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The Doctors Pregnant Bride? [Reading] ➶ The Doctors Pregnant Bride? By Susan Crosby – WILL THIS DOCTOR TAKE A WIFEHaving a secret crush on her boss was definitely taboo especially when tall dark and hunky Ted Bonner didn't even know Sara Beth O'Connell was alive And now she'd agreed to WILL THIS DOCTOR TAKE A WIFEHaving a secret crush on her boss was definitely taboo especially when tall dark and hunky Ted Bonner didn't even know Sara Beth O'Connell was alive And The Doctors Epub / now she'd agreed to be a corporate spy to save the Armstrong Fertility Institute from scandal which meant working extra closely with the dedicated doctorFrom the moment Ted asked Sara Beth to be his date for a Valentine's Day dinner the head in the clouds scientist was hooked even if she did seem to be hiding something But Ted knew he had to fight for the woman he loved and convince her that she could count on him to be the family man she wanted and needed.

  • Paperback
  • 215 pages
  • The Doctors Pregnant Bride?
  • Susan Crosby
  • English
  • 10 October 2016
  • 9780373655120

About the Author: Susan Crosby

And they lived happily ever after I’ve always loved that sentence There is such hope in those words such faith in the future and ever after love I’ve always been a believer The Doctors Epub / which led me to being a reader of romance novels long before I began to write them The dance of courtship between a man and a woman sometimes slow and bluesy sometimes wild and uninhibited is sheer bliss to me And the.

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  1. Maura Maura says:

    At the Armstrong Fertility Institute Drs Chance Demetrios and Ted Bonner are researching male infertility as well as investigating some rumors of misdeeds in the past Head nurse Sara Beth is brought into assist them and she’s nervous because she has a bit of a crush on Ted and wants things to remain professional But he asks her on a “save me” Valentine’s date to his parents and she’s toast The two insist that it’s only a friendship but inside she’s falling in love and he’s thinking friends with benefits So of course this friendship arrangement doesn’t last long and before you know it they’re tearing up the sheets Sara Beth though insists on secrecy because she knows Ted isn’t thinking permanent and she knows what can happen in an office romance and between doctors and nursesher mother used to be head nurse and has been drilling it into her head all her life Two unprotected epsiodes have them wondering whether they might have to reveal their secret after all Meanwhile Sara Beth is desperately searching for evidence of who her father was but is unable to come up with anything But when her mother finally tells her Sara Beth is devastated but Ted is there to help her Cute story mostly angst free There’s a teensy bit of miscommunication in there as Sara Beth is hoping for a relationship while Ted is talking about “friends with benefits” and planning to go to dinner with his ex the next night That straightens out soon enough though with only minor obstacles like Sara Beth doubting a rich guy like Ted or his family would want them to stay together or wondering and avoiding whether or not they’re pregnant after forgetting protection The passion and chemistry between them was enough to satisfy me So mostly these two have a pretty nice easy going relationship with only minor kinks It’s the secondary plot the one about Sara Beth searching for her father that creates most of the tension in this story First she has to decide whether she’s going to break the law and look through the records for her mother’s file to find the sperm donor She’s surprised when she doesn’t find any file so she confronts her mother Her mother emphatically tells her that she’s better off not knowing Turns out she’s right since the choice is taken out of her mother’s hand She warns Sara Beth that her father is view spoiler Gerald Armstrong hide spoiler

  2. Jane Night Jane Night says:

    Warning Contains SpoilersThis was about what one expects from a book in this series It is a uick read and enjoyable The characters were lovable and lots of fun Sara Beth had an important internal struggle about whether to break the law and snoop through medical files at the clinic where she and Ted work to attempt to find the identity of her father In many ways that is the big conflict in the story Will Sara Beth break ethics and if so how will it change things with Ted who is very ethical and big on rules My background in the medical field made this an interesting conflict because there are times that temptations make one wish they could delve through records of family members to get answers on uestions about family and friendsIt was a interesting conflict and I did enjoy the setting of Sara Beth and Ted working in a fertility clinic where Ted was doing research and Sara Beth was head nurse I was a little disappointed that wasn't done with the setting and that Sara Beth didn't really get to interact with any patientsI love romance novels involving babies and wished there had been in this book If you are picking it up because you love romances with unplanned pregnancies this really isn't the book for you Apparently I failed to notice the uestion mark at the end of the title By the end of the book it is still not clear if the doctor's bride is indeed pregnant or notI believe this book is part of a series I hope it is as several uestions were not answered in the book and I felt a little let down by that until I noticed an ad at the end of the book for another book involving a secondary character Presumably all the lingering uestions will be answered in that bookOverall a nice uick read that is a fine example of the Harleuin tradition

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    Good storyCinderella type Sara Beth has a crush onn her boss and he doesn't know she existsShe agrees to help him on a project and they get closer and then start dating

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