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  1. Anne Anne says:

    The Boys are back and still kicking assSeriously They're just beating the shit out of everyoneJust when you think you're tired of Nazi bad guys Ennis creates a douchebag racist enough to make it fun to watch as Butcher pokes his eye out And really isn't that what we all want out of our comics?You've got the ongoing story that's happening between the supes Vought and the Boys which was very good And then you've also got a few of the origin stories tossed inGranted some of the stories they told Hughie about their beginnings may or may not be 100% steeped in realityFrenchie's story was probably my favorite A joust to the death with a crusty baguette? That was justwow super emotional manBut seriously? How the hell does Ennis come up with this shit? And I'm really hoping this makes its way into the tv series Because come the fuck on that's hilarious Looking forward to the next volume The Innocents

  2. mark monday mark monday says:

    superheroes aren't superheroes they're superassholes lather rinse repeat this time out it is The Avengers that are parodied and torn to bloody bits with the most sadistic treatment provided to the women of course rinse repeat Homelander gets agitated; Starlight doesn't like her work life; a nazi superherovillain loses an eye; Hughie gets sick over all of the violence repeat i feel like i've read this before and it tastes rather like backwashincludes a lengthy backstory for Mother's Milk tedious and shorter ones for The Female predictable and Frenchie surprisingly entertaining and funny and so a 2nd star

  3. Patrick Patrick says:

    You could make an argument for the fact that the true focus of this story is the characters Their relationships and how they change and grow This is especially true of the relationship between Wee Hughie and Butcher You could argue that the entire story is about the two of them About their relationship Though personally my favorite relationship was probably between the Frenchman and the Female Continued in book 7

  4. Stewart Tame Stewart Tame says:

    I'm apparently incapable of reading the phrase The Self Preservation Society without hearing the opening bars of the Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society in my head because my brain runs on music references And caffeine And cheap puns Just one of many crosses that I bear Two story arcs in this volume First Vought American sends a team of supes after the Boys Could this be the end? Of course not silly We get to see Butcher do what he does best A familiar beard returns And Hughie learns that you just don't mess with some people's sweetsSecond it's origin time Mother's Milk the Frenchman and the Female all get their backstories told Frenchie's is hilarious and wildly implausible uelle surprise I think this series is headed for some sort of definite end but it's probably uite a ways off yet I'm just enjoying the ride for now And while I love Darick Robertson's artwork it made me happy to see Carlos Ezuerra's work in this volume I first encountered his art on the hallowed pages of 2000AD Nice to see he's keeping busy Obviously only a crazy person would start reading this series with volume 6 but recommended anyway

  5. Mike Mike says:

    Wow talk about taking it up a notch Just like I'd suspected a couple of books ago the slow burn and character development they've been doing lately just increases the impact of balls out action that we get hereThen we slow down again and get deep inside the origin stories finally of most of The Boys As fantastically absurd and over the top these stories each are it's amazing to me how well Ennis weaves in emotional notes that really connect me with these characters And Robertson evokes those emotions in every turn of the faces he portrays

  6. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    The Self Preservation Society is a triumphant return to the level of storytelling found in The Name of the Game and Good for the Soul after the misfire that was Herogasm Vought American decide to do something about The Boys and send their second best supes out to sort them out Leading them is a Nazi superhero called Stormfront who takes out The Female and Mother's Milk leaving it up to Butcher to sort it out A great character from earlier in the series shows up in the finale and it's suggested that there's something about Butcher's past that's of particular interest to Vought And speaking of pasts we get the origin stories of Mother's Milk Frenchie and The Female Mother's Milk is the best one as it links the stories of Vought with the tragedy of the Brooklyn Bridge seen in Good for the Soul this universe's version of the Twin Towers Frenchie's story is great with Ennis throwing in every single French stereotype he can Frenchie's dad wearing a black and white striped shirt a beret and a string of onions is killed by a croissant thrown by a villain saying Hee Haw Hee Haw The Female's origin is also a great story that riffs on France's most famous cartoon Gaul and certainly underlines the female is the strongest of the species line used previously The excellent Carlos Eszuerra contributes art to this book while Darick Robertson makes a welcome return after taking a break with Vol 5 Garth Ennis is as brilliant as always The Boys are back and they've never been better

  7. Jesse A Jesse A says:

    Another good volume Back to fun

  8. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    I'm sorry but PR teams who create comics for the supe's and use RAPE as an origin story is a no go for me Only Hughie and Marrie were it for me I even lost every respect I had for Butch even if the theory i have in mind about him and Homeland is true I can't continue this

  9. Britton Britton says:

    Ennis got his start in the mid to late 90s establishing a reputation as an extremist in the comics community alongside Warren Ellis though Ennis would become the Grant Morrison to Ellis' Alan Moore with Ennis sometimes going to extremes without letting his story threads come together in a natural way Does that mean Ennis is a bad writer? Of course not He wouldn't be a favorite of mine if that were the case While The Boys doesn't entirely reach the heights of some of Ennis' finer outings like Preacher or Punisher MAX The Boys proved itself to be another interesting series in Ennis' catalogue Garth Ennis is never one for the easily offended the copious amounts of sex violence and mayhem that inhabits this series can test even the most mentally and physically strong of people as I said earlier Ennis is rather extreme with his content Though luckily Ennis does know how to pace himself and provide a good plot to keep you invested unlike some of the other artists and writers from the uber grimdark period of comics cough cough Rob Liefeld cough cough Frank Miller Ennis much like Alan Moore makes a point to show that if superhumans were to exist in our world they would bring about an apocalyptic sense of change to the world Though unfortunately I'm not uite as sure that Ennis is as thorough in his exploration as Moore was He never fully goes deeper in his critiue of superheroes which is rather unfortunate Though unlike Moore Ennis pulls no punches when taking shots as superheroes this is unsurprising given his well known disdain for the superhero genre yet again I don't find that his satire nearly goes far enough to make a grand point of it all While The Boys' satire is admittedly simplistic unlike something that is nuanced like Watchmen we see Ennis' reputation for characterization shine through with Billy Butcher being a standout and even Ennis himself lamenting that he was his favorite character to write Most of the characters in The Boys are strongly developed and their depth and likability is reminiscent of Preacher but we also see how they change over time Wee Hughie in particular changes from a mild mannered normal person into a hardened but still well intentioned person The satire of The Boys while sometimes going overboard and becoming crude usually does its job with targets being of corporatism crony capitalism and the incompetence of government in particular the Bush era I have often complained about how many modern comics have problems with pacing But luckily Ennis doesn't have this issue and I would lobby him alongside Ed Brubaker as having a mastery of pacing as Ennis knows when he should slow things down and when to let things speed up It is nice to find someone else to use as an example of how to pace your stories in a way to where you won't lose your audience and Ennis definitely knows how to keep his audiences attention for better or worse Few problems come through in the series Ennis's writing teeters in uality near the end with some unexpected twists coming in that shakes up the story at hold and not in a way that feels natural Though luckily Ennis manages to make it work as best as he can and manages to wrap his story up in a satisfying way While Ennis is ruthless in his mockery of the superhero genre and its conventions some of his edgy extreme humor doesn't really seem to go anywhere which is a problem that pervades through much of his work Though unlike Preacher or Punisher MAX where he manages to tamper it with volumes of excellent story The Boys sometimes does get brought down by its over the top extremes The art from Derrick Robertson while very good and well drawn I often compare to his extraordinary work on Transmetropolitan and I found that he hasn't ever surpassed the strange and surreal visuals from that series Cruel and crass as The Boys may be Ennis rarely forgets character motivation or good plotting to keep readers invested while he may lose some of his steam by the end of the series The Boys remains a strong and enjoyable outing from Ennis' catalogue

  10. Gavin Gavin says:

    Well now THAT was damn entertaining and moving Somehow a foul mouthed Brit wrote the best tribute comic to 9 11 that I've read Here it's the Brooklyn Bridge but the sentiments are the same beautifully conveyed by Ennis yes beautiful and Ennis in the same sentenceHere we get a closer look inside of Mother's Milk the Frenchman and the Female The Frenchman's is a little silly but that's OK MM's is great There's also a huge throw down with Payback the #2 VA team One of the team is put into a coma and lets just say it doesn't bode well for Payback and things get downright bloody You could even call itButcher y You knew he was that bad baaad manThe taking out of Stormfront the Nazi leader of Payback is a shout out to WWII all over again England Butcher barely holds him off until the US Mother's Milk arrives to help then the Free French rise up Frenchman but the scales are finally tipped by Mother Russia Love Sausage arriving after Huey sent him an emergency call It's a fun little thingHuey seems torn here which is how MM opening up to him and the others as well the backstories Ennis also manages to mock the rebootre vamping of characters perfectly here and a shot or two at the writers who take things too far for 'edgy' and 'dark' There's a perfect passage about how things need to be so dark and I think it highlights just what's missing in a lot of the big 2 esp DC Ennis also makes a joke of Green Lantern in less than a pageThis is a marked improvement from Herogasm moves the story forward by having the characters all grow in some way Even some of the Supes are given dimensionsVery strong work here glad things are back on track

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