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Take Me (Naughty Nooners) [Read] ➬ Take Me (Naughty Nooners) Author Grace Samuels – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk An Ellora's Cave Naughty Nooners storyI want to taste you His voice seduced her His body costumed in a linen kilt and a mask of the ancient Egyptian lion headed god of the massacre made her body burn An Ellora's Cave Naughty Nooners storyI want to taste you His voice seduced her His body costumed in a linen kilt and a mask of the ancient Egyptian lion headed god of the massacre made her body burn It was inappropriate unprofessional but when he spoke I'm not a gentle lover I'll take you fast I'll take you hard and I won't stop until we've both come Diana willingly took the plunge into decadence forgetting where they were and who she was.

10 thoughts on “Take Me (Naughty Nooners)

  1. Dina Dina says:

    Oooh I liked this nooner The ending was predictable you just have to pay attention to the little clues but Thad and Diana were sweet and very likable Plus there was nothing too kinky in the love scenes to scare me away thankfully

  2. Brandi ;) Brandi ;) says:

    I'm new to the whole eroticaromance genre of books I've been toying with some novels what to read first where to start my journey without going to far too fast After much debate I figured I'd start out with a couple short stories first you know get my feet wet before jumping in to the deep end Don't want to shock the system too soon I have my sights set on Backstage Pass but I have been warnedadvised to build up to it rather than plunging in head first So this is my first erotica short to read It wasn't as hard as I was expecting but good enough for starting out slow I'll def pick it up a bit with my next one This story did well though I liked that the sex scenes were described well without being vulgar I giggled a bit at the pssy slapping and then wondered hmmmmight have to try that one Honestly I never thought of having the hubby spank the goods but what the hell why not give it a try The intensity between the 2 characters was also fun to read and I loved the twist at the end but I won't spoil it at least not without a fair warning ahead of time I got spoiled by looking at a review before reading this and the reviewer didn't even give a warning before hand not cool It didn't take away from the story but it would have been a little fun to find out the little suprise on my own Ok little rant over Enjoyed the story will continue on with until ready to plunge

  3. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    This was a fun little read Hot without too much kink and with an ending that made me smile

  4. Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne says:

    Intriguing little tale Don't be fooled this is not one of those cheap thrill short stories The author does a great job of setting it up and providing adeuate background and insight into the characters She has a very fast paced and interesting style My only complaint was that this is a short story I hope the author decides to make a novel length version one day Definitely one of the best erotic shorts out there

  5. Arianne Cruz Arianne Cruz says:

    Amazing plot grammar spelling and punctuation This book is great I think I found a new author to add to my favorite list along with Stacey Kennedy This book was set at a museum during an Egyptian exhibit party The chemistry between the two characters were amazing The author did a great job making the words come alive and paint a picture in the reader's mindThe ending was BEAUTIFUL It was so romantic I love romantic books with a little spice added to it Bravo

  6. Mel Mel says:

    This ebook is or was free on ; honestly i bought it out of boredom and no idea of what to read I am beyond surprise at the story I love it so sweet and tender yet incredibly hot and steamy Is a short story about 10 maybe 15 pages long i am never sure on the kindle I truly enjoyed this one

  7. Megan Megan says:

    A very short story Thad seduces Diana at a museum party Thad is dressed as an Egyptian god The surprise ending is great I never guessed

  8. Mya Mya says:

    not bad nor good its eff

  9. Amy Amy says:

    HotThis little naughty nooner was pretty hot; It keeps you guessing who this mysterious man is playing sexy games The ending made it even better and left me wanting

  10. Jennifer Schweichler Jennifer Schweichler says:

    Such a naughty hot holy cow fantasy for a married coupledamn i want this

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