The Marino Mission: One Girl, One Mission, One Thousand

The Marino Mission: One Girl, One Mission, One Thousand Words; 1,000 Need-to-Know *SAT Vocabulary Words [Ebook] ➦ The Marino Mission: One Girl, One Mission, One Thousand Words; 1,000 Need-to-Know *SAT Vocabulary Words Author Karen B. Chapman – One unforgettable story One thousand unforgettable SAT vocabulary wordsAlexa McCurry leads an ordinary teenager's life in upstate New York—until she embarks on a summer adventure in Central America One unforgettable story One thousand Mission: One PDF/EPUB Á unforgettable SAT vocabulary wordsAlexa McCurry leads an ordinary teenager's life in upstate New York—until she embarks on a summer adventure in Central America While working at a potentially boring internship in a marine DNA lab she befriends a local boy José and a remarkable dolphin Pecas Together The Marino PDF or Alexa and José uncover an ominous secret Pecas' missing baby may be a captive at a marine biology facility In a riveting tale of intrigue Alexa and José work to unravel the mystery—and lead the reader on a vocabulary expanding adventureThe Marino Mission is a fun and painless way to master tough Marino Mission: One PDF/EPUB » SAT vocabulary words Why spend all day looking at lists of words and definitions when you can read a gripping page turner that incorporates SAT vocabulary words right into the text Even better words are defined at the bottom of each page so you don't have to flip to the back of the Marino Mission: One Girl, One ePUB í book to find definitions Plus self tests at the end of the novel help you retain what you learn and prepare for test day Once you open up The Marino Marino Mission: One Girl, One ePUB í Mission you'll hardly know you're studying at all.

10 thoughts on “The Marino Mission: One Girl, One Mission, One Thousand Words; 1,000 Need-to-Know *SAT Vocabulary Words

  1. Angela Angela says:

    BACKSTORY skip this section if you don't want to read my ramblingI got this book during high school thinking it'd help me learn some SAT words while improving my reading skills Well the truth is it didn't Not because this is not a good book but I simply loathed reading Fast forward a decade later I was cleaning out my belongings from my parent's house and I found this hidden gem It was wrapped with recycled printed news paper so I couldn't tell what book it was The only clue to the title of the book was my hand writing on the cover it printed Mario MissionHmm Is this Mario Kart related? When did I obtain such treasure? I thought to myselfI opened the book out of curiosity I wanted to know what the heck this book was about only to realize that not only I've spelled the book title wrong but also I've discovered yet another embodiment of a perfect example of my many futile attempts to study English Needless to say my SAT score was mostly made up by my math section; and the career I'm in definitely not much creative writing skills involved After reminiscing my high school days I thought I'd give this book another try Why not? BOOK REVIEW start here if you just want to know how the book isVOCABULARIESThis book has my support I'd recommend it for any student studying for SAT or simply wanting to read something while learning vocabularies All the SAT words used within a page are bolded and their definitions displayed on the bottom In addition the author has consolidated lists of all new words at the end of the book along with exercises that are intended to further your learnings Since this is a high school reading material I thought it'd be interesting to see how many pages I'd find vocabularies I wasn't familiar with With that mindset I started my reading and always had a pencil with me to mark a page if I found words unknown to me at the moment Ironically and sadly I should've done the opposite instead I should've marked pages which I know all the words The reality is that I actually marked almost every single page GAHHHH I am feeling embarrassed and hilarious at the same time STORYPLOTThe story Classic teenager drama The protagonist girl Alexa is a typical high school girl who is just like the rest of us as the book points out but also not really as the book points out she's unlike her peers who enjoy dressing up and being attractive and popular Of course the main male character in the book another teenager boy about the same age is utterly attractive and intelligent and falls for nobody else on the island except Alexa this foreign visitor from another continent He's into her because she's all natural and not all about her appearance unlike other regular girls And they fall in love at first sight butterflies finally kissing Honestly I feel personally attacked as I'm labeled as this regular type of girl that this book is not promoting Is it wrong to wanting to look decent?The storyline itself is uite dull I think I am too spoiled by stories like Game of Thrones ok let's not talk about the last season on TV series and I constantly expect the unexpected but the storyline in this book has always been predictable If it looks like something's about to happen it happens I've had too many disappointments; I had higher hopes for the story to unfold in a adventurous fashion But it didn't IDEAS BEHIND THE STORIESSurprisingly this book touches upon some bigger ideas that I didn't expect such teenager love romcom story to have Especially about looking at issues from different perspectives and how the main characters represented the different sides of an argument It surfaced some fundamental struggles and constant debates between the emotional Liberals and the practical Conservatives While the book itself does not reveal which side the author supports it has helped me to understand the importance of being cognitive about others' point of views I certainly didn't expect to learn such big life lesson from a book and story like this CONCLUSIONOverall I enjoyed reading this book The story was easy to follow and the author tried to incorporate as many SAT words in his writing as possible While the story could be interesting I do appreciate the lessons and the learnings the book tries to teach the readers mainly high school students I suppose

  2. Lark Lark says:

    ok this book is REALLY GOOD My favorite character is Jose ;;; He is really cool Also he is really awesome in the second book IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN ok Jose is sooo great like OK I wish he was real and then I could say Hey Jose YUP he would be my best friend sorry Cara if you are reading this BUT anyway JOse is so great HE needs to give ME a shark tooth necklace Also the dolphins are pretty great BUT YES JOSEEE theres this one scene in the second book where he freekin SWINGS FROM A VINE AND KICKS THIS GUY IN THE FACE yup And that is why Jose is the best JOSE JOSE FOR LIFEEEEEE anyway Alexa is pretty cool she seems chill but JOSEEEEEEEEEEEE JJJJJJJOOOOOOOSSSSSSSEEEEEEE ok you probably get the point but seriously anyways let me just recap here JOSE IS THE BEST AND ALWAYS WILL BE ok like seriously though ALSO A MESSAGE TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO RATED THIS 1 STAR YOU ARE STUPID CANT YOU SEE THIS BOOK IS GREAT I CANT BELIEVE IT WHAT WOULD JOSE SAY IF HE HEARD YOU SAY THAT NO REALLY WHAT WOULD JOSE SAY THAT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IS WHAT I ASK MYSELF EVERY DAY when I wake up in the morning I ask myself WHAT WOULD JOSE DO???? No really I do because Jose is literally LIFE ok I KNOW that there are some of you that are actually still reading this I KNOW and if you are you are probably a marino mission fanatic like myself but if not let me tell you GET A LIFE I MEAN SERIOUSLY LEARN IN THE WAYS OF JOSE Jose knows allok also to those of you who have read the Mayan Mission JOSE IS WAY BETTER THAN DOUG ok??????? like really Alexa was already WITH Jose Like Doug just BARGED in DOUG IS THE THIRD WHEEL Jose is so much better than Doug that it is not even funny OMG REALLYALSO let me just say that the author is a genius like seriously HOW could ANYONE come up with someone as great as Jose without being an ultra genius REALLY I mean Jose is litterally the best character everIf someone asked me if i had to chose a book which book would you want to be real? dO YOu KNoW wHat I'D saY???????? ok lets be fair at this point I think we all know what my answer would be but let me just say it anyway for those of you who CLEARLY need to be taught in the ways of Jose THE MARINO MISSION thats right I SAID IT AND DO YOU KNOW WHY???? JOSE JOSEOK I THINK IT IS CLEAR WHY I RATED THIS BOOK 5 STARS I THINK WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER IT IS BECAUSE OF THE PURE GENIUS THAT IS THIS BOOK I MEAN REALLY WHAT KIND OF GENIUS WROTE THIS BOOK???? CLEARLY SOMEONE WHO IS AS GREAT IN THE WAYS OF JOSE AS WAIT FOR IT JOSE HIMSELF THATS RIGHT I SAID IT JOSE

  3. Sara Radcliffe Sara Radcliffe says:

    I enjoyed this book This book is about Alexa who travels to Central America with her mother who has been offered a new summer job She befriends a local Jose They bond and uncover a mystery that they are indeted to solving Throughout the book you watch there friendship grow into something Also there are 1000 SAT words in this book For any high schoolers wanting to improve there vocabulary and read a good story I definitely recommend this book

  4. Debby Debby says:

    There is a decent story somewhere underneath the 1000 vocabulary words teens are supposed to know to successfully pass the SAT The author also a PhD in molecular biology TRIES to help teens learn the vocab through the story but it kills the flow No teen would EVER talk the ways these kids do There are multiple footnotes of ever page with word definitions and 100 pages of vocabulary exercises at the end of 200 very short pages of text This is a great vocabulary builder but not a good read Not recommended for anyone except a high school student trying to learn vocabulary

  5. Hong Deng Hong Deng says:

    This is a great book containing a fascinating story about a American girl who went to Central America and discovered a secret of a Marine Facility about dolphins The best part of the book is the accurate usage of 1000 SAT vocabulary words with definitions on the bottom I certainly recommend this book to people who are interested in expanding vocabularies as well as trying to find a book to read for fun

  6. Megan Curtis Megan Curtis says:

    I really liked this book because it relates to most teenage girls This girl has to go down to an island where she doesn't want to leave her father and friends She has a normal challenging life as any other teenage girl and is interested in guys When she goes down to Nicaragua for the summer she meets a guy and they have a little thing with each other I rated this a 5 because I like reading adventures and would recommend it for girls because it is about a girl

  7. Gineiris Gineiris says:

    This book is all right If you want to learn a lot of words for the SAT's it's great Otherwise it will just be a cute story about some dolphins It's a bit slow at first but gets better in the middle and the end is good too except for the last chapter because it's a bit uneventful and corny Not a good ending but I still recommend it because you learn a lot of new words

  8. Reba Reba says:

    Kind of painful to read with all of the excessive vocabulary but I guess that was kind of the point of the bookstill some serious verbal gymnastics going on here The good news is I aced all the uizzes in the back Bring on the SAT's At least the verbal part

  9. Mimi Mimi says:

    The book had a very cute plot although I didn't like how the events developed But is very nice how we read and learn new vocabulary words at the same time

  10. Suzanne Chaar Suzanne Chaar says:

    I really love this book It was very good book and it was one of the best book I ever read in English

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