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  1. Nicky Nicky says:

    Twilight of Avalon was sent to me when I won a giveaway done by a friend and I've been meaning to read it for uite a while before that It's a version of the story of Tristan and Isolde with a mostly historical background based on bits from Geoffrey of Monmouth's history and the few snippets we may know about the real Tristan and with a few hints at what may or may not be magic It's very different to most other Arthurian interpretations I've read starting with the family tree Isolde is the daughter of Mordred and Guinevere Mordred is the son of Morgan after she was raped by Arthur Isolde's husband is Constantine Arthur's successor or was since as the story opens Constantine has already diedThe story mostly focuses on Isolde's attempts to get away from the traitor in the council who forces her to marry him The plot is kind of repetitive in that sense she has to escape gets caught has to escape gets caught Still it flows along smoothly and is easy to read I'd read two hundred pages without stopping when I first picked it upTristan is not a fully developed character in this book with only Isolde really clear as a character to me I think There are certainly glimpses at others both bad and good but Isolde is the only one who is really developed It's a pretty interesting process as she has caused herself to forget a part of her life and therefore in a way she has to learn herself as wellOne warning rape is a plot device here If there's a woman she's probably been raped going to be raped or threatened with rape Which may well have been true enough historically but it can grate andor be upsetting

  2. Izabella (Pages Full of Stars) Izabella (Pages Full of Stars) says:

    Find me at my Instagram | Tumblr | PinterestI was very excited for this book because I've never read anything that incorporated both the retelling of Tristan and Isolde and the Arthurian legends The prologue told by Morgan and the way Anna Elliott joined all of these characters was absolutely intriguing but having read about 20% of the book I decided that's it's not for me after allI've also read the short story preuel to this series focusing on Merlin and Morgan and didn't really like it so I think this series just isn't for me Apart from the prologue the story didn't really grab me and I didn't connect with the characters The story felt uite dark with a lot of gory details but it wasn't engaging to me I also felt the same way about the writing as I did while reading Dawn of Avalon very often the long complicated sentences sounded strange for me and made for a confusing reading experienceI know that this series has its fans but I will just move on to another one as unfortunately it's not my cup of tea

  3. Mary M Mary M says:

    I just read Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon for the first time about six months ago and Twilight of Avalon was the perfect complement It came just at the right time just as I was missing Mists It picks up after Morgan's death and imagines the next generation struggling with the fallout of Arthur's death and the continuing Saxon invasions But this book is not merely another add on to Mists Elliott creates her own story and her own characters here They're all interesting except perhaps the somewhat one dimensional villain I particularly liked Isolde who risks all by deliberately fostering her reputation as a witch in order to maintain her power and independence Good writing a uick read I'm looking forward to a potential romance in the next book in the series

  4. Misfit Misfit says:

    Not a real review just stating why I gave up with only 50 60 pages left I liked the premise a lot but the execution failed at least for me I didn't find any chemistry between the two and while I understand it wasn't written as a love story I still wanted to see something I didn't get why Trystan was calling her by her first name on practically the first meeting worse yet but a nickname Isa when they are strangers and she's the High ueen FGS I couldn't ascertain whether Trystan was Pagen or Christian but either way I couldn't see someone in that period cursing by saying Jesus Mary and Joseph and Christ to name two By the end I was beginning to feel I was in an actionadventure movie with Butch Sundance and Etta who were really really good battling the bad guys who were really really bad

  5. SarahC SarahC says:

    Twilight of Avalon was one of the best books I have read in months It is a very readable lightly paced story in the tradition of 20th century Arthurian literature If you like Mary Stewart Nancy McKenzie or Rosemary Sutcliff you may like Anna ElliottThis book has a mystical feel without having a heavy fantasy storyline In this volume so far we see Merlin Morgan and Isolde with the power to see but is that magic or simply a gift? Isolde uestions this herself as she also struggles with an unclear past She has blocked away the view into her own history She is a complicated woman born of a complicated plot Arthur's granddaughter but born to his unfaithful wife Gwynefar Her father was Arthur's son and enemy Modred As you can see Elliott put no stops on the possibility that life among these Dark Age legends was complicated than we thought Isolde knows the sorrow of events past but she also has fleeting memories of happiness around her fatherElliott's Isolde story varies from tradition but her departure is uniue and the plot doesn't seem forced We find out some important things about Trystan but not much so far There is a connection between him and Isolde from the past and we see a brief glimpse that their stories will be woven together I like the location and circumstance of their first meeting here in volume oneThis story also gives a feel of Isolde's isolation She is 20 years old orphaned a political bride and she learns that the untrustworthy are all around Men turn their loyalties to overtake a country and women from above and below stairs greedily seek power from these men She also struggles to understand her magic and the faith of the Christian world and has lived with the label of witchThis is a great first installment in the series It carries enough substance and doesn't feel like a wasted prelude as some parts of a series can do The story holds your attention as mysteries are still to be solved and Isolde will still in some way battle the evil Marche in the story to come

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    All about them the dusk was drawing in Twilight the time ofchanging when the selkies swam in from the ocean and shed their sealskins to become the fairest of men pg 240Take most of what you know about King Arthur and Camelot and forget about it This is a grim and gritty story about the struggle for power during one of Britain's most turbulent times Change is a constant theme in this story It takes place in 6th centuray Britain a time of great change There is the continual threat of Saxon invasion accompanied by the usual burning and pillaging of villages The ruling class is in upheavel due in no small part to what happens between Arthur Gwynefar and Modred Isolde the last of this ruling family is not looked upon very kindly even though she is married to the current High King ConstantineIsolde must learn to deal with her family's legacy to Britain In doing so Isolde eventually becomes as strong and independent as she can be It's the 6th century women can only do so much because they don't have any rights Bear in mind that strong women tend to be labeled as witches also whether there is truth to it or not Isolde fights back against persecution and injustice not only for herself but for Britain as well Isolde becomes a leader reminding the other feudal kings of their responsibility to the land and their people In doing so Isolde gradually wins some people to her causeWith respect to the tragic love story between Isolde and Trystan there are hints of it towards the end of the story Maybe by book two or three this may be explored Trystan also has some issues of his own to sort through and this will probably be further delineated in the future as well Right now there is too much upheavel occurring for a romance to develop although there may have been some feelings between these in the past It's at lease hinted atElliott's writing brings all of her characters to life both the principal and supporting cast You despise the ones you should and empathize with the ones who need the most love and understanding There are a few scenes which were emotional for me but remember these were brutal times Elliott never forgets that and describes it as such Overall this was a very enjoyable book This is book one of a planned trilogy therefore most of this story is laying the groundwork for Books two and three Regardless the story moved uickly and was uite interesting This is not a romance story at least not yet This is an epic and tragic retelling of turbulent times in Britain's long history with an extremely strong and accomplished young woman at it's center According to Elliott this story is a blend of legend and truth and she is uite right Isolde is certainly legendary in her own rightThe stars will shine tomorrow whatever happens to me here pg 15 My Rating 95100 I throughly enjoyed this darker re telling of these legendary characters

  7. Erika Erika says:

    The wonderful thing about Arthurian legends is they’re all so different Some versions want to approach characters that are by now well familiar to many of us from a historical perspective as if they really existed The creative license to execute such a fiction is left to assembling their dialogue their mannerisms and behaviors the idea that Arthur Guinevere Merlin and Morgan le Fay need only the imaginative coaxing of an Author’s talent to be released once again into a world they inhabited long ago Other versions take great advantage of the legend as a fairy tale something that at one point may have been based in reality but has now risen above the mundane and into the powerfully magical and fantasticalI enjoy reading both types of Arthurian legends Each side has something to offer something new to share some other perspective to explore or some new twist to alter the way we may have thought about the turn of events or the roles we’ve come to expect of the characters Anna Elliott’s Twilight of Avalon the first in a new Twilight of Avalon Trilogy is a book that takes its cue from the historical and one might say cynical perspective Like every other author Elliott shows us a new way to spell everyone’s names although Arthur’s is woefully always the same Mordred is Modred; Guinevere is Gwenyfar; Merlin like most versions is a title the real name being Myrddin This though is a novel about Trystan and Isolde As we are reminded several times in the narrative “Camlann was over Arthur and Modred Myrddin and Morgan and Gwynefar lingering now only as voices in the wind One age is endedAnd another perhaps begun” p 425Camlann mind you isn’t referring to Camelot albeit here is Camelerd It’s the rud historical site of the battle between Arthur and Mordred Arthur’s final resting place When the narrative begins it’s been seven years since Arthur and Camelerd’s demise Isolde daughter of Gwynefar and Modred Arthur’s son with his half sister Morgan is mourning the sudden death of her husband and Arthur’s heir after Modred Constantine Britain is without a leader and in danger of being overrun by Saxons eager to take over the countryside Stuck in the middle is Isolde and Camelerd all that she has left of her family War is ongoing and now thrown into the bid for power is Isolde and her land As the smaller kings fight amongst themselves to win the High Kingship Isolde is fearful of the man who may win the battle Even worse than Marche’s temperment and penchant for torture is the easy way he has with his soldiers Marche’s ability to persuade and to lead are dangerous when combined with his ambition Camelerd is not safe nor does he have its best interests at heart Twilight of Avalon is a dark brooding novel The magic that’s come to be understood as an integral part of Arthurian legend is instead the stuff of stories As Coel relates to Isolde “There are plenty of tales about Arthur these days But I doubt any of us who knew the man himself would find much to recognize in the stories you hear told and retold” p 138 Magic and witchcraft and very feared things and the people of Britain are nothing if not terribly superstitious here There are freuent references from the characters themselves to the tall tales already being told of people they once knew of what they would delight in having said of them when they are goneThe land has changed and so has Isolde She has lost her Sight her ability to see into the past and future at will oddly enough this is the only magic that’s even remotely referred to as real Instead her visions come to her sporadically and function narratively to fill in the gaps of a willed amnesia that has blocked out a good portion of Isolde’s painful past Elliott’s writing is enchanting and lyrical the kind that slows a reader down to absorb the pages in at length and gorge on the richness and beauty of the narrative Nothing particularly happens except one or two things over and over again Isolde runs free and is captured twice; Isolde is held on trial for witchcraft twice; Trystan is beaten many timesI felt pretty bad for Trystan He was never without bruises lash wounds or blood Isolde was constantly referred to as the “Witch ueen” and made to suffer under the obstinate ignorance of the men around her who used her as a scapegoat for many deaths and accusations of witchcraft over what they could not do or did not understand Like always Isolde’s “witchcraft” is presented as a very feminine thing woven tightly together with healing For all intents and purposes to the men of Constantine’s remaining army the two are inseparable; Isolde’s bedside ministrations are a highly suspicious thing to behold under the utmost scrutiny and wariness These characters clearly had their assigned roles and little would be done to tear them free until the end of the novel that is In less than the course of a week so much despair and frustration made Isolde’s mission appear hopeless Combined with her inability to cope with the tumult of misfortune she’s experienced in a short period of time save for pushing it all to the back of her mind there’s something depressingly urgent fueling the momentum of the story We want to see Isolde succeed if only to allow her time to breathe time to mournWhile she isn’t a terribly dynamic character I have to remind myself this is the first in a trilogy Isolde has to go through her trials here in order to hopefully grow in the next book She heals others and tells stories now to push back the time when she has to remember to heal from her own stories She’s a wounded animal I think with the novel being as dark and despairing as it is there’s still a beauty found in Isolde and the other character’s efforts to continue fighting for a cause greater than themselves as everything dies off around them In their perseverance is found something of the grandness of Arthur’s court There is hopeI do want to say one last thing before anyone walks away wanting to pick this up The jacket copy refers to this book in passing as something of a romance novel Let me clear this up for you it’s nowhere near a romance novel If there is romance it waits on the other side in the pages of the second or third book but not hereOverall I really really enjoyed this novel Plus the cover is a gorgeous John William Waterhouse painting Boreas; he also did the infamous Lady of Shalott painting Who doesn’t love John William Waterhouse? His artwork is so hauntingly beautiful and this one in particular fits the novel well But of the book I think Anna Elliot has a talent suited well for this type of historical mythological novel and I can’t wait for The Dark Moon of Avalon and Sunrise of Avalon to be released Arthur Mordred Morgan and Merlin are all larger than life figures that loom out of their place in history to affect even the characters they once walked alongside lingering like ghosts While Elliott did approach Twilight of Avalon from a historical perspective she also pays tribute to the fairy tale For that I think she did a wonderful job My thanks go out to Ally Glynn at Simon Schuster UK for generously providing me with this review copy

  8. Amy Bruno Amy Bruno says:

    Sculptured from one of the earliest tellings of the legend of King Arthur Geoffrey Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain author Anna Elliott weaves an enchanting and spell binding tale of Trystan and Isolde in her debut novel Twilight of AvalonIsolde’s family tree is uite bewildering She is the daughter of Gwnefar who betrayed Arthur with Modred Arthur’s son with his step sister Morgan After Isolde’s birth Gwen flees to a convent where she dies Her father Modred is often away fighting his father Arthur for the throne so she is left in the care of her grandmother Morgan Morgan is a known healer and seer though some call her a witch and she passes on her knowledge to Isolde though the gift of sight has all but left Isolde as the novel opens Isolde’s husband and the High King of Britain King Constantine has been murdered and rather than give way to grieving she is plotting a way to save her country and herself from the clutches of the new High King Lord Marche whom she believes brought about Con’s death She meets Trystan after they are both able to escape from Marche and combine forces if you will to warn others of Marche’s plans on deceiving Britain to the Saxons Along their journey they naturally become close and as flashes of Isolde’s memories that she has hidden for so long start to resurface she begins to remember her pastThis is actually my second time reading Twilight of Avalon and I didn’t think it possible but I liked it even this time around I think the first time I was so eager to keep those pages turning and know what was happening next and this time I was able to slow down and savor it Anna Elliott is a remarkable storyteller and has created a world that I could get lost in on a daily basis Not only are Isolde and Trystan fantastic characters but I also adored Trystan’s loyal friends Kian and Hereric With great writing a strong woman protagonist a hunky but broken hero and one really nasty villain you’ve got the perfect formula for one fabulous book

  9. Melissa Melissa says:

    It is no wonder I could not finish this book even though I trudged through 60% of it I had to let it go Life is too short to waste time on plodding lousy plots weak characters and ZERO passion I don't just mean romantic passion these characters were empty Over 50% of the book is ad nauseum coverage of her being a misunderstood possible witch woe is me flashback flashback etc etc and when her and Trystan meet they are asexual uninteresting dead fish for so long it adds to the boredom of the story and lost me as a reader entirelyThe plot was empty of any soul or interestYou are suckered in by the changed names of Camelot Merlin etc but there is no meat to those lures Worst the epic characters of Trystan Isolde are dull and literally going nowhere If I am forced to read a 2nd book just to find out what happens to their abysmally spread over too thin plot line I'll just imagine it My imagination is richer than this repetitive waste of good title and cover image

  10. Jayme Jayme says:

    At first I had trouble getting in to this book After the first chapter though I had trouble putting it down Elliot's writing style is beautiful It reminded me of stories people would tell each other in that time period which I think is what she was going for so that was awesome I thought she did a wonderful job developing her characters and you really understood the struggles in the novel Isolde is by far one of the best female protagonists I have ever come across She is so strong but you can see how she has to struggle to find that strength and anyone can connect with that I can't wait to see how she develops furtherTrystan was the mysterious one I know this book is suppose to be about the legend of the romance between Isolde and Trystan but I didn't find much romance in this book Trystan came off as a jerk at times and a friend at others I think I will understand him better once he has developed in the next two novelsI can not wait for the seuels

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Twilight of Avalon [Read] ➲ Twilight of Avalon ➮ Anna Elliott – Ela é uma sacerdotisa uma contadora de histórias uma guerreira e uma rainha sem trono Nas sombras da Bretanha do rei Artur uma mulher conhece a verdade ue poderia salvar um reino das mãos de um tir Ela é uma sacerdotisa uma contadora de histórias uma guerreira e uma rainha sem trono Nas sombras da Bretanha do rei Artur uma mulher conhece a verdade ue poderia salvar um reino das mãos de um tiranoRessentimentos antigos velhas feridas e a busca Twilight of eBook à pelo poder imperam na corte da rainha recém viúva Isolda Mas passou uma geração após a ueda de Camelot e Isolda chora o seu marido morto o rei Constantino um homem ue ela sabe em segredo ter sido assassinado pelo perverso lorde Marche o homem ue acabou por assumir o título de Rei Supremo Embora as suas aptidões enuanto curandeira sejam reconhecidas por todo o reino no seguimento da morte de Constantino surgem acusações de feitiçaria e bruxariaUm dos poucos aliados de Isolda é Tristão um prisioneiro com um passado solitário e conturbado Nem saxão nem bretão Tristão não é atingido pelos esuemas políticos rus e acusações ue rodeiam a bela rainha Juntos escapam e enuanto o seu companheirismo muda de amizade ara amor têm de encontrar uma maneira de provar o ue sabem ser a verdade ue as manobras de Marche ameaçam não só as suas vidas mas a soberania do reino britânico.

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About the Author: Anna Elliott

A longtime devotee of historical fiction and Arthurian legend Anna Elliott was expecting her first child when she woke up from a very vivid dream of telling her mother that she was going to write a book about Modred's daughter Isolde She was Twilight of eBook à very grateful to her daughter for being an excellent sleeper even as a newborn and allowing her the time to turn her dream into a finished book She now li.