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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [PDF / Epub] ★ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ✪ Christine Wilding – Rethink how you think feel and behave Get Started with CBT is the essential guide to this incredibly popular and successful therapy Whether you want to learn CBT techniues to practice self therapy are Rethink how you think feel and behave Get Started with CBT is the essential guide to this incredibly popular and successful therapy Whether you want to learn CBT techniues to practice self therapy are preparing to see a therapist or are already a trained counselor but would like to learn about CBT this book explains it all CBT helps you to evaluate how you think feel and behave It aims to replace self defeating and irrational thoughts with realistic self accepting and affirming beliefs helping you to overcome problems by breaking them down Cognitive Behavioural PDF \ into small manageable parts and improving your state of mindYou can also visit teachyourselfcom for tests extension articles and a vibrant community of like minded learners And if you don't have much time don't worry this book gives you one five and minute bites of learning to get you started.

10 thoughts on “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  1. Alan Alan says:

    Measured positive approach clearly analysedGreat descriptions with examples Stresses the positive whilst acknowledging the difficulties and the amount of work needed Excellent feet on the ground motivation

  2. Kerry Kerry says:

    I bought this less for myself and to be able to offer support to others Overall I think this is a good resource and I am glad I invested the time to read this book the exercises were good and I like the way the information is presented I didn't find the last 3 4 chapters as good as the previous chapters though the author seemed to have lost a little steam around chapter 9 or 10

  3. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    This was a very helpful practical book that was also easy to read I wish I had discovered it years ago All of us at some point project negative thoughts based on some small piece of informationmeaning our brains try to fill in the blanks based on our own life experiences environment early adulthood etc This book gives great insight and exercises to retrain your brain to change your style of thinking; “to evaluate our thinking critically in the most open minded way and look for all possible alternatives to develop a balanced viewpoint” I don’t think you have to suffer from depression or other mental issues disorders to find this book helpful CBT can can be practiced for a variety of everyday events or situations I recommend this book for anyone wanting to achieve good mental health well being and mindfllness

  4. Dwight Walker Dwight Walker says:

    This is a very practical hands on book with step by step usage of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy linking thinking to emotions I tried and it is uite functional to see 5 whys back to root cause analysis of why a person is acting as they and then being able to untangle the reasons and solve the problems the person is facing in their life

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    Good book if you are interested in CBT or if you or a loved one personally battle with anxiety andor depression

  6. Armands Putnieks Armands Putnieks says:

    Short and beautiful insights about human mind Tricks and proven tactics that help us change our thinking patterns

  7. Layan Layan says:

    I found the book simple enough to understand CBT and try the extensive tools provided The tools work Highly recommend the book

  8. Mrs C Mrs C says:

    CBT teach yourselfThis is almost a very good book but it is let down by dreadful editing the pages jump missing out whole chunks of text Once this problem is fixed it will be worth buying

  9. Yas Yas says:

    This book provides an interesting and educational read into CBT and its practice which is commonly used today in counselling I enjoyed the book and it gives a valuable insight into why we may repeat unwanted behaviour and how to understand anxieties and phobias The Teach yourself books are good in the way that they recap what you read in the chapter and encourage you to complete tasks and visually engage in mind maps Personally CBT is a useful model to go by to solve personal issues but its something that reuires practise but opens up your mind which has led me to purchase books by this publisher

  10. Mark Mark says:

    I was familiar with a general definition of what CBT was but this book gave me some good practical exercises to use I first read about this in an essay about modern Stoicism and the author talked about the usefulness of modern Stoicism and CBT combined for himself I wanted to check the book out for myself and I definitely got something out of it

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