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Heaven Can Wait ➹ [Read] ➵ Heaven Can Wait By Cheryl St. John ➼ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk ParadiseIn her secret heart sheltered Lydia Beker yearned for —a sea of sensation a husband to be tender with Surely such longings couldn't be wrong And then came Jakob Neubauer an outsider who prom ParadiseIn her secret heart sheltered Lydia Beker yearned for —a sea of sensation a husband to be tender with Surely such longings couldn't be wrong And then came Jakob Neubauer an outsider who promised her a world of passion One simple dream sustained Jakob to work his land and build a life with the perfect woman at his side Lydia Beker unaffected and so serenely beautiful seemed the embodiment of his every desire But would he prove himself Heaven Can PDF \ a man worthy of such a precious gift.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Heaven Can Wait
  • Cheryl St. John
  • English
  • 14 March 2016
  • 9780373288403

About the Author: Cheryl St. John

Cheryl is the author of than fifty historical and contemporary romances Her stories have earned numerous RITA nominations Romantic Times awards and are published in over a dozen languages In describing her stories of second chances and redemption readers and reviewers use words like “emotional punch hometown feel core values believable characters and real life situations”With a .

10 thoughts on “Heaven Can Wait

  1. Dawn Dawn says:

    I just can't get a break DNF at 47%I usually love St John and this is the first I have read of hers that got me so angry Too much angst the H was supposed to marry another but she died miscommunications all of this and a dragged out story just put me over the edge AND an overly ignorant h I mean she didn't even have a lick of common sense I also could not stand all the religious stuff it was just way too much over the top I don't usually mind religion or mention of God in my reads but this was radical religion which burns me upTo clarify the writing is good I am just upset at the content which to me is not romanticReturned for a refund

  2. Dinjolina Dinjolina says:

    It was a Sunday And one of those nights where what ever you do what ever you think about it still does not make you sleepy I was doing nothing but hating my peacefully sleeping fiancé that snored next to me Still I loved him enough to know that it was not fair to wake him up and wreck his Mondey the day he had a lot of obligations to fulfillDeciding that staring up at the ceiling is completely unproductive I decided to readMy hand crept to my night stand for my KindleBut like any crappy moment in time – my bad luck was still there and I had nothing new on So I decided to re read something and got stuck on this bookFun Sweet NiceExceptfor the villainess The arson crazy pants kill loving schemer and all around coo coo I am not sure what the h and H did to anger the author enough to write this angry woman in to the plot I am not sure what we the readers did to earn the torture of her half baked schizophrenia But most importantly – I have no idea what the heroes brother did to get her as a wifeNo really what did he do? OoThe sad thing is I really liked him Even wanted to read his bookbut the author made him in to a completely blind idiot in love with a pretty face So much in love that he completely buys that his younger brother is fuking his wife in front of his own misusesI hated hernot because she was evil enough to make me feel strong emotion but because she frustrated me to no end over her unfound love for the H and the fact that her being the brother’s wife made the brother I loose about 50% in my eyes Any wayI hated her so much that when the scene of her death came across I wish I had a match to contribute to her fiery endAgainBecause I wanted the same thing the first time aroundThe only difference was that after this re reading I was not so much angry as much as depressed This is a book by a very good author I just can not wrap my brain around the fact that she wrote something solukewarm with a antagonist that felt transplanted from a Stephen King novel I kept waiting for her to turn cannibalistic or somethingSo bottom line Was it a bad book? No And if I go Laalalalaaaa laaaaaa this never happened over the villain of the story then it would be a sweet story about a newly married couple

  3. Liz Flaherty Liz Flaherty says:

    This is one of my favorites of Cheryl St John's books I not only loved Lydia and Jacob and their tender and sensual story I found the information on the Harmonists very interesting Cheryl's voice lends itself to the warm and hard working place I always think created the Heartland

  4. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    I have read a couple books by Cheryl St John and bought this expecting something sweet maybe even what one would call saccharine I was in the mood for it Lydia and Jakob are a sweet pair Their storyline focuses on newlyweds struggling to strengthen their bond and work through intimacy issues I would say that approximately two thirds into the story they work through their problems and are finally honest with each other At this point the storyline ultimately sputters and flounders to an endThe weakest point would be the superficial oddly sketched scheming of Jakob's sister in law Peine Peine is painted as being crazed and unconvincingly obsessed with Jakob Within the first few pages of the novel she attempts to set Lydia on fire because Jakob states that she is pretty She bullies and antagonizes the heroine fights with her husband on a daily basis and openly ogles her brother in law and the family never comments on or even seem to notice her behavior At one point she concocts an absurd story view spoilerclaiming that Jakob fathered her unborn child hide spoiler

  5. EuroHackie EuroHackie says:

    This is Cheryl St John's second Harleuin novel but it is an interesting look into her future as it contains both a sensual love story of which she's written several for HN Historicals and a story heavy in religion she has since switched over to writing HN Love Inspired the inspirational line There's probably too much sex for the Christian set to like this and too much religion for those who dislike heavy doses of God in their romance novels I thought it struck an interesting balance because the religious aspect comes in the form of the Rappite colony a radical sect that broke away from German Lutheranism rather similiar I think to the way the Swiss based Mennonites broke away from the Anabaptists The Rappites were definitely a strange bunch though because they believed that any sort of pleasure was sinful and the purest path to God was through celibacy The Rappites literally died out because of this belief Crazy no??Our heroine Lydia is from the Rappite colony and she finds herself attracted to a German Lutheran Jakob aka an Outsider She leaves the colony to begin her life with this man and it is fairly rough going They are both young and inexperienced Lydia is outright ignorant in ways that are rather unbelievable and they don't know how to use their words to sort out their differences A jealous sister in law Peine doesn't help matters she's in love with Jakob herself and is willing to do anything to drive Lydia away from the homestead so that she can have him for herselfThe story rolls along in a conventional way but I found the last 13 highly irritating as in spite of everything they have shared and learned about marriage together Lydia view spoilerimmediately believes that Jakob fathered Peine's baby just because Peine said so hide spoiler

  6. Jerry Jares Jerry Jares says:

    This is a story about a couple being attracted to someone of a differing background and religious tradition Jacob is attracted to Lydia who is a member of a religious colony Despite their differences they are able to make a life together because of their faith in God and each other This is an earlier book by this author and it drags in places Although this is listed as Neubauer Brothers Book 2 I believe HEAVEN CAN WAIT is Book 1 35 stars Neubauer Brothers Series1 Heaven Can Wait 19942 Rain Shadow 1994

  7. Susan Shearer Susan Shearer says:

    St John puts you into the thick of this story You feel for the characters as you get to know them throughout the book Jakob is the hero without his own knowledge and as we see through the story an honorable man Lydia the innocent finds that all me are not the same With Jakob's help she finds love and a man she can feel safe loving St John takes us on the journey through her details of the story that makes you want to keep reading until you find you are at the end of the story and wanting

  8. ~Megan~ ~Megan~ says:

    Not my favorite by her but it was still really good

  9. Babs Babs says:

    Loving this author review to come soon

  10. Jane Jane says:

    Better than the usual Interesting plot twist One section a little far fetched butstill enjoyable

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