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Искренне ваш Шурик ❰Reading❯ ➻ Искренне ваш Шурик Author Lyudmila Ulitskaya – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Писателите могат да бъдат обвинявани в безпристрастност Както и художниците и инженерите Но да се обвинява л Писателите могат да бъдат обвинявани в безпристрастност Както и художниците и инженерите Но да се обвинява литературата в Искренне ваш PDF or нещо такова е абсолютно безмислено Творчеството е божествен дар Дар на свободата А нравствените закони са предписание за човешкото поведениеВлечението ми към семейния роман е мой личен начин да изживея темата за семейството в съвременния свят Живеем в сложно време когато традиционната институция на семейството е подложена на големи изпитания и дълбоки промени От човека се иска наново да решава въпроси които на нашите предшественици са изглеждали напълно решени Моите романи не са рецепти а покани да се вгледаме в животаЛюдмила Улицкая.

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  1. MihaElla MihaElla says:

    “Sincerely yours Shurik” by Lyudmila UlitskayaNowadays than ever I understand the relevance and accuracy of meaning when one says that the advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first timeThis is a book I have–surprisingly forgotten I read once so this time accounts for my second reading I have eventually figured this out as I reached the closing of the book How could I have completely forgotten that my eyes went through the same pages obviously during my first read I had so dedicated care with the book that it looked almost as new as if untouched and what triggered this total amnesia? Hard to tell I was feeding myself with the illusion that for sure I read some chapters from the first half of the book but not that I also reached to the end of it It is funny and strange too as I was immersing and into it I had the feeling of ‘déjà vu’ and couldn’t explain it clearly I had the feeling that I could keep the pace with the narrator and somehow managed to enter completely into her mind so together we are building up the narrative flow So really what made me delete from my memory that I read the book long ago?As I turned page after page the feeling was growing of old sweet memories that were very much alive and the past was now back here with me I knew why this book helps me in my journey back during my student years when I was – of course together with my school comrades – young and restless My very first trip abroad was actually to Russia Moscow in the fall of 1998 This year marks my 20 years celebration Ha No wonder now why I have forgotten I read the book This is a story about Shurik Korn a flawed Casanova sadly it didn’t fit for the perfect prototype of Casanova that lives in Moscow and during the 1980 years he builds a net of adventures where only women are caught and out of which he simply cannot escape Although he seems generously gifted by nature very good looking smart old French speaker gentle always ready to help Shurik lives an unhappy life He is always surrounded by women from birth by his mother and grandmother and later on during his adult years he manages to attract only the most complicated types of women and eventually he cannot break the shield of his loneliness and inner fantasies that seem to rule his lifeI liked very much that the style is simple straightforward while also it is marked by sensitiveness and plenty of warm bitter sweet hard humor now and there The dialogues and conversations are serious but also non serious The main issue to be reflected throughout the book is about the relationship between the son Shurik and his mother Vera Alexandrovna a very sentimental and artistic woman how unknowingly he develops a sense of profound subordination to the call of duty as it was cultivated in him from early youth by his mature intelligent grandmother Elizaveta Ivanovna and conseuently how is life is a loss in terms of livingThere are on display a wide range of shades of so called love – from selfish maternal filial flesh deep spiritual aiming – but also a whole gallery of feelings from the various women – lonely unhappy sick aggressive depressive suicidal – that intersects the life of our unhappy Shurik who is full of good nature and benevolence In all given circumstances ‘poor’ Shurik is animated by the best intentions and what he does is to heal and help the women that do everything in their power to keep him by their side Women adore him mainly by finding consolation in his flesh and constantly need him to solve their on going issues and problems They don’t seem to need him for his ‘being’ actually Shurik On the other side our hero is grotesuely unable to say a clear and firm no to feminine wishes and reuests I lost the number of cases when I felt a deep urge to slap him to help him wake up from his drunkenness and half blinded lived life Because of his tender and sensitive heart he keeps failing to see and understand that he is being used and simply ‘ignored’ as far as his real needs are concerned He is affected by a strange inner mechanism every time he is being trapped under pity and compassion feelings towards women the erotic trigger engulfs him completely and he proceeds to performing his duty with usual consideration and this makes him look as a kind of saint devoted to women Moreover he always felt that pity was the main feeling that a man could offer to a womanThere is an universe full of memorable characters Mathilda the lonely and eccentric artist living with three cats; Alia a colleague of chemical college from Kazan ugly but very ambitious and determined to succeed in the capital of the promises; Lena whose honor will save her through a fictitious marriage; Valeria with flamboyant imagination; Svetlana depressed whose hysteria crises bring her to the point of suicide; Sonya the beautiful alcoholic All women that cross his path come with their baggage of complicated lives that ultimately devour him of his own lifeAs he celebrates his 30th birthday anniversary not or less than exactly 10 years later after his first mental breakthrough he realizes he is deeply unhappy tied to women that are waiting to be served in all the ways especially flesh deep and he changed into a person that he doesn’t recognize in the mirror He is repelled of himselfAs if a gust by the destiny exactly at this time his first and only love Lilya a Russian born Jew that left Russia together with her parents when she was 18 because of her parents wish to return to Israel as long as the visa permits were still easy to get had a flight stop in Moscow only for 1 day on her way further to Tokyo from Paris During their very brief encounter they manage to rewind the places in the city where they used to hang out together the feelings and emotions that governed their lives when they were only 18 years of age the sweet dear memories of youth love But all this is now long back gone He finally ‘wakes’ up and feels for the first time in 12 years the sense of freedom and joy same as he used to when he was a childThere is infinite warm humor sensuality wisdom courage in places discreet dialogue with interesting phrases to fix in memory“Sincerely yours Shurik” is both serious and funny fascinating and accurate to present times as well It is a story of everything about basic need for love and being loved about the family and about history about women and about men that collide and the thread that connects them I forgave Shurik as he unawares showed me with today’s eyes how it is to be drawn to my first trip abroad Years passed by and too many things changed but that innocent and joyous feeling of my first meeting is still young Hope it shall continue to have a long life ;

  2. kolibri kolibri says:

    Why I read this book Some time ago arte a German French tv channel had a show named reading horizons or Lesehorizonte in German There famous and upcoming authors of different European capitals or countries all over the world were introduced For example there were shows about authors in Lisbon Moscow and Prague as well as about Egypt Haiti and South Africa I watched the one about Moscow where I was introduced to author Ljudmila Ulitzkaja who read some passages out of Ergebenst euer SchurikSchurik is a young man who grew up with his mother and grandmother That's why he became a sensitive young man who knew about the wishes and needs of women Schurik entertains a lot of affairs with lots of different women for whom he mainly feels pity He identifies this special feeling pity to be his strongest feeling for every woman But he the modern Anti Don Juan can't resist the seduction of all those women be they crippled depressive lonely or a man eater His first love Lilja fled Moscow at age 18 Schurik often compares his love affairs to the pure one he had with Lilja He lives his unliberated life but when his 30th birthday arrives Lilja is to visit Moscow and Schurik After one day Lilja leaves for Tokyo Her opinion about Schurik and what he made out of his live is shattering She only feels pity for himI very much liked that I was able to vividly picture Moscow and the life one has there It's not all love and light and laughter The family has to face some serious problems when the resolute grandmother dies who always took care of everything I was also amazed at how many different female characters the author was able to bring to life Although it were about ten women I never wondered like which one was that again?The book never had so much a point than to tell a life's story I liked Schurik because he cared about women but his problem was that it was like a duty than a passion and that's why I felt sorry for him he was just utilized and didn't even know It's not like the women didn't need him but they only needed him to polish their ego or because they believed he could make them healthy or because they were lonely They never needed him because he was SchurikThe book is worth its 4 stars

  3. Magdalena Antonini Magdalena Antonini says:

    In Ludmila Ulitskaya’s novel “Sincerely yours Shurik” the plot is simple a very good smart strong willed Grandmother Elizaveta Ivanovna and her daughter Vera a very nice tender but uite confused mother raise their boy Shurik in an atmosphere of idyllic family loveThe boy becomes a kind man very helpful and uite responsive to those in need around him Shurik has grown into a well educated mature and attractive young man from a good family and appears to display all the right ualities to become a good person and a trusting accommodating man a considerate lover; a good match and an excellent specimen for furthering the speciesIn short Shurik has all the makings of an excellent life partner for any woman and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the people who are most interested in his help are in fact red blooded womenBut while Shurik dedicates himself to “gratuitously helping” women at work in bed and in their everyday lives he must offset his sensitivities with humbly serving his defenceless mother Vera and come to terms with his own time irretrievably passing through his fingersAt eighteen Shurik falls in love and his love is pure and true but relationships come to sudden and abrupt end Later Shurik gets a second fatefully ironic chance at love and even in this instance life seems to mock him without pity; after many years without seeing his first and only “true” love the mature independent Lilya she describes him alternatively as “poor Shurik” “a bit of a saint” and “a complete moron”His undeveloped affair with a cheerful French woman Joel is also nipped in the bud because of his imposed or assumed obligations Shurik has neither the strength nor the wherewithal to fight for his right to love and be happy as even his own mother treats him as a personal toolkit to repair the flaws all around her Shurik is relegated to being a secondary character in the theatre that is Vera’s life as wellAt the end of book Shurik is a thirty something amalgam of disjointed mismatched bits and pieces like several balls of multicoloured thread odds and ends and found objects that are other person’s lives“Sincerely yours Shurik” is a metaphor for the relationship between the sexes because it puts into uestion the established concept of how the roles of “victim” and “aggressor” are divided between the contemporary male and female The book represents an analysis of the changing or so the changed but not yet realized role of woman in modern societyThe story of Shurik Korn is just one typical example of how a man can suander away the precious time that is life and effort leading inevitably to a personality that becomes diluted beyond recognition while others seem to know what their goals are and seem to strive tirelessly to achieve them at whatever costThe style and expressiveness of this book deserve a special mention Ulitskaya’s novel is written in her characteristic extremely rich savoury narrative manner employing the seamlessly harmonious substance of literary reality that is the domain of her charactersShe creates fascinatingly convincing juxtapositions between meticulous attention to small details and trivia a light ironic prose to emphasize the novel’s theme as entirely removed from the holistic and philosophical uestions that govern the human mind“Sincerely yours Shurik” by Ludmila Ulitskaya is certainly a masterpiece and among the most fascinating prose written in narrative fiction today An immensely pleasurable and uirky book to read it is a wellspring for discussion and contemplationThe author examines and analyses the most common “basic” notions and concepts love compassion family among others from an uncommon and surprising point of view These notions and concepts are all present in the novel as they are in the life of the main character but something’s gone seriously wrong there’s a fly in the ointment and that fly is Shurik Korn a topsy turvy Don Juan; so nice and so darling that one doesn’t know whether to embrace him or to strangle him This review isn't mine and it can be found at I wouldn't say it better

  4. Daniela Daniela says:

    Soul renderingly Russian That uniue combination of gruesome and side splitting onyl Russian women can master

  5. Randy Rusbridger Randy Rusbridger says:

    Good and interesting book keeps the reader wanting to know what will happen next I mean it is not boring neither stupid Informative in a way Lets you see that the life in the Soviet Union in the seventies even before was pretty normal for those outside the horizon of the hawkish eye of the Communist Party Of course presence of the powerful regime is felt in the book Mostly in the Enriue episode in the topic of shared appartments actually stolen from real owners and subject of endless manipulations in the subtle hints at the powerful bosses whose power is derived from political positions even at such sublime places as Bolshoy theatre Why three stars then? Because the novel looks to me as the loosely knitted series of stories where very interesting heroes suddenly disappear with the not to well grounded explanations For example I missed Shurik's father very much he disappeared very early in the novel Maria too She was very important for many pages in the last third of the book but then suddenly we hear almost nothing about her after her departure abroad Matilda disappeared too uietly to the countryside but somehow it was not enough explained for meshe was pretty much attached to Shurik had important and satisfying job I don't think she would so easily abandon Moscow But we are not informed about her thoughts Just like we are not informed how is that Alya so suddenly stopped loving Shurik decided to marry and break any contact with Shurik and his mother a woman she admired At the end it could be said that I enjoyed the book because it is written very fluently and craftfully with many well rounded characters and episodes but the whole structure of the novel lacks a bit at the side of coherence and firmness Similarly the so called message of the book is not too clear The message to the reader is suggested with the short diary entry Lilya writes in the plane on her way to Tokyo but somehow it strikes us as something arbitraty something at what we were not prepared during the novel I don't want to say that I am unsatisfied with the ending uncapable of accepting it or that I am not prepared at the openness of the interpretations of Shurik's actual behaviour I just want to say that I would like that it was discussed much earlier with which would be easier to grasp what was the writer hinting at with the whole book if himieher was hinting at anything Of course writers do not have duty to explain themselves and their books but most of them find it very important to express their point of view of course by the artistic means perhaps through the eyes of other protagonists their thoughts during theprocess of writing This is not the case here and that is the reason I find this book somehow staying suspended somewhere in the air without final conclusion or it could be said without closure

  6. Angela Angela says:

    Love the author but this book didn't like as much as rest of them

  7. pax pax says:

    Ulitskaya has an incredible way of painting lives a word here a side note there a dress or a thought and suddenly the most minor of the characters is a three dimensional person who struggles their way out of the page and settles into your mind inconsiderate of the fact that you should be really thinking of some real world problem not of their fate

  8. MargoAndri MargoAndri says:

    Lyudmila Ulitskaya is the only one writer who helps me to believe that the great Russian literature could be back in the near future Her way of writing makes me feel like one of the hero her stories are extremely realistic I suppose Shurik is one of the best book I have read I can reread this book over and over and it can't make me feel bored

  9. Ma-ree-yah Ma-ree-yah says:

    Amazing language unbelievable vocabulary pleasure to read this kind of prose Plot wise not her strongest book

  10. Natalie H Natalie H says:

    Really enjoyed an audio version of it

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