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ありす19th 7 [BOOKS] ✭ ありす19th 7 By Yuu Watase – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Alice is desperate to rescue her sister Mayura who has been ensnared by the embodiment of evil called Darva In defiance of Nyozeka's warnings Alice and the other young Lotis Masters enter Darva's stro Alice is desperate to rescue her sister Mayura who has been ensnared by the embodiment of evil called Darva In defiance of Nyozeka's warnings Alice and the other young Lotis Masters enter Darva's stronghold before having found the Lost Word When Alice's true love Kyo comes under attack it's up to Alice to save both him and Mayura with the power of the Lotis When it seems that all hope is lost Nyozeka makes a brave sacrifice to help Alice You won't want to miss the powerful conclusion of Alice th.

10 thoughts on “ありす19th 7

  1. Noran Miss Pumkin Noran Miss Pumkin says:

    Disappointing ending to a series that easily could have gone on to 20 plus great volumes such a waste of great materialstory lines

  2. Krys Krys says:

    This was a struggle to finish it and I skimmed it at the end I wasn't as much of a fan of this series 10 years ago and I'm still not I should have listened to that gut instinct and not rereadfinished it It was not one of Watase's better works

  3. Koorihime-sama Koorihime-sama says:

    Bought from and I still own a copyAPART OF THE GOODREADS 2012 READING CHALLENGEReviewRating5 out of 5Ease of Reading Text 5 out of 5Illustrations 5 out of 5Plot 5 out of 5Art Touch Up 5 out of 5Translation 5 out of 5Design 5 out of 5Darva has finally finished devouring Mayura And now without the Lost Words Alice and Kyo must find a way to defeat Darva and bring Mayura back in one piece However what kind of price will they have to pay first?Bunny Heart Short Story Rakuen a girl in ancient China must deal with her aunt's and uncle's constant beatings During a drought she finds water but she gives it to a little bunny In order to pay Rakuen back for her kindness Nyozeka teachers her one of the Lotis Words However when Rakuen falls into greed and darkness Nyozeka will pay the price Will Rakuen be able to find her way out of darkness and save Nyozeka?The fight between Maram words and Lotis words has finally reached its climax Most of your answers will be answered; so do not worry too much about having a lot of unanswered uestions ; Also you get some information about Kyo's past why the curse mark is still on him and what he finally remembers about his father I can't say that it was really surprising it's kind of predictable to see what kind of past Kyo has if you look at his previous behavior Anyways another thing you get to learn is who was the person who first used the Lotis Let's just say he looks very yummy and cute D Also you learn a little about Nyozeka and the truth behind the power of wordsAnd for the short story it was a pretty cute story about how Nyozeka before she met Alice Oh and I read somewhere don't remember where that Rakuen is an ancestor of Pai Mei Lin So that was pretty interesting to learn too P Anyways it was a pretty interesting read about how Nyozeka is still currently looking for the Legendary Neo Masters Also Ryoko the male looks really cute DThe artwork still looks wonderful and I love some of the scenes that were drawn Some of my favorite scenes are the ones with all the kissing and hugs P And there is also another Frey and Kyo kiss but it was hidden But there is also a Frey and Alice kisspeck ; A warning though there is still partial nudity scenes Mayura again xD For the short story it was very cutely done I especially love how the guy Ryoko was drawn POverall it was a pretty sweet ending for this series Also the short story was a pretty good to read And the artwork was still pretty good to look at ;For VIZ's part in bringing this manga into English they did a pretty good job Their art touchup is still noticeable but it is much better than in the beginning of the series Everything else like translation is still as good as it was in the beginning of the series

  4. Amanda [Novel Addiction] Amanda [Novel Addiction] says:

    I'm sad to see this series end but at least it had a very good ending Don't get me wrong there were some serious cheese moments in here but it was a great story and definitely had me interested from volume 1

  5. Heather Reads Books Heather Reads Books says:

    I loved this series I just wish there had been of it The ending seemed a bit rushed D

  6. Mir Mir says:

    Wait that's the end? How anticlimactic I wonder if the author was bored by this series or something

  7. Meghan Hatadis Meghan Hatadis says:

    I wish there was to the series though i cant believe they only made 7

  8. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    It feels like the anime and manga I consume the comparisons I make for the better usually Alice 19th gave me Persona games vibes I don't play but my fiance does with a dash of Pretear This is a sort of magical girl series in which the heroes go into the inner hearts of people's darkness and help purify it through the power of words It paints both a literal and metaphorical picture of how words can leave a lingering effect for better or for worse Alice our leading lady is a timid shy girl who feels forever trapped under her perfect older sister's Mayura shadow Both girls fall for the same guy Kyo who is Mayura's friend and fellow archery club member and Alice's senpai so it uickly becomes a typical girl competition situation with unfortunate misogynistic tendencies But the series does a good job showing both girls' insecurities and feelings as well as other characters even if many if not all of the motives sound extremely petty and juvenile ie the person I like rejected me how DARE they fall in love with someone else? It's all THEIR fault ummm how about it sucks to be rejected but that's their choice??? You shouldn't force your crush to like you back??? Ah shoujo romance I adore Yuu Watase's work even with all the cliches and problematic tropes because I really love her art style and how intense the emotions get She doesn't hold back her punches so it's remarkably easy to forget how silly the tropes are It's one of the many powers that mangaanime has if the art and emotions are strong enough you find yourself not caring about things that normally annoy you mostly From start to finish this series gave exactly what was expected lots of angst heartwarming fluff romantic tension Drama Drama Drama and of course the powers of being a Lotis Master It's fun imaginative and another good slice of shoujo drama

  9. Katja Katja says:

    Alice 19th was okay series but it skipped a lot it initially seemed to set up Like in the beginning it seemed that Alice and Kyo would have much work in learning the Lotis words and that the masters from different guilds would have actually some worth in the story ie I think this was originally meant to be longer I think the final battle was good and how Alice and Kyo grew as persons during it Frey and Chris to a lesser extent had weight in the story but Mei Lin and Billy didn't have anything meaningful to do which is a shame And regarding the words first it was made a big deal how you can't just read a word and learn it that way but in the end that's how they tried to do it and finally learning all the words was thrown away altogether These two things bothered me most in otherwise nice series which had some good core themes in it like how everybody has some darkness in them but you have to learn to overcome it I liked Alice and Kyo and Mayura was interesting character Frey was fun when he wasn't trying to force kisses on Alice that tropejoke gets old really fast and Nyozeka was a good mentor characterI think the series didn't reach its potential and it had some tiring tropes thrown in but I liked some themes and art was nice I especially appreciated Kyo's hair Good hair

  10. Bre Bre says:

    5 starsThis is an amazing series and I highly recommend to anyone and everyone Nyozeka is amazing and adorable and sobs Kyo is passionate and loving and overcomes anything Alice is kind and lovely and so wonderful Billy is funny Mei Lin is goregous Chris is youthful Frey is trusting and a great teacher Mayura is beautiful inside and out Amazing artwork moving story and great characters that prove that everyone is human Overall I am really sad it's over but every tale has a happy ending most of the time at leastBUT I KNOW WE'LL GROW STRONGER WITH EACH CRISIS WE FACESO THAT WE CAN EXPRESS OUR TRUE FEELINGS

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