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  1. Rnaworld Rnaworld says:

    I read this book as a child in the 4th grade checking it out of the school library week after week to read and reread It was hands down my favorite book An alien girl gets separated from her Father on an expedition to Earth gets discovered by some local children The grown ups are cast as well meaning but essentially they don't believe the girl's story so her new Earth friends help her escape from the grownups and take her to find the spot in the forest where her Father is supposed to return in his spaceship and take her back to her home I swear the person who wrote the screenplay for the movie ET must have read this book at some point and been inspired by it as there are many parallels between the plot in Star Girl and ET It's a GREAT book for young elementary school kids

  2. Mary JL Mary JL says:

    For the under 12 SF here is a wonderful SF book I read it dozens of times when I was 9 and 10; it is out of print now but a paperback was published in 1976 possibly easier to find that the original 1958 hardcoverI highly recommend it Mo is discovered by a group of children She has violet eyes claims to have fallen from a spaceship and is wearing a necklace A REAL diamond necklaceWhen the children take Mo into town none of the adults will believe Mo's story But the children are determined to get Mo back to the field by sunset so the spaceship can pick her up Lots of interesting adventures that afternoonHere's is a summary of a favorite scene I recall The kids hide out in the local library on a sunny holiday afternoonMo I can't read your language I just speak it Children When the librarian comes in she must THINK you are reading The library lady asks Mo if she needs help I read well Mo replies But you are reading upside down Mo hastily turns the book sideways blowing their cover storyReally well done; lots of great scenes should be better known and would be if it were to be re printed Recommended for anyone of any age I have reread it as an adult and I still love itRead in 1958

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    I've been searching for this book wracking my 50 yr old brain for the title and not finding it via Google until I stumbled across Loganberry Books Solved Mysteries in which people have either a great deal of information or very little regarding a book they've read I waded through pages of books since all I could remember was the little girl was an alien and had a diamond necklace Cannot believe the title was in my head but without the author's name I couldn't find itI will have to re read it if I ever find a copy but I wouldn't have searched high and low if I didn't love it as a kid

  4. Susan Susan says:

    A dream fulfilled There was a copy of this book in my house when I was growing up I have no idea why it was there but I must have read it 100 times I adored the story and the characters I did not realize until just about a decade ago that it was basically the story of ETI searched for this book for years It was no longer in local libraries A few copies were available on at very high prices Now finally it's been reissued I read it as if I were a starving person eating bread Everything came back to me I remembered every description of every character's facial expression every incident every emotion being implied through dialogue or behaviorI think it's a great book And the illustrations I stared at them for minutes at a time just as a did when I was young Read it Give it to children Keep it alive

  5. Nancy Nancy says:

    Encounters With a Third Kind before ET Star Girl is about an alien from outer space who is stranded on the Earth and is found and befriended by children The kids have a lot of adventures partly because the girl Mo may speak the language but she does not understand the culture And partly because the naive kids proudly announce they have founded a girl who had fallen from a space ship which of course gets the adults pretty worked upMo is a beautiful girl with huge violet eyes and fine blond hair At 87 years old she appears to be 7 or 8 in human years Her world is one of peace and plenty The dissension among the children upsets her She does not understand the concept that food must be purchased or that bad behavior is punished In Mo's world the children learn from glowing screens and they love education The only adult who treats them kindly is the librarian a white haired lady who truly loves childrenThe kids need to get Mo to an open field where he father is expected to pick her up that night They travel though woods and swamp and just make it Mo's planet turns out to be Venus The round spaceships gather over the open field where the adults searching for this missing children also gather Mo's father a tall man dressed in a human suit thanks the children for their assistance to his daughter He offers Mo's diamond necklace to the boy who led the group and cared for Mo It will raise his parents from their povertyThe author was a Jew who left Nazi Germany for America He wrote books for adults and several for children The illustrator was Fritz Wegner and the translator was Kyrill Schabert

  6. VeeDawn VeeDawn says:

    Mo falls from her father's spaceship as it hovers low over the Earth and a group of children finds her in the forest She tells them her father will pick her up after nightfall in a certain forest glade and the children decide to help herThis is a 1950's story I love the way the children were characterized in this book

  7. Susan Susan says:

    This is one of the very first sci fi book I ever read copyright 1957 I must have read it shortly after that I got the book from our local elementary school library I read it often and am still amazed In 1957 they had the imagination to do this When I got old enough I bought the book for myself and still have it

  8. Maddison Askew Maddison Askew says:

    Mo falls from a spaceship into the woods She finds friends there but some of the adults don't believe that she is what she says she is This is a fun book for younger children with awesome vocabulary You could use this when talking about science and space

  9. Christine Christine says:

    I read this book years and years ago I really loved it as a child Will have to find a copy to reread

  10. Karen Earp Karen Earp says:

    Interesting book It is not at all astronomically accurate which is not surprising considering when it was written I read it in translation and I'm guessing some nuance and meaning could be lost in that process And I wanted to love it as an example of early science fiction But I did not love it I found the characters' behavior weird and off putting and the dialog almost painfully awkward The concept is that an alien girl of about age 10 showing up in the forest and being found by a group of children collecting mushrooms Her father is coming back from the moon where he has gone to make emergency repairs on his space ship that evening to collect her The children want to help and refusing to leave her in the woods take her to their village Of course the adults want to call the police return her to the asylum hospitalize her or otherwise stop her and the children helping her from completing her mission of meeting her father Chaos ensuesMy favorite parts were when the girl Mo would ask uestions about things like the organ grinder's monkey is that a person? and when she would talk about her home we don't have towns or countries That's pretty much the only thing that kept me reading even when her stories began to be repeated

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Kommt ein Mädchen geflogen ❰Reading❯ ➸ Kommt ein Mädchen geflogen Author Henry Winterfeld – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Mo falls from her father's spaceship as it hovers low over the Earth and a group of children finds her in the forest She tells them her father will pick her up after nightfall in a certain forest glad Mo falls from her father's spaceship as it hovers low over the Earth and a group of children finds her in the forest She tells them her father will pick her up after nightfall in a certain forest glade and the children decide to help herBut their troubles start when none of the grown ups will believe Mo's story Mo runs away the children after her to spend a bewildering day learning about the funny and sometimes frightening ways of Earth's inhabitants.