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10 thoughts on “Myth-Gotten Gains (Myth Adventures, #17)

  1. Neil Neil says:

    I was really disappointed with this book especially after 'Class Dis Mythed' seemed to be heading back in the right direction This seemed uite unimaginative and dull For two such great characters such as Aahz and Tananda to be reduced to mere shadows of their former selves is a real shame Much of the humour which I have come to expect was sadly lackingThe plot was uite predictable and the constant bickering between the Golden Hoard was so overdone that it became irritating In my opinion this was not one of the better books in the series

  2. Roman Roman says:

    I recently picked up Myth and this book made me stop and realise that the uality of the books had been diminishing as I continued past say vol 8 or 9 Sure it was an ok read and there were definitely some bad puns I enjoyed Merry Tiler Moor??? really??? but from beginning to end Aahz doesn't seem to change much Sure he does some generous things against his usual nature near the end but it seems this is a story of essentially flat characters and not even the funny ones we're used toIt's simply that this adventure doesn't seem special to the characters who matter the characters we'll see again That makes it well dull

  3. Jessica Gleason Jessica Gleason says:

    There's nothing uite like a Myth book to put me in a good mood I know there's criticism about the Nye co authoring I don't mind it I sorely miss Skeeve but the books have been following other characters for a while nowAsprin passing the torch gave us the gift of extending his world building I've been reading these since I was a teen

  4. David David says:

    Myth gotten gains is almost a myth begotten adventure with very little redeeming to it It is poorly paced and reads like an imitation of the original novels in this series It is sort of like an author was trying to replicate another author's work Oh That pretty much seems to be the case here as the novel was co authored by Jody Lynn Nye an author who seems to piggy back on other author's work judging by an search and seeing she has written withor Anne McCaffery etcHere's the basic Aahz the pervert er Pervect a joke that is so overused in the book that I tired of it and almost put the book down without completing it about the fifth time I read it The joke is that Aahz is from a dimension called Perve the people there call themselves Pervects but others noting their lack of moral character freuently call them perverts Everytime they do so Aahz strongly corrects them OVER and OVER again Anyway Aahz finds a badly tarnished sword in a market place that speaks to him and begs to be purchased Aahz does so with the promise of reward but of course the reward is going to be tough to obtain Along the way Aahz discovers that the sword is part of a set of treasures called The Golden Hoard which have been part of many legendary adventures The problem is when these objects come together they argue with one another to such an extent as to build up a magical explosion of epic proportions There are the usual bad puns that are meant to be fun but in this case seem old and tired for the most part The adventurers dimension hop to dimensions with odd characters kitty cat people as they gather the magical hoard back together each time facing a challenge of one sort or another Missing from this title are some of the key characters of the Myth Adventures series Skeez and his dragon are nowhere to be found The gangster characters make no appearance In fact the only really familiar character to me was Aahz and he takes the lead in this story and he is written almost completely out of his normal greedy slimey character In other words he is not as disreputible as he once was He is too concerned about the feelings of others and his focus on the huge reward he is supposed to obtain well he seems distracted from it and that is just out of character for a pervert er PREVECTI just don't recommend this one at all It just lacked the real snap and flavor of the early novels and seems stale and repetitive

  5. Patricia Hamill Patricia Hamill says:

    As an Aahz book this is a pretty good one He's sucked into an epic ish uest by an egotistical fast talking sword who promises him a gain on his investment Then Tananda and Calypsa get involved and the uest takes a turn from personal gain to a rescue missionI thought this one was kind of cute but dang those Hoard objects fight a lot I mean a lot And every time they do chaos ensues Anyhow what I liked most about this one was the tour through the odd dimensions and all the challenges the team has to overcome to obtain each magical itemThe puns were as delightfully groan worthy as ever some than others just as were some of the colorful species Aahz and pals run across All that being said I really miss the Skeeve and Aahz pair ups really all the Myth Inc folks These're just funnier when the whole team's togetherOverall I really liked this one though the Hoard's arguments get a bit repetitive I'd recommend this to folks who like a bit of fantasy laden with a good dose of puns and irreverence I received this book as a gift from my husband

  6. Tim Hicks Tim Hicks says:

    Two and a half Worth reading I suppose if you read fast Below average for the MYTH series but that's no crime Not much dramatic tension in this There's an overall feeling that it's a bit mechanical The plot is built around all these magic things and they all have to get a turn The jokes and puns are so lame you have to admire them They were obviously MEANT to be bad Perhaps the target audience has become a bit younger than the earlier books or maybe I'm just aging Overall it felt as if the authors phoned this one in

  7. Milo Milo says:

    I used to love this series Maybe it's the lack of Skeeve in this adventure maybe it's just that I've outgrown it but the latest edition filled me with meh Not sure I'll pick up the next It's a decent enough caper but not particularly exciting and there's no real drama

  8. Robert Robert says:

    Enjoyable with a fun original approach to intelligent enchanted weapons but undone by our protagonist Aahz stepping out of then remaining out of character One of the weakest endings of the series

  9. Kristen Kristen says:

    Wish Tananda had had presence in this book If that had been the case I might have made it a three star I still like Aahz and Skeeve together the best

  10. Thomas Thomas says:

    So the first thing I noticed when I started reading this book is that it's lacking the fake uotes at the start of each chapter I remember reading years ago that Asprin took as much time coming up with those uotes as he did writing the novels so I suppose I knew it was coming It's a further sign that the later books aren't really in the same class as the early books and another sign that artists can't go back and recapture what made their early works uniueIn this novel we go back to Aahz as our first person narrator and as in Myth taken Identity it doesn't feel right This time he buys a talking sword that leads him to other talking treasures all of which make up the legendary Golden Hoard Aahz's motivation here is the promise that one of them will be able to restore his magikal powers Of course nothing goes strictly as planned and that's how the caper is runI was disappointed in the title since it's not uite a pun; the phrase is misbegotten gains I suppose that looked a little weird on the cover though and doesn't uite roll off the tongue It was a sticking point for me though The whole book was rather boring too It didn't have the kind of charm of the other books and even though Tananda also features in the story with Aahz it felt like this was just Aahz doing his thingThat speaks to a larger issue I have with these co authored books which is that Tananda just takes on the role of the sex kitten Whatever personality she had in the original books has been excised which is weird since Nye is now co authoring the books I felt like her influence made Massha a better character but if that were the case then why didn't it roll over to Tananda as well?The number of typos in this book is embarrassing not just because they're there but also because credit is given on the verso page to the company that copyedited and proofread the book I'd think that if my company's name were attached to a project I would make of an effort than this but at least they were consistent; instead of semicolons they put an apostrophe insteadI only have a few books to go in the series and they appear to be pretty short so I'll persevere but these aren't nearly as interesting as the earlier books Maybe the nostalgia carried weight with those books than I realized

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Myth-Gotten Gains (Myth Adventures, #17) ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Myth-Gotten Gains (Myth Adventures, #17) Author Robert Lynn Asprin – Aahz discovers that the shabby looking sword he bought at a flea market in a remote dimension is Ersatz leader of the Golden Hoard a fabled collection of powerful magical treasures that can turn any o Aahz discovers that the shabby looking sword he bought at a flea market in a remote dimension is Ersatz leader of the Golden Hoard a fabled collection of powerful magical treasures that can turn any ordinary being into a hero Together they go in search of members of the Hoard only to find they're not the only ones looking.