context better than a non local author might have been able to doSutherland interviewed Stacie and Susan's family and friends the law enforcement officers who investigated the case and the only real suspect who was Stacie's boyfriend Sutherland wrote extensively about the boyfriend whom he refers to by a pseudonym The man was possessive of Stacie and may have physically abused her and she was trying to end their relationship before she vanished After the two girls disappeared the boyfriend uickly began dating someone else and told this person that he had killed Stacie and Susan and buried them in a cemetery The new girlfriend went to the police with the story and they searched the cemetery but didn't find anything The boyfriend passed a polygraph and has never faced charges in the two missing girls' cases But Sutherland makes a compelling argument that this suspect was not investigated as thoroughly as he should have beenWhat happened to Stacie Madison and Susan Smalley is anyone's guess but it can't have been anything good I hope this book can help resolve the disappearances Their families have waited far too long

  2. Kim Hamilton Kim Hamilton says:

    This is a simple non fiction book that suffers typical self published problems such as editing issues and typographical errors but you will easily fight through this due to the heartbreaking compelling story of a heinous unsolved crime Author Shawn Sutherland delves into the 1988 disappearance of two Texas teens Stacie Madison and Susan Smalley Having attended the same high school years before Sutherland had met one of the girls in passing shortly before their abduction and wrote this book to bring attention to this unsolved cold case The book is extremely well researched and includes pictures of the town the girls the car and anything else that helps to illustrate what is being discussed with all references documented I recommend this book to anyone who grew up in Carrollton in the 80's

  3. Laura Saari Laura Saari says:

    I was in several classes at NSHS with Susan and I remember her as a friendly girl I will never forget senior night after their disappearance They dedicated a song to Stacie and Susan and everyone held back tears This book was personal for me I wasn't close with either girl but I have never forgotten them The places in the book the memories it brought backForest Lane and the Fish Hatcheryplaces many of us hung out in 1988 This book was hard to read but it gave readers who weren't in C FB at the time a decent idea of the reality It's an important work if only for the hope that it will spark someone's memory and finally bring Susan and Stacie home

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