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Class Dis Mythed Myth Adventures #16 ❮Epub❯ ➚ Class Dis Mythed Myth Adventures #16 Author Robert Lynn Asprin – Skeeve took some time off as a court magician to study magic and relax Few months later he trains some talented young magicians in practical magic But after the assassins attack the Khlad mage discove Skeeve took some time off as a Mythed Myth ePUB ☆ court magician to study magic and relax Few months later he trains some talented young magicians in practical magic But after the assassins attack the Khlad mage discovers that there is going on than learning His students are preparing for a deadly magical game and you won't believe where.

10 thoughts on “Class Dis Mythed Myth Adventures #16

  1. Neil Neil says:

    Book 16 from the Myth Adventures series and this one almost sees a return to the humour and style of the original books Maybe it is solely down to the fact that once again things are narrated from Skeeve's point of view Most of the original characters feature somewhere along the line and there are also reappearances of Markie and Don BruceRegular readers of the series will be aware that Skeeve has taken a sabbatical from MYTH Inc so that he can apply himself to his magical studies These studies get interrupted with the arrival of three Pervect students who wish to study practical magic The three soon become six as other students from different dimensions also enrol Skeeve being Skeeve puts aside his own studies to help out with the usual mishaps and mayhem

  2. Nighteye Nighteye says:

    A fast and really funny readI must say that this book together with the short stories in vol 13 is the best of the Jody Lyn Nye and Robert Asprin colaborations so far Nice illustrations also helps to brighten the reading spiritsSkeeve a loosy magican with a way to big reputation get's his first apprentices without anyone noticing him he get a bunch newcombers from a lot of diffirent places with a lot of diffirent attetudes towards each other He try to do his best and the chaos that follows is really funnyNow only four myth novels left until I've covered them all phu

  3. Chappy Chappy says:

    Not bad but also not great We get to see the introduction of many brand new characters which I hope to see in future books With only three books to go I can’t imagine there will be many huge revelations or series changes to come It was great to hang out with Skeeve and Gleep than anyone else Let’s get the old gang back together for the rest of the series shall we ? It was also brilliant to hear from characters long since forgotten like don Bruce So in summary funny and fun as regular just not as much as others in the series and let’s hope the last few books are brilliant

  4. David Szatkowski David Szatkowski says:

    This is always a fun series But due to the way that characters re appear and subplots run over multiple books it is best to read them in order Much like cotton candy for the mind but filled with puns this series is a great way to relax and have fun

  5. D.L. Morrese D.L. Morrese says:

    Skeeve still technically on sabbatical become a teacher for a trio of Pervects a Klahd and a couple others The hardest part of the job is getting them to cooperateAnother fun fantasy Worth a reread on occasion

  6. Kristoffer Kristoffer says:

    This book was hilarious

  7. Tiff Tiff says:

    Fun times

  8. Thomas Thomas says:

    If there's one book in the new series that feels like the old books this is it Skeeve in his self exile from MYTH Inc to learn proper magik is saddled with several people who want to learn magik themselves so he becomes the teacher to a bunch of apprentices They're a various crew all related to other characters who have appeared in the series one of them is the nephew of Markie who was last seen as the antagonist in Little Myth Marker and Skeeve comes up with ways to teach them the practical uses of magik even though some of his students know than he doesWhat makes the book feel familiar is the student teacher relationship between Skeeve and his students It's strained at times there are multiple students so that relationship is broken across several characters and that relationship doesn't feel consistent but for the most part it works Skeeve has moments where he can speak at length to different subjects which is something I hadn't realized was missing in these new novels The puns still seem forced but the rest of the humor feels natural and the novel starts to show signs of the charm that made the early books so entertainingThe ending was a bit of a let down for me as it took what felt like the end of the story and took it a bit further about 80 pages further in fact Skeeve has finished his training and we finally learn why the students were so determined to learn and why they acted so strangely in a few scenes It felt like that could have been the next book in the series instead of a tacked on ending at the end of the third act; in fact that whole part of the story felt rushed so I wonder why the authors didn't make that the next book in the series I think it would have worked well standaloneThe books in this second half of the series are definitely not as good as what Asprin did by himself but at least here I started to see some of the hints of what made those other books so much fun I hope I see that again in the remaining books

  9. Ron Arden Ron Arden says:

    If you have never read a MYTH book you are in for a treat but I wouldn't start with this one This story starts after MYTH Inc has dissolved and Skeeve actually The Great Skeeve is on a sabbatical For those of you familiar with Asprin's world of insanity this is a good oneSkeeve is off studying on Klahd and Aahz his former partner sees an opportunity to make a buck Six young people of various species and magical abilities want to get some practical experience in magic or magikal arts from Skeeve Skeeve agrees to take them on and it turns into whining teens meets Harry Potter that might be redundant Skeeve always has a low opinion of his abilities but he teaches the kids uite a bit of practical thinking and magicOnce the group of graduates leaves the 6 week course they wind up on a game show Apparently that was the reason they wanted the practical training Skeeve is at first pissed but then rallies round I thought this bit was going to be like a version of American Idol or one of those crazy reality shows but I was pleasantly surprised Things turn out well for most of the beings involved and I just loved itThis is a great summer read Now I have to catch up some of the MYTH books that I never read

  10. Patricia Hamill Patricia Hamill says:

    Class Dis Mythed takes us back to Skeeve who's on a long term hiatus on his home dimension Klahd trying to become the awesome magician everyone thinks he is But somehow trouble always manages to find him This time trouble comes in the form of a random group of young magician wannabes who are looking for instruction from The Great Skeeve in practical magicThis installment seems to be everything I've always loved about the Myth series Robert Aspirin and Jodie Lynn Nye wrote it together and unlike in the last couple of books their styles seem indistinguishable in this one The tongue in cheek humor the bit of mystery the randomness that feeds into a coherent conclusion all are very well done and a lot of funOverall I loved this book and got a lot of laughs from it I'd strongly recommend this to folks who love fantasy and humor particularly corny humorI received this book as a gift from my husband because he knows I'm a fan of the series and we'd both thought no of these were being written

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