Gay Marriage: Why It Is Good for Gays, Good for Straights,

Gay Marriage: Why It Is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America [EPUB] ✼ Gay Marriage: Why It Is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America By Jonathan Rauch – In May 2004 gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts but it remains a divisive and contentious issue across America As liberals and conservatives mobilize around this issue no one has come forward w In May gay marriage became Why It ePUB ¹ legal in Massachusetts but it remains a divisive and contentious issue across America As liberals and conservatives mobilize around this issue no one has come forward with a compelling comprehensive Gay Marriage: ePUB í and readable case for gay marriage than Jonathan Rauch In this book he puts forward a clear and honest manifesto explaining why gay marriage is important—even crucial—to the health of marriage in America today grounding his argument Marriage: Why It PDF ↠ in commonsense mainstream values and confronting social conservatives on their own turf Marriage he observes is than a bond between individuals; it also links them to the community at large Excluding some people from the prospect of Marriage: Why It Is Good Epub / marriage not only is harmful to them but also is corrosive of the institution itselfGay marriage he shows is a win win win for strengthening the bonds that tie us together and for remaining true to our national heritage of fairness and humaneness toward all.

10 thoughts on “Gay Marriage: Why It Is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America

  1. Alex Alex says:

    I never thought I would see a book in favor of same sex marriage that I disagreed with but Jonathan Rauch managed itHis basic premise is that marriage is the fundamental institution of society; it provides the main mechanism for harnessing the recklessness of young males provides the most stable environment for raising children and is the gold standard of commitment in a relationship In the process he puts forth an argument which is racist classist sexist and profoundly homophobic all in the pursuit of homosexual “euality” He asserts that it is marriage or the promise of marriage that allows young men to “settle down” and temper their impulses towards aggression and promiscuity He points towards the gay male culture of the 60s and 70s and the advent of AIDS as an example of the conseuences of denying gay people the right to marry Not only is this homophobic sounds a lot like what Jerry Falwell was saying back in the 1980s but it’s deeply sexist Are we to believe that men are so inherently flawed that without an entrenched social institution to hold them in check they’ll fight and sex themselves to death? I’ve heard that argument before too from Andrea Dworkin Marriage is the most stable environment for raising children because social institutions systematically punish women who have children outside of marriage Saying unmarried families are unstable is like saying homosexuals are liars the oppressed group is blamed for the effects of their own oppression It’s one of the most pernicious forms of bias and it’s beneath the dignity of any serious social scientist If you think marriage is the most stable environment for raising children then find out why and try to bring those advantages to children being raised by unmarried parentsHe states that marriage is the gold standard of commitment in relationships again mistaking effects for causes Yes married people are less likely to break up because divorce is harder than just moving out But simply remaining married doesn’t mean you’re still committed to one another Plenty of on paper married couples live separate lives have separate lovers and have no real “relationship” any The gold standard of commitment is commitment Marriage isn’t a shortcut to the real thingIn all of these arguments he largely ignores the case of lesbians who have been settling down raising children and maintaining long term relationships without the benefit of marriage for at least 100 years now Gay women need marriage for the same reasons all women need marriage to provide a safety net against lower lifetime earnings especially if they devote some of their efforts to maintaining the home In pushing the benefits of same sex marriage for men he dismisses all the women in the marriage euality movement And marriage has always been a class privilege the barriers to marrying staying married or divorcing to pursue a happier marriage with another partner have always been substantial for people lower on the socioeconomic ladder The benefits of marriage to happiness and health are most accessible to the rich By maintaining the primacy of marriage in the social order Rauch maintains the class ineuality that marriage supports Reading this book left me hungering for real euality The kind of euality that doesn’t care if you’re married or not how many people you have sex with or what gender they are whether you have children and with whom The kind of euality that this sort of marriage “euality” only puts further away I actually felt kind of ashamed to have married my wife and supported such an uneual institution which is defended by people with whom I disagree so profoundly I’m glad I read the book it was well reasoned and well written and it was a spin on things I hadn’t seen much of But since I disagreed with pretty much everything it said I don’t feel like I can give it 4 or 5 stars All I can say is with friends like this who needs enemies?

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I have been teaching the marriage debate in my philosophy class and previously I had been relying on Evan Wolfson's book Having finished this book I am now kicking myself for using Wolfson Rauch is so much thoughtful so much serious and so much enjoyable For one thing he doesn't attempt to demonize his opponent this makes him closer to Corvino than Wolfson or other authors For another he gets the arguments right and he engages them forcefully Sadly this is rare Perhaps I can just sum up what it manages not to be in contrast to so many of its counterparts Its not hysterical not moralizing not ad hominem and not cheap and dirty He doesn't rely on emotional ploys or gimmicks There are moments of course when he is not fair and when he can't help himself HIs worst moments are his attempts to engage the Aristotelians He just can't imagine taking Aristotelian teleology as morally significant But his hardly makes him uniue Of course there is much in here for many different camps to disagree with But having recently slogged through so much crap on this topic this book stands out for its clarity and force of argument

  3. Alyssa Adamczyk Alyssa Adamczyk says:

    Gay Marriages Why It Is Good for Gays Good for Straights and Good for America is written by Jonathan Rauch In this book MrRauch states the different view points of all types of sexuality He expresses through out the book clear and honest explanation on why gay marriage is important maybe even crucial to the well being of marriage in America today I really enjoyed this book because he goes into deep detail about commonsense of individuals and confronts social organizations on their view points of same sex marriage Throughout the book he indicates that marriage is than a bond between two individuals but its also what links them together as a community This would be a great book for anyone who is very involved or interested on the topic of gay marriage I think it would also be a great book for those who think gay marriage should be illegal because it will give them a view point on what a lot of other people think on it and not just theirs alone This book is no means at all trying to change you feelings on it its just giving you detail and opinion on the things that aren't taken into consideration Over all I loved this book it was great to read so many different view points on this topic I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

  4. Frank Roberts Frank Roberts says:

    READ THIS BOOK especially if you are opposed to Gay Marriage but are open to actually ask yourself why HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE There is a conservative case for Gay Marriage even a religious one and Rauch lays it out plainly and convincingly

  5. Caitlin Caitlin says:

    Read this for school Excellent presentation of an excellent argument My personal stance has not changed but I appreciate the clarity of this book and a better understanding of what people are pushing for

  6. David David says:

    I have an autographed copy

  7. Sara Goldenberg Sara Goldenberg says:

    this book is than 10 years old and outdated

  8. Georgia Georgia says:

    I have referred back to this book again and againI have uoted this in several papers I have done on gay marriage and I truly enjoyed reading it There are many books on this topic that are a bit dry or that try too hardthis is uite often a humorous and common sense way of looking at this topicI thoroughly enjoyed it

  9. Sandra Sandra says:

    Same sex marriage is a long process that in the end will be legalized I'm straight but support same sex marriage because I have not right to say who can marriage or not We all are human homo or hetero really there is not difference Marriage is the union of two individuals and should not matter man man and woman woman

  10. Megan Megan says:

    I loved this book It was very well written and offers a view from both prospectives A great read

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