ありす19th 4 MOBI Ê Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • ありす19th 4
  • Yuu Watase
  • English
  • 07 June 2015
  • 9781591162414

10 thoughts on “ありす19th 4

  1. Wee Shubba& Wee Shubba& says:

    Great Britain is a fancy name for England NO IT FCKING ISN'T

  2. Claire Claire says:

    The only thing different from the other tankobon of this series I have read so far is that Nyozeka the puff rabbit holds a mini mini Lotis class at the end before the written out kana page explaining what they mean Lotis words and Maram words are the good and evil words that directly make happy and evil things happen They are what this series is based around essentiallyI suppose Yuu Watase did not want to sketch a mini mini Maram class so that will be left to the imagination view spoilerWell ummm of Maram words I found that sura is carnage and riiya is avoid hide spoiler

  3. Bre Bre says:

    4 starsI am loving this series So many twists and turns and dead ends that make up the complex maze of this series The only part I didn't like was the naked fight between mayura and alice Seriously??? I thought this series was a little better than that But the war is in full blast and I love it Overall I just can't wait to see what happens nextUNCLE?

  4. Erica Erica says:

    This story continues to get interesting I am hoping Alice and Kyo can save Mayura from the darkness in her heart

  5. Kathy Kathy says:

    The fight between lotis and mara continues Now we start to meet even masters of both mara and lotis and we learn just how high the stakes are for our new neo masters

  6. Megan Lavey-Heaton Megan Lavey-Heaton says:

    Originally written for Anime on DVDcomThis volume picks up where the last left off with Alice struggling with Kyo's declaration and the curse that Mayura placed on him The majority of the book centers around Alice and Kyo dancing around their feelings for each other Kyo persistently tells Alice that he loves her while she does her best to express her feelings back without actually telling himSurrounding all of this is Mayura whose jealousy for Kyo and Alice causes her to take action She attacks her sister while they're bathing then proceeds to take over Tokyo's Metropolian Tower with Darva possessing her This causes Kyo and Alice to fully accept their duties as Lotis Masters and vow to defeat the Maram while saving Mayura in the process They immediately do battle with Mayura at the tower but Alice is hurt during the fight This is when they meet up with a young Lotis Master Chris from England who takes them to the new headuarters in Tokyo That's when he informs Kyo Alice and Frey that they will all be living togetherAlice goes home to tell her family after Frey makes a declaration of his own to her and Kyo goes home to tell his uncle only to find out that Mayura's been at work againThis was a pretty eventful volume if you put it in context but in reality nothing was actually done It pretty much formalizes what was set up in the first three volumes that Kyo and Alice love each other that Mayura is completely taken over by Darva Frey has feelings for Alice and Kyo and Alice formally become Lotis MastersFor those reasons everything seemed to come to a stanstill The exchange between Alice and Frey reminded me of the one between Aya and Yuhi in Ceres Celestial Legend when he also declares his feelings Alice and Kyo themselves seem to morph into Miaka and Tamahome from Fushigi Yugi every time he declares his love and she pushes him away Seeing those scenes and those plots basically be reused from some of Watase's older works causes Alice and Kyo to lose their uniueness Even Mayura is reminding me of Yui from Fushigi YugiThere are some things I really like about the volume The introduction of the new Lotis Master Chris was interesting as well as learning about some of the different powers of the Lotis Masters and Maram Masters My favorite part of the book was the exchange between Alice and her mother at the end Alice comes home to find that Mayura has destroyed her room and Mayura exposes Alice's relationship with Kyo to her parents While Alice's father immediately leaves the scene Alice's mother goes up to her and says that Alice must be hurting as much as Mayura She is very calm and does her best to not take sides with this I really like this because it shows that the parents have grown because of the ordeal their daughters are going throughAlice 19th is still a good series and having volume 5 in hand I know that it uickly rises back to the original vitality that it has But this volume is bogged down by conventions that Yu Watase uses in her other works and causes the story to lose its uniueness But it is still a good read and a good volume to pick up to get the finer details and to see Alice and Kyo in battle mode Oh and the Lotis guide at the back of the book is a must

  7. Koorihime-sama Koorihime-sama says:

    Bought from and I still own a copyAPART OF THE GOODREADS 2012 READING CHALLENGEReviewRating4 out of 5Ease of Reading Text 4 out of 5Illustrations 5 out of 5Plot 3 out of 5Art Touch Up 4 out of 5Translation 5 out of 5Design 5 out of 5As the relationship between Alice and Kyo becomes apparent Mayura is becoming even jealous of Alice Mayura is now very close to being devoured by Darva a powerful Mara Are Alice and Kyo powerful enough to go up against Darva?Okay there might be some slight spoilers but nothing too major Let’s start off with a warning first there is some fan servicenaked scenes with Mayura and maybe Alice It’s not that bad so don’t worry too much You only get to see the top part of Mayura her breasts with the nipple shown and her bottom but nothing than that And for Alice it’s mostly hidden with bubbles and other things xDThe development is still pretty good and going at a normal pace You are finally getting to learn about the Maram’s leaderruler Lotis Masters and other things a little bit Also there is a new side to Frey that I haven’t seen It’s really sweet especially this one scene with Frey and Alice ; GRINS Alice is also starting to get courage and not as weak as before so it is starting to get interesting there as well Though with how the manga ka adds the curse it kind of makes her seem a little weak However I feel a little sorry for Alice that she can’t confess to Kyo because of the death curse especially since she finally got the courage to tell him Anyways the plot kind of went down hill with the routine jealously scenario that seem to be in all shoujo manga Even though the jealously is the kicking point of where Mayura decides to turn against Alice; use the Maram words; and become closer to being devoured by Darva I would have liked something a little bit different to kick start the main part of the plot Oh well that’s shoujo manga for youDespite the typical jealously of shoujo manga characters the characters designs and art are still well done I especially love the new characters — Chris and Stewart — and how they interact with each other Oh and I love the manga ka drew the kiss scenes too D So overall it is still pretty nice to read you just have to get over the nudity if you don’t like nudity in manga and the typical jealously of shoujo manga SNow for VIZ’s portion of the manga they are doing a better job at art touching but it is still kind of noticeable of where they edited out the kanji in some of the places The translations and everything else still look great ;

  8. Emy Emy says:

    When Alice saves a rabbit from a speeding car her life is turned upside down The rabbit turns out to be a magical girl and Alice discovers that she has the power to master powerful words known as the Lotis Words Unfortunately words can do harm as well as good and when Alice accidentally banishes her sister she must fight to get her backA lot happened in this volume The plot is starting to come together and the end game is being slowly exposed It is a lot less confusing than volume one haha This volume is also uite dark darker than the last volume I suspect that's now going to be a trend until the final volume DLike Mayura's getting the general public involved now and the Mara is becoming something that is affecting and people DWe met some new characters Chris who is English and we also met Kazuki who is Kyo's friend I really do like Chris even if he is uite stereotypically English He is uite young but a powerful Lotis master I'm looking forward to seeing his character develop in the last three books As for Kazuki we haven't seen that much of him yet but I feel like he'll have an important role to playKyo and Alice continue to dance around each other though I think Kyo is becoming much aware of his own feelings It's a shame that poor Alice can't do anything about it though Hopefully that'll get sorted outFrey had some character development too even though it consisted mainly of him being a bit of a butt It's nice to know that his personality doesn't just consist of being a bit of comic relief He is still one of my favourite characters thoughThis one ended on a rather horrible cliffhanger D I'm so glad I already have the whole series sitting on my bookshelf

  9. Sarah Crawford Sarah Crawford says:

    This is the first time I have ever heard of the series I picked up the book and read the blurb on the back and it sounded interesting and it turns out it really is The story is about a high school girl named Alice who has major problems expressing her feelings in words She wants a rabbit but can't have one since her sister has allergies and her parents tend to dote on her sisterShe sort of ends up with a rabbit anyhow though when it turns out a magical one she finds is really a magical girl who wants Alice to become a master of Lotis Words words that have power to project a person through the inner heart worldsAs in many magical girl stories Alice doesn't want to do that but she's given no choice when she causes her sister to disappear It turns out Alice is in love with the same boy that her sister is After her sister disappears Alice agrees to try and become a Lotis Word master so she can save herThings get really complicated after that This is not a real light series; it's rather dark and somber but still very well done

  10. Viridian5 Viridian5 says:

    Alice 19th vol 4 went way wrong as far as I was concerned This new excuse for Alice not to confess her feelings and to amp the drama and angst and extend the will they ever? thing ticked me off Oh the angst Oh the peril Oh me standing there muttering Oh please Alice's yo yoing parents are a tired plot device right now and further put the persecution fantasy way aspects of the story over the top I know they're being manipulated but they're being manipulated in the same way as they have been several times before and this is only volume 4 Plus the naked bathroom battle felt gratuitous I did not need to see nipples This volume will stay a browser instead of becoming a buyBut there were some fun scenes with Kyo and Frey And Frey shows some underhandedness I wonder how much of the goofy jam loving persona is a facade

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ありす19th 4[Download] ➹ ありす19th 4 Author Yuu Watase – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Jealousy makes the heart grow darker and Mayura's envy of Alice and Kyo's developing relationship makes her vulnerable to being devoured by Darva dark mistress of the Maram words Neo Lotis Masters Ali Jealousy makes the heart grow darker and Mayura's envy of Alice and Kyo's developing relationship makes her vulnerable to being devoured by Darva dark mistress of the Maram words Neo Lotis Masters Alice and Kyo are the only ones who have even a chance against Darva but are they strong enough to go up against this most formidable of enemies.

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