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Lister Hill Statesman from the South [PDF / Epub] ☃ Lister Hill Statesman from the South By Virginia Van der Veer Hamilton – This definitive biography of Lister Hill 1894 1984 who represented Alabama in the US House of Representatives and Senate for forty five years is a study of the dilemma of a Deep South liberal Hamilton This definitive biography of Statesman from ePUB ↠ Lister Hill who represented Alabama in the US House of Representatives and Senate for forty five years is a study of the dilemma of a Deep South liberal Hamilton uestions Lister Hill Epub / whether his major contributions in education and health for all Americans were worth the political and personal sacrifices Hill was forced to make in order to maintain the support of his conservative supporters most notably their opposition Hill Statesman from ePUB ↠ to civil rights legislation A UNC Press Enduring Edition UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print These editions are published unaltered from the original and are presented in affordable paperback formats bringing readers both historical and cultural value.

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    Lister Hill of Alabama was one of those southern Senators who came in pre civil rights era who madesome significant contributions in legislation But when it came to defending segregation called inpolite societies 'our peculiar institution' it was done with tenacity but mixed with southern charmLister Hill was born Joseph Lister Hill to a prominent Montgomery doctor and pillar of society Fromgood southern society he went into law instead of medicine and was an undergraduate of the University of Alabama and went to law school at Michigan and Columbia He got into local politicsand that led to election to the House of Representatives in a special election in 1923When in 1938 there was a vacancy to the Senate due to the appointment of Hugo L Black to theSupreme Court Hill won another special election to the Senate and stayed for the next 30 yearsPublic power was an issue with Hill A significant portion of northern Alabama was part of theTennessee River system George W Norris fought for the establishment of the Tennessee ValleyAuthority and Hill was a prime sponsor in the House and defended TVA vigorously in the SenateAlabama cotton never had a better friend than Lister Hill post Civil War With his background youwould expect medical issues to be an interest Hill's most lasting contribution was something still used to this day the Hill Burton Act That provides that for so many charity cases a hospitalwould take the Feds would foot the cost of a room The south which always lagged and still doesbehind the rest of the country saw an upturn in uality medical facilities Oddly enough he did not like Medicare and fought that as socialized medicineHis biggest achievement might have been sheer survival The south was angry at Harry Truman for his civil rights championing Hill who was Majority Whip from 1941 to 1947 gave that up butwalking a very fine tightrope stayed in the Democratic party when others bolted and supported theDixiecrat candidacy of J Strom ThurmondIt couldn't last With George Wallace becoming the face of the Alabama Democrats and the Republicans showing a rebirth in the south Hill had a tough general election in 1962 against ayounger GOP opponent James Martin who almost wonKnow when to hold and know when to fold are the hallmarks of politics as well as gambling Hillsaw clearly his era was over I'm sure he knew from election night in 1962 that this was his lastterm The forces of realignment were working in America and Hill saw it coming Hill died just short of his 90th birthday in 1984 a beloved figure in Alabama at least among whitesThe book has some interesting insights into Alabama politics and how one carves out a respectablecareer even while defending something evil

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