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The King's Tale ❮Read❯ ➬ The King's Tale Author Rowena Sudbury – Though Dafydd is the fourth son of Welsh nobility when he leaves his home he becomes a humble woodsman in small kingdom of Lysnowydh on the sea During a fierce storm a stranger seeks shelter in Dafydd Though Dafydd is the fourth son of Welsh nobility when he leaves his home he becomes a humble woodsman in small kingdom of Lysnowydh on the sea During a fierce storm a stranger seeks shelter in Dafydd's remote cottage He is no ordinary traveler—he is Christopher King of Lysnowydh The wild passion that flares between them rivals the storm and The King's eBook  love moves King Christopher's heart to name Dafydd Marshal of his troops to keep him close However love is never simple or safe when it must endure the pressures of political life Though Dafydd proves himself in battle Lysnowydh's nobles protest his rise in position and power Forces will conspire against Dafydd and Christopher and they must endure treason treachery and the demands of a kingdom reuiring an heir to secure their happiness together.

  • ebook
  • 280 pages
  • The King's Tale
  • Rowena Sudbury
  • English
  • 09 June 2015
  • 9781615810222

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10 thoughts on “The King's Tale

  1. Bookwatcher Bookwatcher says:

    Saying in just one phrase why I'm giving 2 stars to this storyWay to much sex with little almost nothing facts and there is a horrible rape sceneThe plotThe king's tale is a very romantic story about a king that fall in love with a simple woodsmanIt's a very long book than 400 pages the PDFThe ualities of this bookThe writing The background of the story interested me a lot There is no long description of anything but it's maybe if I'm not wrong the 10th century and all the historical background was something I was willing to readand that's itNow why I dislike this bookWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to much sex and who know me can be astonished reading I'M saying there is too much sex I don't say it always and I hardly had problems with the eroticism of a story This one in my view is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay exaggerated Brutal honestly opinion? Without all the sex maybe this story would have maximum 100 pages or neither thatThere is a rape scene and no warning about it Neither by the publisher or the seller from where I got it that's the publisher pageNo I don't have problem with noncon but I want to know where I will find it Many friends could have problem with it and I'm feelling guilty now because I TOLD THEM I WAS ENJOYING IT IN MY UPDATES BUT I DIDN'T KNEW ABOUT THE RAPE SCENE About the VERY descriptive and awful rape sceneIt's there And writing in italic don't change a damn thing It's a first person narration and it's a rape So SOMEONE PUT A DAMN WARNING ABOUT IT SOMEWHERE I think it's not ask too much is it??? DAMMITview spoiler I will break you Dafydd Warin said as he fell upon Dafydd's back He pulled him roughly up on his knees nudged his legs wide With no preparation given he pushed himself deeply inside Dafydd's passageDafydd arched up the cry torn brutally from his throat His fingers tore upon the stone floor and added to the agonyDAMMIT Why there is no warning about a scene like this? YEAH I'm piss off hide spoiler

  2. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    At first reading the blurb of this story you can think for it to be a fantasy tale the king of a small realm who falls in love for a woodsman and makes him his consort how else it could happen if not in a fantasy tale? But truth be told if you pass upon this detail not little you are right The King's Tale is all for all an old fashioned historical romance The time and custom are well described and researched and even the trick they use to be together is historically based the handfasting ceremony was common among the medieval people in what is now England two people usually a man and a woman forged a pact to be together for an year; if within the year they had a child the pact would turn in a marriage if not they would have the change to come back to their family without any other string to bound them The handfasting was a regular and recognized ceremony well before the institution of the modern christian marriage and for the hereditary law it was biding as well But shall we come back to the story Christopher is the beloved son of a kingdom in the Cornish coast The time is perhaps the late X century or the beginning of the XI; I don't believe it is after the Norman conuest since the custom are similar to the old Saxon legends But truth be told there is a feudalism structure that resembles very much what was introduced by the Norman; and there is also a reference to a King Henry who from an historical point of view could be linked to King Henry I the son of William the Conueror I believe the author did an hard work to write an historically accurate novel allowing herself only some small freedom to make Christopher and Dafydd a possible match At the beginning of the story Christopher is just became king after the death of his father Even if his father knew of his son's preferences for men he told to his son that he had still to marry to produce an heir to the kingdom So Christopher is travelling the kingdom in search of a woman he can love but obviously the uest is impossible Christopher can't really love a woman At the same time Dafydd the fourth son of a wealthy welshman moved to Christopher's kingdom as fourth in line he has nothing on his own and his father prompted him to search his own path far from their land maybe fearing for him to be an obstacle to his other sons So Dafydd is leading a uite and comfortable life as woodsman even if he is way skilled than the task reuires On a snowy night Christopher searches shelter in Dafydd's cottage and some days after in Dafydd's bed; when he asks to the man what he wants in exchange of his kindness Dafydd replies that he wants a story of beauty since he has seen few beauty in his life And Christopher decides that he will tell to the man a tale of beauty AND love He makes Dafydd his consort and brings him to live to the castle As I said the chance for it to be real are few but not impossible Christopher's choice is not easy and not seen well by all his people But he is the King and what he wants he has This is probably the best part of him and yet also the baddest Christopher doesn't ask to Dafydd if he wants to be his consort doesn't give him a choice; he brings the man to the castle and forces him upon his people In doing so he also puts the man at great risk and what will happen it's in part due to his decision If someone could think that Christopher is selfish and uncaring I think instead that he is coherent to his character he is a leader he was raised to command and to have his wishes satisfied; he can be good and merciful but only if he wishes he has not to be He may asks but most of the time he doesn't since he is not used to be refused A different man from Dafydd probably will have not bear such a man But Dafydd is a gentle soul he has not a selfish bone in him and he deeply loves Christopher Even before the king's desire for him he was already in love with him a love he feeds from afar He is also a strong man both in body than in will and only due to that love he can submit to Christopher's love that is both love than ownership Both Christopher than Dafydd know that it was Dafydd's choice to submit and this is the reason why their relationship could last As I said I will tag the story as fantasy only since there are not clear references to a precise time period but for all the rest the story is pure historical Even Christopher's decision to bear a bastard child he can then claim as an heir is the obvious decision that a man in his situation and time would have done So even if at first I didn't like the momentary interference of a woman between the two men it was necessary as the only way to allow them to be together The King's Tale surprised me since I was not expecting for it to be so real I opened it ready to read a fantasy tale and instead I lost myself in an engrossing era the Middle Ages that I have always loved I would also like to highlight the effort of the author to use a language that is right for that era an expedient that maybe at first could make it difficult for a common reader to start the book but that in the end it has a main role in allowing that lost in the tale feeling that I mentioned above

  3. Rowena Sudbury Rowena Sudbury says:

    This is my first book it took me 3 years to write and I put a lot of my heart into it I plan 2 seuels to continue the story of Christopher and DafyddOn June 11 2012 Dreamspinner Press released this as a 2nd editionA Timeless Dreams title While reaction to same sex relationships throughout time and across cultures has not always been positive these stories celebrate MM love in a manner that may address minimize or ignore historical stigmaRead the seuel

  4. Charly Charly says:

    A good story but I’m not sure how much I liked itWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 610PROS The setting here is one that not many mm writers have tackled which gives the story an unusual flavor within the genre There’s a good amount of detail regarding the customs of the time while still allowing for a bit of fantasy in the general acceptance of the king’s choice of a male consort rather than a female I liked the character of Dafydd very much He is tough and proud but also gentle and soft spoken It was easy for me to see not only how the king could fall in love with him but also how Dafydd could win over the rest of the peopleCONS I found the language to be a little awkward The book is full of antiuated vocabulary and usage “My home is yours when e’re you desire” “ ‘Tis well” “Mayhaps sooner than later” “ ‘Twas my pleasure” etc yet now and then a phrase would appear that pulled me out of the story because it seemed rather too modern for the rest of the language around it like “nips” or “fggot” or “slacking off” The king’s personality was just a little tookingly I suppose for me at times I found him to be arrogant and presumptuous although I admit that this is probably just a realistic portrayal of a royal man in whatever historical time period the story takes place in Because the book covers a decent expanse of time there’s not a lot of detail in any of the scenes The result is that some of the key scenes a heroic rescue effort for instance rush by and wind up seeming anti climacticOverall comments I’m glad I read this particularly since so many other readers whose opinions I trust have recommended it over the years I did find it engaging but I won’t ever read it again The love scenes are plentiful and romantic leaning almost toward mushy much of the time And much has been said in other reviews about the mf sex scenes I’ll just say this I didn’t like them either

  5. Shell Shell says:

    45 StarsThis was a wickedly intense read There was so much heart wrenching angst I had to put it down numerous times walk away and come back later Which may be why it took me than a few days to read It is set back in the days when kings and ueens ruled; where there were knights peasants and noblemen It was extremely well written and the dialogue throughout the book was consistently adjusted for the time era in which it is setKing Christopher rules the kingdom of Lysnowydh in England back when King Henry ruled over all there It is never said which King Henry exactly but one of the eight Christopher is strong arrogant and a well respected leader of his people Dafydd is a woodsman from Wales; he supplies the king and his castle as well as himself with wood throughout the year One winter night during a harsh storm the king is out traveling and seeks shelter in a small cottage in the woods That small cottage belongs to Dafydd King Christopher spends the night there safe from the storm and promises to visit again On his second visit the two men being a love affair that leads Christopher to take Dafydd back to his castle with him and make him his royal consort During this portion of the book Dafydd is trained in the ways of battle excels at it and becomes the king's marshal The love between what is now Sir Dafydd and King Christopher continues to grow and the two participate in a handfasting ceremony; where they are bonded to one another This is all well and good except that King Christopher is indeed a royal king and as such is expected to produce an heir Thus a woman Marged is found and brought back to Lysnowydh in order to bear the king a child I didn't have a problem with a woman being brought into the picture in fact it only made sense for this historical setting However there are two occasion where the King Christopher and Lady Marged are intimate after she is already pregnant that I didn't really agree with but I'll get to at least one of those in a minuteFor a time things settle down well in the kingdom; King Christopher and Sir Dafydd spend their nights together and the Lady Marged stays in her own room pregnant with the king's child Until an old nemesis of the king tricks Lady Marged into leaving the safety of the castle and she is kidnapped and brought to the castle of the neighboring king That king King Warin is an evil man and one who has a seedy past with King Christopher His sole aim in capturing Lady Marged is to destroy Christopher himself by harming those which he holds dear Sir Dafydd and King Christopher of course come to Lady Marges aid and Dafydd offers to exchange himself for her release At this point Christopher leaves taking Marged back to the safety of his kingdom and castle and beings to gather soldiers to prepare for war against King Warin Dafydd though is left in King Warin's dungeon to suffer the whims and desires of the horrible man This is where the part of the story that I had a bit of a problem with comes in During this time there is a night where King Christopher and Lady Marged lay together it is not clear what happens but the author says that they take comfort in one another and they do share a bed Now I am a military wife my husband has gone to war three times and I have never nor will I ever seek the comfort of another in place of him The fact that the protagonist did in this book annoyed me I admit many may not have a problem with it at all but that was my own personal feeling on itKing Christopher does go after King Warin; he attacks with his men to free Dafydd and seek vengeance against Warin In doing so he ends up acuiring Warin's land for his heir to be King Warin however is left alive to live out his days alone I was pleased with the way the protagonist handled that affair and that he allowed Warin to survive mostly unscathed Sometimes the greatest punishment is allowing those who have acted with unnecessary cruelty the burden of living with themselvesIt ends with an endearing happily ever after that is made all the sweet because of the trials and tragedies that were suffered by the protagonists throughout the book I was touched and relieved that the King and his marshal would finally be able to have the relationship they both desired; without the need for another child to be born and with Warin left as simply a bad memory This is the first book by this author and was indeed an impressive debut novel

  6. Gerry Burnie Gerry Burnie says:

    Gerry B's Book Reviews of my favourite eras for historical fiction is the so called “Middle Ages” 5th – 15th centuries that over romanticized age of knights and castles of which every boy once dreamed—when they weren’t fantasizing about being a cowboy—and I was one Therefore when I saw the mediaeval castle and misty setting on the cover tastefully designed by Mara McKennen and read the blurb for The King’s Tale by Rowena Sudbury Dreamspinner Press 2009 I was inAlthough she has written other novels since this is her first and to her credit she has done her research on the period fairly well She has also avoided the temptation to over romanticize it for it was nothing of the sort Indeed it was barely out of the Dark Ages when life was “nasty brutish and short”The two protagonists are Dafydd nicely portrayed as a humble woodcutter of noble lineage and Christopher well portrayed as a prince and king almost but not uite enlightened The use of a snowstorm to bring them together is a bit trite but it is as good a device as any other and so they are brought together in an isolated cottage in the forest Needless too say in a time when artificial morality had not yet become the law of the land—not even in Rome—two healthy robust males soon found something fulfilling to do than twiddling their thumbs Fair enoughBut then Christopher takes Dafydd to live with him at the castle much to the bewilderment of Dafydd and subseuently names him Marshal of his troops euivalent of general in United States It is not a politically correct move on account of the discord it causes among his other generals and identifies Christopher as of an idealist than a commander but as king he has the final say In this case however it proves to be a wise decision for Dafydd is fiercely loyal to Christopher as his king and lover—reminiscent of the Theban warrior loversAs a first novel this is a fairly interesting story both from the standpoint of a historical fiction and romance but it also contains the sort of room for improvement one would expect Most particularly the plot lacks maturity subtlety inasmuch as several parts seem contrived to facilitate the author’s need to get to the next scene or situation and not the reader’s logicFor example Christopher’s decision to take Dafydd to live with him literally at the castle—I mean how else was the plot going to keep them together? The coincidence of seamstress just happening to have enough material on hand in the Middle Age’s to fashion Dafydd a suit of clothes and Dafydd’s ability to marshal the troops like an experienced officer I doubt whether these things happen so conveniently in real life either then or now so they are bound to fly in the face of the readers’ experienceAltogether though it’s a fairly good depiction of the times and worth a read from this standpoint of view Three bees

  7. Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews says:

    4 Hearts2012 EditionFirst published at MM Good Book ReviewshttpmmgoodbookreviewswordpresscoDafydd is a simple woodsman and he is happy with his lot in life but his gentle soul and simple ways draw the Kings eye as Dafydd and King Christopher fall in love there are problems that arise and an enemy who wishes revenge Can Christopher and Dafydd’s relationship stand the strain?This is a wonderful historic novel that draws the eye to the problems faced when you needed an heir in the thirteenth century and enemies could be closer than you think This novel is set in King Henry the third’s reign when lesser kings were still about before they were given the title of Duke So Christopher is one of those Kings as the largest landholder in Cornwall he knows he will have to eventually have an heir but he will follow his heart for his happiness Dafydd catches Christopher’s eye and it doesn’t take much for Dafydd to fall for his King But with pressure to produce an heir putting strain on their relationship and then a horrific event leaving Dafydd nearly broken in heart and spirit it is a difficult time for allDafydd and Christopher made a wonderful loving couple but there were a few bumps in the road as Dafydd found his place and role in the Keep Some people were not happy with the arrangement and later will lead to major trouble The feelings and strain for both men was well written and it wasn’t made light of Dafydd was an absolute angel when it came time for Christopher to provide an heir I will be uite frank and say that Christopher’s attitude stank sometimes but I had to make allowances for the time period and the fact that as heir and then King he was used to getting what he wanted when he wanted it; but that still didn’t give him the right to still sleep with Marged woman chosen to bear his heir after she had conceivedDafydd and Christopher are a passionate couple and show affection to each other freuently Unfortunately this is seen by some as a weakness and Dafydd ends up laying siege to one of Christopher’s vassals The trouble doesn’t end there as a lesser king from Christopher’s past seeks revenge and poor Dafydd ends up with the brunt of it before Christopher musters his troops There are lasting effects to all involved and it will be another strain on them all This really is a beautifully written historical with facts and customs for the time carried out and a beautiful settingSo I will recommend this to those who want a fantastic historical hot passionate sex danger torture solid love and a relatively happy ending

  8. S.J.D. Peterson S.J.D. Peterson says:

    Rowena Sudbury did an amazing job writing this historical romance Life in the 11th 12th century is depicted accurately and it was like taking a trip back in time We know of the time line since she used hand fast to bind Christopher and Dafydd The term is derived from the verb to handfast used in Middle to Early Modern English for the making of a contract of marriage Also references to King Henry I'm going to assume meant King Henry I of England 3 August 1100 – 1 December 1135 Mrs Sudbury did her research and stayed true to her storyNow the fantasy comes in with the fact The marriage between Christopher and Dafydd would not have been possible at this time in history Though I love that she told this story This is the way history should be That love between two people was important than the color of their skin religious beliefs or their sexual preference But that is for another debate She mixes fact with fantasy to perfection Though I did not always like Christopher I understood him Imagine being raised from the moment of birth to know that one day you would rule a kingdom? To know what real power was and that everyone must submit to your wishes and your desires Though at times he seemed cold at heart and selfish Dafydd kept him balanced and he was able to admit when he was wrong Something most kings would never admit to I loved how Mrs Sudbury wove in the need for an heir How well she wrote of the relationship between Christopher and Marged It showed a depth to Christopher and just how much he could love One assumes that because of his love for Dafydd Christopher would view Marged as a breeder I am impressed with how this author turned it into such a loving relationship between Christopher Dafydd and MargedI highly recommend this book if you are a lover of history and romance

  9. Misty Misty says:

    35 Stars I've always loved the Medieval era in fact it's one of my favorites I was ready to love this book but to be honest it was a bit of a disappointment It is a very passionate at times heartbreaking love story set against a backdrop of very harsh and uncertain times It's obviously well researched and rather well written I like the very particular phrasing The author did a brilliant job of capturing the atmosphere of the Medieval era and of Wales in particular a very mystical and mysterious landHaving said that I found that there was way too much sex very repetitive and distractive and that it overshadowed the story itself When I purchased this book a while ago I was so sure I would love it that I bought the seuel too and in a sense I was right because in spite of everything I still want to know what will happen next because I do like Dafydd and ChristopherThe cover is gorgeous NO bare chested headless six pack torso Yay

  10. Anne Barwell Anne Barwell says:

    4 12 stars I loved the story and the characters Christopher in particular is flawed and Dafydd balances him well; they're good together I also liked the fact that it wasn't all easy going and some hurtcomfort I have a weakness for that and the author writes it very well The first part of the book had a little too much detailed sex for my liking but that's a personal thing and I skimmed a lot of that the reason for not 5 stars However by midway although the characters were still making love regularly the detail had toned down to of a emotional response etc The author has done a lot of research and it shows the speech and setting was very realistic Definitely a story I'd recommend and looking forward to reading the seuel as I want to see what happens to these two and the other characters in their future

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