God Wants You to Be Rich: How and Why Everyone Can Enjoy

10 thoughts on “God Wants You to Be Rich: How and Why Everyone Can Enjoy Material and Spiritual Wealth in Our Abundant World

  1. Books Ring Mah Bell Books Ring Mah Bell says:

    This guy CAN NOT be for real

  2. Jay Jay says:

    First of all I've recently come to notice that in the Bible there's not very much direct application to our 21st century issues of technological development or what to make of the time given back from the distribution of labor in urban areas This lack of knowledge prompted me to pick up this book hoping to find some new commentaries on passages from the gospels or even recovering intent from Old Testament principlesThe main thrust of Pilzer does address the phenomenon we're currently experiencing which is an exponentially accelerating economy and technological environment The primary effect is increased efficiency which improves the standard of living for everyone because of value with the same resources or less The residual effect is displacement of employees whose skills by competitive yet well intentioned capitalistic fundamentals become obsolete and put them in a position reuiring them to adapt Academically Pilzer made great arguments of why this creative destruction is economically productive as well as healthy for the growth of humans in our endeavor to improve the worldHowever theologically there was much less support than I could've hoped for There were merely a handful of obscure passages mainly from the Abrahamic laws that were mentioned and used as a springboard for further elaboration with modern economics So there was nothing terribly innovative here just several good ideasConsidering my opening statement I was satisfied with the limited biblical insights Pilzer delivered Overall this book was a great collection of modern 20th century examples of economic alchemy with plenty of short vignettes to demonstrate his conceptual ideas If not from the perspective of a Christian then as a businessperson I feel much empowered with a model of how to create thriving sustainable organizations with humanitarian insights

  3. Chinedu Okonkwo Chinedu Okonkwo says:

    The author took a deep dive into economics psychology and a little sprinkle of Christianity It is good to learn what have happen in the US economy since the 1900s and the false economic predictions Although the book was written in the late 1990s some of the predictions has came into existence and its still relevant today as it was 20 years ago

  4. Ryan Ryan says:

    My notes and uotesPilzer primarily describes his theory of economic alchemy Describes how Abraham developed first property laws and customs Argues that God wants all people to be fulfilled and prosperous Also argues that technology has and will continue to answer all problems that people predict will lead to economic ruin Explains that overall economic growth has increased for most of the century and will continue to increase as long as productive methods are developed Most economic problems come from political problems rather than lack of resources Explains how Keynes incorrectly assumed that people would cease to want products once they had been satiated this is where graduated income tax comes from Goes into detail about economic progression throughout the 1980's and 90's Describes in general how it is better to freely share new technology and methods in order to allow increased efficiency across industries instead of dying out because one company has a monopoly on it The principles of economic alchemy are technology determines wealth because it determines the amount of physical resources; advancement of technology is determined by the ability to process information; and the backlog of discovered technology that has not been put into use is the true predictor of economic growth for society and the individual The principles of alchemy are 1 technology determines what is considered a physical resource eg used to be whales now is petroleum; 2 technology determines the supply of existing physical resources eg the supply increases as we use it efficiently etc; 3 the rate of technology development is determined by the ability to process information eg minds working together on same problem solve it uicker; 4 technology determines what products are available and therefore dictates consumer demand; 5 technology also determines the level of consumer demand for these new products by fixing the price at which goods can be sold here differentiates between uantity demand and uality demand only want so much of one product then you want a better uality model; 6 immediate economic potential can be explained by looking at tech gap optimum practices based on what's available vs actual economic practices Explains why immigrants often make the best workers because they are willing to adapt to new methods uickly Also explains how jobs that used to take a lifetime to become obsolete now take only a few years; therefore it is important to control one's employment destiny instead of planning on spending a lifetime with the same company One of the most important attributes of capitalism is the division of labor it allows thereby increasing productivity tremendously So based on this emerging temporary labor market it is often better to uit before you are fired In other words become of an independent contractor and continue to work for the same company for your first client so that you will not be tied to one company's changing needs Also describes how money is disappearing as a store of wealth instead it is stored in investments credit cards and other non money sources Ends book with going into how to solve societal problems through economics eg crime by eliminating the ease of circulation of money from stolen items education with no ability based rewards Stresses that unemployment is usually the result of technological change and is a sign of economic improvement

  5. Ajeya Ajeya says:

    LearnedThe Book Gives Principles and Six Laws of alchemyPrinciples of Economic Alchemy 1 Wealth is proportional to Technological Advancement2 Technological progress depends on ability to grasp info3 Economic growth is predicted by technologies yet to be implementedand six laws which are rephrasing of above 3Alchemic Excess UnlimitedModern retailing distribution educationRetailers specializing in consumer education can seriously challenge those experts in distribution Teach consumers on what they need and how to go about it like Installing home goods Home Depot AmwayOn Hiring and Firing Individual Take responsibility of economy as people work for themselves Increased Outsourcing makes people free from giant companies let them stand on what they are good at with increased self belief responsibility and freedomKeynes General Theory 1936 Consumption is the sole end of economic activity

  6. David Feinstein David Feinstein says:

    The book basically takes you through the history of the US economy and economic thinking at various stages through our history Mr Pilzer points out that consumers never become satisfied as was predicted in the 30's and 40's Advancing technology always stays one step ahead of man and provides him with new and improved products which may be considered a luxury at first but will uickly become a necessity in our ever changing society

  7. Seth Seth says:

    Not at all what you would think from the title of the book It was a very interesting book with an optimistic view of economics When he went into theology he was definitely out of his expertise He had a lot of interesting takes on things that were different than the common held belief on why things happen

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Very interesting I found myself believing most of what he says I got a little bored though and didn't finish it Sometime I will

  9. Hk Hk says:

    Fantastic writer make economics so easy to understand

  10. Epee Epee says:

    Hilarious Some people could justify anything

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God Wants You to Be Rich: How and Why Everyone Can Enjoy Material and Spiritual Wealth in Our Abundant World [Download] ➾ God Wants You to Be Rich: How and Why Everyone Can Enjoy Material and Spiritual Wealth in Our Abundant World ➹ Paul Zane Pilzer – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk In God Wants You to Be Rich bestselling author Paul Zane Pilzer provides an original provocative view of how to accumulate wealth and why it is beneficial to all of humankind A theology of economics t In God Wants You You to MOBI · to Be Rich bestselling author Paul Zane Pilzer provides an original provocative view of how to accumulate wealth and why it is beneficial to all of humankind A theology of economics this book explores why God wants each of us to be rich in every way physically emotionally and financially and shows the way to prosperity well being and peace of mind Pilzer explains that the foundation of our economic system is based on our Judeo Christian heritage and includes chapters on a variety of financial issues from outsourcing and unemployment to the rise of God Wants PDF \ technology and real estate  Table of Contents God Wants You to Be Rich The Covenant The Search for Camelot Economic Alchemy What's Happening to Our Jobs The Workplace of the st Century Money Government LeadershipAppendix The Principles and Six Laws of Economic Alchemy.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • God Wants You to Be Rich: How and Why Everyone Can Enjoy Material and Spiritual Wealth in Our Abundant World
  • Paul Zane Pilzer
  • English
  • 13 April 2016
  • 9781416549277

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Paul Zane Pilzer Paul You to MOBI · Zane Pilzer is a world renowned economist a social entrepreneur an adjunct professor and the author of nine best selling books and dozens of scholarly publicationsPilzer completed Lehigh University in three years and received his MBA from Wharton in months at age He became Citibank's youngest officer at age and its youngest vice president at age .