The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New

The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth Purpose ❰Download❯ ➹ The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth Purpose Author Robert Pagliarini – You sleep hopefully for 8 hours You work at least 8 hours What are you doing in those remaining 8 hours of your day and importantly what are the other 8 hours doing for you To the bleary eyed worker w You sleep hopefully for hours You 8 Hours: PDF Æ work at least hours What are you doing in those remaining hours of your day and importantly what are The Other Kindle - the other hours doing for you To the bleary eyed worker who doesn't have time to stop and catch his breath the idea of having hours may Other 8 Hours: PDF É sound absurd If that's you this is your wake up call THE OTHER HOURS provides a blueprint that will help you carve out time in your day and Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your MOBI :Ê find the inspiration to spend that free time in a productive way Whether you want to pay off debt make money start a business develop a hobby write a blog or write the next great American novel Robert Pagliarini will get you closer to living a richer fulfilled life In THE OTHER HOURS you'll learn how to GET MORE TIME Chances are you are overworked overscheduled and overstressed There's too much to do and not enough time You can create hours of additional free time you never knew you had GET MORE MONEY Traditional financial advice has likely left you frustrated and stuck Pagliarini introduces new highly effective yet unconventional strategies GET A LIFE In order to get rich you have to get a life The other hours ultimately determine your happiness and net worthWith anecdotes and inspiration from many who have taken control of their other hours plus hands on tools for getting started minimizing risk and maximizing success you'll discover new ways to radically improve your life both personally and financially Isn't it time to Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your MOBI :Ê recapture your time and your life.

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  1. Emily Emily says:

    Somewhat annoyingly optimistic and rah rah you can do it in tone this book actually does have some useful nuggets The general premise that it is in the other 8 hours when we're not working our 9 to 5 or sleeping that we can really make something of our lives and get ahead rings true But some of the suggestions for application were lacking or far fetched As a SAHM I certainly don't have a 9 to 5 job and I'm not sure exactly where the other 8 hours come in for me There are occasionally brief interludes of uiet scattered across my day and if I'm lucky a couple of hours between my kids' bedtime and when I hit the sack I guarantee that doesn't add up to 8 hours Yes there are LifeLeeches I can trim out of my daily schedule moments when I am not as productive as I could be And I can follow his logic that being a Cre8tor rather than a consumer is how to build wealth and find satisfaction Sidenote I find these invented terms rather irritating and gimmicky but I suppose it helps provide sticking power End sidenote But on the whole I struggled to see how to implement most of his suggestions And the sophomoric humor sprinkled throughout got really old after a whileThere are lots of references and resources including companies that could prove useful and I understand his website has current and updated information as well Probably a good motivational book for those who need some inspiration and guidance on how to make the most of their downtime hint turn off the TV and the encouragement to try something new even at the risk of failureFor book reviews come visit my blog Build Enough Bookshelves

  2. Merlyn Merlyn says:

    #Indonesian version#I decided to not finish this book I assumed this book talks about how we manage our time Overall this book suggests us to consider working online whether as online seller blogger and so on or another job that can we do in short time I am never be into finance or business books so maybe that is why I do not have passion to finish this book In sumarry this book explains to us that do not underestimate the other 8 hours that we have Sometimes we only use this time by chating browsing something instead of taking course or doing business If we commit to do business in this 8 hours we need to work with your spouse so this work is not only yours It is for your family purpose We include our partner to giving the ideas and make sure we do not ruin some uality time with themHere are several important points that I can take from this book1 Kinds of jobs to fill our 8 hours p74 782 A zombie of life if we are helpess in one area it could viral to another area of ourlives p213 uestions to help us to be creative p1474 If your job does not have a good prospect you need to learn something new to get prospective job This prospective should be something that you like5 Instead of taking a university why don't you take a short course? To improve your skills It is way easier shorter and cheaper Skills that we can acuire shortly are data entry skill customer service skill medical debt collector skill lawyer assistant skill6 Tell your HR manager about your side job and make sure your side job does not decrease your work performance p66 Also make sure your side job is different field than your main job7 Do not take advantage of your office facility for your side job8 How should we do towards our unsupported partners when we get a new job p1729 Calculate the percentage of commision p18910 How to limit the risk p21411 Significant others and talent are not enough to sell our products We have to make sure our products are what people want p225

  3. Barrie Barrie says:

    The other 8 hours are basically work online; blogging affiliate marketing etc to make money in your free time The same drivel you've heard a hundred times and without great detail on how to actually succeex There is a lot of content in this book and I knocked it up to a 2 because there are some good bullet points from time to time but ultimately this book could have been written in 50 pages rather than 300

  4. Susan Kendrick Susan Kendrick says:

    There was a fair amount of content in this book that didn't apply to me but I still enjoyed reading it I find productivity books invigorating Probably if I stopped reading them so much and instead actually DID something they would be even effective but hey we've all got our struggles

  5. Harry Roger Williams III Harry Roger Williams III says:

    There was some familiar material here I loved the title of Chapter 11 Stop Talking and Start Getting but could pretty much recite verbatim the pot roast story he opens it with He makes good use of it though to contrast habits that drain us with the power of creating new habits that can take us to another level Mark Joyner and Steve Chandler are not listed in the Endnotes or the Index but I can hear them speaking in the background Seth Godin and David Allen too All are favorites of this self help non fiction junkie If those aren't familiar names you might do well with any of them or go ahead and enjoy this one It is very practical and down to earth Pagliarini gets extra credit for admitting on page 237 it's harder than we think It might not be popular to admit this but our natural response is to decay Ouch But then he goes on to show how and why it does not have to be that way There may be a bit of a generation gap between this self help reader and this author Earlier today I wanted to be energized while working so I played some Vivaldi and Bach Pagliarini says If I crank up anything by Nirvana I can't help but get a boost of energy Then again I can get cranked up playing Live at Leeds by The Who but I wouldn't be able to channel the energy into writing or planning projects the way I can while listening to baroue compositions Sorry this is supposed to be a book review not a music blog

  6. Dan Dan says:

    This is a very fast read If you are looking to be productive in the time you aren’t at work this book helps you find ways to carve out the time The book is pretty straightforward and is creatively marketed – people who control the time they spend out of work are called “Cre8tors” an allusion to the title of course The first chapter is slow spending too much time selling the reader on the value of the “other 8 hours” if you are reading the book you already get it but the book moves on from there The best thing about this book is how little of those “other” hours it actually takes to read I liked how each chapter starts off with a story but at least two of the stories I’d heard before or read recently elsewhere A story about a Harvard MBA and a Mexican Fisherman is uoted verbatim in “The Four Hour Work Week” and likely elsewhere This is an easy read but I enjoyed it

  7. Beth Beth says:

    This book was OK I would have given it 2 12 stars if possible The author talks about maximizing the other 8 hours in your life the time you have to yourself assuming you work 8 hours per day and sleep 8 hours per day He encourages readers to pursue their dreams and use this time to make them happen whether that involves pursuing education a business or just re prioritizing your time to use it doing what you want He has some good suggestions for getting rid of low priority tasks life leeches He makes the case that you won't get ahead or do what you really want to do if you just follow the path of least resistance or veg out on the couch The book was a bit too rah rah for me and frankly I want time to hang out on the couch but it might be good for someone who feels like heshe is in a rut and offers practical suggestions for setting and pursuing new goals

  8. Itasca Community Library Itasca Community Library says:

    Tuki saysThis book will be meaningful to those who feel they’re just not living up to their full potential that they can do “The ” can be anything you want it to be losing weight making money or living a purposeful life The “8” hours that the author speaks of is of course hypothetical as most of us who work full time don’t have eight full hours of free time but basically the author makes you uestion how you spend your free time If your objective is to be productive he makes suggestions on how you can free up some time for yourself There were parts of the book I skimmed over section on starting a business because I didn’t feel it applied to me but I still got a lot out of the book

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    I found parts of this book useful and interesting It made me really want to identify my life's leeches and find ways to create a meaningful life but like most of these books the ways to make money are too far fetched for the average joe I guarantee that most people are not making thousands off their blogs every month The other get rich ideas are eually unattainable for the average person

  10. Betsy Betsy says:

    I found this to be a very inspiring book focused on how to use the 8 hours of your day when you're not at work and not sleeping to pursue your dreams It really made me want to uit my job and start my own business so be careful if you read it Yes it has left me a little unsettled in my work life but it really inspired me to think about business options outside of the 9 to 5 I highly recommend this book but beware you might want to switch career directions

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