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Fires of Eden ❰Ebook❯ ➦ Fires of Eden Author Dan Simmons – From the award winning author of Hyperion and Carrion Comfort comes a harrowing tale of natural disaster all devouring greed and wrathful godsReal estate mogul Byron Trumbo is the owner of the Mauna P From the award winning author of Hyperion and Carrion Comfort comes a harrowing tale of natural disaster all devouring greed and wrathful godsReal estate mogul Byron Trumbo is Fires of ePUB í the owner of the Mauna Pele a deluxe Hawaiian resort that until recently was the playground of the rich and famous Yet instead of making money hand over fist Trumbo has a bit of a problem guests keep disappearing Hoping to sell the resort to Japanese investors he invites them to the Mauna Pele to finalize the deal—but strange and fantastic events complicate the weekend Giant beasts capable of human speech are spotted visitors turn up dead and dismembered and volcanic eruptions fill the sky with smoke and flame as fast moving lava flows dangerously close to the resort Trumbo refuses to allow these minor inconveniences to impede his sales pitch to the JapaneseOther guests find themselves at the Mauna Pele this weekend with agendas that extend beyond enjoying the sun and sand For college professor Eleanor Perry this “vacation” is a pilgrimage to a place once visited by her spinster aunt Euipped with her aunt’s diary which details adventures with Mark Twain than one hundred years ago Eleanor has uncommon insight into the frightening and mystical events about to unfold And thrice married Cordie Stumpf whose housewifely appearance belies her keen mind and fearless resolve is at the resort to pursue her own goal The two women join forces as an astonishingly self reliant duo prepared to do battle with the immortal enemies of the volcano goddess Pele and thereby restore harmony to the islandAgainst the mythic backdrop of an island paradise filled with vengeful gods and brooding menace Dan Simmons weaves a stunning tale of ancient rivalries tested in the modern world.

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  1. Raymond Walker Raymond Walker says:

    Dan Simmons is one of my favorite writers and has been for many years now I found his novels “Drood” “Endymion” and “Hyperion” excellent in every way rating them five stars for each “The Terror” “Illium” and “The fall of Hyperion” all received four stars out of five Yet even the best of authors such as Mr Simmons occasionally can write a novel that will not entertain as much as many of his othersThis I am afraid is one of those It is still a good novel and had it been from an author that was new to me this would have had a great review but Mr Simmons has written so many excellent novels that perhaps I just expect a little from himThis comedic horror novel spans two centuries and is set in Hawaii where the gods of the mountain decide to wreak revenge upon unsuspecting Japanese businessmen on holidayAdd into this roiling cauldron Mark Twain’s female companion upon another trip to the island The story is told deftly as you would expect from an author of such great stature and It is certainly worth noting that Mr Simmons has conuered yet another genre in the writing of this novel Not his best novel but still very enjoyable well written planned and executed To anyone that has not read one of Mr Simmons books you will love this it is excellent but when you read another of his and you will you will realize that this novel is on one of the lower rungs of the authors lofty and impressive list of books

  2. Craig Craig says:

    This is one of Simmons' lesser known novels despite it's somewhat tenuous connection to the seasonnight books It's set in Hawaii and follows two narratives an epistolary past that includes Samuel Clemons and a current the book was published in 1994 narrative which includes what may be a Donald Trump analog Simmons does a good job of including Hawaiian mythology and history in the story subjects about which I knew very little The plot develops at a leisurely pace than many of his adventure oriented books but it's an interesting and engaging story as well as a thoughtful picture of the native culture For a hot time in the old town tonight

  3. Baba Baba says:

    Yet another compelling and seemingly very well researched book by Dan Simmons I still recovering from the atrocious rationale behind 'Flashback' but his writing is so good in this that I'm back in his stan alreadyAn Hawaii set story told in two time zones in the past told via letters by adventurous travelling single woman Miss Lorena Stewart coming across Sam Clemson essaysist and travel writer as the volcanoes are about to blow in the mid 19th century; and in the 1990s where property tycoon is trying to sell his albatross of a very high end elite holiday resort before the volcanoes blow Stewart's descendent Eleanor Perry and free holiday competition winner Cordie StumpfWhat brings these 2 tales together? Murder rape gods ghosts lava volcanoes and And somehow despite my lack of interest in ghost stories this supernatural tale tied to native Hawaiian deities works wonderfully well; as does telling the tales using different formats; as does making the main protagonists women in their 40s and 50s It's something I've just began to realise with Simmons so many of his leading protagonists are outside the norm of age body shapes genders etcAnyways another very interesting Simmons' jam which also introduces to the lesser informed readers like me native Hawaiian mythology 8 out of 12Here's a GIF of some of the lava runs from the actual Kilaeua volcano in this book

  4. Scott Rhee Scott Rhee says:

    I have never been to Hawaii but I really want to go After reading Dan Simmons's Fires of Eden I really REALLY really want to go It's not a nonfiction travelogue It's a horror novel It's one of the funniest horror novels I've ever read And it made me want to visit Hawaii It also made me hungry but that's neither here nor there The story takes place on the Big Island the island of Hawaii on a mega resort called the Mauna Pele on the Kona Coast The owner of the resort is a sleazy super rich dude named Byron Trumbo clearly modeled after Donald Trump who is trying to finalize the sale of the resort with a Japanese buyer before the press gets wind of the fact that guests keep disappearing or getting killed at an alarming rate Apparently the vengeful Hawaiian male gods Kamapua'a Pana ewa and a few others with way too many syllables have been summoned and are ripping the souls out of the bodies of numerous guests They are upset at humans for destroying the land by putting up tacky hotels and golf courses The goddess Pele who is not so happy about the so called progress either but nevertheless protects the island is under attack It's up to the timid not so old maid college professor Eleanor Perry and her new friend Cordie Stumpf to help Pele and save the island And the world They're on vacation sort of but they've come prepared to battle demons and gods This is a fun and silly read from an author who in my estimation can do no wrong There is a lot to enjoy in this novel from the descriptions of the beautiful Hawaiian scenery to the stories of Hawaiian folk tales and legends to Simmons's break neck suspense to his wonderfully lovable and believable characters There is even a parallel story involving Samuel Clemens who visited Hawaii in 1866 If you're not a fan of Dan Simmons this may not be his most exemplary work It is however an entertaining supernatural suspense thriller comedy think Ghostbusters in Hawaii that will take you on a mental vacation for a few hours

  5. Steve R Steve R says:

    A very good fantasy horror novel set in Hawaii and dealing with its mythology and history both before and after the American occupation A good mystery a fanciful and imaginative supernatural background and real suspenseful horror which kept me turning pages As well Simmons uses one of his favorite devices introducing one of his favorite writers as a character In this case it's Mark Twain Highly recommended for those who love both Simmon's historical fantasy Olympos and pure horror Carrion Comfort First rate

  6. Peter Peter says:

    I was extremely impressed by Fires of Eden It is an adventure story set in the Sandwich Islands Hawaii today well plotted with well drawn characters including a fictional Samuel Clemens A fun read from start to finish

  7. Sergey Sergey says:

    Dan Simmons prose is stark and vivid This book made me feel like I am really in Hilo Hawaii

  8. Florin Constantinescu Florin Constantinescu says:

    This is one of Dan Simmons' trickiest books to read Not that it's written in any difficult style or following a particularly difficult plot It's simply that it's well different I expected the expected from the author after reading the synopsis Mega serious scary thriller Reading the book with this mindset left me puzzled for its first third as all things were wrongSo I decided that Dan Simmons must've visited Hawaii in the early 90's and lost a bet there and was thus forced into writing a novel about the archipelago's mythology Dan Simmons being Dan Simmons just couldn't help it and had to include a historical character like he does in most of his novels And since the bet had not indicated the type of tone he had to use he decided on writing a picaresue novel and who better to include than Mark TwainSo there are going to be scenes of Mark Twain surfing yea surfing exploring volcanoes stripping naked and rescuing lost souls from the underworld Why not?And a whole slew of other cardboard characters typical of the picaresue novel the cold and calculated billionaire with three 'wives' put face to face with supernatural forces the vengeful ex wife with her attorney the super hot and gullible bikini dame the young and single female history professor traveling the world etcWith this change in mindset I immediately starting liking the novel Using his fast paced style the author does not let you put the book down for too long periods His research in Hawaii history and mythology is as always with his research very thorough Obviously can't tell if it's correct or not but who cares? The novel is also surprising in its ending seuence especially when it comes to choice of heroic characters Overall a pleasant read and a worthy addition to Dan Simmons' bibliographyLater if you read the synopsis of 'Drood' and intend to read it you're going to think it's another one of these 'trap picaresue' novels of Dan Simmons' Charles Dickens instead of Mark Twain and supernatural forces Well no 'Drood' just couldn't be different

  9. Pat MacEwen Pat MacEwen says:

    This novel involves dual time streams In the present billionaire Byron Trumbo has built an ultra posh golf resort on the slopes of Mauna Kea in Hawaii but it's now losing money hand over fist as his guests disappear or wind up dead in strange circumstances His goal? Sell it off to Japanese investors while ducking his wife his girl friend AND his new girl friend who converge on the resort like the Three Furies One of his guests is Dr Eleanor Perry who arrives armed with a journal her aunt wrote about her 1866 visit to the Sandwich Islands and the volcanoes and her encounters with a brash newspaperman named Samuel Clemens as well as a raft of Hawaiian supernaturals including Pele herself Perry soon joins forces with another guest Cordie Stumpf who is full of surprises in her own right including a loaded38 in her tote bag Together they soon discover that Trumbo's modern day problems are directly related to those of 1866 and ending them will reuire as it did then a trip into the Hawaiian realm of the dead through doorways hidden inside lava tubes This is not one of Simmons' best known works but I enjoyed an unusual take on the supernatural feuds involved and found Simmons' portrayal of Mark Twain a great deal of fun Byron Trumbo threatened to become a cartoon figure of the very rich manasshole type but ended up redeeming himself in a fairly surprising yet satisfactory manner that could used nuance but did achieve its major goals The three women involved Cordie and Eleanor Perry and her Aunt Kidder were far interesting each with many levels of complexity than the men and are the true heroes of the tale My main complaint? Cordie Stumpf has a major problem which is not resolved by the end of the book and I see that as a missed opportunity

  10. Chris Duval Chris Duval says:

    Enjoy this as you would a grand myth re telling except here the myth is I think a fabrication from many genuine folk fragments some added horror of the author's imagination and a narrative glue of his making This is like much fantasy that evokes myths in a retelling except here the first iteration must also be told To allow this the narrative flips back from the original 19th century to the parallel contemporary story Also like a telling or retelling of a myth characters are reduced which will displease readers hoping for a character based novel I found the key reduced characters uite sufficiently complex for my reading pleasureThe myth he constructed from fragments was of outsider contact and insider reaction an opposition that echoed that of other juxtaposed natural and supernatural actorsA reader will smile at some of the reminiscences and remarks attributed to the character of Samuel Clemens they include the oft heard one about sulfur smells and sinners The 20th century analog is a farce surrounding the sale of a resort These comic scenes and their characters offset the doings of grotesue monsters; were the latter truly frightening there wouldn't be balance which is part of the novel's mythic theme

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