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  1. Osman Osman says:

    After trudging through a third of Dr Raj Persaud’s book The Motivated Mind I realised how utterly unmotivated I was to finish itThere are some good elements to it some interesting information; the latest psychological research etc but unfortunately it’s buried in the mountains of turgid text concerning this or that experiment or such and such research paper The book is just too long at 500 pages This includes 68 pages of references as an indication of just how much he references scientific research papers The motivated or unmotivated mind attempting to get through it all just glazes over And I tried hard I really didI think he just wanted to get everything in and didn’t stop to allow his inner editor to curtail his enthusiasm come to think of it that’s what his publishing editor is for But even though the book is long there is so much research included that he has to treat some of it in a superficial manner skating over topics introducing some theory only to move onto something else in the next paragraph For example he introduces ‘ABC’ Antecedent Behaviour Conseuence in the next paragraph he’s moved on pp147 The overall feeling is of being bombarded with far too many superficially explained ideasI suppose the major problem is that it’s not clear what this book is trying to do On the one hand it felt like a serious primer in the up to date research on motivation On the other it was trying to be a popular self help book So you have reams of the dense scientific references and then bisecting any one chapter you have a frivolous self evaluation uestionnaire; you know the stuff answer 5 or 6 multiple choice uestions and tot up the points to reveal your character flaws something that might grace the pages of ‘Woman’s Own’ These uestionnaires and the bullet point checklists eg ‘How to make good decisions’ seemed to jar against the main bulk of the text as if another book had suddenly intruded And perhaps this was the case I now DO have a vision of his publishing editor explaining to Dr Persuad that if his serious book didn’t look sufficiently like a self help book no one would buy it This tendency to confuse with incompatible juxtaposition is doubly strange not to say schizophrenic in the chapter entitled ‘Why Will Power doesn’t exist’ because the uestionnaire is designed to test your will power I was baffled as to what to believe on this point The conclusion of the chapter is ‘the best motivational strategy is to assume that will power doesn’t exist ‘ pp102 but later we read that ‘all human behaviour is really an exercise of will’ pp141 2 Well which is it to be?Dr Persaud’s writing is pedestrian workmanlike sometimes clumsy; never very elegant Here’s an example ‘Another important factor is whether situational goals were concordant with individual’s internal strivings’ pp149 In the end the sheer volume of stuff to get through in the cause of extracting any point that he might have been driving towards bears down on the reader I gave up

  2. Susan Susan says:

    This book came and went on the good bad scale There was heaps that was very interesting But heaps that wasn’t Throughout the book you felt as if Persaud repeated himself I think the book was just written like an essay with the whole statement explain example thing going on Often though because of how obviously intellectual Persaud is you needed the repetition just so you understood what he meant clearly I would say this book has so many ideas in it So many details of experiments theories and things that have beeb done that actually for a psych student or something this would be a great book to get a fairly thorough overview of many things As I read through I felt like I was nodding my head in agreement heaps like yeah thats about right And i think hes certainly onto something here and theres tons of useful stuff in here I would say this book is frustrating not only because of the repetitions and the language use and the bad attempts at humour but also because as I read it seemed like Persaud was writing for other Doctors he probably was writing what he knew which is the Doctoring profession so thats why his examples came from there and often times he seemed sexist in that he wrote for males In one section he is talking about differences in males and females and he gives ideas for men to get ahead based on genetics hormones etc but fails to do the same for females and even alludes to the idea that women shouldn’t be as driven or motivated as men I also hated the last 2 chapters The last actual chapter was just boring and seemed completely pointless to me And the epilogue talked about suicide from a perspective that not only was it ok but that it should be applauded or something It hardly if at all stated that suicide shouldn’t be a thing people do Firstly i thought why is this even in the book at all? And secondly I thought this is terrible like hes actively encouraging people to end their lives Absolutely LOATHED this chapter But enjoyed a lot of the rest of the book

  3. Graham Powell Graham Powell says:

    OK so I picked up a secondhand copy of this a while ago in the excellent bookshop in Watchet Looked like an interesting read This summer I read it on holiday I'm not sure what to say about The Motivated Mind beyond the obvious Raj Persaud has a very active mind Maybe this has overwhelmed his writing Random themes rush in like overpowering waves crashing into the flow of what has come before Some sections were incredibly interesting others less so and seeming unrelated to what had gone before Towards the end we were offered an existentialist worldview with reference to the Groundhog Day movie Soon after this was followed by a discussion on suicide attempts There's no such thing as will power we are told and yet I willed myself to finish this book I lost track of the overall theme but there were some passages worth discovering

  4. Georgy Wilband Georgy Wilband says:

    I enjoyed Dr Persauds style of writing often felt chatty and that he was in the room with you What I didn't like about the book was the fact it wasn't really a book on how to motivate yourself as much as I wanted it to be it was a book about what it means to be motivated and why we have issues with it Nevertheless an interesting read especially liked the last chapterepilogue and will search for books he has written to put on my 'to read' list

  5. Brian Sullivan Brian Sullivan says:

    interesting data but i just couldnt get into this book Totally uninspiring

  6. Sean Sean says:

    Anything is possible depending on what you will risk

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