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  1. Stijn Stijn says:

    I was lucky to get my copy of 'This Bleeding City' from the author himself Mr Preston was giving an early morning kind of a lecture in a forest at the end of the road festival in Wiltshire It was raining I didn't know him but liked the way he talked about his book and how he read a few fragments for us early reading birds in the woods Afterwards mr Preston simply asked if anyone was interested in a copy I rose my hand and walked back to the festival site carrying a new book with a little personal note written on the first page Back home the book sat several years on my bookshelf Until a couple of weeks ago Picked it up immediately having difficulties to put it down again What a wonderful wonderful book Heartbreaking

  2. Ryan Ryan says:

    'If you liked Bright Lights Big City you'll love this' said the wrapper around this novel which sat on top of a pile in an airport book shop That set off a round of predictions The novel will be about bright young things snorting and pilling around London Someone has vaguely literary yearnings and endless complaints about his job whose details will be traced rather than described Despair will be laid on with a bucket On some level further the lead character will embrace the burned out degradation attendant on his ambitionWasn't wrongI wanted to like this novel far than I did Despite the initial topical appeal which perhaps helped grease the novel's journey out of the slush pile the whole scene seems reminiscent of the 80's than the present The yuppie optimism may be draining away but the dream of the characters to yield up their twenties to retire rich in their forties is the sameWith the best will in the world it's hard to turn the ins and outs of portfolio managers and investments into readable material Impatience mars the novel's construction too Sometime the scenes especially in the novel's middle section are less drawn than hurriedly jotted and pushed at the reader They're as wispy as plane trailsDoes everyone in the financial world blurt out their autobiography at the slightest provocation and sound the same doing it? Take this piece from a lap dancer'Oh that's so cool I'd love to go to Vegas I saw that film with Nicolas Cage It's such a glamorous place Did she actually watch Leaving Las Vegas? I like places that have all the gliz and glamour and still have a really seedy underbelly An Arab guy flew a bunch of us out to a party in Dubai It was like that out there All polished glass and gold and yet out of sight hidden from that very harsh light hookers and drugs and debauchery'Or this one'I'm so lonely Charlie The main character Sometimes I wish that we were back together Just so I had someone to be with Look at your eyes tonight They are so beautiful So shy and beautiful No wonder so many girls loved you at university No wonder I did' With Charlie's superiors at Silverbirch it gets worseCrudely executed muddled and superficial More This Side of Paradise than The Great Gatsby

  3. Malashree Malashree says:

    It's very well written but being Preston's debut it does get a bit clumsy at times Also the protagonist is not very amicable In fact most of the characters aren't and those who are somehow screwed over by either the protagonist or terrible circumstances I do understand that the protagonist is an anti hero He's not supposed to be liked but stillPreston obviously draws inspiration from F Scott Fitzgerald and particularly 'The Great Gatsby' I felt sorry for the characters particularly the protagonist I felt sympathy but the novel lost some of its charm as it went on It became overtly gloomy and archetypal I initially rated it a 4 because I greatly enjoyed the writing in the beginning but I know that over all it deserves a 3 That's not to say I don't want to read from him though

  4. Tariq Mahmood Tariq Mahmood says:

    This is a dark depressing novel about working in the City or of a London in the financial sector which I found pretty difficult to put down because the story intrigued me throughout Maybe because I myself do not like working and felt a strong affection for the plot? The book left me with a pretty negative profile of city traders highlighting the huge sacrifices they have to make in order to follow their materialistic dreams The protagonist is portrayed as a stereotype trader who is ambitious and self centred and is willing to pay a price for his success As someone who has never worked in the city I found the story kindling sympathy for the traders but I am not sure whether this sympathy grew out of my envy for people with high profile jobs? It will be interesting to know the views of traders who read this book though

  5. Dany Dany says:

    I found this book sooo depressing but at the same time very realistic and well writtenMaybe the story is a bit discounted and you already sort of guess since the beginning that is not going to end well; even though you hope a bit that it will turn unexpectedly positive before the endI thinks it is easy though to identify yourself with Charlie who represents all the fears and insecurities that we all have at the beginning of the adulthood but also the hope that we are going to make it and becoming successful in our lives Perhaps that is the wish that in the end everything would sort itself outAlso I live in London and I guarantee that than once I thought of it as a bleeding city

  6. Polly Courtney Polly Courtney says:

    As a fellow ex City banker I was really keen to get my hands on this It didn't disappoint Beautifully written and with a carefully crafted storyline I related to the characters instantlyWhether non City evacuees would enjoy this I'm not sure which goes for most City books including my own; I think anyone who has worked in a high pressure environment would relate and there's plenty to like outside 'the office' in here

  7. Jon White Jon White says:

    Very depressing book I didn't care about the characters at allI met the author and uestioned him about the reality of the book and how he based his characters To be fair he took the criticism well No one in my library book club liked the book

  8. Ineke van Mackelenbergh Ineke van Mackelenbergh says:

    Fast paced well written insight into City hi money but sad to realize what materialism can do and how it can pervert good sense

  9. Peter Lange Peter Lange says:

    The saddest book I can remember to have ever read Very good though

  10. Susannah Susannah says:

    Was not cheered by previous review including those of friends but I found it uite gripping Read it fast because I really wanted to discover the who why what from the first pages Odd phrases seem forced like à first time try hard novelist but all in all I really enjoyed it even though I do agree that the characters are just not authenticlikeable

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This Bleeding City [BOOKS] ⚣ This Bleeding City Author Alex Preston – Charlie Wales left Edinburgh University with dreams of the high life Six months later he is marooned in London unemployed and living a dreary existence in a house he shares with the girl he loves but Charlie Wales left Edinburgh University with dreams of the high life Six months later he is marooned in London unemployed and living a dreary existence in a house he shares with the girl he loves but who no longer loves him Finally securing a job at Silverbirch — a hedge fund based in Mayfair he begins to work in the brutal and remorseless world of high This Bleeding Kindle - finance When the markets crash Charlie sees the potential for an escape; but is he already too far immersed in the City to get out.

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  • This Bleeding City
  • Alex Preston
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  • 09 October 2016
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About the Author: Alex Preston

Alex Preston was born in He is an award winning author and journalist who appears regularly on BBC television and radio He writes for G Harper's Bazaar and Town Country Magazine as well as for the Observer's New Review He teaches Creative Writing at the University of Kent and regular Guardian Masterclasses.