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Tales Of A High Planes Drifter (Merkabah Rider #1) [Read] ➫ Tales Of A High Planes Drifter (Merkabah Rider #1) Author Edward M. Erdelac – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The last of an ancient order of Jewish mystics capable of extraplanar travel The Merkabah Rider roams a demon haunted American West in search of his renegade teacher But as the trail grows fresher sha The last of an ancient order of Jewish A High MOBI ñ mystics capable of extraplanar travel The Merkabah Rider roams a demon haunted American West in search of his renegade teacher But as the trail grows fresher shadows gather and The Hour Of The Incursion draws near Four novella episodes in one book This ain't your grandpappy's old west.

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  1. Stephen Stephen says:

    A deliciously eclectic “blend” of Weird Western meets Kabbalah Jewish Mysticism meets Kung Fu the series meets The Cthulhu Mythos meets Biblical apocrypha meets magical weapons and abilities meets secret societies meets plenty of pulp meets loads of demons and other nastiesINTRODUCING The Merkabah Rider Tales of A High Planes Drifter Reading as much as I do it is always a warm and fuzzy moment when I find something new that is both original and very well done The Merkabah Rider is it and these stories are a wonderful stew of pulpy weird western mystical YUMMINESS In this collection of 4 novellas we are introduced to “The Rider” an Orthodox Jewish mystic and member of an ancient secret society known as the Sons of Essenes The Rider whose real name is kept hidden because “to know one’s true name is to have power over them” is following the trail of his former teacher Adon who betrayed the Sons of Essenes and has embraced “dark forces” in his uest for power The Rider armed with a kick ass volcanic pistol and a host of magical talismans travels Post Civil War America finding trouble and adventure wherever he goes The Blood Libel It was on a dying red sun Friday when he passed into the town; only the black gummed growl of a scrawny long nippled cur that slid from underneath the shadows of a boardwalk welcomed himCurtains drew Fleshy lips moved behind lily hands Whispers carried words he’s heard a hundred times before in towns better than this uestions both bemused What do you make of that? and pregnant with fear born threat Who does he think he is? Speculations Some kinda Mennonite? A Mormon? A Mexican Mormon? Then probably from some drummer who had been out of the valley once or twice maybe as far as Tombstone or Bisbee he heard another; Jew In this first novella The Rider arrives at a town known as Delirium Tremens yes that’s DTs where he discovers that the local inhabitants are fixing to slaughter all of the Jewish residents in nearby Little Jerusalem It seems some of the local children have disappeared including the daughter of the local preacher perceptions of “blood sacrifices and Jews eating Christian babies” have raised the level of prejudice against the Jewish population to 11 Even worse there may be some supernatural elements at work that make the locals’ feelings or less justified This story in addition to laying out the first chunk of The Rider’s back story also tantalizingly teases about the Lovecraftian connection when one of the characters references The Hour of Incursion when The Great Old Ones will bring war to the Earth and reclaim supremacy As you might imagine this caused me to have a major Cthulhugasm The Dust DevilThe Rider continuing his uest for Adon and showing definitely shades of Roland the Gunslinger on the trail of The Man in Black arrives in Polvo Arrido a town engulfed in a perpetual dust storm that appears anything but natural In this one we get another chunk of back story on The Rider as well as neat slice of Hoodoo magic and lore that broadens the mystical playing field of the series I thought this was excellent but I did have one minor and ONE MAJOR gripe about it that I will now discuss in my brief “bitch” section The Dust Devil–BITCH sectionFirst a very minor bitch and probably not worth mentioning but bitch that I am I am going to do so At the beginning of the story The Rider is playing 5 card draw He discards two cards a 2 and a 4 and the dealer gives him THREE cards a 10 a 3 and an Ace That was a little sloppy My Second and MAJOR gripe happens later on in the story This is only a minor spoiler but I will hide it anyway view spoiler The Rider gets captured by the main bad guy Scarchilli and his Hoodoo associate Kelly He is stripped of all his talismans and protections and tied up outside for the “evil dust storm” to kill him However he is able to escape because he has “his magic FUCKING glasses” UhNO They take everything else but leave his “rune etched” mystical glasses This bothered me hide spoiler

  2. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    Merkabah Rider Tales of A High Planes Drifter is a collection of four tales about a Jewish mystic gunfighterThe Blood Libel Fate draws The Rider to Delirium Tremens a mining town where hostility is brewing between the residents and the Jews of nearby Little Jerusalem who've allegedly turned away from God and kidnapped the daughter of the local preacher Can The Rider find the cause of the trouble before the Angels of Death wipe out everyone in Little Jerusalem?The Blood Libel does a great job of introducing The Rider and his world The Rider's continuing uest is to find his mentor and betrayer another mystic calling himself Adon The world building is surprisingly deep for a 70 page novella Erdelac introduces the Sons of the Essenes a Jewish mystical society with branches in all parts of the world as well as revealing parts of the Rider's historyThe story itself is a nice melding of western standards and Jewish mystacism I'm looking forward to when The Rider goes up against The Great Old OnesThe Dust Devils An unending dust storm grips the town of Polvo Arrido as The Rider rolls into town Can The Rider find clues to Adon's whereabouts and save the residents of Polvo Arrido from the bandits that have them under thumb?While I didn't like this one as much as The Blood Libel it was still pretty good It reminded me of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom than anything else The Rider's past was fleshed out a little bit and once again he took a pretty good beating and still came out on top The one complaint I have is that he walked into an ambush a little too easily when he visited ScarchilliHell's Hired Gun The Merkabah Rider encounters an old preacher who recounts the tale of Medgar Tooms a gunfighter that killed an entire town after the death of his family and now stalks the prairie dragging chains and leading a pack of ravenous pigs Can the Merkabah Rider put an end to his reign of terror?Hell's Hired Gun was pretty good but didn't involve much in the way of magic from the Rider The violence was well done and the subplot of the Hour of Incursion by the Elder Gods mentioned in the first story was elaborated uponThe Nightjar Women The Merkabah Rider finds himself in a town where no children are born and three prostitutes seem to be in league with a dark powerAt last The Rider gets a hint of Adon's whereabouts More of The Rider's past is revealed and about the Hour of Incursion Lots of Talmudic stuff in this one and The Rider seems human than ever The Merkabah Rider continues his transformation into one of my favorite weird western characters That's about all I'm going to reveal for fear of spoilageConclusionFor fans of weird western look no farther than the adventures of the Merkabah Rider I'll be tracking down the second volume very soonNote You can read an interview with Edward M Erdelac here

  3. Teal Teal says:

    I read the first line of the blurb A Hasidic gunslinger tracks the renegade teacher who betrayed his mystic Jewish order of astral travelers across the demon haunted American Southwest of 1879and I one clicked so hard I almost sprained something And look the second book is titled The Mensch With No Name Gahhhhhh I am in genre mashup heaven No way can this live up to expectations or can it? I'm tempted to hoard it unread simply for the joy of having something so weird to look forward to

  4. Ctgt Ctgt says:

    Just to give a bit of reference to this review most of my weird west reading has been in comic form From old school DC Weird Western Tales Jonah Hex Shadows West to the recent The Sixth Gun Vol 1 Cold Dead Fingers and The Guns of Shadow Valley For whatever reason my enjoyment of these types of stories rarely migrated to novels or short stories in the genreAlso the author sent me a digital copy of the book purely as a courtesy with no stipulation for a review in return This is a collection of four novellas and I'm not going to go in to detail about the individual stories I will say I loved the last two one about a man who has a group of pigs following him around and the last dips in to the Lilith mythos I liked the first story about an enclave of Jews but the second story which involved a voodoo priest didn't wow me like the restInstead of concentrating on the stories I'm going to spend the rest of the time on our protagonist The Rider I spent many a hour in my youth watching the spaghetti westerns on Saturday afternoon Loved 'em Enjoyed westerns of all types but those movies with the horrible sound editing and impossible six shooter shots really formed my image of the old west gunfighterThe Rider is not that guy He's tough and uick but that's about where the similarities end I've pulled a few lines from the stories to help introduce you to Merkabah Rider The Mensch with No Name He had long John Brown whiskers They were black like his clothes blue where the sun gleamed; a long nose poked out over them Displayed on either side of his head was a pair of womanly curls long enough to sway when he worked at tethering the animalHe tightened his grip on the rail and it creaked The Jew looked up at him The setting sun flashed for a minute on his fancy blued spectacles his pale face drawn and expressionless like a maskHe does carry weapons It was an antiue a Volcanic pistol They had gone out of favor some years back Its finish was gold gilded and silver chased stamped with intricate designs and glyphs of a nature none in the saloon would have understood even if The Rider had the patience and time to explain He drew his inscribed cold iron Bowie knife and held it to the cardinal directions muttering as he did soand protections He not so much looked for but felt the presence of the corresponding talismans and mystic implements about his etheric body Every charm every snatch of holy text bit of rare colored animal Turkish eye and sacred stone he wore lent their individual power and protection to his ethereal doublethe Hamesh hand amulet and other strictly kabbalistic talismans to protect against spiritual assault on his ethereal form but also such non Jewish bodyguards as he had first been introduced to by his master such as the powerful Mohammaden Ayat Al Kursi amulet the Tibetan Ga’u box the Hindu svastika and the Abbada Ke DabraHe is that last member of the American enclave of the mystical order The Sons of the Essenes the Merkabah Riders had been scholarly mystics inspired by the vision of Ezekial and the Chariot of God Entering into ecstatic trances they left their bodies to explore the upper reaches of the celestial Empyrean transcribing accounts of their journeys into sacred homilies The most dedicated eventually came to stand in the innermost of the seven hekhalots of Araboth the highest heaven before the Divine Image of the Most HighOh and he doesn't come sauntering or galloping in a stallion nope He walks in to town leading a shaggy white onagerI was completely fascinated by these stories and this character I loved that the author put his own twist on the genre and look forward to exploring of The Rider and his exploits810

  5. Hal Bodner Hal Bodner says:

    What a strange little bookAn Hassidic Jewish mystic gunslinger fighting demons in the Old West? This is perhaps the most bizarre concept for a novel or as in this case a series of four novellas that one could possibly imagine In fact when I first read the back of book copy for one of the later installments in this series I suspected that someone very probably the author needed the dosage on their medication adjusted Some months later I had opportunity to meet the author and he graciously gave me a copy of his book I'm not lying when I relate that keeping myself from bursting out into laughter when I accepted it was extraordinarily difficultRead it Ed told me It's not what you think I remember sarcastically thinkingYeah RightA month or so later I was looking for something to read and came across Merkabah Rider where I'd tossed it into the If I Get The Time To Read It pile of books Figuring it would be good for a laugh I started it I was amazed at what I readAs strange as the concept it the book is GOOD Erdelac's main character known only as Rider is absolutely fascinating Moreover while I was expecting some overly self aware uasi religious pseudo comic book type of book what I got was a fascinating and engaging action adventure novel Also I generally loathe Westerns But this book overcame my dislike of the genre and drew me right in While it isn't exactly a can't put it down kind of read I did find myself compulsively reading each novella to the end before taking a breakErdelac takes what is one of the oddest ideas for a book and makes it extraordinarily readable while giving his non Jewish readers an intriguing glimpse into Jewish mysticism The Rider is a cross between a rabbi Indiana Jones and Clint Eastwood an outre combination to be sure Yet Erdelac not only makes this mish mosh of disparate characters work he managed to stimulate this reader's interest and effortlessly overcame my initial doubts and captured me without my ever being aware he'd done itIt's rare in today's world where everyone and his brother self publishes an ebook and calls themselves an author that someone manages to TRULY come up with a novel concept which is both exciting and interesting without being precious or pretentious Edward Erdelac has done so admirably a truly impressive featPutting my enthusiasm for this book aside for a moment there are two minor flaws in the work First Erdelac tends to over sprinkle Yiddish and Hebrew words throughout necessitating the inclusion of a Glossary at the end of the book I would have much preferred it had he been clever in his use of foreign terms for ambiance and authenticity and subtly defined them within the text Instead the reader is sometimes forced to flip back and forth which was distracting and interrupted the flow of the read Second the author is overly fond of metaphor; after awhile they become obtrusive Moreover in many cases he's stretching and the metaphors don't always make sense or appear downright bizarreHowever these criticisms are minor All in all Merkabah Rider is a marvelously inventive book an exciting bit of originality that is sorely lacking in most modern works of literature I urge you to give Erdelac's work a try

  6. Mihir Mihir says:

    In Ed Erdelac’s Merkabah Rider Tales of a High Planes Drifter readers are presented with a world wherein the time is of the late 19th century and the setting of the stories have a western flare The authorial twist to this tale is that the protagonist is a Jewish gunslinger of sorts The setting of this story and the main character potentially seem very Dark Tower ish and the main character also seems akin to the character of Jon Shannowthat is in search of someone The book is made up of four different novellas which seem to progress in a serial order The titles of the four stories are The Blood Libel The Dust Devils Hell’s Hired Gun The Nightjar WomenThe first story opens up and shows the Rider riding into a town wherein a heinous crime has been committed A recent child kidnapping has lead to a mob building up its nerve for burning down a Jewish settlement The Rider has to face enemies on dual planes both physical and spectral as he investigates the happenings This story was a nice introduction to the rider and his story however it just scratches the surface of the world and its Protagonist as it offers small clues here and thereIn the 2nd tale we come across the Rider as he arrives at a town wherein foreigners die and the town is being governed by a violent gang The Rider discovers that the town has a sorcerer whose powers seems eual to himself The story shatters the invincible nature of the rider and shows that he can be overcome This adds a further zing to the story when you know the main character is indeed fallible This story was a bit longer and shows a bit of the mythological background of this world as wellThe third tale was a very atmospheric one and was the first in which we are shown connections with the previous episodes Also showcased in this story is why the rider is constantly on the move The villain of this piece Medgar Tooms is one who begins as a monster but in the end we realize has to him than just plain brutality This tale also gives a bit of the Rider’s past and was the tale which truly hooked me onto this book much so than its predecessorsThe last tale is my favorite one as it is the one with the least amount of action however it unveils the most background story about the Rider; his life his mission and the over all back story The story has him finding solace in a town with a stranger However he comes finds that the town’s whorehouse is providing much than simple human pleasure This piece was the clear winner for myself as after finishing it the future becomes very enticing and the reader will be very compelled to see what the rider does next armed with the information he has gleaned in this taleEd Erdelac has written a very straight forward story which at an earlier glance might not offer much appeal However on reading the entire collection these stories come together and give readers a nicely detailed world that shows us that this is much than a simple mystical western The book also has a bigger story going on in the background as there is talk amongst various characters referring to the “Hour of incursion” and also thrown into the fray is the Rider’s search for his wayward master Adon which fuels his resolve This book was another surprisingly good read and definitely has me hooked for the further adventures of the Merkabah Rider and the weirdly dangerous world which he abides in

  7. Jake Jake says:

    Merkabah Rider; Tales of a High Plains Drifter was a book I greatly enjoyed The complexity of this weave is outstanding and I learned a few things about writing by reading this book The Rider hunts down demons for God but that is only his side job He's been searching the American wild west for his betraying teacher who'd murdered his enclave of Jewish mystics This collection of stories is about a spiritual gunslinger trail blazing and gun smokin’ for God It is power to behold How can anyone not like this character?There are four mini novellas here Loosely they each connect with the first and the last It was alpha and omega Read it and see coolness appear before your eyesThis is not a churchy book but it does have a great message of good over evil I appreciated the first story for its incredibly complex layering Artistically Mr Erdelac panned the deep dimensions of The Rider's spiritual battleground with a relatively uick dissection It’s only a few pages and before we know it we’re uickly immersed in astral space and find ourselves standing before the altar to the demon lord Moloch Very soon a little girl’s soul will be fed to Moloch unless the Rider can alter the outcome through means of astral travelingEach story is better than the one beforeThe second story begins with a mega suspenseful card game between the Rider and two rotten banditos Not like the poker games on ESPN here the stakes are life and death The town is than overtaken by a bandit gang the Rider finds a deeper evil is afootIn the third story the gun slinging Hasidic Jew teams with a Baptist Christian to stop a demon Jesus once had to face downThe fourth story was my favorite in the book having a very fitting end to an incredibly enjoyable read I will say nothing about this one It is so incredibly well done I want you to experience it for yourselfI do recommend purchasing the paperback over buying the e book There is a much needed glossary at the end of this book Unless of course you know the difference between a Poyo and a Tzitzit or a Lili from a Mazzik you might want to use the glossary

  8. Daniel Daniel says:

    I enjoyed this amalgamation of the western weird fiction Lovecraft's flexible pantheon of mighty monstrosities theology and adventure writing that is just plain awesome This is fantastic fiction written with a sure mature hand It is fun intelligent well written and creative Erdelac combines many traditional elements in novel ways and steers his protagonist through a landscape of eerie evils and arduous trialsOne thing that surprised me is how often our protagonist The Rider gets the tar beat out of him by wily opponents Far from pitting a super competent hero against colorful paper tigers Erdelac puts The Rider through some serious pain and there are times when it is difficult to tell how The Rider is going to get out of some of these jams even though the presence of future stories implies that he must The means by which The Rider overcomes these threats are just as varied as the world that Erdelac has crafted his textured; beyond mere heroes and villains Erdelac's stories are populated with regular folk who suffer the ramifications of these wide reaching conflictsI like how Erdelac has started his chronicle of the Merkabah writer as a series of loosely linked novellas In the very first it is apparent that great things are afoot and that a titanic climax looms somewhere on the distant horizon By the fourth and final story in this collection Erdelac plays some high cards with admirable savvy adding both depth to his character who to be honest starts the series as a stoic cypher and weight to the proceedings At the close of this volume I cared about the character and his fate and I placed the follow up volume on my short to read list

  9. Lee Conley Lee Conley says:

    A review of The Merkabah Rider High Planes DrifterBy Edward M ErdelacI randomly came across these books and they piued my interest I haven’t read a huge amount of Wyrd west novels and these strangely called to me They feature the main character The Rider a Hasidic Jewish gunslinger if you can believe that who fights demons Cool In the opening story we are thrown into his strange world of good and evil he speaks with an angel then sets off to save a Jewish community from Hell’s denizens and the wrath of the western locals I found him a very cool character from the start like many gunslingers he has that cool Clint Eastwood vibe but the Jewish aspect brings a fresh feel and interesting feel to it He wears Solomonic symbols and religious fetishes under his long coat—items to guard him from evil he carries an old volcanic pistol inscribed with magical Jewish symbols which makes it deadly to demons and wears round blue glasses also inscribed which allow him to see into the “other world” Really cool stuffThe book is a collection of interlinked short stories each one linking into the next As the stories progress we discover of his Hasidic sect’s secret ways and a larger over arcing story is hinted at He is trying to track down his former master Adon who has turned to evil and despite the short stories being relatively contained and although I read them in order I imagine readable separately the overall story drives you onward to discover I enjoyed the demons the dark magic and evil creatures he battles it was exactly what I was looking for from a wyrd western horror So much so I bought the entire for book series and have dived in I’d very much recommend checking this series out Thanks for readingLee

  10. Gef Gef says:

    There is something about a weird western that just sets my imagination alight I think it is the fusion of a bygone era such as the Wild West with fantasy elements like magic and monsters And I've become a real fan of the genre over the last few years and much like urban fantasy I think I've always been a fan of the genre and just didn't know it yet And Ed's collection of four novellas here is a prime example of just how weird the west can beThe Merkabah Rider might earn some comparisons to Roland from Stephen King's Dark Tower series but with each successive story in this book the Rider carves out his own identity and makes clear that the two are worlds apart The Rider definitely has that spaghetti western vibe that most hard bitten gunslingers exemplify but certainly strikes his own chordThe Blood Libel kicks things off with the Rider wandering into a small town with a Jewish settlment on the outskirts that is about to be struck by an angry mob over the disappearance of a little girl All the antisemitism simmering among the whites builds up and the Rider faces down a good deal of it before heading into the settlement in search of the truth and an old enemy While the story had its hiccups it did a great job in establishing who the Rider is and what he's capable of when trouble's brewingFrom there The Dust Devils managed to show a little vulnerability from the Rider as he finds a ghost town in the middle of a storm its people devastated by a desperadoes and a formidable sorcerer that may have the Rider's number A much exciting turn this time around at least suspenseful and the bad guys were a real treat Scarchilli kind of felt like he escapes a Clint Eastwood film while Kelly the hoodoo man was just plain menacingVulnerability aside the Rider survives moving on to the other two tales Hell's Hired Gun and The Nightjar Women The former delves a little deeper into the history of the Rider and the impending Incursion It also features a pretty bad ass villain that roams the countryside with a pack of about a dozen pigs Hey if you're gonna have a posse why not a bunch of bloodthirsty demon pigs? The latter tale involves Lilith leading a band of prostitutes in a town with no childrenThe wandering hero harkens back to the kinds of stories I watched on TV as a little kid and loved like The Incredible Hulk and Kung Fu and those Clint Eastwood westerns I'd watch with my dad I can't think of anything from those shows and movies that rival the violencemysticism blended in this book's pages It's not uite a blowout but it felt each novella surpassed the last and there are two volumes of these bad boys to go so I'm optimistic to see what else Ed has up his sleeves and what's in store for the Rider

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