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The Demon in the Freezer ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Demon in the Freezer By Richard Preston ✸ – The first major bioterror event in the United States the anthrax attacks in October 2001 was a clarion call for scientists who work with “hot” agents to find ways of protecting civilian population The first in the eBook ¸ major bioterror event in the United States the anthrax attacks in October was a clarion call for scientists who The Demon PDF or work with “hot” agents to find ways of protecting civilian populations against biological weapons In The Demon in the Freezer his first nonfiction Demon in the eBook ☆ book since The Hot Zone a New York Times bestseller Richard Preston takes us into the heart of Usamriid the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick Maryland once the headuarters of the US biological weapons program and now the epicenter of national biodefensePeter Jahrling the top scientist at Usamriid a wry virologist who cut his teeth on Ebola one of the world’s most lethal emerging viruses has ORCON security clearance that gives him access to top secret information on bioweapons His most urgent priority is to develop a drug that will take on smallpox and win Eradicated from the planet in in one of the great triumphs of modern science the smallpox virus now resides officially in only two high security freezers at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and in Siberia at a Russian virology institute called Vector But The Demon in the Freezer has been set loose It is almost certain that illegal stocks are in the possession of hostile states including Ira and North Korea Jahrling is haunted by the thought that biologists in secret labs are using genetic engineering to create a new superpox virus a smallpox resistant to all vaccinesUsamriid went into a state of Delta Alert on September and activated its emergency response teams when the first anthrax letters were opened in New York and Washington DC Preston reports in unprecedented detail on the government’s response to the attacks and takes us into the ongoing FBI investigation His story is based on interviews with top level FBI agents and with Dr Steven HatfillJahrling is leading a team of scientists doing controversial experiments with live smallpox virus at CDC Preston takes us into the lab where Jahrling is reawakening smallpox and explains with cool and devastating precision what may be at stake if his last bold experiment fails.

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  1. Mario the lone bookwolf Mario the lone bookwolf says:

    Smallpox and anthrax are just the 2 main protagonists of this novel but there are many others out there some unknown or still to evolve One has to look at the potential uantity not uality lol they nearly killed themselves because of incompetence of the Soviet biowarfare programhttpsenwikipediaorgwikiBioprepand extrapolate the potential to now and the future to understand the sheer dimension of it Much of the research has the potential to cure all illnesses as especially viruses are so mighty tools that they could be genetically engineered brainwashed and used to be good instead of evil and pharmaceutical companies are at this end of the spectrum doing the opposite of what secret biological warfare research is trying to achieve I do think that it´s possible that the military will find cures earlier as the budget especially in a country like China is circumstantial and the results don´t have to be economic so that all approaches can be tried As long as it kills better of course but a side effect and collateral benefit could be cures we aren´t able to imagine Of course it would fall under military secrecy but there is not much difference to the commercial studies that are as secret as possible too due to industrial espionage It also sounds better and is easier to explain that a company found a cure than to admit that a cure for cancer was accidentally found while trying to breed an influenza rabies hybrid General „Didn´t I tell you to develop killers not cures? Bad scientist bad shame on you wasting our governments´ money for this“ It´s the huge variety of possible options in producing biological agents that make them even scarier The intuitively most logical form an active virus that can be directly released seems horrible but is less dangerous as the alternatives that could be used as timebombs Microbes are pretty tough and they can wait sleep get active again and with biological engineering in the mix this means that one could produce something that is completely harmless when it´s cold dry and dark but activates when hot wet and bright The possibilities to use this are endless as it wouldn´t even have to be exactly coordinated it would be enough to just wait for spring and summer for the day to come and the sun to shine or for the weather to change and let´s say pluvial period to set in Anthrax was just the beginning If the agent is unknown and thereby undetectable or a mighty state spreads such agents with the help of foreign intelligence services special forces and secret agents there could be thousands and clusters distributed in neuralgic points of the enemies´ infrastructure until the conditions are perfect and the trade war or real war can begin It could of course be fully automated too using living agents or by generating the right breeding conditions in small or tiny miniaturized machines that activate at the same time breed until trillions of active killers are waiting to be released and open the gates at the same time Nobody knows how much of this is still fiction and how much real military mind and plan games and simulations but I do believe in the human creativity to kill as many others as possible and would subjectively say that anything possible in this regard will be done How large such facilities might be is another uestion I keep asking myself are it just normal labs with secrecy and soldiers around or is it going in the resident evil and horror direction with huge underground hives or prohibited areas where everyone breathing in the wrong direction or taking a picture from miles away gets shot And of course human testing to see how it works and in what dimension it´s done if it´s right next to the labs or if they take the risk to transport the new creations to the torture chambers of a black site It could look like this One just has to look at what has been revealed about disturbing human subject research and I didn´t even mention combining it with breeding Übersoldiers that are resistant to the biological warfare agent that kills everyone and are uicker smarter stronger and much sexier than the average GI Joe I am no biologist or physician and can´t say how useful it is to keep probes of smallpox and other monsters we might be able to exterminate except of probes and if we would have the ethical obligation to destroy everything On the one hand there is the possibility of a terrorist attack or a lab accident or a scientist going bonkers killing million on the other hand it could be positively used in the future in medicine and life sciences in ways we can´t even imagine As genetic engineering accelerates the vicious elements could become angels of longer life and cures instead of death as they are so mighty that annihilating this potential forever seems uestionable I guess biological warfare programs will definitively be continued in space be it in habitats space stations or on planets with or without atmosphere as those destinations are just too perfect for such endeavors to not create solarpox Also a great first contact scenario if it´s as far away from the earth as possible and the first place aliens come to visit in the style ofAlien „Is this a secret and highly illegal bioweapon program to exterminate all or just certain parts of your own species with ethnic bioweapons? Are you all space nazis praising eugenics?“We „No no this is a misunderstanding We do important medical research here to curelet´s seedamn“Alien „Well keep trying exterminating yourselves if you aren´t successful we´ll visit again in a few hundred years if you are mature enough for the galactic community and all the technologies we wanted to bring to help with your evolution“We „No let us explain“Alien „Are those probes of extraterrestrial microorganisms you are adding to the deadly mix back there?“We „We didn´t know it were your probes that“Alien „Bye“Some links dealing with the current pandemic Animated world maphttpsenwikipediaorgwiki2019%E2CNN live updateshttpseditioncnncomasialive newJohn Hopkins CSSE world maphttpsgisanddatamapsarcgiscomapYoutube statisticshttpswwwyoutubecomwatch?vgylpA wiki walk can be as refreshing to the mind as a walk through nature in this completely overrated real life outside books

  2. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    Some say the world will end in fire some say in ice I expect the end of the world the people part of it in any case is likeliest to be the result of loose pathogens In Demon in the Freezer published in 2002 Richard Preston author of The Hot Zone and The Cobra Event takes a look at two of the top candidates for the job smallpox and anthrax Richard Preston image from NY TimesIn October 2001 a photo retoucher for the National Enuirer died as a result of a deliberate attack with anthrax While the CDC was looking in to this Senator Tom Dashle among other mostly liberal figures received mail tainted with the deadly material and the investigation heated up Was the USA under attack by Al aeda again so soon after 911?Preston follows several of the people involved in the research documenting such comforting events at the CDC as faulty gloves and a researcher puncturing her super safe blue space suit More importantly he looks at the eradication of smallpox in nature and the subseuent attempt to eliminate or at least sharply limit the availibillty of remaining samples of the disease They were to have been divided between CDC facilities in Georgia and a comparable site in the Soviet Union A treaty was signed by most of the world Richard Nixon signing for the USA banning the use of bio weapons Most of the signatories kept their word Sadly the Soviets not only held onto their stores but shifted them around like a pea in a hucksterish street game when inspectors came a'calling Thankfully a high level Soviet scientist defected and spilled the beans Not that that prevented the Soviets from continuing their activities but at least the rest of the world was put on to their gameThe author looks at the details of both anthrax and smallpox through the eyes of the researchers as they attempt to determine the provenance of in particular the Daschle targeted anthrax He offers enough biological detail without wandering too far into techno speak land He learns from those who know how deadly pathogens might be delivered to maximize death Preston passes on government suspicions that Steven Hatfill one of the virologists he interviewed for the book might be the source of the Daschle anthrax Another scientist Bruce Edwards Ivins believed to be angry over pro choice stands taken by alleged targets was later found to have been the guilty party by the FBI but the case was regarded as inconclusive and no criminal charges were filed before Ivins killed himself The mystery remainsPreston is a compelling story teller and his is a tale of potential horror He makes it crystal clear that deadly diseases kept in freezers around the world can at any time be thawed out and weaponized We do not know where all these stores are located and we do not have a means for protecting people against superpox specifically designed to get past immune systems and antibiotics The only real surprise is that the big kill off has not yet occurred This is a short book with a very long shadow You really need to read thisLinks to Preston's personal FB and GR pagesBTW the personal site link shown on Preston's GR page is inaccurate

  3. Will M. Will M. says:

    We could eradicate smallpox from nature but we could not uproot the virus from the human heart I will be honest and say that I am a bit genre ignorant I only read genres that are of my interest and ignore those that seem daunting and boring Non fiction is not my usual genre but medical science is I decided to give this novel a try out of the blue I'm not new to medical science in fact I studied Microbiology for a whole semester and Mycology and Virology for another semester I didn't enjoy the subjects that much because of the difficult uizzes and exams but now I'm actually enjoying them It's a matter of perspective I don't have a uiz or an exam the next day regarding the subject so I'm actually enjoying reading about it and researching The terminologies used in the novel were not jargon for me I enjoyed the fact that I understood almost everything the author wroteThis novel is about smallpox Smallpox is this seemingly eradicated disease caused by 2 viruses namely Variola Major and Variola minor I say seemingly because there are frozen strains of the virus kept at the CDC and in Russia What is daunting about this fact is that terrorist can make a bioengineered weapon using smallpox There is not enough vaccine out there today to cater for the world in case a major outbreak of the eradicated disease would suddenly happen There are no funds allocated for a disease that is known to be eradicated I am honestly rooting for the eradication of the virus I don't see the need for it to be there Based on the facts written one of the few ways for smallpox to be back is intentional release of the virus Aside from the intentional desire to kill millions of people another way for the disease to back is from an accident in the lab Accident from a research done for an eradicated disease Why study something that is already eradicated and imposes a huge risk of causing a global catastrophe? I may be young and I only know the basics of medical science but I still don't see the reason why the virus hasn't been eradicated for goodThe novel itself is great It's factual and entertaining at the same time It's one of the few non fiction books to be considered interesting I am willing to read non fiction books now thanks to this novel I am vastly interested in microbiology and virology so Preston's other novels are of interest to me 55 stars Honestly one of the most helpful and interesting books out there It's scary in a way that it's non fiction yet it could really happen in real life Highly recommended for people in the medical field or even casual readers who want to try non fiction

  4. Matthew Matthew says:

    This book is terrifying I wish it was fiction I spent the entire book itching and suirming The descriptions of small pox are harrowing not for the faint of heart if I recall there are some pictures too But it is riveting so if you like a good non fiction thriller that might make you scared to go outside or touch anything this is the book for you Preston is really good at writing this type of novel

  5. Kim Kim says:

    So I was in bed for a few days with a terrible flu fever chills coughing etc But this book really cheered me up since with its vivid description of how one dies from Smallpox bloody pistules covering the body lucidity until the end despite intense pain I realized my suffering was sort of at the low end of possibilities I've really become drawn to the science thriller genre these days and while this book is nonfiction its narrative and page turning suspense makes it feel like a novel as the author investigates the state of smallpox in the world today While I haven't been one to fully trust the CDC in terms of vaccinations vis a vis my kids this book makes me greater appreciate those who have tried to eradicate the world of smallpox a much fearsome disease than I realized I can't wait for Preston's next book

  6. Lena Lena says:

    “The dream of total eradication had failed the viruses last strategy was to bewitch its host and become a source of power We could eradicate smallpox from nature but we could not uproot the virus from the human heart” My mother has a smallpox vaccine scar on her arm and I do not That I’ve never had to worry about it is thanks largely to Donald Ainslie Henderson That I may have to worry about it in the future is the fault of well meaning and possibly narcissistic scientists forgetful virologists or terrorists The Covid 19 virus is giving us just the merest taste of what a smallpox outbreak would mean in today’s mobile population

  7. Nick Borrelli Nick Borrelli says:

    Holy shit the scariest book I've ever read Smallpox is no joke makes you wonder if it's still around being stored by a world government ready to unleash it again as the ultimate biological weapon A must read Had me up nights

  8. Negin Negin says:

    I love reading non fiction that feels like fiction Although this book was interesting it didn’t blow me away nearly as much as Richard Preston’s other book The Hot Zone The subject matter smallpox and anthrax is fascinating but there’s far scientific details in this one a bit too much for my liking I think that this book would have been better if he had stuck to just smallpox The back and forth between smallpox and anthrax was a bit distracting I think that the anthrax part is related to the publication date the early 2000's during the time of the anthrax attacks “Doctors generally consider smallpox to be the worst human disease It is thought to have killed people than any other infectious pathogen including the Black Death of the Middle Ages Epidemiologists think that smallpox killed roughly one billion people during its last hundred years of activity on earth”Even though smallpox was eradicated than four decades ago the virus can be found in several labs around the world The thought that it could be used as a biological weapon is terrifyingSome uotes“Today many adults over age thirty have a scar on their upper arm which is the pockmark left by the pustule of a smallpox vaccination that they received in childhood and some adults can remember how much the pustule hurt Unfortunately the immune system’s ‘memory’ of the vaccinia infection fades and the vaccination begins to wear off after about five years Today almost everyone who was vaccinated against smallpox in childhood has lost much or all of their immunity to it” “Smallpox is the one virus that can basically bring the world to its knees And the likelihood of smallpox being visited on us is far greater than a nuclear war in my opinion”

  9. LeeAnne LeeAnne says:

    Warning Do not read this during cough and flu season or if you think you might be coming down with a cold Do you remember the first ever bio terror attack on US soil when envelops full of anthrax were sent through the US mail system to various places in the US? It was in October 2001 a few months after the 9 11 attacks If Smallpox had been used instead of Anthrax we might not being around today to talk about it The author gives the reader a brief history of smallpox Although smallpox was eradicated in 1979 it cannot really be eradicated from the earth It is still out there' In fact Soviet defectors confessed in the 1980's that the USSR had developed and was testing weaponized smallpox and anthrax Undocumented reserves of smallpox not only sit dormant in hidden freezers but are probably secretly researched and held as possible bio weapons Scientists continue to debate funding new smallpox research to develop a new vaccine as a defense What if one of these smallpox samples falls into the hands of terrorists? What makes smallpox uniue is that it is highly contagious Smallpox floats and travels easily uickly and far distances through the air One single virus particle can drift along in the air for over nine miles before a person unknowingly inhales it and becomes infected See The Aral Smallpox Incident of 1971 in the Soviet UnionAfter you've been infected the incubation period is ten days During that time incubation period you will feel normal and have no idea you have smallpox Then the illness hits you with full force You will come down with a fever sore throat fatigue splitting headache and eventually vomiting You will assume you have a very nasty case of the flu No doctor will be able to tell that you have smallpox until it is too late Then a few days later the severe symptoms of smallpox will emergeThree kinds of smallpox and their symptoms 1 Normal Smallpox After the flu like symptoms are in full force painful blisters will form all over your body like a cobblestone road The blisters eventually turn into scabs which tear away from your skin The tearing away from the skin is extremely painful Your eyes swell shut with blisters and pus which can cause blindness in some people It is too painful to eat drink or talk as blisters form in your mouth and throat If you survive you will have ugly scars all over your body from the blisters2 Extreme Smallpox or Black pox Flat Verity 100% FatalIn flat smallpox the skin remains smooth and does not form blisters all over The skin darkens until it looks charred mottled and silky to the touch The skin begins to slip off the body in sheets Black pox is close to a hundred per cent fatal If any sign of it appears in the body the victim will almost certainly die The virus destroys the linings of the throat mouth stomach intestines rectum and vagina as these membranes disintegrate It destroys the body's entire skin both exterior skin and interior 2 Extreme Smallpox or Black Pox Hemorrhagic Verity 100% Fatal In hemorrhagic smallpox black unclotted blood oozes from the mouth and other body orifices The whites of the eyes turn red with blood and continue to fill with blood until they look black The virus attacks the immune system so the body cannot produce pus Like the flat variety the hemorrhagic variety is nearly 100% fatal and the virus destroys the the body's entire skin and membranes exterior and interior For some reason the victims remain conscious and acutely aware of what is happening to them until deathWith accessible air travel all over the globe now it would only take about six weeks for a smallpox epidemic to spread throughout the entire world I understand that these are distressing gruesome matters that a lot of us prefer to avoid but sometimes it is better to uncomfortable and informed than to remain in ignorance bliss Bt the way how's that cold of yours doing? ;

  10. LeAnne: GeezerMom LeAnne: GeezerMom says:

    I read this terrifying work of nonfiction ages ago but it still sticks with me and is one of those books that entirely changed my political viewpoint on something Yes it was that powerfulDo y'all remember the Gulf War? Desert Storm? I was about 30 when all that was going on and it was the first time people started keeping the new 24 hour news stations on all the time At the time I couldn't believe that Saddam Hussein was invading other countries it was like something out of WWII to me and I felt positive that the various UN countries were right to step in and stop him First he marched on Kuwait and then was headed for Saudi When he was stopped we all breathed easierFlash forward to 911 Of course I believed the US and other UN countries were right to target cells of terrorists in Afghanistan and in pockets hidden in other countries But when the then president of the US later stated we'd be going into Ira because Saddam Hussein was up to no good again I cringed It felt like the world had whipped him back into alignment years before and that possibly this second Bush was biased because the first Bush had not taken Saddam Hussein into custody We had so much going on with terrorists trying to wipe us out and trying to pound them in their various spots in Afghanistan that going into Ira seemed wrongand stupidlike poking a stick into a currently uiet wasps nestAnd then? I read this book Game changerThe demon in the freezer here is smallpox Not your great great great grandma's smallpox but an especially lethal and weaponized version that could be the plague of all plaguesThis book is a collection of interviews with numerous UN weapons inspectors WHO investigators research scientists and people in the dark fields When we all heard that Hussein might have weapons of mass destruction they weren't necessarily talking about plutonium and uranium enrichment facilities disguised as power plants to bring electricity to starving families although yeah that was also out there and France actually PAID for one of these as a humanitarian gesture There was evidence that biological warfare was going on strong and that just a cute little wheeled suitcase on a plane or a compact car could deliver death to hundreds of thousands of peopleYes I've read that George W Bush only got a 22 on his ACT and supposedly wasn't the brightest of leaders but the guy was not surrounded by fools In hindsight I'm guessing they wouldn't have wanted to bring up biological warfare and freak people out but when you read this book let's see what you think The number of accounts from well respected scientists blew me awayI'm a retired scientist and during the good old days I attended all sorts of conferences Sometimes there'd be maybe five sets of lectures going on at the same time You'd pick which papers you wanted to hear presented and over the next three days you'd fill your brain with new info relative to your field There were also these things called Poster Sessions In a great big hall dozens and dozens of presenters would be all set up with cubicles full of their research results tips on how you might make use of it and sometimes various products to sellThis is the part of the book that really got me A couple of guys from Australia had been working on some sort of genetic modification I'm a geologist don't ask me for details Apparently there was a horrible little mouse problem down under where the rodents were decimating the grain crops Well understandably farmers didn't want to be using poisonsand there are only so many farm cats out there so here was this cool idea'The scientists decided to create a new version of Mouse Pox And yeah there are tons of poxes out there Monkey pox horse pox mouse pox They decided to tweak something in the T cells of the mouse pox gene in order to make the next batch of mice infertile after they caught mouse pox Sure the current mice would keep reproducing but by releasing a ton of these infected and sterile ones the population would eventually be cut back by I dunno maybe 80 percentWhat happened instead is that when the modified mice were allowed to grow up to achive sexual maturity instead of being infertile or impotent they died Like nearly ALL OF THEMThe researchers were stunned So at this big biomedical conference there they were in the giant hall with their poster session going yo Can y'all believe we tweaked this teeny tiny little thing and suddenly made boring old mouse pox 80% lethal??Holy crap The people from WHO went nuts Because these guys were handing out their recipe to not just make mouse pox 80% lethal it was exactly what could make smallpox which none of you little whipper snappers have had the vaccine for eually virulentThe new version of smallpox the demon in the freezer would also work on us old poots who did get the shot as kids because this new stuff is differentWanna scare the pants off yourself? Read this

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