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Unspeakable Journey [PDF / Epub] ★ Unspeakable Journey By Rinda Hahn – It was supposed to be a uick trip to the grocery store but it turned into an Unspeakable Journey On the eve of her thirtieth birthday Isabella is abducted in the parking lot of her local grocery store It was supposed to be a uick trip to the grocery store but it turned into an Unspeakable Journey On the eve of her thirtieth birthday Isabella is abducted in the parking lot of her local grocery store Hasam a sinister human trafficker arranges for her to marry his longtime friend and Saudi Arabian prince Latif Latif has everything political prowess success and wealth until he meets Isabella She is beautiful alluring and all that he has dreamed of in a wife and Isabella's defiant refusal makes her even desirable Far from home in a land where women are oppressed Isabella struggles with the loss of her husband and two daughters imprisonment and isolation Will God rescue her from this nightmare Will she give in to hopeless despair Join author Rinda Hahn in this story of passion and obsession faith and bravery and find out what happens on an Unspeakable Journey In Unspeakable Journey Rinda Hahn takes us through a harrowing tale of clashing cultures and colliding faith Allison Pittman author of Ten Thousand Charms Rinda Hahn loves writing and her love of storytelling and desire to teach wisdom and truth inspired her debut novel Unspeakable Journey Rinda and her family live in central Indiana.

  • Paperback
  • 300 pages
  • Unspeakable Journey
  • Rinda Hahn
  • English
  • 25 September 2016
  • 9781615666935

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  1. Heath Sommer Heath Sommer says:

    Book Unspeakable JourneyAuthor Rinda HahnPerfect Paperback 300 pagesPublisher Tate Publishing March 23 2010Language EnglishISBN 10 1615666931ISBN 13 978 1615666935Genre Christian fiction; chick lit Review Date 3162010Review Unspeakable Journey tales the story of the nightmare of being taken captive and brought to a strange land Excellently imagined and told in an escalating crescendo Hahn effectively creates the drama she sets out to in the contemporary Christian fiction novelFrom the beginning I was drawn in by the story and found myself wanting to read and further despite the many time constraints I experienced while reviewing JourneyOn the writing style Hahn does an excellent job of using language and prose that is easily accessed by a wide range of consumers yet she also finds her voice uickly and expresses her artistic style where appropriate and does so in a way that did not pull me away from the story properHahn also in my opinion excellently captures the plight and terror of someone held hostage not only by depicting the behavior and structure of kidnapping and kidnappers but by also wonderfully depicting the thought processes and human experience of those who would find themselves so powerless and frail On the Target Audience While the story has mass appeal and so I think will be interesting to a wide variety of readers there is a strong Judeo Christian philosophy running throughout the text and so I believe individuals with an affinity for such teachings and philosophies will be the most attracted to and satisfied with this well paced and flowing storyline On the best parts I think than anything else Hahn’s ability to tell a captivating story as well as her ability to expose that in every death there is a life or restated that humans emerge with redeeming features regardless of the desperate circumstances creates a message that undoubtedly will touch and inspire many who read Journey Closing thoughts and overall summary An ever escalating read that will challenge the way you think and worship as well as tease you with the life too many of our earthly kin must live Journey is the type of novel you will be talking to your friends about when you finishHeath Sommer PhDAuthor of The Manufactured Identity

  2. Brittany Brittany says:

    Wow just wow Amazing and not at all what I expected A must read for anyone but as a Christian this is amazing and just a testimony to how God can take the worst situations and use them for good I’ve seen this happen in my own life but this author just did an amazing job bringing this woman’s faith alive it was real

  3. Cafelilybookreviews Cafelilybookreviews says:

    Unspeakable Journey begins with the main character Isabella celebrating the eve of her 30th birthday with a close college friend Although enjoying the rare break from her role as wife and mother Isabella adores her family and is headed home happy and content with her life An ill fated stop at the grocery store changes Isabella forever when three men in an SUV abduct her as she is leaving the store and getting into her car Although she does her best to fight back and resist Isabella is taken against her will drugged and flown out of the countryAs Isabella begins to awaken from her drug induced sleep panic threatens to overcome her when she realizes she most likely will never see her husband and children again Hasam the Middle Eastern man responsible for her abduction informs her that he will kill her if she doesn’t cooperate Isabella uickly discerns that Hasam is not only a man of power but pure evil Hasam ends up selling Isabella to his closet friend Latif a very wealthy Saudi Arabian prince Isabella is suddenly forced into a country a culture and a marriage that will shake her faith to the core and test her limits mentally emotionally and spirituallyI found myself inspired by Isabella’s faith and determination in this story as she faced unimaginable horrors You can’t help but walk away from this book thinking deeper about your own personal convictions and what it might be like to walk in Isabella’s shoes In the midst of a truly horrific nightmare Isabella manages to dig deep within and share the love of Christ with those around her The impact she has on many lives is amazing and inspirational This is an example of being the hands and feet of Jesus no matter where we are or how difficult the situation is As others observe us in a difficult situation our life may have impact than we realize and our testimony power than we ever imagined Rinda Hahn’s debut novel Unspeakable Journey will take you on the ride of your life This is one of those books you might not want to start at bedtime unless you plan to be up all night I could hardly put it down and felt like I was right next to Isabella as she clung to her hope and faith in Christ Congratulations to Rinda for a brilliant debut

  4. Cindy Cindy says:

    WOW What a debut novel for Rinda Hahn Unspeakable Journey is a book I could not put down until I read the last page and I didn't cheat and skip to the back What a awesome debut novel Isabella was on top of the world she had just had a night out with her friends celebrating her thirtieth birthday which was coming up in a few days she had a awesome family her husband Sam and she were madly in love and they had two adorable daughters And in the span of 30 seconds it all came crashing down when she was abducted in a grocery store parking lot Isabella's beautiful red hair and startling green eyes made her noticable and made her a prize for the human traffiker who snatched her and took her to Saudi Arabia where she was sold to the prince to be one of his wives Forced into a marriage with the prince the only thing that kept Isabella sane was her faith and her friendship with Latif's sister Will she ever see her home in Indiana again? Will Sam still love her? Will her daughter's forget their mommy? Unspeakable Journey is a book that details the nightmare and the horror of having your life change in seconds and finding yourself a prisoner Rinda Hahn's debut novel is a book that I totally was immersed in I could feel Isabella's pain radiating from the pages This book is a hit 295 pages US 1699 5 starsThis book was provided for review purposes only no payment was received for this review To learn about this author check out her website

  5. Don Bartemus Don Bartemus says:

    I loved this book Why?The premise is remarkable I thought it would be a dark side book with the shadows of the international underground as the big story NotThis book tested my ethic my decision making process What would I counsel someone in this situation to do? I skimmed it then read it on a long flight to Eastern Europe Even as I read it I viewed the people around me in a different light Very entertaining the plot was incredible but very well developed and believable Thought provoking Emotion provokingLife is often a uestion without a pat answer This book forced me to think in an entirely different sphereMy last thoughts areI would love to read the next book in the series

  6. Jill Gick Jill Gick says:

    Unspeakable Journey is a fresh and exciting story that took me places I had never been before The plot is original intriguing and a refreshing change from the typical romance It educated me about foreign cultures and challenged me on levels both spiritual and moral The storyline presented some hard uestions and even had some controversial aspects A great book to discuss with others Rinda Hahn's writing style flowed well and kept me anticipating what would happen next Yet it did not move so fast as to keep me from getting to know the characters and what they brought to the story

  7. Dan Short Dan Short says:

    Gentlemen do not dismiss Unspeakable Journey as being just a woman's book it truly isn't I found myself reading from the viewpoint of Sam the husband left back in Indiana and became profoundly reminded not only of how much I love my wife and children but also how incredibly empty my life would be without themIn Unspeakable Journey Rinda Hahn grabs you uickly and expertly leads you through a wild rollercoaster of emotions Even though it carries a powerful testimony to what GOD can do it is secular enough to highly recommend to all regardless of religious affiliation

  8. Ronald Ronald says:

    This book pulls you in the first few pages It is hard to stop reading after you start It is a story of a woman who is forced to make one of the hardest decisions imaginable She placed her fate in God’s hands and did not know what was going to happen to her She shows what it means to walk in faith Don’t dismiss this book as only for the female reader It is not It is thought provoking and will shake your faith walk to the core

  9. Pam Pam says:

    My wonderful friend Rinda Hahn just wrote her FIRST book I am not a big reader but could NOT put this book down once I started I looked forward to reading it every day This is NOT a romance novel but a book that makes you wrestle with what you would do if forced into a horrible situation and had to make difficult choices It comes out in March a great book to take with you on Spring Break

  10. Shannon Funke Shannon Funke says:

    Could NOT put this book down This story was obviously born of the author's love of literature and her love of God This is a well written debut novel that will engage you from beginning to end and beyond I appreciate Rinda Hahn's ability to make you uestion your faith and yet reinforce it I'll definitely be watching for from this author

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