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Shrine of the Morning Mist Volume 1 ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ Shrine of the Morning Mist Volume 1 Author Hiroki Ugawa – Sisters Kurako Yuzu and Tama are Miko priestesses entrusted with keeping an eye on the often volatile spirit world But when you're a teenager like Yuzu you want nothing than to lead a normal life and Sisters Kurako Yuzu the Morning MOBI ô and Tama are Miko priestesses entrusted with keeping an eye on the often volatile spirit world But when you're a teenager like Yuzu you want nothing than to lead a normal life and deal with growing up and falling in love Enter Tadahiro the Shrine of eBook ↠ sisters' cousin who has a mysterious connection to Yuzu's past.

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Shrine of the Morning Mist Volume 1
  • Hiroki Ugawa
  • English
  • 02 September 2015
  • 9781598163438

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  1. Jocilyn Jocilyn says:

    Ugawa Hiroki’s story is usually seen as a seinen action comedy but I always thought of it as a supernatural slice of life romance In the fine tradition of many early 2000s dating sims the story revolves around a loner teenage dude Amatsu Tadahiro usually referred to as Hiro who returns to the home of his childhood and some of the girls he left heartbroken in his wake In this case the brokenhearted is his cousin Yuzu who is painted to be a fiery but loveable tsundere as well as his closest childhood friend Yuzu is the middle child of three girls Kurako the eldest is uiet thoughtful and spiritually driven and has made it her goal to bring the two star crossed lovers back together She reminds me of a cross between Belldandy and Toudou Shimako Yuzu’s younger sister Tama chan is the fun rascal who dotes on “Hiro Onii chan” but often speaks with a maturity beyond her years Actually she very closely resembles Yukino’s sister Kana from Kare Kano except she isn’t a manga geek Their father in his insane knee jerk reactions to everything sketchy behavior and extreme unpopularity could easily be mistaken for Shimura sensei of Azamanga Daioh fame A chapter or two into the series we’re introduced to the girls’ mother Miyuki I’m not at all sure how to describe Miyuki since she isn’t given a lot of dialogue in this volume She’s really rather unlike other manga moms she arrives on the scene with a samurai like speed agility and appearance wielding a bouken and saves Hiro from becoming breakfast to a giant cyclops The reader’s told she’d been sent to Izumo so one might infer she’s a gifted Shinto priestess but it’s not at all clear at this point Finally we’re introduced to Koma san a mysterious short tempered but otherwise solemn woman who claims to have known Hiro’s father though he had died before Hiro was born and this woman looks to be in her mid to late 20s The way Koma is drawn I can’t help but be reminded of Yumura Kirika except Koma is endowed with some rather annoying feline ualities No doubt inspired by a little known game at the time Tsukihime The plot is tragically uite thin Hiro has been traveling searching out his way in life and has finally come home to the uiet town of his childhood Miyoshi in Hiroshima Prefecture His cousins the Hieda sisters put him up for the night but are hesitant to let him go since it’s obvious Yuzu still has feelings for him From the moment he arrives Hiro is hellhounded by a mysterious sorcerer who wears a tengu mask and summons a host of cruel intentioned spirits to eliminate Hiro and his spiritual potential before it upsets the balance of something or other Tengu san and Hiro have many annoying random encounters in which Tengu san is always easily defeated by the sisters and a completely incompetent but nevertheless unappreciative Hiro is saved from certain doom in the nick of time One might compare Hiro to Morisato Keiichi except Hiro’s not all that nice or mature He’s also unmoved by Yuzu’s total red faced embarrassment whenever he’s around though he obviously remembers what transpired between them five years ago Yuzu’s mom and sisters are constantly trying to push Hiro and Yuzu together That’s basically the entire plot

  2. Natalie Natalie says:

    This manga's premise reminds me a bit of Crossroad Vol 1 loner Hiro joins his cousins' family and weird romance ensues; the difference is that in Shrine of the Morning Mist demons appear targeting Hiro who has a supernatural power that's just awakening While this plot sounds pretty cool readers are left mostly in the dark; very little is about the demons We have no idea why they're going after him with such ferocity The priestesses seem like they might know something but nobody sees fit to tell poor Hiro much of what's happening Another issue Yuzu's dad is a total loon His overreactions are so extreme that the manga goes from serious to ridiculous; the change leaves the reader with whiplash And of course the big issue is that the whole family unabashedly wants Hiro and Yuzu to get together Their hints are rarely subtle; no one seems concerned about the union between first cousins which is illegal in some countries That's even worse than the sort of siblings relationship that Crossroad's Natsu and Kajitsu haveThough the premise is interesting the story isn't very compelling; the incest further detracts from the story though it could be an interesting facet of the plot if it dealt with the conseuences of incest instead of being played of as a goofy joke For these reasons it's highly unlikely that I'll continue the series

  3. Gabby Gabby says:

    Honestly didn't realize this was a series until I was about 12 way through damn little 1 sitting in the corner of the binder so no one notices itI read this way too long ago so I can't remember much but I remember it was about 3 sisters who talk to spirits or something I think you need to read the whole series to really get the picture I would definitely read the next volumes in the series however they seem really hard and expensive to get a hold of so I'll probably only read them if I stumble across them in a secondhand book store I probably would use up my time trying to order them from somewhere I'm pretty sure my dad bought this for me for like 2AUD along with some others Just random volumes with interesting plots but were never famous or popular Personally ok books that are cheap don't bother me I just like reading Doesn't have to be popular for me to like it it just has to have a good storyline and like I said that was hard to judge when this book was so rushed because there's so much to the series It did seem intriguing though Anyway this one is going to a second hand bookstore now to make room for books worth reading if you see it somewhere cheap but be aware it may be confusing and rushed since it's in a series Probably worth buying if you see the whole series somewhere in one place aka finding whole series of manga cheap is a gift from above lol No matter what it's about

  4. Cornerofmadness Cornerofmadness says:

    This was in the half price bookstore's tiny manga offering and I had been considering buying it for some time since well it was a hit anime and apparently a big deal in fandom I'm not entirely sure why It wasn't a bad story but it had problemsSisters Kurako Yuzu Tama are Miko priestess used to dealing with the spiritual world and the demons within Their cousin Tadahiro is sent to live with them and he not only has some tie to Yuzu and the other sisters seem to want them together as a couple the spirit world is out to get him It sounds interesting enough and the storyline when it stays on track is goodHowever we get some true weirdness with the Father who reminds me of the dad in Bleach always overreacting and doing just completely oddball stuff that I couldn't see anyone ever actually doing Tadahiro is an unusual boy and seems to come from a dysfunctional family and has no idea how to act with this father figureBut I think the main falling down is two fold One the art is erratic Sometimes it's good other times the faces are just all off Second you can't tell the sisters apart That's both an art issue and a writing issue Right now they have no personalities and I can't tell one from the other except that Yuzu is a cold fish I might be willing to buy used and see if this was just a byproduct of trying to set the story up

  5. Denise みか Hutchins Denise みか Hutchins says:

    Overall this was a good start but it did have some shortcomings The opening was boring focusing mainly on allusions toward a potential romantic history between two characters and the entire volume was full of vague references to mysterious eventspeoplepowers which was frustrating rather than interesting It really picked up by the end with lots of Japanese monstersghosts popping up out of nowhere Spirits are what I was hoping to read about in a manga that features a distinctly Shinto cover so despite being thrown off and disappointed through most of the first chapters I was starting to get into it by the end Bring on volume 2

  6. Lulu Lulu says:

    i love manga movies and comics i bought this in dublin when i went there this easter and i read it i loved it sooo much i begged my mum and dad could we go to the comic shop againn and i bought the secound one i read this in an hour not because it was shortwell it kind of was but because it was such a good read

  7. Sitara Sitara says:

    this was really good

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