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The Word Reclaimed The Face of the Deep #1 [Reading] ➸ The Word Reclaimed The Face of the Deep #1 Author Steve Rzasa – Baden picked up the wrong book In the far future the civilized worlds have finally been freed of the curse of religion Tolerance now rules the five colonies Thanks to the secret police no one has been Baden Reclaimed The Face of PDF \ picked Reclaimed The ePUB ✓ up the wrong book In the far future the civilized worlds have finally been freed of the curse of religion Tolerance now rules the five colonies Thanks to the secret The Word MOBI :Ê police no one has been bothered by so much as a hymn in two generations much less a Torah Koran or that most dangerous of books a Bible Baden is a teenager with Word Reclaimed The PDF/EPUB ä an attitude He spends his spare time salvaging wrecks in deep space claiming for himself whatever the pirates leave behind One day Baden finds a book A strange and very old book preserved Word Reclaimed The Face of Kindle - carefully against the ravages of deep space Thinking he'll become rich if only for the value of the paper he takes it He counts himself lucky beyond all imagining Until it begins talking to him Amidst an interstellar war that threatens to overthrow the monarchy and drive great families to oblivion Baden must evade the secret police and their attempts to get that book Baden never had much use for religion But it seems one has use of him Steve Rzasa was born and raised in South Jersey and fell in love with books especially science fi cti on novels and historical volumes at an early age He and his wife Carrie have two boys and live in Buff alo Wyoming Steve's short story Rescued which is set in the universe of The World Reclaimed won the GK Chesterton Award in the Athanatos Christi an Ministries Writi ng Contest.

  • Paperback
  • 462 pages
  • The Word Reclaimed The Face of the Deep #1
  • Steve Rzasa
  • English
  • 08 January 2016
  • 9780982104996

About the Author: Steve Rzasa

Steve Reclaimed The Face of PDF \ Rzasa Reclaimed The ePUB ✓ was born and raised in South Jersey and fell in love with books—especially science fiction novels and historical volumes—at an early age He earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from The Word MOBI :Ê Boston University’s College of Communications in and then spent seven years as a reporter and assistant editor at weekly newspapers in Maine Steve moved to Wyoming in to become the edito.

10 thoughts on “The Word Reclaimed The Face of the Deep #1

  1. Ron Ron says:

    Book Review The Word Reclaimed by Steve RzasaThree Stars out of FiveA fun multi thread space opera Set six hundred years into our future the story relates a time when all religions have been subsumed into a lowest common denominator religion of psychobabble and ritual Anyone holding any particular faith is persecuted as an enemy of the state And of course the persecutors may have a hidden agenda for their purges Well told especially when the point of view is that of one of the young males Works less well with the older characters Too many mature people are thrilled awed proud and dread things at a level which makes them appear adolescent A stupid and obvious conspiracy Everything involved the king of the five realms comes off stilted as if the author’s concept of royal behavior is draw from fantasy novelsuibbles A lot of “on the nose” storytelling as Jerry B Jenkins labels it in Writing for the Soul Instruction and Advice from an Extraordinary Writing Life “A uintet of five” What other kind is there? “New warships under construction” Yeah “They were that were ” Much description by characters which is obviously to inform the reader Hard to believe the first thing done with the titular text is not to scan it and fire a bajillion copies into the ether Censorship is better fought with openness than hiding A good story but too predictable

  2. C.J. Darlington C.J. Darlington says:

    I can't believe I waited this long to read The Word Reclaimed Lately I've been reading and enjoying a lot of science fiction and this novel was one of the better books I've read As a Star Trek Voyager fan I felt right at home with the characters as they traversed space Bonus is the very strong spiritual thread This is an epic novel that has a huge scope and lots of characters My only uibble is that all those characters sometimes can make things a little confusing but overall Rzasa handles it all well I'm a new fan

  3. Bill Bill says:

    The Word Reclaimed is an excellent Christian military SF novel told from multiple viewpoints In the distant future Mankind has spread out across the stars and the majority of humanity is ruled by an imperial family who control a number of star systems in what is called the Realm of Five To maintain stability the royal family has banned religions that claim to have an exclusive grasp of religious truths A highly efficient secret police enforces the ban ruthlessly pursuing violators across human controlled spaceBaden Haczyk the son of a freighter captain finds a rare book on board a mysteriously destroyed freighter that soon embroils everyone he loves in a far flung conflict for control of the empireSteve Rzasa has written a tightly woven fast paced tale of empire intrigue belief and battle that fits in well with classics like Jerry Pournelle's Mercenary Poul Anderson's Star Fox and Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers Space and ground battles and the associated military technologies are well conceived and exciting without drowning the reader in a mass of detailThe characters a believable and compelling Character development is on par for a multiple viewpoint story I would have liked have seen character development for some of the story's heavies Nonetheless I was thoroughly engaged and rooting for the good guysRzasa handles religious issues well since they are integral to the story His even handed and thought provoking approach is commendableAs part of a two part story arc the book does lead tightly into the seuel The Word Unleashed which I very much look forward to reading The Word Reclaimed can be read on its own but if you're like me you will want to find out what happens to your favorite characters

  4. Jill Williamson Jill Williamson says:

    Review by Jill Williamson Baden assists his father aboard their six brace vessel the Natalia Zoja salvaging wrecks in deep space One day Baden makes a great find a Bible Any book is a relic but this one is banned by Kesek the secret police Baden's dad wants him to get rid of it but it's Baden's salvage and therefore his rightful property Before he can decide what to do pirates come after them They know Baden has the book and they want it Meanwhile a political and religious war is brewing throughout the Realm of Five and the Natalia Zoja is headed straight for it A cross between Firefly and Star Trek Rzasa pens a story filled with a great cast of characters and some sweet space battles His Realm of Five is imaginative and well thought out and his space ships are mind boggling Plus the story has a deeper thread that I found compelling A world without the word of God It intrigued me how Rzasa depicted people trying to hold onto the hope of a creator without his word to guide them I was totally impressed This is a clean exciting read that anyone who loves space epics will enjoy Looking forward to part two

  5. Leah Good Leah Good says:

    Counted Worthy meets Ender's Game in this epic intergalactic tale built on a solidly Christian foundationIf you enjoy meticulously crafted fictional worlds tactical details and a strong Christian message this book will be an immediate favorite Read my full review at Leah's Bookshelf

  6. Rachel Thomson Rachel Thomson says:

    Here is how I feel about cliffhangers AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGHIt doesn’t help that I am still nursing a feeling of rawness over the lack of resolution in Bryan Davis’s Masters and Slayers I had to take my raw self wading into Steve Rzasa’s space opera The Word Reclaimed suspecting and that this story was too big for its 460 pages I was rightActually the first thing to strike me about this book was that it is big And I was reading a file on a Kobo so I’m not talking about physical size The list of significant characters and their shipshome planetsfamily groups in the book’s front matter was almost overwhelming to the point where I wonder if it would have been better placed in the back of the book where prospective readers couldn’t see it and faint before they even get into the story Thankfully I didn’t faint and I did get into the storyThe Word Reclaimed is a space opera think Star Wars with Nazis and fewer aliens set in the year 2602 when the people of Earth have colonized four other major worlds and united under a kingdom called the Realm of Five The kingdom has long been benevolent but Kesek a secret police force in charge of enforcing a treaty of tolerance across religions is anything but—and their power with the king is growingOne of Kesek’s biggest roles is the capture and destruction of religious texts including the Bible the u’ran and the Hindu Sutras So when a surly teenager named Baden son of an Expatriate merchant and member of the crew of the Natalia Zoja salvages a Bible from a pirate wreck it’s bound to change his life—but in ways he can’t imagine From the moment he comes across the Bible Baden begins to see visions and hear voicesAt the same time the Verge family—a family of warriors from the planet Starkweather—are called into action to put down an alleged rebellion on an outlying planet called Bethel one of the last Christian colonies in the Realm Cadet Trainee Alec Verge is given the chance to go along with his father Lt Colonel James Verge and other stories relatives including his aunt Commander Colleen Verge—who as it happens is also dreaming dreams The crew of the Natalia Zoja and the deployed troops from Starkweather will meet up eventually as treachery brings them into the battle of their lives—and the beginning of a battle for the Realm—and as a God who seems to be seeking them brings them into a battle for their soulsMarcher Lord Press publisher and editor in chief Jeff Gerke gives this background info on the MLP websiteSteve’s space opera is truly an epic Though there are dozens of characters many of whom are superficially similar—space marines deep space navigators young cadets trained assassins—I was somehow never confused who was who That in and of itself is remarkable Then add a brilliant story of deep treachery a crumbling monarchy forbidden faith and a warrior family’s pride—all set against the recovery of a book so dangerous that the secret police would wipe out a world to obtain—and you’ve got a recipe for incredible speculative funBut the thing was very long Like 170000 words long I started looking for a cliffhanger around the midpoint We ended up finding a great oneYou bet they did But don’t let that stop you from diving in—Book 2 The Word Unleashed is already out Rachel Starr Thomson author of The Seventh World Trilogy wwwworldsunseencom

  7. Daryl Daryl says:

    This was a well written book with a very intriguing story line In the future the Bible is unavailable and only vaguely remembered and a copy is found that sets up a great plot The world building is excellent and detailed I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading the restMy only concern but did not take a star off for this was the numerous editorial errors ie duplicated words missing words etc I read the ebook of another edition and hopefully many of these have been corrected sinceOverall definitely worth reading

  8. Matt Andersen Matt Andersen says:

    Before I start let's just get it out there that I am not a hardcore sci fi reader I was a bit intimidated when I picked up this book particularly when I saw the star map at the front But I had read Mr Rzasa's short story in Ether Ore Marcher Lord Press and was blown away by his ability to write heart pounding action I jumped into The Word Reclaimed hoping to find of it and I was not disappointedI found the space travelphysicsscience elements of the story world understandable and internally consistent That being said I really have no idea how well any of it compares to actual science But the laws of science as described in Mr Rzasa's world made enough sense to me that I was able to move through the novel without constantly thinking Can they really do that in space? Suspended disbelief accomplishedNow for the story All religions claiming the exclusive path to salvation are banned by the interstellar government and replaced with a milk toast universalist religion that is regulated by the state to avoid conflict ie offense sound familiar anyone? Baden our primary protagonist finds a Bible while salvaging a destroyed space vessel and his heart is changed The influence of the Bible worms its way through the story's huge caste of characters seriously enormous and we get to see how it affects them as well Plus there is a civil war space pirates unscrupulous secret police a half dozen chase scenes space battles infantry battles mechs battles air to air combat hand to hand combat explosions and did I mention plenty of action?The only criticism I had past tense for The Word Reclaimed was that the cast of POV characters was so big that I had a hard time bonding with and caring about them as much as I wanted to There certainly is a lot to keep straight However once the story takes its final turn and plunges into its climax in The Word Unleashed seems like an oxymoron but I really felt like I was falling as the ending unfolded I was happy to know all those characters The ending which occurs in the seuel the two books read like one big book was deeper and richer because I was able to experience it from so many different points of viewI highly recommend this book and The Word Unleashed

  9. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    Military scifi is not a genre I often read but I've been reading of my kindle backlog and discovering some books I might not usually pick up Rzasa's Word Reclaimed was worth reading and I want to read the rest of the series I was surprised at some of the turns the story took I think this would have been a stronger book had the two storylines been told concurrently but each of them were engaging and I do want to read what happens to the characters next The editor missed some typos which was distracting

  10. Thomas J Erdmann Thomas J Erdmann says:

    Intriguingly ChristianEnjoyed the amazing possibilities of a totally lost universe in need of the word of God Hopefully everything ends well

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