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L'Étourdi ou Les Contretemps ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ L'Étourdi ou Les Contretemps ⚣ Author Molière – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk L’Étourdi ou les Contretemps est une comédie en cin actes et en versuand L'Étourdi a été joué pour la première fois à Paris il a obtenu un grand succès bien méritée La pièce est pour une L’Étourdi ou les Contretemps est une comédie en cin actes et en versuand L'Étourdi a été joué pour la première fois à Paris il a obtenu un grand succès bien méritée La L'Étourdi ou PDF/EPUB ² pièce est pour une grande partie basé sur une comédie italienne écrite par Nicolo Barbieri d'où le caractère de Mascarille le valet est pris mais la finale est nettement supérieure à celle de la pièce italienne Certaines des scènes nous rappellent des passages entre Arleuin et Pantaleone les personnifications de l'impudence et l'ingéniosité par opposition à la douceur et la stupidité dans plusieurs Commedia del Arte» Italien.

About the Author: Molière

Jean Baptiste Pouelin also known by his stage name Molière was a French playwright and actor who is considered one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature Among Molière's best L'Étourdi ou PDF/EPUB ² known dramas are Le Misanthrope The Misanthrope L'Ecole des femmes The School for Wives Tartuffe ou l'Imposteur Tartuffe or the Hypocrite L'Avare ou l'École du mensonge The Miser Le Malade.

10 thoughts on “L'Étourdi ou Les Contretemps

  1. TraceyL TraceyL says:

    Read this for a challenge It's an adventure which sounded like it would be fun to see as a stage production The book didn't do it for me

  2. Leslie Leslie says:

    Listened to as part of The Molière Collection a digital audiobook by LA Theater Works of performances of 6 plays using Richard Wilbur's translationsThis first play in the collection was one unfamiliar to me not as hilarious as Moliére's best but still uite funny The plot is reminiscent of some of Shakespeare's comedies The Comedy of Errors for example

  3. Christine Christine says:

    Translator Richard Wilbur refers to this play as the French enhancement of the Italian Comedia dell'arte which is exactly what it is It is pure unapologetic fun and Mascarille could easily be the role of a lifetime for a skilled actor

  4. Amy Amy says:

    At first I thought that I was going to be annoyed by the rhyming lines in this play and at first I was But the I listened to the play audiobook the I became impressed with Molière's skill The rhymes were complex and flowed nicely never hurting the dialog or the story being told Now I suppose that some of the credit has to go to the actors I could certainly see how a bad actor could slaughter this play but I think that even good actors would find that this kind of play could really test their acting skillsIn addition I thought The Bungler was pretty funny It did remind me fairly strongly of some of William Shakespeare's romantic comedies Much Ado About Nothing As You Like It Twelfth Night etc but this play succeeded for me where those Shakespeare plays did not The Bungler was actually funny The joke did run on a little bit longer than was probably good for the play but still this was was an enjoyable little work

  5. Jason Furman Jason Furman says:

    My excitement at seeing a newly published Richard Wilbur translation of a Moliere play I hadn't heard of was tempered slightly by the worry it was just a different title for a play I had already read This recently happened to me with Bulgakov's A Dead Man's Memoir and years ago I was excited to read Camus' The Outsider only to figure out pretty uickly it was just a different translation of The StrangerAccording to the introductory notes this was Moliere's first major play and the first play in verse It is a Commedia Dell Arte that tells a stock farce plot of a bungling young man Lelie and his resourceful valet as they attempt to get a woman currently held as a slave and also pursued by another young man Every time the valet has a new scheme it gets thwarted by Lelie's bungling It is a testament to the play that I found myself laughing just as hard the twelfth or so time the formula of valet devises a seemingly fool proof plan to get the girl and the fool ruins itNowhere near Moliere's later plays in depth complexity psychological insight and development plot etc But Wilbur's verse translation is as witty and enjoyable as the best of Moliere as I suspect the original French is as well

  6. Dennis Murphy Dennis Murphy says:

    The Bungler by Moliere is at times genuinely amusing but sometimes often misses the mark The tale is essentially Murphy's Law when applied to the schemes of love and romance where love and romance is a broke son of a man of high station is trying to contrive a way to buyobtain a wife of apparently low born gypsy status It shows its age in that regard but one can situate oneself fairly easily with a dramatic production or some other element to keep the mood Mascarille certainly sells the story as worth a go though some of his schemes blacken him in ways that are difficult to really describe without giving away the turns of the plot really the only thing that keeps the pages turning since we know the ending already as a successI don't love the play but it killed an hour or so and helped me unwind before the week began 80100 | B

  7. Marilyn Marilyn says:

    Books and Chocolate 2017 Classic Reading Challege A book in translationIn 17th Century Sicily Mascarille a clever valet attempts to help his employer Lélie win the girl he desires However Mascarille discovers that Lélie is a dunce who ruins every one of his intricate schemes A determined Mascarille invents wilder plots only to see each of his best laid plans fouled Translated by Richard Wilbur This is playwright Moliere's first full length comedy It is often overlooked by Americans but then most of Moliere's plays are overlooked by Americans

  8. Rado Rado says:

    The play tells the story of a young man Lelie who's in love with a woman Celie but she's kept as slave by another man So Mascarille Lelie's faithful servant tries absolutely everything to see his master happy with his beloved woman but Lelie always messes the things up without the intention to Basically the result is very similar to The Comedy of Errors by ShakespeareOverall it's uite good

  9. Sara Sara says:

    A young man in pursuit of a wife constantly bungles every scheme to obtain the woman of his dreams His manservant similar to PG Wodehouse's Jeeves character is the mastermind of each of the schemes and he is very put out when his plans are bungled

  10. Lauretta Lauretta says:

    I listened to the audiobook Richard wilbur did the translation and it was superb

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