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Giordanni's Proposal [Read] ➲ Giordanni's Proposal Author Jacqueline Baird – A marriage proposal Italian styleBeth was left breathless when gorgeous Italian tycoon Dex Giordanni proposed marriage within days of meeting her But then she overheard a conversation that chilled her A marriage proposal Italian styleBeth was left breathless when gorgeous Italian tycoon Dex Giordanni proposed marriage within days of meeting her But then she overheard a conversation that chilled her Dex wanted to wed her to settle a family scoreBeth prepared herself to end their engagement how could she ham born so naive as to think Dex was really interested in a virgin like her But Dex didn't take no for an answer If a diamond ring couldn't seduce her to the altar then he would.

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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re Giordanni's Proposal Jacueline Baird brings us an old skool utter whackfest trainwreck of an HP outingThe H in this one is named Dexter it means towards the right hand side His last name is Giordanni and of course he is Italian He is 33 and his back story is that his mother had him 18 months after she was widowed Apparently in Dex's conservative Italian hometown this was a tremendous scandal The shadow of his being born on the 'left side of the blanket' in other words he was illegitimate and even worse the son of a widow who should have been properly wearing black and mourning for the rest of her life has left a very negative aura around Dex for most of his HP existenceThrow in a bad marriage to a Pay to Play Popsie who happened to be the first woman he slept with and married cause he did not know any better who then threw him over for a older richer man and you can assume that Dex Darling has some issuesIn fact in classic JB style Dex is an utter donkey hiney nematode snot snarfer And that is probably being too kind to him and very unfair to donkey posteriors But that is the juxtaposition upon which JB's Shire of HPlandia restsJB H's are ALWAYS nematodes they just can't help themselves and JB obviously has never met a member of the Chromadorea class that she did not like In comparison her h's this one is named Beth are usually smart and talented career ladies or working towards a career and while they may suffer the spine dissolving effects of the HP Lurve Force Mojo they also are pretty uick with a sharp comeback and they at least try to remember their seekrit calcium supplementsBeth is 21 and is a graphic artist in London Her beloved godfather Paul got her a job in an ad agency and also helped her pay for her uni degree Paul was her deceased father's BFF and has stood in as a surrogate dad since Beth was twoBeth's mother has made a career out of singing with an intense focus on multiple marriages It was during one of her five or six marriages that Beth met her stepbrother When the story starts Beth's stepbrother wants Beth to dress up and do a little dance routine with him in his boss's office the stepbrother made some kind of bet and needs Beth's help to win itBeth allows herself to be cajoled into participating and during the course of their dance routine in the Big Office Beth falls flat on her back Dex is right there to help Beth up in all his smouldering Italian Male HP Alpha Glory Before poor Beth even has time to find the calcium bottle Dex is all about sweeping her off her feetLittle does Beth know that Dex is actually pulling a sneaky counter maneuver and trying to score at the same time It turns out that Paul was seeing Dex's older sister Dex's sister is very passionate and a bit incendiary and when she and Paul had a tiff Paul went home to LondonOnce in London Paul did his godfatherly duty and took Beth out for a chat and dinner Dex and his sister saw the two of them together and in a classic 'fight for your man' move Dex's sister dumped Paul's lamb chops on his head Dex uickly whisked his irate sister out of the exclusive restaurant while Beth sat in stunned surprised Beth was so surprised she never got a good look at Dex and now is an innocent butterfly unknowingly waiting for the net to strike Before Beth can catch a deep breath Dex has offered her a ring and a huge amount of roofie kissesBeth is in love and joyous with it Until she inadvertently overhears Dex and his male assistant talking about her and Dex reveals that he is only looking for a bang with a babe and keeping Paul safe for his sisterBeth realizes that Dex thinks she is Paul's bed warmer and is gravely hurt to realize that he has never actually said he loved her or actually proposed for that matter Beth decides to dig out that calcium supplement right away After riding around on the bus for a few hours to give the calcium a little time to work Beth goes back to her flat and is ready to facedown DexBeth dumps Dex but doesn't explain what she heard or reveal the family connection to Paul Dex being a sensitive big baby about a lot of things decides a little forced seduction is the perfect reprisal to Beth attempting to kick him outBeth reluctantly gives into the Lurve Force Purple Passion but then realizes that her body overrode her brain and tells Dex off royally in the aftermath Dex goes but it is clear he is not happy and Beth does a good job of trying to get over him for a few weeksIt all goes pear shaped when Dex shows up as Beth and her stepbrother and his new fiancee are going out for a Halloween party Dex decides that two weeks without Beth is uite long enough But since Beth took extra strength calcium and bought a chastity belt for extra reinforcement Dex is forced to try and blackmail Beth into being his mistressHe twirls his invisible mustache and tells Beth that if she doesn't agree to be his new Penthouse Popsie he will get her beloved stepbrother fired He writes his number on her hand with a Sharpie and tells her the deadline for her answer is 10 AM Beth is almost tempted cause her Treacherous Body Syndrome is being very treacherous but staying up all night fretting tends to wear a body out and in a stunningly hilarious moment Beth sleeps through Dex's deadlineDex is already off and leaves the country before Beth can call him up Since Beth has no clue where Dex really lives she figures all is lost But nothing happens and her stepbrother is fine Then Beth gets a wedding invitation from Paul He and Dex's sister are finally getting married and Beth figures that the wedding date being set has finally warded Dex off his sister got her manBeth goes to Italy for the wedding and who should magically appear just as Beth is giving a daughterly kiss to Paul's cheek? Why it is Dex of course and in an astounding fit of rage Dex hits Paul in the face and drags Beth offAfter driving like a mad person Dex pulls over and Beth yells at him for beating up her godfather and honorary dad Dex feels a teensy bit ashamed and eventually he apologizes to every one BUT BethLater that night Beth finds out she is staying at Dex's house and Dex tries to negotiate a truce because Beth has been making glarey faces at Dex all through dinner Beth reluctantly agrees and then shows up at the wedding in a red Chanel suit that drives Dex wildHe snaps and snarls at every man who even looks at her and after an unsuccessful seduction attempt later on Beth takes herself off to bed and is counting the hours until she can escape from the raving toe rag snot pustule that Dex has turned out to beThe next morning Beth oversleeps again and Dex is really cranky He decides to take Beth back to the Italian mainland using his high speed launch In a comedy of slapstick errors he knocks Beth off the back of his boat literally knocks her out as she is trying to swim to the dock ladder and frantically strips off both of their clothes when he tries to get Beth in the shower to warm her back up All of this frenetic action from a man who is usually as smooth as glass really sets Beth off Clutching her towel fiercely Beth steps up for round two of Totally Telling Dex Off Dex is finally forced to admit he is madly in love with Beth and has been for weeks He claims he has been unable to sleep for stressing about how to bind Beth to him but she can't possibly feel the same because every time he tries to issue and ultimatum to her Beth just falls asleep and has absolutely no consideration for Dex's frighteningly tender feelings Poor Dex was so outraged that he was pacing the floor all night in gut wrenching anxiety when he delivered his be my mistress or the step brother gets it ultimatum and Beth just sleeps right through it Dex also admits that being in love makes him feel out of control and of course he has to be a Big Bullying Baby about it Then Dex almost has a heart incident when Beth starts crying during the course of his big declaration speech But Beth is crying tears of joy as she timidly admits that she is in love with Dex tooDex and Beth marry and the epilogue is Paul and Dex's sister waiting for Dex and Beth to show up for their daughter's christening They are running late and when Dex is taxed about it and Beth can only blush the only explanation Dex will give is that he and Beth oversleptI like this book even tho Dex is a nematode for most of it Mainly because this is the definitive book of the ultimate JB HP style JB is the ueen of blackmail in HPlandia her H's will always go the coercive route to get their h But JB also gives a clear understanding that while the H's may be trying to use blackmail and coercion to deny their feelings and still win their h they aren't really going to do whatever heinous action they threaten JB H's really are big marshmallows at heart tho they will push their luck and toss off a lot of guff to try and make things go their way But at the end of the day they really do have a bedrock moral standard and they aren't truly going to use rape as a means of getting their h Even tho there is borderline forced seduction a JB h will give enthusiastic consent before any lurve club events take place The same thing cannot be said of many of the other old skool Vintage HPlandia authorsJB can be confusing but this book makes her favorite HP trope clear if a JB h will just stand up for herself or at least decide she wants to romp with the H anyway the H will fall into the standard HP HEA design much uicker and usually we get a very entertaining HPlandia outing along the way

  2. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Hero takes the heroine out because he thinks she is dating his sister's love interest The sister's love interest is the h's godfather Heroine realizes this when she overhears a conversation between the hero and his friend She jilts the hero without explaining what she heard but he can't take no for an answer He forcibly seduces her and takes her virginityHeroine is shattered and doesn't want to see him ever again The hero shows up a few weeks later with a proposition of being his mistress or else he'll pull her stepbrother's promotion Heroine oversleeps when she's supposed to tell him her answer Meanwhile her godfather patched it up with the hero's sister She flies to Italy for the wedding and the hero sees her kissing her godfather 'hello' so he assumes they are still having an affair He hits the godfather and takes off with the heroine who finally tells him the of the relationship she has with her godfather Hero apologizes to the godfather and his sister but not the heroine He's still a raving jealous lunatic during the wedding and afterward when the heroine falls overboard and he has to rescue her He finally declares his love HEAThis is standard JB fare Her heroines are usually career girl virgins with a lot of pride to keep the big misunderstanding going Her heroes are always jealous fools who have been burned by another woman I enjoyed the angsty portions of the story but the hero needed grovel along with his declaration

  3. Kiki Kiki says:

    She said no he kept going That IS rapeI know you want me or let me prove you want me is still using force and coercion and grossly supporting rape cultureThe hero picked heroine up from one room to the other when she kept on saying no and stop and stripped her naked through her protest and counting on her consent because she said she wanted him at the peak of the momentI don't know how old this book is but it nauseating On top of that he calls her a whore a number of time And then he claims he loves her so everyone's happy

  4. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Giordanni's Proposal is the story of Beth and DexWhen the heroine accompanies her beloved stepbrother to perform a wild dance in a party she never expects things to go horribly wrong or to be rescued pursued and charmed by the enigmatic hero They have a whirlwind courtship and he proposesonly for her to realize the true purpose behind his intentions She refuses they spar and the engagement ends before it truly begins But soon the heroine finds herself pursued by the hero again this time without any promise of commitment Will she give in?Another crazy romance with a jealous possessive hero who always wins in the fights a spunky heroine who tries her best wild non descriptive sex baseless OM drama confessions and actually a very cute epilogueLiked itSafe35

  5. Romance_reader Romance_reader says:

    The H was creepy and rapey And the back story presented to justify his actions did nothing to redeem his character for me The h was ok and as with all JB's novels; the writing was good enough to merit a 2 star rating would have been higher without the heavy handed Hero

  6. Leona Leona says:

    Jaueline Baird is one of my favorite category romance authors But this book was just awful I felt she crossed the line with the hero and the heroine was beyond TSTL This was just pitiful

  7. Aarann Aarann says:

    I dug this book a lot surprisingly considering it's than 15 years old and features a LOT of alphole asshattery Beth is innocently going about her life when Dex is that an Italian name? I'm actually asking because I don't know and these books do tend to stick to traditional ethnicities when naming their MMCs It didn't bother me but I am kind of curious about it Giordanni begins wooing her Of course it's love at first sight for Beth let me pause for a minute so I can roll my eyes and she's in love with him by like the second date It's ridiculousAnyway as the back cover says we find out along with Beth that she has actually been targeted by Dex for his own Alpha Male Nefarious Purposes and he doesn't actually want to marry her Armed with a legitimate reason but way too much pride to tell him the truth and avoid a lot of drama Beth decides to dump Dex without telling him the real reasons Of course Dex isn't going to allow any of that women's lib girl dumping him garbage and decides the solution is to bang her like a Salvation Army drum call her a whore then leave As you might imagine this isn't the end of it and this results in a tumultuous I want you I hate you go away kiss me you fool cycle of eventsHere's the thing though These books are going to have a certain amount of sexual psychotic ness sorry can't think of any other word that fits this For me to pick up this book and get pissed that the FMC is lead by her vag is like picking up a snake and being shocked when it bites me or picking up my cat for that matter What makes or breaks the story is whether the FMC allows her sexual attraction to rule her emotions and tell her that the MMC's behavior is okay because she has had sex with him so she must luuuurv him and that makes everything fine Beth didn't Halle freaking lujah She was totally into Dex physically and yeah he uses that against her a lot but when the mad passionate whatever is over she stands up for herself and kicks his ass out which I digDex it's hard to like him honestly This book might have gotten five stars and full keeper status if he'd been a little better thought out I'm not a fan of alpholes who do everything in their power to make it with the FMC and then use her sexual desires as a character assassination Like Ha ha you like making out with me don't you WHORE And make no mistake At one point Dex out and out calls her a whore For that I felt like he deserved a punch in the mouth right before Beth ran over him with his car then proceeded to go back home and find a nice shapeshifting motorcycle riding billionaire step brother or whatever alpha male archetype is trending right now I won't say Dex redeems himself by the end but Beth does give him uite a bit of grief for his assumptions so both my angst whore and my inner feminist did both get something out of itI would totally read this one again I might not even be embarrassed while doing it I probably wouldn't add it to the keeper shelf because in order to get added to that shelf it has to be one I want to re read and gives me the ooey gooeys and is a book I would want to find in every format possible in case the worst happens and I lose every book in my Kindle library or something but it was an e book so I won't be getting rid of it either One out of those three criteria still makes me pretty happyWould I recommend it? Hmmmm Only if you're cool with slightly rapey and emotionally abusive alpholes lots of angst and ridiculously uncommunicative MCs In other words basically just about any HP ever published

  8. Megzy Megzy says:

    I did not care for this book I thought Dex's speaking voice in the book was very annoying It sounded like a mixture of 70's Hollywood producer stereotype voice and some Italian; He was suppose to be a very high end Italian casino owner She sounded childishThere was no chemistry between the characters It just didn't work

  9. Aou Aou says:

    He was horrible and she made him eat out of her hand 😎

  10. Roub Roub says:

    great read dex was a big conniving swine n did not have any scruples ofc his pitiful past shud account 4 such abominable behaviour just coz his ex wife was a frigid n mercenary woman dat does not give him the right 2 treat beth the way he did what abt his sister ?? wasn't she in love wid an older man ? so if indeed beth was having an affair wid paul how can he believe she's after his money ? double standards u tell u der was no rape scene here it was a forced seduction maybe but no rape our poor beth still wanted him even after knowing how she was being used how pathetic i'm much vindictive than her

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