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  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    Wow this book is hardcore Take no than ten photos a year Save no than three pieces of kids' school work per year and only pieces that are exactly 8 12x11 When grocery shopping only purchase enough to barely get you to the next shopping trip Never ever buy in bulkBut the result of all this hardcore rigidity is a lot of freedom and if you look past the rules to her reasoning the system makes a huge amount of sense Basically it all comes down to practicality If you want to organize your house and keep it organized with minimal effort then you need to practical about every decision with regard to what you keep as little as possible and how you arrange it efficiency is priority 1An example right now in my bedroom the catch all for every other room in the house I have among many other things a very large bag of clothing that I plan to consign and a very large bag of expensive wooden trains and tracks that I plan to sell on craigslist Both bags have been sitting in my room for at least a year and I never uite get around to attending to them And both bags definitely contribute to the chaos and inconvenience of my small bedroom Pinsky would tell me that if I truly want my house to be organized I need to give up this idea of selling these items and just get rid of them And she's right Just getting rid of them would really free up a lot of space and mental energy and allow for true organization to proceed Sure I might miss out on a couple hundred bucks but is it really worth it to potentially keep my room in chaos for another few years? Am I willing to give up 200 that I have yet to see in exchange for a organized peaceful bedroom? Of course I am And those bags are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of crap that fills my room that I'm hanging on to for really no good reason or at least no reason good enough to justify the mess and chaos I read a lot of organizing books I love them and this was the best I've read in a long time maybe ever I definitely can't always take the hard line that Pinsky does but now I feel like I have permission to set a much effectively baseline And her ideas about kids laundry and clothes storage? Genius The only reason the book gets four instead of five stars is because some of her sample rooms were less than impressive in terms of necessary organizing work and all of the houses or both really since I don't think there were than two were huge which doesn't do me as a small house dweller much good

  2. Candi Candi says:

    I am an organization junkie Does that mean my house is perfectly organized? Anyone that really knows me would laugh at that uestion BUT that doesn't me I can't strive for that goal I read a lot of these books and they all tend to say the same thing Get rid of stuff you don't use SimpleThis one puts it into 5 Fast and Furious steps Whoopie The five steps are1 Plan Set a date or multiple dates and have the things you need on hand to organize2 Weed and Sort Pull out everything and take a good look to see if you really need it or if it logically belongs somewhere else3 Remove Either put the items where they should go or get it out of the house4 Name Set boundaries for the items5 Containerize Divide things up if necessaryOne things I love that she pointed out is the pitfall many organizers fall into the need for beauty above all else We've all seen pictures in a magazine of a darling little set up with rattan baskets perfectly lined up But the reality is that if they are not named and labeled you will grab every basket looking for the one you need I completely agree with this and have waited a long time for organizers to call out their fellow organizers on this problemShe says that the biggest pitfalls for weeding are that you will get rid of items that 1 you may need someday down the road2 they arewere expensive3 they were gifts4 they are mementos5 they are beautiful but are space hogs ie fance serving plates etcI have a real problem with #1 and #4 She points out that in organizing you will get rid of things that you will someday probably need or want Basically just prepare yourself mentally for that day and don't kick yourself when that day comes It's okay You may buy duplicate items over the years This one is really hard for me especially since we've lived on so little money for so many years I tend to keep things just in case I'm working on it ;In Step 4 she really does single me out specifically as she discusses memorabilia overload and rubs my nose in my issues She writesAnything than one chest of memorabilia becomes a millstone around our present and to others it can seem just slightly creepily self absorbed Haha I love that uote Here's another A single album displaying the best of your child's artwork and journaling from infant to graduate is charming; four boxes can be pathological for parent and child The final and my favorite uote from this chapter isEven Michelangelo's mother couldn't possibly have kept every random youthful scrawl of stick figure floating next to a spiky sun LOVE THATThe second half of the book goes through each room and has pictures of REALISTIC organization techniues The home doesn't look straight out of a magazine perfect and that's why I LOVE them ; Overall this book really does go over the same information that other organization books have but because of the three uotes I listed above I'm giving it 5 stars I know those will stick with me for a long time

  3. Gina Gina says:

    This book is sticking with me Pinsky is an organization RADICAL and while reading it I often just thought about how a little over the edge she is Like she thinks keeping than four days of food or household supplies in your house at any given time is a total throwback to depression era hoarding FOUR DAYS folks And she means it Having an extra container of salad dressing in your pantry is apparently totally cluttering up your life I'm really not on board with the food thing What if you get the flu or there is a snowstorm? But she means it and because she is so hard core the principles sunk in I rethought several kitchen cabinets and got rid of stuff that I hadn't used in years and that was making accessing things I use often very inconvenient It has seriously improved my life She emphasizes that you really do not need to be prepared for everything you can be resourceful If someday I need an angel food cake pan even though I hate making angel food cake and will avoid making one for the rest of my life if possible I will somehow get one I can borrow one Or buy one I don't need to keep mine for some obscure unlikely day It's a fast efficient book to read and the pictures are helpful and nice to look at

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    Reading this book made me realize that I don't have a clutter problem since I moved to my current place because I got rid of a tonne of stuff before moving plus I bought a few very specific storage units But I did think it made a lot of sense I particularly liked her emphasis on uick and dirty on using what you can find right now instead of waiting for the perfectly matching Apartment Therapy approved wicker basket She was weirdly dismissive of adults having any kind of hobbies though

  5. Andrea Andrea says:

    Useful if you're just starting out but it gets repetitive and doesn't offer many detailed solutions The before pictures look staged and it's clearly meant for people with lots of misused space not all that helpful for smaller spaces

  6. Jessi Payne Jessi Payne says:

    So many wonderful solutions I found this book very inspirational

  7. Lou Hunley Lou Hunley says:

    Thisbwoman really gets the ADD persons struggles with organization I recommend her first book Organization for ADD instead

  8. Davida Davida says:

    I love this book

  9. Laura Hall Laura Hall says:

    I got some really good ideas out of this Hoping to keep making these changes to be clutter free and organized

  10. Lisa Weber Lisa Weber says:

    This book differs from similar ones I have read in that Susan Pinsky has developed a common sense system which she a explains in general terms b uses repeatedly in every single room in the house with specific suggestions and c illustrates with full color before and after photos room by room if you read the book at all you can't help but understand and internalize this systemI am not dumb but I do not take to decluttering and organizing easily I need to see before and after I need to read or hear the process When I read the initial chapters in which she describes her system I felt that she was talking down to me I mean this was a bit over simplified no? But when I went on to read through the rest of the book I realized that this book was perfect for me She used the same system room after room and applied it to the various situations you would be likely to find in each No matter what excuse you have if you read this book you WILL know exactly what steps to take in every room You will know what uestions to ask what do and in what order to do it Even when I don't rid myself of everything that I think I should I know what uestions to ask I can imagine Susan over my shoulder asking me When was the last time you wore that? And just how often do you use that? Exactly how many of those DO you have? I understand what kind of containers to put things in and what my storage should probably look like when I'm done And even though I know I'm not doing as thorough a job as I would if she were here I know I am doing a better job with confidence than I would have done without this book I love this booki still have a couple of chapters left to read I have skimmed them already but I'm saving the reading until I need motivation for some decluttering

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • The Fast and Furious 5 Step Organizing Solution
  • Susan Pinsky
  • English
  • 10 June 2016
  • 9781592334193

About the Author: Susan Pinsky

Susan C Pinsky is the author of and Furious PDF/EPUB Á the best selling Organizing Solutions for People with Attention Deficit Disorder She is a top professional organizer and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers She lives in Acton MA with her husband and three children.